39 thoughts on “Your Niche is Being Yourself

  1. This is great 💙 I tried to "niche" my channel. I definitely got subs, but I couldn't stay consistent. Now that I'm 100% authentic and just being myself, I get tons more engagement and im able to upload a lot more often

  2. There is not always your own niche,

    But it’s your personality and touch that influence your niche to make it very unique

  3. What you just said, means a lot. I've been struggling with the niche thing, I just wanted to do what I like, but was afraid of being to broad. But I like exploring different things and you just enable me. Thank you Gary!

  4. Amazing! This is something I've been struggling to figure out in the past 6 months. I've come to a similar conclusion to what Gary's saying, so am working to stay somewhat broad, but having consistency by bringing through my perspective on life through the lens of my eye. It's still "in work" as I try to produce consistently, but this really helps me feel I'm not wrong about my choice

  5. The fact you can have a random fan jump in the back of the car and have a "meeting" (an actual meeting that doesn't need 30 to 60 god damn minutes). But to drop an internship because of a gut feeling is what speaks volumes to me. Cool shit!

  6. I find being myself is what makes me different from many others, I find it way easier to make daily videos just speaking my mind and talking straight from the heart instead of trying to do what I'm not used to or I'm not good at. Excellent advise as always!

  7. Love that Gary V talks about this. As a new YouTuber everywhere I look youtube gurus talk about having a niche to grow your channel. It’s nice to hear something different that it’s all about being true to yourself. It might take longer to grow a channel but it will be a stronger brand because it’s authentic and not manufactured.

  8. I needed to hear this, I've been cracking my head on how to find my niche without compromising all the other things I do. I'm a graphic / web designer, public speaker and entrepreneur. Thanks

  9. Couldn’t agree more with you Gary! I’ve always been someone jumping from one shiny opportunity to another, never feeling truly fulfilled. It was only when I got deep into myself and realized that my passion is helping others and teaching people about personal finances and financial education overall, only then did begin to truly enjoy what I am doing no matter how much hard work and how many sleepless nights it costs me!

  10. when weekly vee 5 came out, it was awesome, but then this happened in the car, and I was like whoa… Wait.. lets watch that again, thats VALUE! May have changed my perspective forever. Thank you for the full "interview" way cool

  11. Everything I see is giving me this same message at the moment. Love the idea that you are your niche, that is definitely something I'm working on.

  12. The mindset this video depicts is literally why I put my name in my channel name and in my gamertag. I also do it as a courtesy to anyone subbing because I don't want them to be shook if they see me playing something out of what I'm typically creating content around.

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