You WON’T BELIEVE This Real Method to Beat the Car Dealer! Great Price for any New or Used Car Tips

(Bear Narrator): Hello! This video will show you new unseen techniques
of how you can get best price for a new car without even bartering (haggling)! You have questions about life, and I have
answers. That is because I am Bear, and unlike what
you humans can provide, you need a good Bear Explanation. Normally you sit at home trying to figure
out which sugary drink you will engorge your belly upon. (Sugar Bomb!) (Explosion) But today, you sit in a chair
while you have your sweat glands challenged between an unrealistically nice salesman and
your wife. (Shark): Ah we have a good price for your
sub compact. Here you go. (Bear 1): Well that’s a reasonable first offer. Let’s settle for it! (Bear 2): I hope you like the dog house dear! (Bear 1): Huh?! (Bear Narrator): Why even allow yourself to
get into this uncomfortable smackdown position! Instead challenge the sweat glands of the
dealer before you even meet them in person. How do you do it? I will tell you in short, but after that,
make sure to keep watching so you can understand the ins and outs of this method so you can
be on your (Deep Voice): Top Game! (Bear Narrator): In short, you will contact
by email the dealers in the general area that have the car that you want. For example, last year we purchased a Nissan
NV using this method. And unlike what you may have heard, our suspicious
looking van has nothing to do with robbing banks! (Bear Criminal): Uh, what’s that boss? (Bear Narrator): We separately emailed about
10-15 different dealers within about a 100 mile radius. We told them what car we wanted, that we could
only communicate now through email and that we desired their lowest out-the-door price
for the vehicle and model we wanted. We received many responses of different dealers’
lowest prices on the car. Then we took the lowest price that was offered
and re-emailed it out to the other dealers asking if they could beat it. Once you get to the next lowest offered price,
just continue to email them all again and see if they can beat it. Eventually you thin the dealer crowd to see
which one or few will give you the best price on your car and go with the one you want! When you meet the dealer in person, you don’t
need to haggle the price anymore because you are already able to conveniently do it by
email! Our Nissan NV out the door would have cost
close to $45000 initially, but with this method, we got one dealer to give the car to us for
$37000! That’s an extra $8000 savings that we were
able to put into a timeshare! Now the car dealer is going to throw some
curve balls in this process, so make sure to pay attention to this next part because
it will explain what you need to do when it happens so that you can continue to get that
great deal on the car that you want. When you email them initially, make sure to
have the specific vehicle, model, year and trim package you prefer. Do not look at bumper sticker! This way they will not try to undercut you
with a lesser, tasteless vehicle for the same price. Also, make sure to specify that you want the
out the door price so they can’t drop extra fees on your price in the end. (Shark): I’ll never meet my quota!!! (Bear Narrator): Make sure to get prequalified
with your bank or credit union first and let the car dealers know this by email. It shows that you mean business. Now they will email or call you and say, (Shark):
Uh, we got that car you want, do you want to come take a test drive? (Bear 1): Um oka… (punched) (Bear Narrator):
Do not agree to this coming to the car dealership! The whole point is to not barter (haggle)
in person with the dealer. Your education system or parents didn’t teach
you how to barter (haggle) for cars! Alls you really know about cars is (Human
singer): This is the way the gentleman rides! (Driving sounds) This is the way the farmer
rides! Hobbledy hoy– (Bear Narrator): So when they
call you to take a test drive, be kind, but firm, like ugly headrest and say something
like (Bear 1): We’re very busy and we know for sure that’s the car we want. Please just give me the out the door price
by email so we know. Thank you! (Bear Narrator): Finally the dealerships will
start to drop out until you are only left with just a couple. At that time you may email each and say (Voice)
Hi I’m trying to decide between you and this other Nissan car dealer. Is there anything else you can do for me? (Bear Narrator): As a result, they may throw
in some extras for your car, like (Deep Voice): Free Floor Mats! (Bear Narrator): When you get a winner dealership,
have them email you the break down of your car deal including the dealer fees, tax, tag
and title. Print it out, and bring it with you as proof
to the dealership that you beat the system and got a well-discounted car without even
having to barter (haggle) in person! Check out for
more details on this method. It is linked below. If you think this method is awesome, amazing,
(Gunther): Terrifico! (Bear Narrator): … then please, like and
share this video with your friends, it would make me so happy! Also do you have a question you want me to
give a certified Bear Explanation to? Well just ask me below in the comments! And if I don’t answer it there, I’ll consider
using it for a future video! And as always, “This is the way, the gentlebear
rides…” (Old car sound driving)

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