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You Need This Tool – Episode 59 | Muffler And Exhaust Pipe Expander

You Need This Tool – Episode 59 | Muffler And Exhaust Pipe Expander

it’s Friday fool and you need this tool welcome back to another glorious episode of it’s Friday fool you need this tool my name is Kyle Voss and every friday i bring you a tool a tool that is used here in this shop or that i have featured on this channel do you guys understand how hard it is for me to find a tool they may be interesting to you but you may have never seen before and do it over and over and over and over think this is what like episode 59 or 60 or something cool anyways I think I have another one for you that you may not have seen before you may not know of but it can be very useful for sure very useful very useful tool this week’s tool this week’s to this week tool is the muffler and tail pipe expander know the muffler and tail and exhaust pipe expander now you say mr. Voss what did they exhaust pipes expanding well i’m about to show you and tell you why it might be useful but if you folks boo boo boo bop bop boo boo boo boo boo this is the muffler and tail and exhaust pipe expanders why they call it that I don’t know how about just exhaust pipe expander anyway the latest thing works is it comes this kit comes in three different sizes depending on the tubing or pipe that you’re going to expand and it does exactly what it the title says it does it expands it it does that pretty simply has these two dyes that are taxed to this rod these center sections just float and as you spin this this piece just expands and gets bigger the more you twist it the bigger again until at some point you have stretched your exhaust pipe your muffler pipe to a size that it didn’t come when you bought it now why these might be useful well this is a home version of what you would see in a muffler shop so when you go to your standard muffler shop and they weld your exhaust stuff they don’t typically but will the tubing or the pipe so that kind of well there will be a butt weld where they just bunt it up and then weld it it’ll typically do that usually what they’ll do is they’ll expand one end where one piece will slide right inside the other piece just like that makes it easier to weld it actually makes it easier to fit like this once it’s expanded they can slide it in or out I can kind of cheat it one way or the other and then weld it solid now the multiple shop obviously has a hydraulic unit this is more of your home version i basically i expanded this aluminum pipe right here in about a minute and a half I didn’t use the big one and an impact driver expand that thing right out no problem I can fit the other piece of aluminum inside of it just like that this could be useful on aluminum tubing a lot of times when you butt weld aluminum tubing it’s harder to weld it you tend to blow through because you don’t have anything backing it whereas this way you can well this probably without any issues like I said before to you can kind of cheat it a little bit one way or the other if you need to just it just makes pitting this stuff a lot easier not only that you can kind of press it all together the way you need it make sure they fit and then weld it versus when you butt weld it doesn’t tend to want to stay together if you will even if you tape it or use some kind of ingenuity to keep it together I have not used any of these on mild steel aluminized pipe or stainless steel yet but I would still think that they would get the job done with a good impact wrench even as robust as these things seem like they are this kit is not very expensive you can buy this kit shift for around the thirty dollar mark as I always do i will drop some links in the description where you can go check these out for yourself it’s something you think you might could use there you go and thank me later all right guys there you go this week’s tool the exhaust pipe expander as always thank you for joining me and I’ll see you guys this week and Friday fool you

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100 thoughts on “You Need This Tool – Episode 59 | Muffler And Exhaust Pipe Expander

  1. I have one that I tried to use on aluminized pipe and it absolutely wouldn't work. Once it started getting tight, I couldn't hold the pipe still. I put the pipe in a vise and used an impact and it just stripped the bolt that it comes with. Maybe there are different and better brands but whatever I had was garbage.
    Love your show though. I hope to see you get more sponsorship.

  2. Kyle thanks for the videos! It doesn't have to be tools that people have not seen or known about. Every single tool that is useful deserves exposure. Without them you couldn't do all of what you do

  3. I have to say that these are garbage they may work OK for aluminum pipe but definitely not exhaust.

    I bought one from harbor freight, the outside ramp pieces that get pushed in cracked and broke. So I took it back and exchanged it for another, stripped the bolt piece on that one. Went and rented one from autozone thinking maybe Harbor freights was just junk. Broke the outside pieces and stripped the bolt on that one as well as got it stuck in the pipe. Stopped at O'Reillys and they were going to order a brand new one for me to rent since they were a new store. Went to the hardware store to get a grade 8 bolt for the Harbor freight one while I waited on O'Reillys to come in, twisted off the grade 8 bolt. Went back to O'Reillys and told them to cancel it because I would just break that too. They said go ahead and take it, if it breaks it breaks, stripped that one out too. And that is all without an impact.

    I ended up just going to a local exhaust shop with my pieces and gave the guy a few bucks to expand them for me.

  4. oh man you always bring useful stuff special for the people who work at home alone on weekends, I can't thank you enough but every time I use of the tools you introduced on your show I say thank you for your help.

  5. Hey Voss, try these on some steel before you can't return them. I've killed two sets. mild steel seems to kill them and especially titanium.

  6. I think I've watched too many of these… I now greet my family every friday morning with: "It's Friday, Fooools!". My 3 kids just give me a blank stare. Lol- It's great.

  7. was wondering when you'd run out of tools for this segment haha. that's mad cheap for this kit though! very handy

  8. Great tool I'm 58 and have my kd brand expander since I'm 17. Back in the day thrush mufflers only came in 2 sizes so you needed this for exhaust work. You now need to show the partner for this the chain clamp pipe cutter. Also kd and same age still works like a champ.
    Keep up the good work

  9. All tools are not created equal. and to many times we go through three tools to find what works the best. sure you've been their. you could all ways give your story of one of those tools.

  10. Those pipe expanders suck for exhaust pipe. Herd several bad reviews frlm that style.
    Herd lisle makes a good pipe expander that eill even do stainless.

  11. Nice one Kyle . Hey man I have been a fabricator/welder all my life for a living that is I have a few tools in mind

  12. I used this very set two weeks ago, bought on ebay for about $20. Worked fine on aluminized 1 3/4 pipe to expand the muffler outlet about a quarter inch to better fit a new tailpipe that was incorrectly sized by Shafer's. The expander needs to be lubed to expand freely; insert the expander fully so that you are not just expanding the edge of the pipe; use an impact to save effort.

  13. They work well on steel pipe. I wouldn't use an impact wrench though. Make sure to lube the threads too because I stripped mine out the first try.

  14. Tool companies should send you tools for your videos and get endorsement from you and your viewers I've seen they have done it few times which is a great idea.SEND HIM SOME TOOLS FOOLS

  15. I've thought about buying one of these for a few years, but have been put off by the negative reviews of the ones, I've seen. Everyone can't afford the hydraulic machines like the ones used in muffler shops. It seems like there would have to be something in the middle between $30 and $8000, but I haven't found it yet. Lol! I've heard the style you featured today was better for making out of round tubing round again. Either way, I still love your channel, this segment, and appreciate what you do, Kyle! Have a good one, brother! 🙋

  16. we use these at work to line up a short section of 2-1/4 stainless pipe with a flared hole for welding. works perfect

  17. I have that kit and the first time i tried to use it on stainless i broke one of the expanders because it wasnt FULLY inside the pipe. so word of advice, always lube the threads on the center rod, spray a little WD40 or PB blaster on it prior to use and ALWAYS make sure its fully inserted inside the pipe, even if you dont plan to use the whole expanded section or if you have too much, just cut it off afterwards. (this also goes for mild steel).

  18. installing ls3 into a 1964 impala
    The Fab Forums what tools do I need to install my exhaust manifolds to the exhaust pipes

  19. It's later….thank you! I've had one of these for many years. It really does help. On another note. You must get tired of these on occasion. As you said, coming up with another glorious episode, must be brain wearing. We appreciate you effort for sure.

  20. I like the ANASTASIA font your use for your logo… I use the same one for my 6ft cinema sign in my house. 🙂

  21. I heat the pipe up with a rosebud then use the tool, works great, just don't insert the second rubber band into the tube as the first one will most likely burn off quickly but you get a great expanded piece of pipe

  22. As soon as somebody tries to take the liberty of telling me what I "NEED". I change the channel. Show me the product and let me decide if I need it.. Just a quick sales tip.

  23. Seeing the result of the "expansion" of your pipe, it seems you had the same issue I did with mine… these things pretty much suck.

  24. Do you have to tighten the nut down on top first? I got mine in and when I turn the handle it all just spins so I'm wondering if ypu take the snap ring out screw the bolt down. I'm building the exhaust on my c10 and this tool will help alot if I can figure it out…thank you

  25. I got a sweet expander from rdmotorsportsinc on eBay, it uses hydraulics to expand, comes out awesome! Check it out, its item number 112302812824. He also sells air over hydraulic and thats a bit more $.

  26. I have a set and for $20 on ebay its helped a lot going from stainless to regular exhaust pipe. I used the small one to expand the stainless pipe on my motorcycle and the mid size on my cars stainless pipe. Use of impact is a must.

  27. These expanders work great for RESTORING steel exhaust pipes to original roundness, after they've been distorted by clamps or whatever. But they don't work much for EXPANDING a pipe.

  28. They are just missed labeled for the real use Mr. Voss…..IMHO
    I used them to round out replacement pipe female slip couplings that are a little oval-ed, ding up during shipping or just plain flat spotted due to shelf time and stacking weight.
    Forget about expanding any 1" to 1 1/4" as and example, it's a pipe dream fool…..LOL.

  29. use the Lisle 17350. These $22 3 piece kits are junk. But thanks for the video. You wanna show them a tool that'll blow their mind. Show em' a Mini Ductor Venom…. I got one because i live in New England and the bs they put on the roads rusts sheeit like crazy. But between that and turbo sockets I'm good to go…

  30. Hey I'm from Taiwan,I wanna buy it , can you deliver to Taiwan ?
    Or any shop can sell it to me

  31. I tried using this tool on a standard steel exhaust pipe last weekend. I had to put the tool in a vice and use a 20" breaker bar on the end of the nut to actually expand the pipe. It should really be called a pipe flaring tool.

  32. i just brought a set they are actually for fixing kinks in exhausts that are from using exhaust clamps. i tried expanding some stainless tube and the tool just shattered haha 90 bucks down the drain hahaha

  33. Yes exhaust pipe expanders work, but not that piece of chinese CRAP. Look at the reviews and pictures for this POS on Amazon, it breaks first time they use it, not to mention the threads strip.

  34. Fo you think using this tool will it be enough to stick both pipe and keep them tight with a clamp ? Will it hold ? And how do you grease that tool ?

  35. most pipe Expander dont expand pipe they just expand how much trash tools are in the trash can. if you want one that work with out braking buy a snap-on and if it dose brake they give ya a free one. iv have had 30 or more of these over the years. Lisle is the company that made this tool and are good to and make the snap-onblue point and you want the expander with roller bearing and it will be the only and last one ya buy. hope that helps yas out

  36. Thanks, I have a couple of mufflers that are a hair too tight for the pipes to slide in. Either this works or I cut 3/4 inch off of a brand new set of pipes, either way it will be done by the end of the weekend. I hope this gets me the well under a 1/32 I need inside the muffler.

  37. wel-blt here's a tip Mig weld on the end nuts as the cheaper expanders tend to turn under extreme pressure.

  38. trash. Get a Lisle like 17350 Pipe Stretcher Kit. You can get one for less than $100 and you can hook hydraulics up to it too. I've had several of these and they just don't hold up. Either the treads give out or the slates break. And that is just after a short time. If you are really set to have a cheap one, get one of the ones that you use a hammer on.

  39. You'd be better off using a campbell's soup can and a hose clamp then buy this piece of shit and expect it to last. Absolute Junk.

  40. Nice tool but you did not show the tool being used other then that a great tool and I can hear you and most videos I turn off because I cant hear the person talking …

  41. i destroyed a H.F set with my millennial fuel 18 volt.s impact on oem gm tubing i think it was…some of that old gm tubing is strong tubing

  42. Amazing tool… till it breaks. Working on my truck exhaust and the part that moves out and fits against the tubing… broke. The end broke off? Then just to show me who is boss… another one broke off. I wanna see this thing work on real exhaust tubing! Not aluminum!

  43. That expander is not used for that purpose. It is only used to expand a piece of pipe that has been installed previously and was dented where the clamp compressed it. It removes the dent from where the clamp was so whatever piece of exhaust your trying to reuse can be salvaged. Unless your just joking, I thought everyone already new @t? Most motorheads catch on to this at about ten years old.

  44. It's a useless piece of shit, try using it on a stainless steel or even mild steel tube (which exhausts are actually made of) and it'll break.

  45. Please, buy a real expander and bender :

    Those with impact gun are very weak and always break. Buy quality and spare money and time !

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