You Know You Are Dating an Icelandic Woman When…

[Music] [Music] hi Kylie ha ha ghoulish yeah yeah well I’ll check out yeah okay oh do ya – way to go madam oh you know huh head of a shark oh I still underneath it’s good that’s it good just get the mesh hey with the type of school nobody asked us why sup I’m sorry you talkin to me oh sorry do you want to take a shot with me okay you wanna buy me a drink yeah sure unless you’re not interested no yeah no I mean yeah sure yeah that’s how great [Music] mm-hmm yep yep I’m ready ready you’re gonna want to change are we not going out oh we’re going out [Music] hurry up Oh coming I did not sign for this [Music] hi I’m Paula feet then hope more technically muscular back up nano Monday oh my god What did he say oh I have to hand in my assignment way without the full of student of yours professor and you just call him by his first name yeah do you call everyone by the first name yeah what about the doctors yeah you’re the president yeah [Music] so how’s your study nicely that’s great um I went to this club yesterday I was still registered yes and I hooked up with a guy ooh let me see oh my god no way I’ve slept with him – really you slept with him oh my god they insisted but we’re stomach sisters stomach sisters yeah how was he two beers I was old man the rock boy oh he’s very good wait how does he know your dad’s name Oh like my name is perhaps doctors like daughter of Rob yeah like when we have a child it’ll be you know Zachary’s son or sack race okay [Music] oh you’re good okay say it mom wow you guys really do know everyone here side thank you guys for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it we filmed this one in regulat which is I think pretty cool anyways needed a big like and subscribe to the channel if you liked it and as well as thank you to guide to Iceland for sponsoring us getting us here and letting us film here as well as blue car rental for providing us with a beautiful car and if you want to check out an up in this channel that you has a channel here in Iceland and it’s all about beauty makeup and as well as sheets each as I signed it if you want to know those long words and now in Icelandic doctor ahora bar until our sub scribe a alpha channel or link item limit our Milly description function oh yeah package tackle

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