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You CAN’T wash your OWN CAR in China!

You CAN’T wash your OWN CAR in China!

So there’s no way you can wash your car go to car detailing place. Let’s go. Let me show you how it’s done How much it cost? And what you can expect? You can’t wash your own car in China Sounds ridiculous. I know but there are many reasons why. My car is filthy. I’ve been away for over a month. so I’ve just been to the ATM to withdraw money because unlike many places in the West There is no such thing as free parking here in China. Okay let’s give it out. A thousand and twenty. Wow, that was expensive. That’s pretty much worth about I don’t know a tenth of the car this thing is Literally, just not worth anything these days I did buy new but you know it’s a Chinese car and they don’t really appreciate that’s one of the drawbacks of Owning a car here in China is the fact that you personally have to pay for parking like everywhere. There’s no exception. Doesn’t matter where you get a park, where you drive to, you always pay for parking and it doesn’t even matter What type of city it can be a first, second, third tier city doesn’t matter. You still have to pay? Man anyway, I’m over it. Now. That was just a bit of a dent to the wallet Why can’t you wash your car in China? It’s quite simple. There are no driveways. There’s no well there are no garden hoses, and there’s just no space. We also don’t have any Self-Service car washes here in China pretty much you want to get your car washed There’s only one option that is to go to like a car detailing place Or a car wash and although they’re fairly reasonably priced. It is annoying that you can’t actually for instance on a Sunday just go and wash your own car because that’s part of car ownership. Thing is… the whole owning a car thing here in China is… still new as, you know, it’s an underdeveloped thing. It hasn’t matured and… it’s only the… Generation this current generation or the first generation to ever realistically own cars. Right. I’m pulling up to one of these car detailing places here. Yeah, alton alley. We have teacher. I was young enough sit on Damar potato Okay, I’m going to leave them to it. I’m going to hop out now. Y’all so bye Julie. Oh So there is there is my filthy car. It’s absolutely disgusting. Since I’ve left it down there a lot of people have obviously open and closed their car doors into it. That’s very normal for China. A couple more dings and dents. Yeah, as you can see it’s just absolutely terrible. Now these car detailing places are often very cheap here in China and once again the reason for that is… Well first of all they’re in popular demand since nobody has the time, the place or the facilities to wash their own cars. But secondly of course, it’s all down to labor. Cost of labor here in China is incredibly cheap. And so you’ll find that these guys, you know they earn a very basic salary, but they don’t get paid by the hour. They don’t get any kind of sort of “labor fee”. so you’ll normally get away with paying anywhere between 20 to 50 RMB depending if you go to a posh place or not for a basic car wash and of course… a vacuum and all that kind of thing inside. You can if you want to pay exorbitant amounts to get sort of waxing and all the other stuff done as well. But you know, especially with a car like that. You don’t want to be spending any real money on it. So as they were moving my car from the washing station to the drying station… I noticed that one of my brake lights was, in fact, blown. So I asked them to get me a new brake right or “Dēngpào” as it’s called in Chinese And you know that’s what’s nice about these car wash places these detailing places. They usually carry a fair amount of spare parts. You know basic things like light bulbs. They carry car batteries, oil. That kind of thing. So you know they can usually fix all these little bits and pieces as you need them. So inside the car wash is to get these little rest areas where they sell, you know… little trinkets for your cars, air freshener, things like that. Very similar to the rest of the world. Usually they have a Chinese tea table though, which is a little different. Let’s go take a look. Okay. Well, that’s that. Way nicer than before. That was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, like I said. Can’t do anything about all the horrible dings and dents that have been left here. Just by parking it. So that’s another one of the things they have to watch out for in China is… well… don’t buy an expensive car. You’re just gonna cry. Nice exactly bye So guys that’s it. The be all and the end all. It cost me… what? 70 RMB. It was 50 RMB for the car wash. They did a fairly good job. That is pricey by the way. Please remember that I live in a first-tier city. If you live in a smaller city you’ll be paying around 20 maybe 30 RMB for the same sort of job. They charged 20 for the replacement bulb in the light of the back. That’s fair. I must stress to everyone out there. If you’re planning on owning a car in China, rather don’t. It made sense to me years ago. But now it’s just a burden. As you can see, I have to pay money for parking. That never stops. I have to also, you know, keep the thing running, and you know keep registering it in all that and Especially in the big city the public transport here is fantastic. When I lived far out of the main city it made a lot of sense of a car of another to live Inside the main city it makes no sense at all. I can just take the metro to go you know pretty much everywhere Anyway, that’s it for this one guys. I hope you found it informative. I can’t wait to see you all in the next video and until next time you know the drill. As always… stay awesome!

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100 thoughts on “You CAN’T wash your OWN CAR in China!

  1. In some countries you can park for months as long as your road taxes are paid, you Will have no problems.

  2. Did he really say POS? 😂😂😂 what kind of car is that? It says R… I probably wouldn’t own a car in the city rather own a bicycle and take a bus or train. They’ll probably steel your bike anyway lol

  3. You make this sound like a curse, but it sounds like a blessing to me xD Where I live, you can pay about $5-$7 for a drive-thru carwash (no people involved, exterior only via a machine)… if you want actually detailing, cheapest I've seen is $70, for so-so service. $10 for a detailed carwash, interior & exterior, plus a new lightbulb… what a dream. And I don't have to do any labor myself.

  4. Chinese people are stingy stingy stingy when they come to the US and I've heard they are stingy stingy stingy in europe also.
    But damn, Chinese people are stingy stingy stingy stingy af.

  5. Interesting guy, every video u post is to shame China or Chinese. But u still live here for so long time. I strongly suggest u leave China asap. Fraud is not welcome . Finally I know Why YouTube is blocked in China, because some ridiculous frauds make huge money here through bringing shame on Chinese. Unfortunately, YouTube do nothing and let u mislead users.

  6. when you talk about China you seem to think that China is a city. There are many places in the Country of China, where you can wash your car.

  7. It's worse in Oregon. Any sports or fair or event always charges $15-$25 to park. Not entrance fee, just to park anywhere near it. And of course it is illegal to pump your own gas! They do have "clear" gasoline though–none of that mandated ethanol crap in it…

  8. 'It's a Chinese car, and they don't really appreciate'. Unlike here in the West where my old Ford Mondeo is going up in value every year.

  9. Well I couldn't live in China. Too busy, and I love washing my own car thanks. I have my own car smart Repair and detailing company. Made me cringe watching them wash that car. Can see why you payed cheap. How to knacker your paintwork in 10 mininutes.

  10. It’s extremely cheap to wash your car in China comparing to washing your car in Macau! It’s almost double the price! And the service is not so good! Very very cheap! I am planning to move to China when the right time comes!

  11. Seriously, 2 hours parking in central Sydney City parking lot is around 60-70 AUD. And would be 4-5 AUD per hour on the streets. Imagine you park your car 40 days there.

  12. Mate stop trying to spread propaganda. Again you can't park anywhere here in the UK free neither. Parking Eye is everywhere….so tell me something else.!

  13. Why would you ever wash your car on the outside except maybe windows and lights?

    It's a waste of time, water and soap, try to calculate how much time/money it takes in a lifetime to keep it clean and you'll never do it again.
    Sooner or later it rains, people that just washed their cars become upset when it rains, because of drops usually leaving tiny dust stains, but people that never do are happy for the free wash.

  14. It's Saturday night in Los Angeles with no place to go. No dates. I live alone here with 2 dogs and with not much money to spend, so what do I do? Watch a video about car parking in China. LOL. I learned a phrase in Chinese. "Ahh" means " Go Chill Brother". LOL

  15. Go home, get the f-ck out of there you little sc-nbag, before the Chinaman blow your dirty flicking mouth off, you don't belong there.

  16. Good video man thanks for being you and putting it online! I appreciate the insight on a part of the world I’ve never been.

  17. 1.There are free parking space everywhere, even in Beijing, you just don't know it. 2.I live in Beijing and I wash my car most of the time, so your headline is completely wrong, click bait I guss?

  18. Who is this dude. What's his nationality. I feel like I'm wasting my life when I see people in a different country speaking multi languages fluently

  19. You are so proud of your motor vehicle. Incredible, hardly impressive. Have fun explaining your stupidity to your psychologist/psychiatrist idiot. You have some serious issues. I don't have an MD degree smartass.

  20. You can't wash your car in france either, illegal for some reason, you have to go to a car wash place and use their equipment

  21. I am living in china for almost now 23 years. I wash my car almost twice a week. And my neighbors are police headquarters.

  22. Move your POS car a bit. – That's literal translation. But it's not like an order.
    We just talk in a different way from British Politeness. But we are not hostile. Have you really tried to understand the context of the language after you have lived there for so long?
    Also, if we grow up washing cars in certain places we wouldn't get used to wash our car on our own. Just because you love to wash your own car, doesn't mean we have to LIKE washing our own cars.
    "The whole thing of owning a car here in China,,,is still new." Yeah, if it is so new, self-driving car business news must be fake news. Do your research before you talk.

  23. If you want to wash your own cars, you could definitely find a place. The video is just talking about how crowded the country is. Why don't you be more brave and give the video a title – "Car washing in China is terrible. China is crowded?"

  24. If you Love Britain why do not live there instead of some place you seem to hate . are this your job ( Foreign Agent ) digging dirt in china , dirty job but some one have to it ?

  25. I just don’t understand why so many ‘dislike’s to your videos! To me, these dislikes are nonsense. Even if you are just telling truth.

  26. I mean, it doesnt take much to wash a car, all you need is a buck of water, soap and a wiper, why cant you wash the car at home where you park? or at the parking lot where you work? l wash my car by myself all the time in China and when Im in the US.

  27. so at 4:30 the break light was out, but there was only 1 white reverse light, is there only 1 reverse light or was the light on the left out as well?

  28. You stated "most" people live in apt. bldgs., what level of rich must u be to have a home? Inconsiderate door banging creeps.

  29. Sorry I lived in China and you can wash you live in an apartment I lived in a villa and sorry $150 for 40 days of parking is great don't complain its $15 a day anywhere in the west

  30. I bet he's not gonna say it's not worthy to own a car in China if his earning much…suits and tie are not only for high earning people.

    he's telling me to just erased my thought if working there.😂

  31. Of Course, you can not wash your car in a public place or in an apartment building. I live in California and I have been in many other places around the world. JUST GO TO A CARWASH.

  32. In China?   What ya gonna do if you are victim ?…likely a lot of petty crap ; and then a real crime ?  Whats your real option to seek justice when in China?  Brave guy, is he being sponsored to live there?

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