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X 100 Auto Key Programmer Review Part 2 | Mr. Locksmith Video

X 100 Auto Key Programmer Review Part 2 | Mr. Locksmith Video

(Techno Sounds) (upbeat music) – [Terry] Hi, I’m Terry – [Randy] I’m Randy – [Terry] I did a quick little unboxing on the previous video. This is the X100, Chinese-made We brought it in, I just
did a quickie unboxing and I got Randy. Randy is actually using this on the road, and we’re testing it. So far, other locksmiths,
other automotive locksmiths have really liked this product. The red version was the X100, what was that one called? – [Randy] They’re all X100
Pro’s, but there’s a red and there’s a green and we actually found out about this on a Facebook site and it’s a guy that Terry and I both know and have dealt with in the past. – [Terry] And he loves the
X100 and he has a great Facebook page. That’s a Facebook fan page for the X100 so just search it, he
may or may not let you in but it’s a really good Facebook page. – If you’re not a qualified
locksmith, he’s not going to let you in. – He’s very fussy. He let
us in, I have no idea why but just, hello Ken. – It’s uh, Yeah. It comes with all the
dongles you’re going to need to do the job. The neatest thing about it,
and Ken shows you on his page that you can actually set
up the machine and load the programs that you want
for the cars that you’re going to do. So there’s a lot of cars
out there that we never see, European cars, Chinese
cars, all sorts of stuff. You can load the tool to match
the cars you’re working on And it’s updated regularly and you’re just updated over the internet. It takes about eight
to ten minutes maximum. So it’s a good a tool. – This is probably one of the
best made dongles I’ve seen out of – They stand up pretty
well, the cables are good – It’s boxed fantastic It comes with, that’s a little – [Randy] Well, it’s your SD card, operator uh, updater – [Terry] USB – [Randy] Comes with a little – [Terry] Little card reader. – [Randy] There’s your little SD card. – [Terry] It uses a micro-SD – [Randy] And it just plugs in – [Terry] How long did it take
you to update that online? – [Randy] Well, it was
eight to ten minutes – [Terry] So it’s really
really quick to update it – [Randy] So it’s a nice little unit It’s set up well. – [Terry] It’s very heavy duty as well – There’s guys buying eight and ten of these at a time – Locksmiths are liking them,
and they seem to be really really good for the money. They’re really robust. – Yeah, you can’t go too far wrong. – Again, Fords – Ford is where it fails, but Chrysler’s where it excels. – And Honda’s, super
super quick on Honda’s – Honda’s you can do component matching Chrysler’s you can read
pin codes, you can do a lot of things that you
wouldn’t expect the unit that’s this economical to do. – And really, like ruggerized for the price you could buy
two and beat the heck out of it – Well, the thing is
there’s a red version, there’s a green version. We’ve got the green version. – It’s the newest version. – It, uh seems more robust than the red version, but they both work equally as well. – Now, what’s this? It’s for a u-prong. You can do a u-prong reading off this, there’s uh, three different versions. There’s a “C” a “D” and an “E” The “C” is just a standard programmer, the “D” is an odometer
unit, where you can modify and change odometers, and the “E” is for EEPROM – We bought everything – We bought the whole kit. – Yeah, for us it was no
more money to buy everything than it was to just buy
the unit with the “C” so it doesn’t make any difference to us. – We have two units, we’re testing them again, standby we’re going
to go in other videos we’ll show it in working on
Honda’s and everything else and we’re going to try my
Ford, we’ll try my Mustang, I got a 2014, so we’ll see how it works. And so standby, we’re going to have more we’ll show you how we use it, program it. The one thing that everybody seems, again, very very poor manual, just – Again, between Keypro,
between Ken’s site we’re finding out more and more and more – People are doing some good
PDF’s so you can download if you’re a member of their groups. And the one thing about
this, you really should know more your type of immobilizer
unit rather than your make and model. – And if you have an AD
unit as your standard unit you can pick up types and stuff like that right of the AD online manual. – Now how are Michael Hyde’s books? – Mike Hyde’s books are always good – So they would have
the immobilizer types, you could look at that. – Yeah, “Auto Smart” has
quite a bit of information including these, apparently
they won’t search up the Mitsubishi pins,
but Mike Hyde’s got them all listed in his “Auto Smart” books. – And we have another video
on the “Auto Smart” books, you have to buy that no
matter what you’re doing, buy those two books. And what about Fast Facts, how’s that for – Fast Facts doesn’t
list the Mitsubishi pins, but Fast Facts is probably
the best, easiest resource you can have in your truck. If you’re doing automotive
work, or motorcycle work you got to have Fast Facts. – And we have both, we
have the Auto Smart books, we always get the most
current version, we have the Fast Facts, always the
most current version and playing with the software
from several companies, and we’ll have your
evaluation for that later. But again, you need the
books, even if you don’t have an MVP Pro, get a hold of their manual. – Their manual’s available online and it’ll help you enormously. – Don’t they have an
app right now as well? – Uh, the manual is basically, you can – It’s online. – It’s on your smartphone. – Yeah – You can download it on the
internet and it’s right there. – So again, the X100, we’re
extremely impressed with it so far, I think this will only get better the company’s good to deal with. – [Randy] And its, I
ordered it off AliExpress and it was three days – And again, this is the Obdstar the X100 very happy with this so far,
but we’ll have more testing as we use it on the road. Okay? Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website,
and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. As well as my covert
methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry.

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45 thoughts on “X 100 Auto Key Programmer Review Part 2 | Mr. Locksmith Video

  1. You heard it's not great for Fords but will test it on your Mustang. I'm really looking for a good one that does the Ford vehicles. If not the X100, do you have any other suggestions?

  2. I bought the OBDSTAR X100 Pros because of this video, and because of the claim on most or all the seller’s sales pages that this could extract Chrysler immobilizer pin codes and add new keys. Big mistake. I spent 300.00 Dollars on this piece of junk, and it can't extract Chrysler pin codes, either by reading directly through the OBDII connector or by connecting directly to the chip through the EEPROM Adapter. The menu has all the correct selections for the vehicles, but it gives the wrong pin codes. I contacted the company, and they said, oh by the way, Chrysler is not supported. What a joke this company is. Without the pin codes you can't programs keys or do much else. I haven't tried it on other vehicles, but I don't expect it would be much different. The people in the video claim to be locksmiths, but maybe they are just pushing this thing to make money on sales.

  3. How about the red x100 units commonly found around $200? How well do they work on Japanese cars?

    I am planning to buy either X100 or ck100? However base on Amazon reviews , they are not very good.

  4. For Mit. pins Code Wizard Pro 2 does them for free in demo mode & this is the fastest programmer on the market for Nissan/ Infiniti & nice video guys

  5. Any update on how its working? Were you able to register and update your device? Im afraid i may have purchased a copy and not and original!

  6. Those 2 guys should be fishing in canada somewhere they remind me of kids playing with toy blocks what a waste of time friend.

  7. Ola pessoal. Muito bom seus videos.
    Aqui no Brasil não tem desses equipamentos, não é nada facil conseguir ferramentas modernas.
    Estou na profissão a pouco tempo.
    Queria aprender a usaar esses tipos de maquinas. Me manda um de presente. E me ensina a usalos aqui no Brasil. Abraços

  8. God damn he will not let Randy talk, cutting him off every time Randy is trying put say something, that is very rude

  9. Hey. Im trying to buy a programming machine and i dont know which one i should purchase. Im in south florida so i get every type of car, bmw benz fords honda. Which one should i get?

  10. Hey Mr. locksmith, I am trying to program my key fob on 2012 Hyundai Veloster as it only came with a manual key, would the X100 do it? do you recommend one that I could do almost most imports with( I am located in North Carolina) ?

  11. I found you video a few weeks ago, I bought this device, it worked good to reprogram the key, but now, the engine would only run for a few seconds and shut off. then the time after it would not run at all. I have a corolla 2015 le eco h key anyway to fix this problem thanks

  12. Mr Locksmith, I am looking for a programmer that will program the Keys for a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. If it can program the keys, does it also give me the PIN number that I believe that would be needed? Can you suggest which programmer can detect the PIN and Program the keys for the 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

  13. Hi, so I bought the x100 and I'm trying to set my immobilizer eeprom key value to 0. I had to replace the ecm. It has a RL66 and im pretty sure that translates to a microwire 93C66 eeprom. Im having a hell of a time with it. Every operation fails in obd2 interface and when i work with the eeprom it won't do anything but save files. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Hi Mr.Locksmith!
    I read You said it’s great on Honda’s, but just to be sure it will work on our family cars!
    We have a Civic LX 2003 ,Prelude Base 2000, C-RV 2004!
    We also have Toyota Camry 2002!
    As far as know these Hondas use “Megamos 13”, and the Camry “G” Chip!
    Thanks For Your Help, and Kind Regards!

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