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So this entire situation started with my mom buying flowers And a three-step mission that involved them STEP 1/3 To meet that mission I needed a car a big car I I ordered one online and scheduled to pick it up the following day first thing in the morning Hi Hi I’m here to pick up a car. I have the reservation here- Ho, you’re the one who ordered the car yesterday evening Yeah, that’s me I was actually happy to see you had the car on such short notice Hahaha well… For some reason every time I rent a car something goes wrong Actually, we don’t What do you mean? I reserved it yesterday, I chose a specific car and the time to pick it up Well, yes but you see, on your reservation here. It says “pending authorization” What does that even mean? It means that we need to authorize your reservation first, we might not have the car you ordered What?! Then why was I even given the option of choosing the car in a specific time if you don’t even have it?! Sir. That’s how it works It doesn’t make any sense When I when I buy movie tickets then I get the movie and the seat that I wanted. When I buy flight tickets I get the flight and the seat that I ordered no one tells me your flight or your movie might not occur today Sir, that’s how it works. Ugh!!!! Okay, so there is no correlation between your website and the actual administration of your company. Yes, I understand Yes I understand. But please- can you also understand me? I need that car! In place that proclaims itself “The Startup Nation” it seems that technology still doesn’t provide you what shouting, arguing and standing your ground does It took 4 freakin’ hours, but eventually I got the car. I put the flowers in it and started driving STEP 3/3 The next step of the mission was to happen in the north of Israel I got to my destination after a two-hour drive I loaded everything up Drove back And loaded it all down F&*k! Mission accomplished So this entire situation started with my mom buying flowers and at this point of the video you’re probably wondering what does it even have to do with anything? STEP 2/3 – THANK Three years ago when I moved to Amsterdam, I took all my belongings and equipment with me from Israel I did it because someone once told me that the emotional attachment you feel towards a new place is partly relied upon material detachment from the previous one This person was right. But now, three years later, circumstances worked out in such way that I’m back in Israel and so is my equipment It was waiting for me at an ex-colleague’s place for almost two months in north of Israel this colleague and I used to work together in the Netherlands and over the years she’s become a very dear close friend of mine and so has her family We spent many hours together in and out of the office and at the traditional Israeli Friday dinners which they invited me to so often in the Netherlands And with their help, my equipment is now here So, why did my mom buy them flowers? Well, I think that more than thanking them for helping me with my belongings My mom wanted to thank them for providing me in the Netherlands with what my stay abroad made it impossible for her to provide The closest thing to the warmth of a family If Amsterdam to me was this Then Israel is this Because many times you need to firmly stand your ground to get the simplest of things But other times you meet friends, who care about you so selflessly That it just warms the heart

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3 thoughts on “WORST CAR RENTAL

  1. מרגש. בהמשך לשרטוטו שלך – יש בזה משהו ללא ספק. יש משהו בישראליות החמה שהוא חלק בלתי נפרד מאיתנו.
    כתבתי לך בעבר ששקלתי ואולי אני עדיין שוקלת מעבר לחו"ל. הרבה הזהירו אותי שזה לא כמו בארץ. לצערי אין לי מושג ויכולת להשוות אבל אני משערת שהקלות שבתקשורת והחיבור הישראלי זה משהו שאתגעגע אליו גם אם לא לחוצפה, למזג החם וכל אותן תכונות שכולנו אוהבים לשנוא…
    ושוב ברוך שובך ארצה.

  2. oh my goodness, your editing going back and forth between your frustration and the smiling receptionist was so funny! I couldn't even wait for the video to be finished before commenting.

  3. This vlog was so so so beautiful. It made me laugh, and when the door opened and all those happy sounds from lovely friends were heard, it just put tears in my eyes. The editing was so smooth and effortless as well. I just loved this. I loved how real and genuine you were about talking about your experiences. You are a really good story teller. You should really have a lot more subscribers.

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