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Shh let’s go there’s something down by
the pun let’s sneak up on it see if we can find it oh there they are
they’re about to go in the water okay we’re gonna get something a lot bigger
and a lot faster to scare those geese away I have just the thing
come on let’s go to the store Sharer’s welcome to the hobby shop let’s go sure is this hobby shop is awesome look
at how big some of these airplanes are and they even have giant RC cars and
today we’re gonna get the biggest RC car they have whoa look how big this one is
this is huge but this isn’t good enough we’re gonna
go bigger this is the xmax but it clean this one’s the green color I love green
this thing looks so awesome but it’s still not big enough we’re gonna go even
bigger this is the Train RC car that we got let’s get it home good thing we
brought the truck cuz this thing is too big to fit in a car it’s so big it’s so
heavy let’s get home I can’t wait to open this thing and show you just how
big this giant RC car is whoa this RC car is so big this thing is totally
awesome but the first RC car I got wasn’t as big it was a small low C and
we upgraded it to drive on water and then we stepped things up a notch we got
a giant X max this thing was a giant truck we took it on the beach we did
some awesome jumps and we drove it on water but that still
wasn’t good enough for us chairs that’s why we step things up a notch again
today we got the biggest RC car ever look how big this box is it’s pretty
much bigger than me let’s unbox this thing and see what’s inside speaking of
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this RC car whoa now it’s finally time to unbox this giant RC car come on let’s
do it let’s see what is inside I’m super excited to see just how big this thing
is oh this is going to be awesome here we go
in three two one look at this thing oh it’s so big like
almost the size of like a go-kart or something this is giant I don’t even
know how I’m gonna pull this thing out this is so big I might be like two
people yeah I’m reindeer wool this.q yes this
is an awesome world’s biggest RC car hold it up well that’s gonna be heavy
ready whoa are we gonna drive this thing something just fell Oh something just
fell out of the car oh no did it already break before I ever started it I have no
idea what this is but look this fella okay so I have no idea where that little
washer is supposed to go or where it came from but sure if you think you have
an idea of where it’s supposed to be on this car definitely comment below and
let me know so I know where to put it if I can find a spot for it but in any case
let’s check it out let’s see this thing this is the biggest RC car that they had
in this car and I think it might be the world’s biggest this thing is definitely
not small check it out it’s got some big tires with some orange rims on there
it’s also a 39 cc gasoline-powered engine so this thing is going to roar
just like a rear wheel truck it’s got huge bolts to hold the body on it’s got
big nuts to hold these giant wheels on check out the suspension travel in the
front and the rear this thing is ready for just it even has mud flaps in the
back just like a real truck on the road look at that and it’s got a real roll
cage in the back so case this thing flips over its we’re ready to go again
and check out the front of this thing too it’s got a big bumper on the front
it’s got some headlights on here in the suspension you can see and the front of
this thing is super awesome we’re gonna be able to try this thing in the dirt
and the grass and maybe it’ll even drive on water just like the xmax and the low
C look just how big this thing is compared
to the Lamborghini it’s almost like half the size of the Lamborghini look it’s
just they can park this in the garage right here it’s so big but enough
talking let’s take this thing out let’s fire it up and we’ll see how fast it
goes come on let’s go we gotta put some gas in the car but in order to do that
we had to take off the body there we go the body is off this thing is huge like
a big the body is this is like bigger than me so check it out this is what the
inside of the world’s biggest RC car looks like you have the gasoline engine
right here it’s a pull start you have the battery pack here this is the servo
for steering let’s test out the steering ready oh there we go look at that this
thing is ready to go all you got to do is add gas to the gas tank give it a
pull and we should be good to go this is the bottle of gas let’s pour it into the
tank whoa the gas is like red check this out when I pour it in I think it’s gonna
be red cool it’s like pink gasoline where do this
that is awesome okay we’re all fueled up let’s take it outside
and see if we can start this thing whoo let’s see if this thing will start here
we go ready oh okay I think this is actually gonna
work here we go I can feel the power let’s put the body
on and go for a speed that okay we got the body on let’s start this thing back
up let’s see it’ll work so bad we’re going to take it out to the road
and really jump at the good Road thing is so big it like looks like
a real car on the road and we’re gonna go up the road we’re gonna turn around
and come back for a speed test to see what this thing can do here we go ooh that was crazy that was pretty fast
and that was only one-third throttle I don’t want to go full throttle yeah
because you’re supposed to drive it slow for one gas tank to break the engine in
before giving it full throttle so now I’m thinkin let’s go for a little bit of
a off-roading in the grass let’s see how it does Oh God err that was awesome that was
only like third throttle and it’s still got air imagine this thing at full
throttle it’s gonna be so fast and get so much air what do you think of my new
toy go make it
to go in the front yard it dealt with that was crazy off-roading it’s great
let’s go back on the road and see if we can do any dress with this thing that was awesome let’s see if we can do
better than that you go for a test drive
oh yeah nice and slow to get the feel for it oh
this thing has got power yeah Sharer’s Oh Steve what did you just
shut off sherry why is it every time I get something it always breaks yeah
every time Stephen touches anything it seems like it just breaks I don’t know
why it turned off I don’t think it’s out of gas but watch out for that car they
don’t see it Oh careful I hope we just ran out of gas
leave it still turns of gas it’s got plenty of gas in there yeah go ahead
unit a fool okay it’s working again I don’t know
what happened it’s way too fast yeah you gotta be really careful sure
this RC car is super fast and we’re not even going full throttle yet because
it’s not broken in yet it takes one full gas tank of heating it takes one full
gas tank of heating and cooling to break the engine is they can go maximum
throttle this way the engine will last much longer
Steve you gotta be careful you’re about to break Oh Stevens a mess I don’t know
what you’re doing Steve you’re a mess you’re like going crazy I was about to
hit it oh shut up again I don’t have good luck with this car I’m doing it
back to you sure it’s in the next vlog when this thing is fully broken in and
ready to go we’re gonna do a speed test to see how fast it goes we can race the
xmax with it I think we can even race the Lamborghini with it that would be
really cool I want you to comment what we should do
with this giant RC car in the comments below let me know what you think I don’t
know what to do and take it seriously so big I’m picking lint you can probably
spit it right on this thing cheers it looks like Mario could I think
it’ll work for next blog let me try this out

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  1. I'll tape a flashlight on the car or I'll put a camera and hook it up with a drone cool right?👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾✌🏾️😎😎🤗

  2. That's not the biggest RC car

    One man made his Lamborghini a rc car

  3. Traxxas X maxx would’ve been better fun!! Brushless electric power is the way to go . 6s or 8s batteries even . 60mph in 3 seconds probably outrun that lambo off the line !!!!🤘🏻🔋😈😱

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