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World class collection hidden in plain sight | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 61 (Part 2/4)

World class collection hidden in plain sight | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 61 (Part 2/4)

(upbeat music) – We’re back in Midland, Texas, where we were about a year ago. This won’t be your normal
Barn Find Hunter episode. It was just a year ago
we were in this yard in Midland, Texas, looking at this field of pretty solid cars, and I actually really fell
in love with this one. And I kept on going back to that wagon, and there was somethin’ solid about it. You know, having spent time
buffing out this little piece of the fender, then having
spent time buffing out the complete front fender,
this car was talking to me. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. We decided we’ll just make
a project car out of this. Well, let’s show these people
what this has turned into. (rock music) There we go. (door slam) (engine revving) We’re just about to
leave Midland, Texas now. It’s been a wonderful adventure. Why did we choose Midland, Texas? Well, it’s just because I’ve
had a lifelong fascination with Chaparral race cars. This little town, at seven
miles by seven miles, produced some of the most
amazing race cars in the world. I encourage you to go on the internet and put in Chaparral race cars, built by a guy named Jim Hall. They were built in this
little town, aerodynamics, ground sucker cars, amazing engines, built right in this little town around the Can-Am series back in the 60s. But now we’re about to leave. We’re probably at the
city limits right now. So, we’ll say goodbye to Midland. I don’t know if we’ll ever be back, but I have to say that over
four years of Barn Find Hunting on this series, this is the
first time we’ve got to live, kind of the talk-the-talk
and walk-the-walk, not just walk through a
guy’s collection of old junk and say, “That’s good, that’s good.” We picked a car that we said, “That car’s got good bones in it.” And why not make a project car out of it over the course of a year. With a lot of volunteer help
and some people donating parts, and we built this car from
a shell that was ready, literally, for the scrap
heap, and we’re driving it. We’re gonna drive it
probably 600 or 700 miles into Kansas, and we’re gonna
donate it to a good cause. And you’ll be along for the ride. (banjo music) (laughs) Triple digits! We’re in Lubbock, Texas,
driving towards Kansas, and we passed this yard,
and it’s a Sunday afternoon, so it’s not the easiest day to find somebody around old cars, but Mike was mowing his lawn, so we caught him at the right time, and he’s got cars here that
you say they’re all for sale. – [Mike] Yes. – [Tom] They belong to your girlfriend. – [Mike] Uh-huh. – [Tom] And how much are they? – [Mike] $500 apiece. – $500 apiece. So keep that in mind as
we look at these cars. So, you’ll notice some similarities. Here’s a four-door wagon,
here’s a four-door sedan. But, they came probably
off the same assembly line. This one was sold in Morton,
Texas, by McCoy Ford Sales. As we know, this one comes
from Doug Burns in New Mexico. I wonder if there’s any parts
on here we need (laughs). – [Mike] So that’s a three hundred three. – I don’t know what
kind of motor it’s got. It doesn’t have a 390
because it doesn’t have an emblem on it, so we’ll
just work our way down to some of these cars here. So, our wagon, if you
remember from episode 34, didn’t look very different
than that car right there, Country Sedan. That’s a 55 or a 56, I guess? You know, it looks rough. That quarter panel is rough, but wagons are hard to get these days. This has still got a Y-block in it, which is probably a 252,
somethin’ like that. So, it’s got no grill, no hood, but otherwise it looks complete. No windshield. But, this is $500. So this, let’s see what
the other side looks like. Yeah, I mean, this is
a good starting point for a wagon project. Not very different than
that wagon was a year ago. I’ll repeat that again and again. (funky music) That’s a Big Block Chevy 454. (funky music) I mean, so what do you
do with these things? That ones, I mean, that needs body work. Too bad about this rust. I didn’t think things rusted in Texas. – [Mike] Well, it kinda
depends what part of Texas they come from. – All right, so here we have a Fairlane. Looks like a ’64 Fairlane. It’s got a 260 V8, automatic. It’s a four door. So, the 260 was the
predecessor to the 289. First Ford built the 221, then a 260, and ultimately a 289. This is a five-bolt bellhousing, and it was the first motor
available in a Cobra, believe it or not, AC Cobra. $500, complete with hubcaps. Here’s a first-generation Corvair, $500. All right, so, if I had
$500 in my pocket right now, which one would I buy? (classical music) Probably that Fairlane. V8, it’s a four door, but it’s solid. It looks complete. I’d pay $500 for that car. Well, Mike, you can go back
to your lawn mowing now. I appreciate it, man. – Thank you, guys. – Thanks for being here on a Sunday. – No problem.
(laughs) – We’re just leaving
Mike in Lubbock, Texas, who had a bunch of cars scattered around, and I have to say that some of them had more rust than I would like, however, now that I’m out of
there, I’m thinking about, if those cars were on the East Coast and they were 50 and 60 years old, they’d have much more rust than that. So, $500 apiece, there’s
some deals over there. Don’t discount that place. (banjo music) We just visited Mike on the, let’s see, the east side of the highway, and as we were looping
around to go back to Mikes, we saw another place on the
west side of the highway, so we’re going back there now. Looked like they had some
Chevelles, maybe GTO, maybe a Judge. I mean, it’s my imagination,
but I saw an orange Pontiac back there, so I’m saying it’s a Judge. So, we’ll see if anybody’s home. Sunday afternoon, it’s tough. We’ll see.
(birds chirping) (talking muffled) How do you like that? So it would be great if this guy says, “You’re the Barn Find Hunter, come on in!” It’s worked before.
(door shutting) We’re driving this Ford
station wagon northbound on 87 in Lubbock, and I
turn over to this side and I said there’s an
orange GTO back there. That could be a Judge. So, make a big loop come back here. Walk in the shop. I meet a man named Rick and Rick says, “If you wanna buy any
cars, get out of here, ’cause I don’t sell any cars.” I don’t want to buy
anything, I just wanna look. He said, “All right, come on back.” So, Rick, thanks for not kicking me out. – Okay. – And, I look forward to seeing
what you’ve got back here. – Okay, let’s start. – [Tom] There ya go. – [Rick] Let’s start with
the stuff outside, I guess. – [Tom] Okay. – [Rick] This is kinda my daily driver. – [Tom] Yep, yep, too nice, too nice. So, ’69? – [Rick] No, this is actually a ’72. – [Tom] Oh, 72. – [Rick] Yeah, the ‘6– – [Tom] Is that a parts
car or is that restored? – Uh, I got that. Oh, no, no, I’ve got several others. So, we bought it
basically because it’s got a Posi rear-end, that’s why we bought it. – Otherwise, it’s a parts car. – [Rick] Yeah, it’s a parts car. – Now, what about this Pontiac back here? – The Trans Am? – [Tom] Yep. – [Rick] Yeah, the Trans Am
actually belonged to my brother who lived in Oklahoma and
he was driving to El Paso, moving over there. – Really?
– And he said, do you like it? I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Do you want it?” And I said, “Yeah.” So we made a deal and
it never got to El Paso. Ended up here and here’s where it’s at. – [Tom] So, how long has
it been sittin’ here? – [Rick] Oh, probably about at least seven or eight years at least. ’56 Ford Cabover. – ’56, so this should
have a Y-block in it. Ah, motor still in there? – Oh yeah, yeah. Tree hit it, so it was part of the deal. We got a roof and another
hood to restore this. It’s truck body is original as it gets. (door screeches open) – Oh man. – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] So you’d put this like
a late model engine in there? – [Rick] We will, when the time comes. – [Tom] I mean, this is a
cat’s meow for a hot rodder. – [Rick] Oh yeah, oh yeah. That’s why I got it. – Would you make a hauler
out of it, like a flatbed? – That’s definitely, yeah. That was the plan. That was the plan.
– Wow. (door shutting) Can I open the hood? – [Rick] Sure, if you can open it. – Oh, okay. – [Rick] No, no, no, go ahead, go ahead. (hood screeching) Like I said, if you can open it. – [Tom] So, it’s probably like a 272, and it’s a two-barrel Holley. – [Rick] Holley, that was the coolest part about it (laughs). – [Tom] No kidding. – [Rick] Yeah, for a hot
rodder, you’re just like, “Oh, this is too cool!”. – [Tom] So, the Y-block, the
stock and exhaust manifolds had outlets up here and
there was a crossover pipe between the two that
equalized the cylinders. – [Rick] Exactly. – [Tom] Huh. – [Rick] Exactly. – And so, what will you do with this? – [Rick] Oh, the long run will be to put it on a different frame and use it to haul cars. – Like, get a dually frame or something? – Yeah, yeah, dually
frame, low on the ground. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – Air suspension? – Nah, I’m not, that’s too modern for me. – Okay, all right, well, we’ve
been doing this program now for four years and we’ve
yet to find a Judge. Now, tell me this is not a real Judge. – [Rick] It’s a real Judge. – It’s a real Judge. – [Rick] Yep. – [Tom] Holy crap, man. – Carousel Red, four
speed, white interior. I’d heard rumors about
this car being in Lubbock for many years, and nobody. You kind of hear about it,
but nobody’s ever seen it. Nobody has ever. And then I got a call and this guy said, the guy that owned it
hired him to start it up and get it going because he
and his son were supposed to build it, and so, it was
right around Thanksgiving. And he said, “I’m too old,
so I’m gonna tell my son. “And if he doesn’t want
the car, it’s for sale.” So the guy called me and he
said the kid didn’t want the car so it’s yours, and I said okay. – So, it’s a four speed, it was a 400? – Four, oh yeah, oh yeah. – Four hundred four-speed. – Yeah, yeah. – It looks like it was a
white fender to white hood. – No, no, that’s the primer. – [Tom] That’s primer. So, this is original paint on here. – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] Wow. – [Rick] That why this is,
I’ve got one that’s gonna be a perfect car. This one is gonna be
like, when you find it, and then the other one is
gonna be the shiny one. So, you know, I just got the matching set. – So, how long have you had this? – I’ve probably had this one
about five, six years now. – So these are, are these
original decals on here? How many miles are on this? – I don’t know. It’s been awhile. You know, when you first get
it, you really jump all over it and then you go to the next one. – [Tom] So listen, here’s what
the odometer says, 00002.4. Ha! – [Rick] I believe it, I believe it. (laughs) – [Tom] So, can I open the hood? – [Rick] Sure. You got, hold up, you gotta click and then when you pop it up. No, no, you gotta do it,
and then just hold it down. And then when it pops up, yeah. (metal screeching) It’s stuck. – Oh well, we tried.
– But, I can guarantee you it’s got a motor in there. – Okay, I believe it. It’s a six cylinder,
I know it is (laughs). – No, no, I drove it, I drove it. – Did you really? – Yeah, yeah. – [Tom] Runs well? – Oh yeah, yeah. – Well, that’s a first. We should do a Hagerty appraisal on this. This is the first Judge we’ve
found on Barn Find Hunter, so I feel pretty privileged. So, if we go to the
Hagerty Evaluation Guide to tell you what this car might be worth, in number four condition, which is fair, which they say is a daily driver, this is not a daily driver, is $38,900. And this is a 400 cubic
inch, 366 horse power, four-barrel Ram-Air III car. So, it’s a factory four speed. So in fair condition, it’s worth $38,900. In good condition, $56,000. In excellent condition, $92,000. And in Concours, $127,000 is
what this car would sell for. Now, Hagerty has the average
price for one of these cars across the board at $56,000. So, certainly one of the more
valuable cars we’ve found on this series, and one of
the more valuable muscle cars we’ve found on this series. We’re lucky to have found this. And I’ll just remind you, two things. Number one, Rick said
this car is not for sale. And number two, Rick said
this car is not for sale. All right, so we have more Craiggers here. You are a Craiggers.
– Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Tom] So this is like
a Little Red Wagon. – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] Is it a V8? – [Rick] No, no, well, the
Little Red Wagon was a Dodge. This is the Ford version. – I know, I know, yeah. – [Rick] I’ve got the Little
Red Wagon at the other shop. – [Tom] Oh you have a Dodge? – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] So, this is, I
think, a Falcon Econoline. Didn’t they call it that? – [Rick] Um-hmm. – [Tom] Six cylinder,
three hundred three, yeah. – And this is the five window. This is really cool because
a friend of mine had it. I didn’t even know it. And then he sold it to me and
then when I went back up there I talked to this other guy, because I’ve got another one of these, and the guy, he knew more than I did, “Is it a five window or a three window?” And I said, “I didn’t even see.” It was in the car, I bought it. – [Tom] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Rick] And then when I went
over and I talked to Joe, and I said, “Joe, yours is a five window!” and he said, “What does that mean?” And I said, “That’s the rarest.” So we gotta renegotiate. He said, “No, no. It’s a done deal.” And he was a man of his word. I didn’t worry about Joe. Now, that one over there, the red one. – [Tom] The Camaro? – [Rick] Yeah, now that
one is a real ’70 Z28. – [Tom] A ’70 Z28, so did
’70s have a 302 or a 350? – [Rick] 350, ’69 was a 302. – [Tom] Yeah, okay. – [Rick] But that’s a real Z. – [Tom] Is it really? – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] The world loves
’69 and ’70 Camaros. – [Rick] Oh yeah. – Yeah, wow. All right, so then over here
we got Mustang number one. And what’s, again, stylized
wheels, you’re unbelievable. – [Rick] Well actually we’re
gonna take those wheels off ’cause I’ve got the Charger. Magnum 500s need to be on a Charger, so we’re taking those off and
puttin’ them on the Charger. – Same bolt pattern. – [Rick] Exactly. – [Tom] All right, so this building looks pretty appetizing here. Is there anything in there? – (laughs) Yeah, you’re
not gonna believe this one. Nobody believes it. – Really?
– Come on in. – [Tom] So you don’t give
tours here very often, I bet. – [Rick] Oh no, I run everybody off. I run everybody off. – Wow, geez. And this thing’s been
sitting here for how long? – [Rick] Oh, it’s been
sittin’ here for a while. ‘Cause I’ve got another one. We’re working on the other one right now. – [Tom] Oh man, this thing
looks solid as a rock. – [Rick] Oh it is. – [Tom] Geez, very nice. – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] So is this gonna
be hot rod or restored? – No, ’57s you don’t hot rod. Convertibles you don’t. This is gonna go back
more or less to original. Probably have mag wheels and stuff, but it’s got the little 283. We got a 283 in there. The problem is I got ahead of myself. I got so excited about this
one, I did the firewall, started putting all the
chrome and everything, and it was like I was
doing it the wrong way, and I said no, no, I’m
gettin’ ahead of myself, I’m gonna end up with a piece of junk. So I stopped and I said
when I get serious about it I’ll pull this one back out
and start working on it. – [Tom] So it’s a 283,
and it looks like it has a standard transmission on it, a 303. 283s, they’re such a good motor. – [Rick] Oh yeah, and this
is, you can tell the motor because of where you put
the oil and all that stuff, we didn’t even bother about
checking to make sure– – Is this the hood scoop? – No (laughs). – It’s custom, it ain’t that custom. It’s not that custom. – [Tom] That’s sweet,
so you painted over– – [Rick] I know, I know,
and I still got to do a lot of body work in the
back and I thought no. I just got too excited, you know. – [Tom] So how long have you owned this? – Oh, I’ve owned this one
for about 20-25 years. I can’t ever finish anything because as soon as I get started up on something somebody will call me
and a new car will pop up and it’s just like. – I have a rule, I don’t start another car until I finish one. – Oh, I’ve never finished anything. (laughs) Too many cars show up. But, I’ve got enough that I
feel at this point in time I kinda feel like it’s time
for other people to get some. So, I’m not a hoarder. I’ve got my ’57 convertible. Somebody else can get the
next one, it’s fine with me. I got no problem with it. – [Tom] I just walked by this Oldsmobile. I mean, I assumed it was
some kind of Cutlass Supreme or something.
– Correct. – But then there was
these four little digits that struck out at me here. And those digits are 442. – [Rick] That’s a true 442. – [Tom] Tell me about this car. – It’s a ’72. I actually got a call the guy had a ’71, an orange one with a white top, and so I went to go look at that one and he actually had two of them. And he knew the orange one
because he said he knew a guy from high school
when they bought it for. So, he knew about the
car all the way through. He bought that one to
restore with his son. His son didn’t want to
restore it, so he said, “And I can’t wait for my grandson.” So, he was gonna sell the orange one and this one was facing one
way when we went in the door in the barn, the 442 with
the wing was the other way, so he said, “What do you think about it?” And I said, “Oh the orange,
forget about the orange. “I’m already thinking
about taking both of them.” And so he said, “Okay,
I’ll make you a deal.” So I ended up with both
of them, an orange one and this blue one. – So, is that a his and hers shifter? It is, okay. Ha, geez. Now, is this still a solid car. I mean, to be with the
windshield out and stuff, it looks like– – No, in Texas, I mean nowadays, all this stuff can be redone. I mean, when we were
doing the media blast, you got to get a good guy that
knows how to weld and stuff, but all the body panels are available now. You know, when I started,
you had to buy a Cutlass and cut all the stuff out to put it. Now you can order everything. – So you’ve had this for how long? – I’ve probably had this one
about eight or nine years. – So is that like a 400 in here? Let’s see if I can open this hood. I tried the other one over
there again, I couldn’t do it. – [Rick] Well, that’s the Judge. We don’t want anybody
opening that hood anyway. That’s original as it gets. – [Tom] Boy, look at that. Air cleaner is on there and everything. – [Rick] Yeah, yeah. – [Tom] So, it’s probably a 400, wow. – [Rick] Yeah, the other one
was the one I was interested, this one it’s just cool
to have two of ’em. – So, you say you’ve got
more stuff in that building. – [Rick] Yeah, come on in. – All right. Oh, another ’57. – That’s the one, that’s really my big time project right now. Let me turn on the light. – So you got a big block in here, 427? – [Rick] A 454. – [Tom] 454, wow. What kind of front end is that? Is that like Speedway Motors? – [Rick] No, no, no, no, no. Oh yeah, this is original.
(laughs) This is an original deal. – Man, old school. – We used to take them off the Econolines and put ’em on there. – Oh yeah, this is old school, man. – [Rick] Yeah, that’s how we do it. – [Tom] What else have we got here? – This is an original ’69 Z28 Camaro. – Oh. – This is the real deal. – So what is that a DZ code? – Yeah. – So this is a restoration? – Uh yeah, kinda. It’s one of my son’s always liked Camaros, and so, I’m going to. I’ve actually got a ’69 Camaro
convertible that I’ve done. And that one, I got through with it. It’s a black, except
instead of white stripes I put gold stripes ’cause
I just liked it better. And so I want him to have that one, but I want to build him a Z28. – So what’s going on here? – This is a ’33 Ford. – [Tom] So is that Mopar engine? – [Rick] Yeah, yeah. – [Tom] It’s like a 440 or something? – (laughs) Yeah, nobody knows about it. – Well, I’m looking at the distributor and it can’t be GM and it can’t be Ford because it’s not at an angle (laughs). – [Rick] That’s exactly what it is. – [Tom] Wow. – [Rick] And so, it’s a fast little car. – [Tom] It’s a torqueflite in there? – [Rick] Yeah, it’s a fast little car. – I bet it is.
– We had a lot of fun in it. This is a ’29 Shay. It’s actually, uh, Ford
made these fiberglass. It’s kind of a reproduction. – [Tom] I know, it had
a Pinto motor in it. – Yeah. – So, these cars that you
could bought through a Ford dealership and they
had new car warranties. If you bought this, it basically had a Pinto drive train in it and Ford would warranty these cars. That’s interesting. – [Rick] This is what I love to do. – [Tom] Is that right, geez. All right, here’s your last chance to take us to the big building. Here’s your last chance. It’ll never come around again. – Well, you wouldn’t be able
to get into the building at my house ’cause I’ve
got so much stuff in there. But the building at my house that where the good, good stuff is. – I mean, it’s up to you. – You already ruined my afternoon. – We already ruined your day. – There goes my gas that I was gonna be– – All right, is it a deal. – Yeah, we’ll go over there. – All right (laughs). Now, this is where I’m wrong, see. I said you can’t find cars on Sundays, but this is the second this afternoon, on a Sunday afternoon, that we found guys at commercial establishments. Now we’re going to his house
to see some more cars he’s got. So we’re at part two of Rick’s wonderful
excellent car adventure. Oh, this is pretty darn good. – Yeah, I thought for your kind of deal. See, that was a parts car I bought. – I mean, that’s a restoration
project right there. – Oh yeah, yeah. It’s a complete car,
no motor, transmission, but other than that everything’s there. And the trunk was full of parts. Brand new stuff. – This was original,
it’s got a column shift. – [Rick] Oh yeah, yeah. (country music) – All right, ’57 two are hardtops. So, they made one like this
that was a Mark Donohue edition. – [Rick] That is a Mark Donohue edition. – Is it really?
– Yeah. (country music) – A Cushman, okay, with
mag wheels, of course. – Of course. If it doesn’t have mag wheels, then it doesn’t belong on my property. – So, of course, there’s
mag wheels on here. – [Rick] Of course. – So, here we have a ’57 Nomad. So, is this the first, no,
we found a couple Nomads in North Carolina. So, this is a ’57, looks like it was painted
copper more recently. But, I’d say it was
originally like a turquoise. – [Rick] Turquoise. – Okay, so ’55 convertibles, this is the second one we’ve seen today. – [Rick] Yeah. – One was at your shop and this one. – [Rick] I think this is one that the guy called me and said, “Do you want a ’55 instead of a ’57?” And I said, “I guess.” So he brought it over
and we made a deal on it. – So a ’57 Vette. I think this is a ’58. – [Rick] Yeah. – This is dual headlights. Yeah, okay, this is a ’58. – That’s the rarest car
I’ve got right there. – The white one. Don’t tell me what it is. Well, it’s a Charger. – [Rick] No. – [Tom] No? It’s got
an oracle in the front. – [Rick] Look at the front fenders. Look at what’s on top
of the front fenders. – [Tom] It’s a Superbird? – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] You got the wing for it? – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] The original aluminum wing? – [Rick] Yeah, I got it. – [Tom] Wow. Hi, horsies. – [Rick] A guy had it. He took it to a paint and body guy and it lasted there forever and then the guy’s wife called him and said, “Come pick up your car” ’cause he went out of business. He went over there, they
had stolen the motor and transmission out of it,
and they stole the hood. – [Tom] Was it 440? – It took me forever. That car, nobody has ever
figured out what it was. That’s why I took the wing off. Nobody’s ever stopped and said,
“Is that a real Superbird?” Never. See, and that one is a 1970 Boss. – That’s a Boss car? – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] No kidding. – [Rick] Yeah, it’s a real Boss. – [Tom] So, it’s a ’33-’34 Coupe? – [Rick] Yep. Actually, I bought this one
before I bought the red one, and then about three weeks
later I bought the red one. – [Tom] So, you’ve got a three
window and a five window? – [Rick] Correct. – [Tom] That’s a rare car. Three window, holy mackerel.
– Yeah, it is. – Well this is pretty cool. Is there anything in here worth seeing? – Yeah.
– Okay Well, if we’re asked
nicely, we’ll go inside. (laughs) – [Rick] You’re gonna stumble over stuff. – Oh, I like those kind of garages. – [Rick] No, you don’t understand. I’ve got people that are
collectors and they’re like, “I’ve never seen something like this.” And I say, “I know.” And I’m the guy that owns it. – [Tom] All right, we gotta go now, boys. Holy mackerel, geez. – Cobra kit car.
– Cobra kit car. – Oh, you gotta get the motorcycle. Easy Rider. – Not the real one, is it? – No, no, no, no, no. I’ve seen the real one, but no. – I just wanna soak all
this in for a few minutes. – This is my Chopper. – So you got a chop pickup
truck back there with (mumbles). – Yeah. And there’s another one back over there. – [Tom] Boy. – And, see the blue cover right there? – Yeah.
– ’37 Willys metal car. – [Tom] Not a coupe? – [Rick] A coupe. – Man, a metal Willys, holy crap. So, is that a Firebird
Lamborghini over there? – [Rick] Yeah, it’s a Fiero. – [Tom] Oh yeah, yeah,
that’s right, Fiero, yeah. – [Rick] Yeah, in the (mumbles). That’s my Corvette, and then that’s my Porsche 357 covered up. It’s got the big white tires. That’s my ’55 Gasser that I was building. Right next to it is another ’55. That was a race car. The wheel wells have
been cut out and stuff. – [Tom] I bet you know
where everything is in here. – [Rick] Yeah, and I know where I got it and I know when I got it. – So, that chopped truck,
is that like a ’56? – [Rick] It’s the only
Ford truck I like, the ’56. It’s chopped, it’s got electric
windows, electric doors. Back tires about 22 inches wide. – [Tom] What motor? – 350, it’s actually got a Ford. It’s actually got a Ford. – [Tom] Holy Mackerel. – The Willys is there. Right behind it there’s a Barracuda. There’s a Challenger back there. There’s a ’64 Impala. There’s a ’60 Impala. Then there’s a chopped ’49 Merc in back. – [Tom] I see that. – And then there’s a ’70 Charger RT. – [Tom] What’s that
convertible back there? – [Rick] Uh, which one? – [Tom] Behind the antique car. Behind that old sedan. Corvair or something? – [Rick] No, no, no, I
don’t have any Corvairs. – [Tom] Mustang? – Oh yeah, it’s a ’65 Mustang convertible. Yeah, I built that one for my son when he was in high school. And the Merc, you can kinda seen the Merc. – Yep, yep. – And then there’s a ’60 Impala
that I’ve got back there. Two door. – And this right here, is
this your Velle convertible? – No, if I really, really came down to it, this is probably my favorite car of all the cars I own. This is done and I haven’t driven it. – [Tom] Oh, black with gold
’69 Camaro convertible. Very nice. – [Rick] How the heck did
you get all this mess, I don’t know. – Yeah. Well Rick, thank you, man. – It was an interesting Sunday. – Thanks for allowing
us to come in your door and explain what we do, because you woulda just kicked us the Hell out, so. – Oh, I did, but you didn’t go, but– (laughs) But, you don’t get this much
stuff unless you’re persistent, so I know exactly what you mean. – That’s amazing. – Yeah, and a lot of this people will, other people’s junk is
somebody’s treasure. – I just want to tell viewers, okay, Rick looks like a regular guy. He lives in a regular house. You can’t see any of this from the road, but 100 feet in you’re in a
Heaven of muscle car parts here. It’s just amazing. Who would imagine this building. I mean, I see donkeys, I thought
this was donkeys in here. But we have horses in
here, it’s horse power. So listen man, thanks. What a blast. – Okay, next time you’re around there will probably be more stuff. Come on by, you’re welcome. – Thank you. – Just don’t ask if anything’s for sale. – I didn’t.
– You didn’t. – I won’t.
– Nope. (garage door screeching) Now, when my grandkids were little, they’d come over here,
“Grandpa, you got a lotta junk.” Now that they’re older, “Grandpa, you got a lotta cool stuff.” (country music)
(car engine revving) – This is our 27th state that
we’ve found an old car in. We don’t find many of these. See, one leads to another. Oh, it’s got a four speed in it. Oh, look at this. Holy mackerel. You have any compound and a rag. No, I’m only kidding. (laughs)

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100 thoughts on “World class collection hidden in plain sight | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 61 (Part 2/4)

  1. Rick, Being stubborn is a good thing sometimes but having things for the sake of owning must be fullfilling. My wife is a Billingual teacher and has >20,000 books. I told her that she needs to manage the things that she owns and not let the things manage her. Rick, your cars are managing you and if you live another 100 years, you ain't gonna see 1/2 of your cars restored. Your shop hasn't seen anyone do any work since the Clinton administration. I encourage you to sell off your cars and stay with 5 of the cars you cannot sell and get some help restoring them. Por favor!!

  2. This guy at the 2nd yard isn’t gonna do anything with these cars . he’s a dreamer he buys and buys and buys old car with a dream . I mean how old is he in his 70s he’s not gonna do anything and it’s a shame because those cars are just gonna rush even more

  3. Dear God someone get these out of the hands of the babbling fools they've fallen into before they're completely destroyed.

  4. Rick could sell half of what he has, and he still wouldn't have enough time to fix up half of what he doesn't sell.

  5. I could listen to Rick if he had his own tv show just talking about his cars.
    I had a buddy that had that same 72 out front when I was in highschool. What a sexy car.
    It's like we watched best friends meeting each other for the first time.
    All the old stuff is covered up and there is the lambo with all kinds of stuff piled on it. I love it.

  6. I'm sad he skipped over that old c10 Chevy in the front. Looked to be in good shape. That kid who didn't want the judge must he insane

  7. These guys with cars…and they leave them out in the sun to rot… they totally get on my nerves when they say "not for sale". Ol' boy was way off on the GTO prices… you can get NICE Judges allllll day long in Florida for less than 30k…. these cars fell in his lap for pennies, but you can see his broke ass doesn't have any money to finish any of them….what a waste.

  8. Sad, just like my uncle was he collected cars the same way if someone wanted to buy one he would not sell them just because he had it and you won't. Result he died years later and had cars that just sit in a field rotting and no one wanted after they rusted to junk. Them his kids dug a hole in the field and dozed them into a hole 56 cars from 1930 – 1978 ouch were all great cars just needing restored. He was a miser about everything went to his funeral other than his three kids only seven people can because of the way he treated people. Hope he found a better after world welcome god bless him. I will leave this earth know for helping people!

  9. $500 for an original Corvair project car… "Nah, I'll take the old Ford Fairlane instead." WTF??!?

    "I have an original Corvette." "The one with a six cylinder?" "Yes! and it still has the original running gear!"

    "Real Corvettes have V-8s — I'll take the old 318 dodge duster instead." WTF?!??

  10. This man makes me NUTZ…HE IS NOT ONLY A PROCRASTINATOR…BUT A HORDER…SIN SICK…NEEDS MORE STUFF…HIS EXCUSE…"SOMEBODY ALWAYS CALLS ME WHEN I GET STARTED…"(not a quote either…but similar) too bad…you do not live forever…nor will this man ever finish a single one if his cars…NOT FOR SALE…MINE…MINE…MINE…SAD!!!

  11. This guy has really good ideas, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he will not finish 95% of those vehicles.

  12. I doubt he will ever do anything with any of those cars. All those cars sitting there for that for that long and nothing. He will just keep buying more.

  13. @Hagerty hey check out a junk yard in Wendell Idaho. It’s called L&L classic auto about a mile and a half out of town on HWY 46. He’s got upwards of 10,000 or more classic cars.

  14. I really don’t get it,especially the video where you can’t comment (greatest find ever). Why do some of these guy just leave these beautiful pieces of engineering to rust and go beyond repair. The old guy in said video along with the guy who owns elvis’s cars burn my head out and in my opinion they don’t deserve them

  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a 67 4 door Impala at 3:43? Damn. Any Supernatural fan would love to restore that baby

  16. Sorry, but "Rick" ain't gonna rebuild any of those cars/trucks. He ain't no "spring chicken" any more and don't appear he has the kind of resources to buy parts. That Chevy in the shed had more dirt on it than the ones sittin' outside. He would be better off if he sold those junk heaps for $500 each, himself. He could sell those cars and some of that land and have a pretty good chunk of change, but he ain't no "hoarder". Big ideas and no money to begin a rebuild. There are so many junk car lots around Lubbock, Texas, or any city, for that matter. Eye Sores is all they are.

  17. I was thinking….and i know it sounds bad….but if your one of those guys who says "someday", or "im gonna…" "no it jusr sits there" someone should jack your cars in the middle of the night! Lol….let someone who has the time and passion fix it!

  18. Literally all old men north of 65 talking about restoring cars. When they prollu only have 5 years to live and wont sell the cars. Its so damn annoying

  19. Hey fella please. Donate me a classic car or help me fix one of mine. I have a 69 Nomad 40'000 actual miles also a 67 GMC camper cruiser that was my father's it's been sitting outside rotting for twenty plus years. But I would love to. Drive my car again before I die. I finally got a motor Putin I bought oh it's a good motor he said so I spent all my money buying motor and getting it put in and the motor knocks bad rods knocking bad right back to square one again only now the two thousand I saved up is all gone. My health is bad I'm 63 please help me car finder man

  20. who lets cars like that judge sit axle deep in dirt rotting them out saying there not forsale? ive had this car for 5 years to what sit and watch it rust into nothing… hoarders are the bane of the vehicle market..


    I am not a horder but 99% of his car are unfinished and have flat wheels and are future projects.. people like this are the death of classic cars..

  21. I hope people see this episode and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER sell him another Classic car. He'll never get these cars restored. Sad….

  22. When I was 16 I worked out a deal to buy a '72 Charger from a guy I knew. Some hoarder exactly like this guy got wind of it, so when I get there to pay for it the hoarder is signing the title and putting the Charger on his trailer. Found out he got arrested a few years later and his family was selling his collection to get $ for legal fees. Could've bought the car, but by that point had moved on to Hondas and haven't looked back at old cars since.

  23. $500 a car….hello blood bank? yes i'd like to make a huge blood payment, yes you give me money for my blood in fact, do you need a kidney? er man boobs for a person who has none? hair for balding guys? how about teeth?
    most of that was surface rust but i guess texas does have rain of texas as in down pours and days of it so yeah rust adds up,
    O.O a real pontiac gto judge wow no wonder if tells you to go away if you want to buy cars, 24 miles on it….hmm i'd be saying 100024 miles maybe but then again in that shape might be someone said okay car let's see what your made of put foot to floor had a mis hap and pretty much parked it up and said okay your the real deal, but dam that is nice
    57' bel air soft top that has been there a while! look at the dust that takes years,
    loving the green camaro hmm 2015 hotwheel verson? not the blue one but the green one,
    dam! all nice rare car but someone kicked the engine and gear box and even the hood! and the place went out of busness? hmm might be sold the engine to pay for another months of rent or something but then went bust, also hello lil horseys "pets them"
    holly now that's a packed garage! you sure your not a hoarder guy? that is one full up place! WERE THE HELL DO YOU START?! that is quite the place, i love it! just a shame nothing for sale,

  24. Criminal That The Guy Has Let Such Iconic Cars Rot Away Unloved…He Does Not Deserve Such Beautiful Cars!!!!! Whot A Tragic Waste Of Americana Classics Man!!!!!!!

  25. I feel sorry for his family, who will have to clear up this nightmare when he passes on.
    Maybe then, this stuff can be auctioned to collectors who will restore them to their former glory.

  26. Such a shame to see so many great cars just left to rot. He will never do anything with them. Why not sell them and let someone else truly enjoy them.

  27. Jeesus these coments are harsh. I see why the guy was a bit nervous in showing the cars. He is a hoarder and was afraid to let internet people know about it.

  28. Yea yea ,ahhh 25 YEARS ago, ahh yea so I bought both, yea and parked em here, yea yea an started this one took that apart then I heard about another and stopped then went an bought well a superbird and took it apart haha yea yea and my barn well you can't see anything's no nothing for sale I no hoarder yea yea….

  29. Mmmmmm🤔 this Grandpa has no vision to get them on the road😫. he just has an ambition to keep them as treasure, but who gets benefit for it?! What he has is just a poor dream😫

  30. "We're working on it", & the word "soon" mean they're not going to do a damn thing and it's just going to sit there and rot away . what a waste

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