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Work with EasyCar Club and make money renting your car 🚘 |

Work with EasyCar Club and make money renting your car 🚘 |

Hi there! I’m Marina from and in this video
I’m going to be telling you everything about EASYCAR CLUB, one of our job offers. So by the end of this video, you will know
everything about this app job and most importantly how to apply for it through our website. So let’s go for it! Are you looking for an easy way to make money
in London? Then you should rent out your car with EasyCar
Club. Here it is how it works: drivers get to rent
your car in and around London and you get to be the one managing your own bookings. Yes, full control! We know that renting your car can be a little
bit scary and you might think about safety, BUT you should keep in mind that your car
will be covered in an insurance of 20 million pounds! This means that if your car ever gets damaged,
EasyCar Club will be the one taking over the costs! One less thing for you to worry about when
it comes to the security of your vehicle is that EasyCar Club runs a security check in
all the renters. They also must be 20 years old to be able
to drive your car. Now the requirements for your car is that
it has to be younger than 15 years old, it has to have a replacement value of 40,000
pounds, it needs to have less than 120,000 miles. And you should also keep in mind that there
are some documents that you have to provide during the registration too. Such as insurance, because even though EasyCar
is going to cover your car, it is mandatory that you already have an insurance for your
car and EasyCar only covers it while you are renting it. You also need to put your details, such as
features, because that is going to be important to set the price for renting your car. And you’re also going to have to give some
personal information, such as your name, address and date of birth. But now, if you are interested in working
with EasyCar Club, before I tell you exactly what to do to start doing that. You should scroll down a little bit and subscribe
to this YouTube channel, because we are always updating our channel, specially for you! SO if you ended up in this video, you will
want to watch more videos on this channel, I promise! So if you are interested in working with EasyCar
Club, all you have to do is click on the first link in our description box or you can go
straight to Once you are there, you can Sign In or Join
Now, select your city and then click on the category Private Car/Vehicle Rental to see
if EasyCar Club is an option in your city, if it is, all you have to do is click on the
start working button. If you liked what you watched, make sure to
give it a thumbs up and leave a comment telling us what you thought about this video. Thank you so much for watching, bye!!

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