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Word Tracks for Automotive Dealers During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Word Tracks for Automotive Dealers During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

So we designed these word tracks in
these talk tracks for dealers amid this COVID-19 outbreak because
people are still calling the dealerships we are still booking appointments and
there are a lot of dealerships that are still open and operating under normal
business hours, so using these word tracks and talk tracks effectively have
been you know really really helping out our dealers. So what you want to do first
is you want to empathize and reassure your customers so Mr. Mrs. Customer, I
completely understand how you feel. A lot of people that I’ve been talking to have
expressed the same concerns as you are what we found is as our clients want to
know that we’re taking the situation seriously and that we are taking steps
to minimize risk I want to let you know that we are taking this very seriously
and we have taken the steps to minimize risk. Then what you want to do is you
want to go into the specifics on what your dealership is doing to minimize
risk. We’re providing hand sanitizer, we’re sanitizing rails door handles
desks etc at least every half an hour, were our sanitizing all vehicles after
test drives, sanitizing all vehicle keys after anyone touches them and storing
the keys in ziplock bags when they’re not in use. So then what you want to do
is you want to provide some hope for gain, right? You want to give your
customers that. You know I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this Mr.
Mrs. Customer but this is actually the perfect time for you to come in and buy
a car. There haven’t been a lot of people here all week and today is especially
slow. That means right now you’re an unusual position. My management staff and
ownership is under a lot of pressure to sell cars and they’re gonna do
everything that they can to make you happy. In fact I don’t think there’s much
that they wouldn’t do to make you happy, so if you’re looking for a great deal
this really isn’t a better time than to come buy a car. So after you empathize
and reassure the customer and list out those steps that we are doing to
minimize risk we offer up some hope for gain like there’s never a better time
than right now to come in because we are under a lot of pressure to sell cars
closing on the appointment for their first available availability starts by
asking for them to come in right now. So the way it goes is Mr. Mrs. Customer having said all that I don’t know what your schedule
looks like but I just had an opening in mine if I could squeeze you in right now,
could you come down to the dealership immediately? So now they’re probably gonna say no to that because what are you doing you’re asking them to drop
everything they’re doing and come into the dealership. But if you take this one
two three step approach it really works out great. So I don’t know what your
schedule looks like I just had an opening in mine if I could squeeze you
in right now could you come down to the store immediately? No Matt I can’t I’m at
work usually is what you’ll hear we’re gonna be calling people during the
day or getting calls during the day so that’s fine. When do you get off work?
When do you finish? Well I’m off at five o’clock. That’s fabulous I happen to be
delivering a car for a customer mine at 5:15 I should be freed up by 5:45 if I
can squeeze you in at that time can you make it? Now you’re gonna get less no’s than you did the first time but you still might get a no and then you
just are prepared to say that’s fine we’re open tonight till nine o’clock
should we schedule something a little bit later on tonight or do I need to
look at my calendar tomorrow instead? What that will do is if you take that
one to three step approach to asking for an appointment, it will either extract a legitimate objection from the customer and then it
just goes into a conversation and you guys will talk about really what is
preventing you from coming in or working a deal over the phone or working the
deal over the internet or having us deliver a test drive or a demonstration
of presentation to you. So with that one two three step approach you will do one of two
things you will either extract a real objection or they will book an
appointment. I think that is really important in this environment that we’re
in to make sure that when those objections do get extracted that you are
flexible and you offer our alternatives like can we work the deal over the phone
can we bring the paperwork to you can we bring the demonstration right to you so
being flexible with your management staff is going to be really

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