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WooCommerce Dropshipping Tutorial [How to bulid a dropshipping site] WooCommerce+AliDropship

WooCommerce Dropshipping Tutorial [How to bulid a dropshipping site] WooCommerce+AliDropship

Hi there! My name is Olesia, and this is the AliDropship
Channel. You will learn how to set up a WooCommerce
AliDropship store from this video. Here is the website we get after we complete
this guide. We built it during this tutorial. So, you will get the same or an even better
website! It won’t be as difficult as it seems at
first, even if you’re not a techy person! We’ll walk through the first 15 steps to
your dream store together. You will find this list with timestamps in
the description. First, we will get the domain and hosting,
then install WordPress, WooCommerce, and AliDropship Plugin. After that, we customize the store appearance. Then we add payment gateways and set up email
notifications and pricing formulas. In the next step, we will add products with
reviews from AliExpress. Finally, we will set up some helpful add-ons
and process test order. That is all you need to do to become the proud
owner of your own dropshipping store built with the AliDropship Woo plugin on the WooCommerce
platform! Follow these steps and build your future extra
income generator! Good news, 90% of these actions only need
to be performed once! I composed this video starting from Step 1
– getting a domain and hosting. If you already have hosting and a domain,
skip the first two steps of this video and go to the part where I show how to install
WooCommerce. If you have WooCommerce installed as well,
start from this point . Let’s jump into the first step right now! Step 1. Set up your domain name and hosting
We hope that you already know which niche suits you best. Otherwise, watch our videos with some tips
on this topic, check out our blog with some great niche ideas, or get our help via the
services section on our website Your domain name or website link is the detail
that determines the impression from your site and gives your store visitor the idea of what
you sell. Domains end with .com, .org and .net and so
on. You get the idea. “.com” domains are more trusted and get
indexed on Google faster. The first part of the domain name should show
immediately what your store is about. Our store is going to be about some kids’
room decor, play mats and so on. It’s an evergreen niche because happy parents
always want to make their kids’ corner look cute and comfortable. Get your future store name ideas at NameMesh
generator. Let’s start by getting some ideas for our
domain name. For that, visit NameMesh generator. Put your main keywords in the Search field. Your domain must be good for SEO. That means including keywords. It must clearly show what your visitor is
going to find in your store. It must look reputable. Avoid silly, random, or deceitful names. I decided on a children’s product niche. That’s why I’m searching for related domain
names. I want it to be in a .com domain zone and
to sound nice. You can also select your registrar. We usually buy our domain names on the GoDaddy
platform. If you want to save some money and are ready
to spend some time, you can check the chosen name within each registrar. Completely identical names can cost different
amounts in different services, so you can find the most favorable price. Right after we decide about our domain name,
we go to the registrar and add it to our cart to become its owner. If you’re not registered yet, create an
account, provide the necessary details, and pay for the purchase. Our domain sounds great and looks reputable
enough. Check the tips on the screen for an ideal
domain name. It’s also good for SEO. As you can see, we will be able to create
pages on Social Media for our website using our domain name. As for hosting, there are plenty of hosting
providers. Check the requirements of AliDropship Plugin
to make sure your hosting will meet them. I recommend getting it from AliDropship. And here’s why. Hosting your website with AliDropship offers
many advantages for dropshippers. It’s perfectly optimized for WordPress-based
stores and the dropshipping plugin includes a free SSL certificate, installed ionCube
loader, free anti-DDoS guard, advanced security system, and some other benefits. We will also buy an AliDropship Woo plugin
which helps in building and managing a dropshipping store. When buying AliDropship Plugin, put a tick
to add hosting for one year and fill out your information to complete your order. After the purchase, you should check for the
email sent during checkout. Here you’ll find your license key for the
plugin and the details about your hosting. Choosing AliDropship hosting also provides
you with free installation of the plugin by the AliDropship team. AliDropship company asks to change NS records
(not an A record) when pointing the domain to the AliDropship server. So, you should go back to your registrar and
enter the nameservers provided in your email. The instructions on how to do it depending
on the selected registrar are also here. Here is how we do it in on the GoDaddy platform. From the Domain Manager, select your domain
name from the list to access the Domain Settings page. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section
and select Manage DNS. Then select Custom in the Nameservers section
and enter the details from the email. When changing NS records for a domain, an
IP address for a domain will be changed automatically. All DNS changes can take 24 – 48 hours to
fully update across global networks. At step 2, add your domain name and install
CMS WordPress to your hosting via cPanel (or use Hosting Setup & Support service). After delegation in your registrar, your domain
name should be attached to your cPanel. You don’t have to worry about installing
WP on your server if you host your website with AliDropship. They will give you a hand to speed up your
website launch. Anyhow, you can always do it on your own following
these steps. Check the email from AliDropship named AliDropship
Hosting Access (check your spam folder if you don’t see it in the Inbox). Log in to your cPanel using the data provided. Add your new domain via cPanel. To do that, scroll down to the Domains section
and click Add-on Domains. Enter the name of your domain in the New Domain
Name field and click Add Domain. Our domain name has been successfully added
now. AliDropship support will make your add-on
domain a primary one. It will also add an SSL certificate to your
website. Now go back to the main page and navigate
to the Software Section=>find and click the Site Software icon. On the next page, click the WordPress link. Here you can choose your domain name. Type in your admin username, create or generate
a password, and add your email address. To finish the installation process, click
Install. After the installation is complete, you will
receive your WP login credentials via email from WordPress. After this your site becomes online and you
will be able to set up your dropshipping store. As soon as you have a domain name, hosting,
and WordPress set up, you can install WooCommerce on your new website. If you order the AliDropship hosting and plugin,
you can ask AliDropship support to help you with the installation and skip next two steps. If you do it yourself, follow these instructions: Go to your WordPress admin panel and select
Plugins Tab. Then go to Add new section and search for
WooCommerce. Click Install. Later you should activate your WooCommerce
plugin. For now, you should skip your WooCommerce
Setup Wizard and start your AliDropship Woo plugin installation. Install AliDropship Woo Plugin on your website
(or use AliDropship Plugin Setup service). Thanks to AliDropship Plugin, you can upload
and edit products from AliExpress, process your orders, import or create product reviews.
and so on to make your dropshipping journey easier and more enjoyable. So, after installing WooCommerce on your site,
go back to the Plugins tab, click Add new, and click Upload Plugin. You can download your AliDropship Plugin from
the AliDropship email you got right after the purchase. Upload this file and click Install Now. Activate the plugin and move to the License
section in the AliDropship Woo tab. Copy your license key from the email and paste
it here. Then click Activate. You’ll see the message in the top right
corner after your successful plugin activation. You need to choose your store theme to make
your website look like a professional store. Go to Products ->Themes and choose one of
the themes compatible with the AliDropship plugin. When we build our store on the WooCommerce
platform, we should choose one of the templates from the Themes for ALIDROPSHIP WOO PLUGIN
section. There are many themes, and you can choose
any of them. The most popular theme compatible with WooCommerce
and developed by AliDropship now is Da Vinci 2.0 for Woo. I will install this theme on our example site. It’s already optimized for all the devices. It is proven to be very user-friendly, both
for a store owner and buyers. Simply download this free theme to upload
it to your newly created website! Once you have downloaded a theme, enter your
WordPress panel and go to Appearance=>Themes=>Add New=>Upload Theme. Click Activate to continue. It doesn’t look like a store yet, so let’s
move to our theme customization. In the next steps, we’ll start our theme
customization according to our needs. At Step 6. we will upload store design elements. I prepared them beforehand. By the way, if you don’t know how to make
them, you can get some help with Custom Design & Promo Video Creation services at the AliDropship
site. To customize a theme, first we should install
our Demo content to our store which includes pages, WooCommerce categories, menus, and
plugins. Go to your Dashboard=>DaVinci Woo=>General. Here’s the ‘Install plugins’ block where
you can find the list of required and recommended plugins. Plugins you have already installed are marked
as ‘Active’. Check or uncheck items if necessary. We recommend you check and install all of
them. This might take a while (around 20 minutes
actually). Grab some cookies and tea to make your waiting
more pleasant. A child theme can be installed in the ‘Install
Child Theme’ section. You will need this if you are going to make
changes in code, so do it just in case you might need it later. Proceed to Install demo to create demo content. Use the toggle switches so that demo content
suits your needs. You will find more settings in the WooCommerce
tab. Check ‘Use side Shopping cart’ to use both
Cart page and side Cart on your website. If you want to show how many products there
are in each product category (Slider menu), check the box in the Menus section. By default, the theme uses its own customizable
image gallery on the Single product page. To use the WooCommerce gallery, check the
‘Use WooCommerce default gallery’ box. Edit Shipping & Payment description shown
in the corresponding tab on Single product page if necessary. Go to the Service Pages tab to edit your 404
page. Go to Products=>Categories and select the
categories you want to edit or create a new one. If you activated the license key and see the
notification that it is activated successfully, however you can’t use the plugin and you’re
always redirecting to the license page, you should change http to https on the WordPress
dashboard Settings ->General: in WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). Add your site title here. Now we will be able to create several categories
for our future products such as Play Mats, Wall Stickers, Storage Holders & Racks. Click Add a New Category and create your categories. To create a subcategory, add its name and
select the corresponding parent category. We’ll add Shelves and Organizers. Delete the unnecessary categories. Once you have installed demo content, go to
Appearance=>Menus to manage your menus. There are 5 of them available in the Da Vinci
Woo theme: Top Menu, Main Menu (Slider menu + Mobile menu) and three footer menus. From the dropdown, select a menu to make changes
to or create a new one. Check items that should be added to your menu
in the left-hand sidebar. To make sure you see all item groups, click
Screen Options at the top of the page and check groups you want to add to the menu. Drag items to change their display order and
move them to the right to make sub-items. After you have finished editing your menu,
click Save Menu. To adjust theme customization settings to
your needs and modify your website appearance, go to Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize. Click on the pencil icons to edit specific
elements. We decided to add our new categories to the
Slider Menu to make them visible to our store visitors. Actually, you can add any links you want to
see here. Here you can also upload your logo and favicon. You can create all your design elements on
your own or order Custom Design service by AliDropship. Your logo should be 250 by 65 pixels. As a rule, favicons are a tiny version of
your store logo. Site Icons should be square and at least 512
by 512 pixels. Favicon is no place for text or complicated
elements. Change Header colors, add custom text and
icons. Add your store email or whatever information
you find necessary. We’ll create our branded email in one of
the next steps. Go to Front Page=>Slider to manage your
slider settings. Change your buttons color. We usually advise using the same or matching
colors you have in your logo to make your store look more professional. From the dropdown menu, choose how your slider
should look. For each banner, you can upload images for
desktop and mobile versions of your website, add text and links, and show additional buttons
such as View video. Use the Add new slide button to add more banners. You can use pictures from You’ll be able to remove or add more banners
later. Customize your super sale banner: edit text
and colors and schedule Countdown Timer: run it in auto mode or set end date manually. Check how your store looks right now. Now you can edit your homepage article. Click the Edit link to make changes. It should contain your store keywords. Get help from the AliDropship team in creating
your store SEO article. Check the services section on Choose how many columns to show in each footer,
adjust color settings, edit copyright notice, and customize your back-to-top button. You’ll need to edit your store widgets and
put the links to your social media pages after you create them. We’ll do this in our next video with store
promotion tips. About Us page and some other info pages can
be customized in Dashboard=>Pages. We’ll do this a bit later. Step 7. Set up currencies
Built-in currency switcher allows your customers to switch between the different available
currencies. Go to Appearance ->Widgets and find AliDropship
currency switcher tab on this page. On your right, you will find the designated
areas where you can place this widget. Just drag ‘AliDropship currency switcher’
and drop in the area where you want it to be shown on your front-end or select the preferred
places in the dropdown menu. We added it to Front Page Sidebar and our
Mobile Menu Sidebar. To enable your currency switcher and add more
currencies to the list, go to AliDropship Woo ->Settings ->Currency –>Additional
currencies ->. Select the currencies you want and click ‘Save changes.’ The default currency is shown first. Customers’ currency will be detected automatically
according to their IP. If there is no selected currency for a country,
the default currency will be shown. To accept payments from your customers, you’re
going to need to set up your payment gateways. And I recommend adding a cashback program
at this step to earn more later. AliDropship Woo has several options depending
on the country where you’re based. You’ll find the link in the description
on how to choose the most suitable payment option depending on your country. In this video, we’ll turn on PayPal as a
payment option. To do that, enter your dashboard, go to WooCommerce
=>Settings=>Payments tab on the top of the page. Here we enable our PayPal option. We can change these settings later. You can easily register in the Admitad or
EPN cashback programs to get some extra cashback from the purchases through your store, check
the links to these guides in the description. Here is how we add these program URLs to our
website. Go to AliDropship Woo=>Settings=>General. Then scroll down and simply paste your URL. Connect a branded business email to your website
& manage your email notifications. Yandex.Mail for a domain is a free service
for setting up email on your domain. You can create a mailbox such as “[email protected]” To create a Yandex account, fill in all required
fields and register. Please go HERE and enter the name of your
domain e.g. Enter your domain name and click ‘Sign up
free.” Click on the box with your domain name to
verify it. Then select a confirmation method. We recommend doing this verification via HTML
file. You can create this file in Notepad or another
text editor program that supports .html format. Name it as shown in Step 2 in HTML format
starting with “yandex”. Upload a file with the generated code to your
site’s root directory via cPanel=>File Manager=>Public HTML. Select the “Upload” tab on the top of
the page and upload your file. Then click ‘Check’ on the Yandex page. Now you need to set up MX records. Find the ‘Domains’ section in your cPanel
home page and click ‘Zone editor’. Click ‘Manage.’ Find MX record and edit the existing MX records
with the following field values. Put “10” in the priority section and “”
as the destination. Wait while the changes take effect in DNS. This process may take up to 72 hours. Then go to YandexConnect site. Here choose “Add an employee” in the “Admin
Tools.” Fill in the data and in the log-in section,
create the desired mailbox for your site. We put “info.” You can create several of them for free. Create your password and click “Add.” Now you have your own branded business email. Our more detailed guide is in the description
of this video. Let’s manage our email notifications via
WooCommerce Settings. Click “Emails” tab and scroll down to
“Email sender options.” Put your store name as the “From” name
and your just created business email as the “From” address. So, your clients will be able to see your
store name and address in the received emails after they take certain actions on your website. You can change the footer text at any time
later with anything you want to see at the end of the letter. Change the base color according to your store
colors. We used a free “Show Pixel Color” extension
to copy and paste the color code in just two clicks. You might want to add your store logo as the
header image of your email. We advise downloading your logo to the media
library and then pasting the link of this image from there to this field. Click the link to preview your email template. Then you can start managing your emails. First, edit the email to the one you need
to. You should disable the unnecessary notifications. The more advanced guide to WooCommerce emails
you will find in the description. Step 10. Decide on the pricing strategy, taxes, shipping
price & Update auto order settings All products imported in your store from AliExpress
appear with their original prices. To get profit from your business, you need
to determine pricing rules and set markups/margins. To change our automatic price rounding and
assigning cents, go to AliDropship Woo ->Pricing. Formulas can be applied not only to all product
categories but also to certain ones: just select the specified category from the drop-down
menu. For beginners, we usually advise using the
recommended formulas. Click Save Changes. Get AliDropship useful tips on this topic
using the link in the description. With the help of the prices rounding feature,
you can round your prices. If this option is activated, for example,
such prices as $8.53 and $6.47 will be automatically changed after products price update to $9
and $6, respectively. Enable it if you need this. Or on the contrary, you can assign cents. Set a specific cent value for your retail
price. You can also set several different values
separated by commas so that they will be applied randomly. This value will be used when forming the final
price for your items (for example, if you want the cost of your product to be XX.95,
add 95 to this field). Every time you change something in pricing
formulas, in price rounding, or assigning cents, you need to click ‘Update.’ In this case, all exchange rates will be calculated
properly. To access the tax settings screens, they first
need to be enabled. Go to: WooCommerce>Settings>General. Select the Enable Taxes and Tax Calculations
checkbox. Save changes. To start configuring taxes go to: WooCommerce
>Settings>Tax. The Tax tab displays several options that
can be set to suit your needs – the settings you choose are based on the tax jurisdiction
under which your store is located. We are going to select an option “No, I
will enter prices exclusive of tax.” This way, our catalog prices need to be tax
exclusive. Set your taxes easily with the detailed WooCommerce
guide in the description. We advise adding the free shipping worldwide
option, which makes your store more appealing to customers. We already have this offer written in the
store header, so let’s add this to our WooCommerce settings. Click on the “Shipping” tab and then click
“Add shipping zone.” Name it, “FREE SHIPPING.” If we don’t select any countries, all the
products in our store will be eligible for free shipping worldwide. Then click “Add shipping method” and select
the “FREE SHIPPING” option. Click “Add shipping method.” AliDropship can override the customer’s
phone number with our phone number on the checkout page. So, if your suppliers need to get in contact
with us, they will use our phone number, not the customer’s. Go to AliDropship Woo General Settings and
find the Auto Order Settings. Enter your phone number and enable the button. Also, we are going to check that the automatic
note tells our suppliers not to include any invoices or marketing materials with the orders. This way, we’ll reduce the risk of letting
our customers find out the original price of our store products. This is known as blind dropshipping. Don’t forget to save changes. Then go to “Updates.” If any supplier has run out of products uploaded
to our store, they will be shown as out of stock. Click the button and select “Set quantity
to zero.” Change other options, too, if you feel it
necessary. Enable the auto update and set the interval. Save changes. Step 11. Upload up to 50 pre-edited products from DropshipMe
Database for free & Set up AliDropship Extension. The DropshipMe edited products database is
included starting with the latest version of the AliDropship Plugin. Go to your Dashboard=>AliDropship Woo and
choose “Import” from the left side menu. You can save countless hours on editing your
product pages, as all the DropshipMe Database items come with professionally pre-edited
product details. That means that you get perfectly optimized,
clean and attractive product pages in your store right after importing the items. Add up to 50 products according to your niche. You can get more imports using this database
by ordering one of the packages. Check the DropshipMe Plugin FAQ section via
the link in the description to learn more. I import products related to my niche. This is what they will look like on the main
page of my store. We also recommend uploading more products
directly from AliExpress. For that, we should set up AliDropship Extension
first. AliDropship Extension allows you to:
add products and reviews to your site directly from AliExpress;
edit product before import; update products stock and prices;
fulfill orders automatically and collect tracking IDs to send your clients;
сompare prices from different sellers; compare all offers and choose the cheapest
ones; track product price changes;
check out customers’ images. Google Chrome browser is the only browser
compatible with the AliDropship extension. To use all the features you see on the screen,
you need to install your extension and then authorize AliDropship Google Chrome extension
on your site. Open your site=>log in your admin area=>click
AliDropship Google Chrome extension icon=>‘Log in.’ Or add the site manually using the ‘Website’
field. Do not log out if you do not want to authorize
every time you open your site. If you face any problems while installing
your AliDropship Extension, check one of the videos on our channel to fix this. Check the next step to learn how to use this
extension. Step 12. Choose, import and edit items from AliExpress
After signing in to AliExpress, you can start choosing items suitable for your store. We want to add some cute shelves in the Nordic
style for a kid’s room. We put a keyword and selected the subcategory
on the AliExpress platform. Then we sort the results by the number of
orders and choose a high product rating. We can select the preferred category of our
store to upload our selected products in the AliDropship bar above. We chose this cute Nordic Style Shelf, which
would look cute in a kids’ room. Let’s check the reviews using the AliDropship
Plugin feature to make sure that the product suits the description. It has a good rating and a nice number of
orders. We can import one or several products at once
without editing them right now, or we can choose one product and edit it before uploading
it to our store. We prefer checking each product before adding
it. Change a long product name to a short one
and update your product link by simply deleting it and clicking save. You can remove images from the description
and delete all the unnecessary details. Later you should create catchy description
text, which helps to get more sales. Prices will be generated automatically according
to your pricing formulas. Check item specifics and click publish. You can add an unlimited number of products
to your store for free. Just find the best ones by thoroughly examining
each of the products to fit your store. Check the link to our article about choosing
products from AliExpress. Go back to your store. In the admin mode, you can see all the imported
products. Of course, you need to edit and publish them. Check if you have all the categories for your
products and add more. Here is one of our edited products, which
is already published. It doesn’t have reviews yet. In the next step, we will import the reviews
from AliExpress just in a few clicks. Step 13. Import product reviews
To import product reviews, go to the dashboard=>AliDropship Woo=>Import and click Import
Reviews. Here we can choose the reviews rating, number
of reviews to import, and product categories. You can select countries and languages. We prefer importing reviews from all the countries
translated into English. Note that you will need to edit imported reviews
later to remove some unnecessary details about your products. Uploading reviews takes some time, depending
on the number of imported products. Then, you choose any of the products to edit
and update their reviews. I delete all the details that don’t look
attractive and corrupted symbols. Don’t forget to save changes in the end. Step 14 Install and set up add-ons by AliDropship. There are many of them. I will install two add-ons: AliShipping Add-on
& My Suppliers Add-on at this step. Let’s add these two add-ons to make your
future dropshipping experience much easier and more productive. The list of all the AliDropship add-ons are
located on the AliDropship website=>Products=>Add-ons page. I install the AliShipping Add-on by AliDropship
because it helps to offer my clients various shipping methods. It imports them from AliExpress, so I don’t
have to set them up manually. To install this add-on, we should buy it on
the official site and upload it to our store. Click Buy Add-on. Fill in your information and payment details
to complete the order. After that, you’ll get an email with the
plugin’s .zip file and your license key. Download the file and copy this key. Go to Plugins ->Add New ->Upload Plugin. Choose the .zip file for the add-on and click
Install Now. Click Activate Plugin. To start importing shipping methods on your
site, you need to go to AliShipping in your Dashboard here and enter your license key
from the email. Click ‘Add to all products.’ After the upload is done, click ‘Shipping
methods’ to check the result. Now you can see a list of all shipping methods
applied to the products on your site. Change any of the titles in the Shipping method
list to prevent AliExpress or China references. Save your changes. You can also show ePacket as a FREE shipping
option for your customers. Click the toggle above the table. In case you don’t want certain shipping methods
to appear at your store, you can disable them by clicking the relevant toggle. After you have finished editing shipping method
titles, they will be available for every product on your website in the Checkout section. Check it by adding any of your products to
the cart and going to the Checkout section. My Suppliers Add-on will help me to manage
my suppliers. I will use automatically collected data about
my best suppliers to choose ones that bring me more profit and build strong strategic
partnerships with them. In the long run, I will leave one or two of
them. That is important for me because I want my
clients to get their orders in one package. When you work with multiple suppliers, your
clients can get many packages for a single order and usually, they don’t like it. Buy My Suppliers Add-on and download it from
the link in your email. Your license code will also be in this letter. To install this add-on, go to the Plugins
area=>Add new and upload the zip file you have downloaded from the Thank you page or
from the email you received after the purchase. Click Install. Activate the add-on and your license key. Once My Suppliers Add-on is activated, go
to Products=>My Suppliers. There is a supplier list with the number of
products, the number of sold products, your store gross profit, and AliExpress seller’s
rating. If you click ‘View products,’ you’ll
be redirected to the products list filtered by the name of the supplier. If you click ‘View store on AliExpress,’
you’ll be redirected to the AliExpress store page. To collect AliExpress seller ratings, just
click the Get Rating button opposite the name of the supplier. You see the same rating on AliExpress. Or click Get Suppliers Rating at the bottom
of the page to gather ratings for all your suppliers. The links to these add-ons are in the description. If you find any difficulty in setting up any
of the add-ons, you can get help from AliDropship Team via Add-ons Setup Service. Finally! Let’s check how it works. Process the test order at step 15. To process our test order, we should switch
our payment method to Cash on delivery. Go to your Dashboard=>WooCommerce=>Settings
and choose the Payments tab at the top. Here you should enable Cash on delivery and
disable other payment methods unless you want to check this too. Then go to your website. Enter your cart and place your order after
filling in your details. Then go to WooCommerce ->Orders ->click
the order you want to process. Click Place order automatically to proceed
with processing your order. The plugin will visit AliExpress and fulfill
the order for you automatically: select the required product variation, add items to your
shopping cart, and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page. To complete the purchase, click Place Order. That’s it. We set up everything and now the AliDropship
plugin automates the process for us. We have set up all the basic settings. What’s next? This is how the store looks after all the
work done. Is this store ready for sales now? In my opinion, not yet! But you did a pretty good job. Technically, this store is in fully working
order. You can process orders now. But I like to make everything perfect before
starting ads and driving traffic. I would say, you need to upgrade this store
by creating and adding social media pages, lead generation tools, some social proof add-ons,
do some work with SEO, etc. I will create a “What’s next?” section in the description of this video so
you can find links to the materials that will help you with the next steps. I will leave links there to the videos on
this channel in which you will find the necessary information and articles on our blog which
will help you to figure out your marketing strategy. Check them out! Learn from other our videos how to market
your store and check out our blog with tips and strategies! You can also check our marketing services
to get some tasks done for you by our specialists! Anyway, you are in the very beginning of your
successful dropshipping journey, be patient and earn your share with it!

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