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Women in Automotive

Women in Automotive

It’s fast paced. It’s that opportunities in automotive are
limitless. There is an excitement.There’s diversity. It’s always changing. I had started at McDonald’s when I was a senior
in high school. And my friend walked in to come visit me. I was cleaning the bathroom and she says to
me why don’t you come to work where I work. I work at a car dealership a couple doors
down. My journey started in the body shop. I worked there for a few months and realized
that I really liked this industry and was able to get promoted out of the body shop
and work in the service department where I worked as a cashier for a couple of months
and then again, I was promoted into the warranty administrator position. Being married and having a child during that
time, I went through a divorce and I became a single mom. And that the automotive industry gave me the
opportunity to be promoted and to learn and to grow. And to go further in the dealership. Well, I was going to college for accounting
and the owner of the dealership came up to me and said I know you are going to school
for accounting, would you like to work up in the accounting department and I said oh absolutely. I started working in the accounting department
doing a little bit of this and little bit of that. And just, sort of created a position up there. You know we are in a male dominated atmosphere. However, we did stick together and we did
help each other. Support each other, encourage each other to
take on these different leadership roles or different positions within the dealership. It gives me the flexibility of doing what
I’ve loved to do over the last few decades and just sharing my knowledge with the office managers
and controllers that I am training. And it puts me more in a mentor position which
is really kind of neat. I am enjoying that at this stage of my life. I can teach someone I what I’ve learned. The automotive is always in my heart. It was
a family atmosphere. You got that feeling when you walked in the door. Hi, I’m Gina McAllister. I’m a Staff Accountant at WithumSmith+Brown
in the automotive niche. My name is Pat Smolanoff and I currently work
for Withum as the automotive consultant. Hi, I’m Christine Andrews. I work at WithumSmith+Brown. My position is a business consultant.

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