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Winning the Lottery : I’m Buying a Jeep

Winning the Lottery : I’m Buying a Jeep

today we’ll take a look at it out by
title or and a lot of you’re probably thinking
messiest polish that what but on the also message network that they have anywhere you’ll see i get married activists it’ll go out of the city’s here stressed today respect for cheap but in case you don’t know the strategy
here it is everybody has got to tell those drastic
silent less than a hundred dollars i think that’s the point is that the
politicians this i would let the souls of all of that is something that you can
see it for something that i don’t think that
stopped the largest displeased that it was a
five thousand dollars a week for life let’s get this uh… dont mom um… garden bomb um… gone bond gone mom non uh… barton bomb uh… uh… bomb bar gain mom mom bomb um… bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bomb um… gone bombed bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom federal complaint replaced three weeks
we vote for three weeks that’s what we can with what we’ve got for it all i want to remind you to like us followers check
out the site all those links area description i give you a little bit of it was just
really whether if a slow or you too please comment on what kind of tight you
would die if you ever hit the jackpot okay tell that good luck will see you next week

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60 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery : I’m Buying a Jeep

  1. Great videos, in a way I hope you do not hit it big do not want to see you stop scratching when you get your jeep. lol…but best of luck to you and yours, I would prolly buy a Nissan Leaf/Chevy Volt…do want 1 of them 2 seater Minis them are awesome

  2. Thanks! I have a feeling I may be making these videos for a long time. I can't seem to win more than $20 bucks…. but I'm not complaining I got a three week win streak going!

  3. What a coincidence! I have always wanted a Jeep too! In the summer with no doors, what a way to spend lottery winnings! Best of luck to you winning!

  4. Wow really liking these few ticket videos you have. The video effects are just amazing and the best I have ever seen. Please keep posting scratchers because this video alone made me subscribe!

  5. They are the best! As soon as my kids get big enough to strap themselves in I am buying one Lottery or not.

  6. Sweet! Thanks for the kind words and the sub. I'll keep posting until I hit the big one. Then maybe it will switch to, "How to go broke off lottery winnings within a year."?

  7. I'm 22 so right now I would like to get enough for an audi S5. or a 2012 ducati streetfighter. I buy 1 $20 scratch top prize $250k 3 prizes unclaimed so yeah every Wednesday I do it I won $25 2 weeks ago

  8. Stay tuned for my next scrathie vid. I did not hit the big one but….. I did get that Jeep I was talking about! Now I really need to hit the lottery!

  9. I like your videos so much better then that scratchy scratch time punk he invests other peoples money and anything over 1,000 he returns 25% back to them and keeps anything under 1,000 sounds like such a thief to me hope you get your jeep soon good luck!

  10. just watch his videos he says " its a sponcership" but what I think is that he rips people off ….They send him money threw like paypal or some kind of internet wallet type thing and whatever specific amount is sent he buys tickets and tells them thanks and to sucribe to there page and that makes it legal but he keeps anything under 1,000 and only gives them back 25% of a 1,000 or more rid off if you ask me!

  11. I wish you would click on his video and and reply that you agree with me that would really make my day! Cause he arguing the point with me and calling me and my family very rude names and comments!

  12. Well If I won MEGA money like 100 plus millions I would buy a Bugati but If I won a few million or a little under a million I would buy a Nissan Juke. 🙂

  13. I take it a Bugati is very expensive I have never heard of one. I'll have to look it up! Good Luck!

  14. Ha, I wish that the star was on the ticket and I did not make it. It would be nice to win all ten prizes some time!

  15. friend asked me the same thing and i said the same thing… red jeep wrangler two door… with lots of mopar accessories… lol

  16. My dad and I also want a jeep buy the Jeep Patriot because we don't go on extreme off road we just go through snow.

  17. I'm a huge car enthusiast and I also work in the auto industry… But I don't really care to own an exotic car… I'd just spend the 60k on a charger srt8 if I ever won.

  18. get a good upgraded old jeep before they started filling vehicles with bullshit electronics.. and If I ever won a 5k a week for life I wouldnt even call into work the next day.. I few days later Id go in and just say while pointing at ppl… "Fuck you.. fuck you… most definitely fuck you… you're cool… and mutherfuck you(pointing to manager) IM OUT BITCHES!

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