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Wining with Dan & Meg

Wining with Dan & Meg

all right well no one’s here yet no
one’s here yet fucking I should probably share this and
this thing on Facebook Facebook we got a postal event where’s my event
sorry you know I’m like doing stuff well stuffs happening I’m just trying to
get the live stream apparently blew up so I’m redoing my
live stream live stream post post all right we’re gaining people okay
except better okay its back all right I don’t know what that was it
just must have been YouTube so my apologies like nothing changed we in
touch anything I didn’t touch like literally a hands
are off okay so yes lunch at the domain tomorrow Todd I’m in it’s the wig it’s
gonna be not whining enough all right well my apologies that the previous
exercise affect the system some really mad f chatters river
anyway it’s Porter oh my god that’s so cuddly Chuck knows that Chuck Lily shut
Olli I didn’t even know Porter’s handle anyway our neighbor Porter is a very
sweet young man who has an awesome train channel is the Train Channel shuttle we
yeah okay you know which by the way he just cost a thousand suns he’s just
monetized it’s all about trains train enthusiasts trade culture mm-hmm
are you friends with my neighbor he works at Lambeau I live in Steiner and
we’re dead as a m4 I don’t know there’s a lot of important awesome
couple Lambo people I don’t know yeah anyway okay so but to get back on track
a little what Dan hoped to establish if anything during this particular
livestream is that he really wants people who are his viewers who always
people who have sent him stories and private messages and email saying that
they bought Ferraris because of him or because he made it feel accessible he
made it feel approachable he would like you to send those stories if you could
to the link post the link pin I’ll post it one second he’s pouring one sorry he
just wants those stories he wants to compile those stories yeah that’s all we
ask is if we’re asking anything from this live stream is Dan wants you to
send those stories all right here we go here we go I’m posted the link right
there I think another thing to do if you really want support the channel instead
of just like you know a lot of you have done this in thank you
contributing on the live chat you can also like buy stickers or t-shirts that
way using a new value car I do value cars I mean I do yeah idabelle Okarche
so I thought that was a cool t-shirt I got a couple new ones that just popped
there so yeah he’s still not whining again oh sorry
like it matters anyway I’m not buying one that does that count I mean I want
to share my story about how I didn’t buy a three for eight because Dan ruined it
for him thanks Jeff bang-up he’s a three five five owner
don’t believe what he says yes I’m a whiskey guy at the pour some bourbon and
join the fun do it I don’t drink whiskey but yeah cards and
coffee was really foggy this last week wasn’t it it was very odd
but a huge turnout is awesome we only like red wine pretty much we never ever
drink whites I don’t mind white wine it’s really way
too sweet or even champagne I just let champagne champagne
I’ll drink champagne and mimosa form when we were in Indonesia and it’s hard
to get alcohol in most of Indonesia anyway
because it’s it’s not an alcohol promoting country the most folks there
are Muslim and they don’t drink which has a lot of merits and so we were on
this tiny island for hours boat ride off of Indonesia and they have run out of
red wine when I got there and so I would go out diving all day and I would come
back and they didn’t have any alcohol that I actually drink but they’re like
well we don’t have red wine but we have champagne and I’m like and yes that’s
what we’re drinking so I drank champagne the whole week I like champagne better
than like Chardonnay Chardonnay just tastes yeah it’s too oaky well no it’s
too sugary it’s true oh thank you thank you mousetrap yes he’s up in Canada
hey Canada he’s he’s on it sent me the mirror that I use oh yeah thank you
I remember these things hey great time with guys a Nashville courtesy Oh curse
of Jeana yes hi which by the way if you watched my
video from when we went out to Asheville Ascot there just posted below Curtis
Curtis Scott remember Curtis Curtis remember Scott anyway either by the way
guys Scott on this thread is the Scott of the VW Beetle Fame oh yes is the Jeff
of 3:55 they just did the oil change hello Momo all right baby he’s not even
camera yeah I can get him oh he’s just heavy oh you guys want to see the turd
there’s the turd doggy so yeah tam her cell Tim is the
gentleman who has the 3 for 8 which obviously Dan is secretly conspiring
conspiring to revalue to devalue excuse me yeah that’s my goal I’m trying to
ruin all rivalry 60 owner who will be having videos this weekend shucks I’m
Meg second husband damn it oh I knew you would I know I knew you weren’t supposed
to say hi hi Shawn I’m not sure mo knows
what what’s up with this a wig yeah the way cleared them out oh yeah Scott did
you fix your v-dub yet anyway so no not yet I bought a
drag-racing l aquila it’s not here yet oh yes it’s been a crazy week by the way
crazy few weeks with all the interesting drama llama in but she’s not really my
mo I’m not very good at drama I don’t really like drama but that’s okay so I
had that many over I was talking with my investor and talking about video ideas
and blah blah and first of all thank you to a ridiculous number of you who sent
me advice and ideas and suggestions and whatever because it was it was it was
seriously overwhelming and I don’t pay any attention to what Dan does but his
phone was just blowing up all day the day of that video and the day after for
48 straight hours I was doing almost nothing but answering suggestions ideas
whatever blah blah and it was intense and crazy but anyway the fascinating
thing is like the vast majority people seem to say DIY is why they watch
Channel but what I find really frustrating and this is not a function
of you guys it’s a function of YouTube is so we just put out a DIY video
yesterday working on the 355 did it all change and did marginal it’s like that’s
that’s so like so here’s the problem like what you guys want isn’t
necessarily one what YouTube wants it so I’m like in this weird thing where it’s
like do I do it YouTube wants our doing to do it you want do you really know
what YouTube wants does anybody really know what YouTube wants that’s what you
guys are all trying to do you’re trying to be in an algorithm
but you have like so when I did the live PD video I was like I’m 95% sure this is
gonna be one of my best videos yes so like you get a video like that yeah like
oh yeah I know it’s gonna do really well but like I thought for sure okay 3:55
all change you know DIY wrenching on three four
five that’s not do well and I put it out there and it does crap it’s just so
frustrating cuz like YouTube is free to run by f chat now that I doubt it I’d be
banned yeah what YouTube wants your money
I want all the things especially racing into rallies I like to watch all the
things oh sorry I was missing the see yeah I mean I don’t know it’s weird it’s
really weird to try and well I know it so and with great appreciation to the
people who throw money at us Fred mousetrap up to 350 that was Fred –
yeah Fred with all with all due respect I like money however if you share Dan’s
videos I have been told that is the best yes yeah yeah so like of everything that
you guys can do to help us I know a lot of you want to help and thank you
genuinely thank you for helping I seriously this is it’s huge what you
guys help sharing the videos is the single greatest thing that helps my
channel I believe I’m not hungry said sure but basically the more a video gets
shared the more people look at the more people see it the reality is the more
likely they are to subscribe so I don’t think I have a problem with people
watching my videos and then wanting to watch more of my videos it’s getting my
videos out in front of people that is the ultimate algorithmic problem I have
right sex sells put yours in your tip why I
don’t care if he does but I don’t think I think Dan has integrity leader or not
I don’t think he wants to put bikini girl in the video oh yeah I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t even care if he did i straight-up looked into how much does it
cost to hire models to have like a it depends on the model like
we were we were at a restaurant one day and there’s a very very attractive
server and we asked her like are you like we were both I was worried with gas
okay back in the day yeah we were like hey like do you do modeling and she’s
like yeah I’m really okay figures and really okay like how much do you charge
for like modeling whatever it was like cheap surprisingly cheap and she was
gorgeous it would have gotten a ton of use so gas and I were like doing the
math like mm-hmm do we spend the money to hire this girl – I don’t know wash
the car at a bikini or something it’s just so hey I’m here to talk about
Avalon King oh man it’s so bad no Megan is not gonna do anything in a scantily
clad outfit unless he so chooses in her personal time I’m not I’m not doing that
on YouTube and and that’s the other thing is Erin says just go by X Y & Z
car and it’s like it’s it’s not that easy like it’s buying a half million to
a million dollar car is not actually a business well I mean when you get big
enough it’s like big eateries to go out and buying a car every other jerk that
is not gonna happen here right now that’s not here the
bikini models wash Megas car why do you want to see you want to wash my Mini
Cooper funny you mentioned that mousetrap I actually so I’ve convinced
miss Megan to change the oil in the four five eight I will I will do it I don’t
think she understands how she’s gonna hate it
well I mean I’m gonna complain the whole time let’s give me a bucket great sorry
effing great sorry Oh Fred Shh so Fred brings up a good point dad Fred’s like
higher model with this Laura dollars um Fred is a man I have never met but every
time we do a live stream he’s incredibly generous
yeah he’s the one who can with the clock that’s on my wall and I love that clock
the clock that’s made out of the little break yeah picture of the new clock oh I
know I can say the f-bomb but I don’t want you because you to be monetizes
specifically on the f-word like yeah I’ve had to curtail myself saying the
f-word yeah yeah certainly if you are back in the day before this was a thing
that it became like dan used to do intro music
um and if you choose intro music that has expletives in it they almost
immediately demonetized you yes see this there that is what Fred made so that’s
coming my way which by the way if you don’t know when I hit 50,000 subscribers
the one that’s on my wall I’m gonna give to one of you yes that’s right right
Fred’s Ferrari clock is the is the bomb it is so cool yes josh is not a little
bitch so okay maybe you should go into that
yeah no no okay so you guys kind of who wants to hear
about what happened with Josh I gotta tell the update to the Josh and the
Testarossa so I’m gonna give the whole kind of story behind it and explain
what’s going on because it’s it’s not Josh it’s there’s no one no one’s being
a dick no one’s do anything wrong it’s just yeah anyway so it’s it’s a
confluence of stuff you know it’s it’s never one thing right we’re not talking
politics so we’re not talking politics don’t even say anything about it doesn’t
exist in the YouTube so you know so we had the Testarossa it was at the shop
that Josh was being allowed to use who is the shop is owned by this guy Bert
and Bert and Josh had an agreement that Josh would work on Bert’s cars and
therefore Josh could use the shop for free and then that was working out fine
and then I came along and we started working on all these cars and I started
referring business to Josh which is fine and at first it wasn’t a big deal but
then I got Josh a lot of work and basically Josh then was doing nothing
but referral work from me and doing videos helping me out in videos and
stuff so Josh no longer was helping Burt’s cars because we’re not as much as
not as much as he was we had he been doing which is so Burt got upset about
that rightfully so and I and you know he’s the benefactor he’s the owner of
that space so basically Burt said okay you guys can’t do YouTube stuff in my
shop anymore because it’s not helping him out you know why would you know why
should he it’s it’s he’s got his own motivations at his own like he’s giving
us a shop and it’s not benefiting him in any way so that happened and so it
wasn’t Josh saying no Dan don’t bring cars here it was just Burt protecting
his own ass but she’s allowed to do and I totally respect and yeah I don’t have
if you’re an adult you get it and right so let me just squash anything that
anybody has to say about Josh he’s a smart guy
he’s a fun guy to talk to I like him Dan likes him it’s not a thing yeah it’s
it’s there’s no animosity like the situation sucks you know I’m I’m
frustrated about the situation but I’m not mad at Josh I’m not mad at Burt
I completely understand it but I got mad as the situation unfolded because I
didn’t understand what was going on it was like I had kind of started to try
and position my YouTube to head in that direction like that was what I thought
what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna be doing these engine-out majors at this
shop and then flipping those cars I thought that’s a repeatable business
model it makes sense gets good content you guys like it so on and so on so I
thought that’s where we’re going and then suddenly I was like no not going to
happen and so I had anticipated that being my
entire content plan for the month of November in December and also I was like
gone so that’s why I kind of like had a scramble to come up with ideas and
that’s why a lot of you seen has not been DIY or whatever
it’s been a lot of talking business because DIY videos are very hard to
arrange I know you guys thank you master thank you mouse press again it’s you
know so and everyone keeps saying go ready go rent space Baba so I got it I I
want to just lay this out there I don’t have the ability to go pay for those
spaces if I so if I go run a shop it’s it cost me easily one to two thousand
dollars a month if not more substantial which is substantial and you gotta
remember I’m working on an extraordinarily limited budget at the
moment so I’m not making any profit off YouTube at this point in fact I lose
money every month I only have so long until this investment runway runs out so
the more money I spend doing stuff like renting a shop and buy and lifts and
doing that is a lot of overhead right the short of my runway becomes the last
chance I have to make this succeed so I’m trying to get myself as long around
way as I can and as of this point my runway is probably somewhere in the 8th
month to 12 month range or less so if I go by you know rent to shop for a
thousand bucks a month that eight month now becomes six months or maybe in five
months hey man if anybody has a shop that they
just want to let Dan have a lift and work on cars from for nothing yeah I
mean like it’s no I would understand that people want money in exchange for
those spaces and if you don’t want to pay the money those are worth you
shouldn’t expect those I mean you know it’s great what you can work out a quid
pro quo or some some type but those shops as I understand it are expensive
they come equipped with it’s even they’re coming equipped with two post
lifts or four post lives in the 2-2 yeah get Megan sexy alpha and she fixes free
money there there there it’s just it’s just not gonna happen
yeah gets thrown out there with a shop that needs it it’s so that the problem
is it’s it’s it’s virtually impossible to convince a shot to let me have that
space because it’s it’s a slow process so it took us oh you know what
months to do Tim’s car the Testarossa was probably to take us a month and a
half to two months so for a shot to say hey you can use our lift for two months
or our shop space that’s you know making money for a longer time it just doesn’t
happen like people don’t have that ability so it becomes a very difficult
situation and so at this moment as it’s it’s the kind of current solution is I’m
gonna continue to do DIY work on my car and some friends cars and I’ve even
started reaching out to stuff like the FCA hey Derek whoever you are and and
trying to do some work on their car so it’s gonna be a lot of morph in my
garage low-budget DIY stuff because that has a high return for me so when I get
when I get parts from a can be and put those on cars I can do so you know for
example the video that’s coming out on Saturday cost me effectively zero
dollars because we came to pay for the parts and stewpot some parts and so I
just helps to wrench on us 360 for an entire day and it cost nothing that was
16 hours mmm 13 14 and you know I just kind of like came in every couple of
hours and saw how it was going what’s the latest with Turo
the I mean it was pretty definitive when Dan last talked about true yeah I am
trying to get out of Turo so that if you didn’t see on Instagram and Facebook the
Jaguar is gone yes good riddance I got videos coming out about the Jag don’t
worry it’s yeah yeah yeah yeah I have not sold the Corvette
but I was not as motivated to sell Corvette because the Corvettes kind of
bulletproof and ironically even though the Jag has rented out substantially
more in the vet the that is actually closer to break even than the Jag so the
Jag I just wanted gone it was a you’ll see
it’s horrible versus the vet yeah oh thank you thank you
Redbeard racing our twin turbos in your future no I will never ever twin-turbo
to the 450 it is just not something I would do if I was gonna do that I’ll
just go buy 40 there’s no reason to go put its when turbo kit on a four five
eight and ruin the whole beautiful part of a four five eight in my opinion
that’s just me yeah do people actually do that with
four five eight says they modify the engine I thought that’s the whole point
of buying a Ferrari is you don’t have to do that a lot of people do twin turbos
and a perfect I think there’s some but there’s not a lot of reason to do it
keep the Corvette princess super vette yeah I don’t know I don’t I’m sorry show
my boldness oh damn don’t get toasty make mmmm-mmm egg fixes
Ferrari okay I’m not fixing anything if there’s any video ok so the video Dan
proposed in terms of in terms of me working on the Ferrari the video he
proposed with me doing an oil change which on the four five eight is hard
enough it takes like sixteen screws to even get the undercarriage off so and I
don’t know how to work a screw thingy so the very technical term let me give you
let me give you background of how mechanically inclined my DNA is like
when I first started dating Dan like in my family like we have other gifts but
uh thank you house traffic you we have other gifts but like my mother
my father my brothers we don’t touch tools very much um for much of anything
and my dad would objected that but it’s correct
um so Dan we were at my house in Michigan my parents house the house like
spent most of my childhood in and my mom was very much wanting a dimmer switch in
the dining room she’s like oh but I’ll have to call an electrician and Dan was
like dan was like oh man I’m a make her day hey Anderson did you know
that I can install the dimmer switch and my mom was like really and he’s like
yeah and so Dan installed the dimmer switch my mom’s dining room and
everybody will lost their minds oh it’s like it was like I had like yeah
unbilled think of it what are you talking about alright nevermind I’m
clearly hitting enough alcohol point or my brain is starting to fail that’s good
yes good so to reiterate those of you the many people over the years have sent
them private messages emails make comments on the Facebook page make
comments on YouTube about how his videos contributed what Abby
I remember Andy remembers the dimmer switch shit man
like sorry um but yeah no Andy knew me when I was 16 years old which is when I
started dating down but the whole thing we’re reiterating on this episode
tonight specifically of a live stream is dance trying to gather stories the
stories of his viewers who have contacted my post the left yes Dan I’ll
post a link stories of yours there go there post yes they posted go there send
down the story if you’re one of those people who went ahead and bought any
type of Ferrari because you felt so emboldened to do by his channel and
share your story with them that helps us tremendously I’m Sur and Dan Dan sees it
as a serious point of pride as a normal guy who’s helped other dudes well feel
that those cars are accessible honestly it’s like one of the coolest things I
think that’s happened is the people keep sending me all these stories about hey I
bought a Ferrari because your channel or hey I wrenched on my car like I’ve had
someone who’s like I changed the oil on my turn because of your videos and he’s
like if you can work on Friday then I should be able to work on its Jota I’m
like that is awesome like seeing those stories strangely I’ve never been
similarly inspired by my own because I’m married to him like that was
never the goal yeah Oh chanting I never thought oh hey I’m gonna inspire people
to work on their car I’m gonna spire Beulah Ari like those that was not ever
part of me doing this that was just like Mike P who is a parent who keeps
messaging I I’m your biggest fan – do you were smart hey open the TIG not
opening the tagging ello not tonight $50 bottle of wine yeah
that’s like you gotta save that for like you know we’re saving that for when Dan
hits I don’t know 50 or 100 or something yeah fifty thousand dollar fifty for 50
grand you could open the tag well I think though so I my first live video
after 50 grand will do the what did the TIG miss it
deftly coupon definitely make your wife in focus point in future videos viewers
and people want to watch so probably here’s the problem it’s
really easy to say yes Megan should be in all my videos the problem is meg has
a real job and as at this point is basically the the breadwinner in the
family so we can’t say hey Meg take your job there supports the big one but guys
don’t feel too bad Dan still makes more money than I do you know your says
insurance benefits yeah I do provide the health care at this point yeah I want
only good sponsor of a Miller that would be dude if another light sponsor Dan
that would be ideal maybe this shit I mean that would be a
very sincere and authentic sponsorship relationship to because that is
certainly consumed by Dan in this household
no is it trips of Maranello coming soon no we can’t afford it this so I’ve
jokingly said I’m currently the world’s poorest Ferrari owner which is strange
because it’s like you know it’s temporary but here’s the thing when you
when you switch careers you’re starting from zero right so you go from a
lucrative 20-year career in software to a zero year a career in YouTube
and it’s also a huge risk it’s just like any time you start business right then
you start business huge risk not so much financial reward especially
not at the beginning it may be years later but so we’re in that position
where right now we have to kind of watch our budget so
for those any of you that have been in the startup you know that there’s that
point in which if you’re startups not pulling in a bunch of bank and you don’t
have a huge VC bank account that’s like hey buy whatever you need you gotta kind
of watch your budget and I’m at that point where it’s like I tried a lot of
big things I spent a bunch of money I spent over fifty thousand dollars making
YouTube videos this year and hilariously that money probably would have been well
spent on other things because I’ve learned well no because I learned a lot
of lessons and that’s someone else we came down to is you rallies do not have
a good ROI so I learned rallies nope not doing rallies they don’t they don’t make
shit going on road trips yeah not doing those they don’t make shit you
know buying a big expensive whatever no don’t don’t matter I can here’s here’s
what’s so stupid I could go out to the garage and talk for 20 minutes make a
video it takes me two hours to make the video cost me zero dollars and it makes
me far more money than from New Zealand sorry but Dan has a point
the videos he does DIY and he does these rallies which are cost intensive videos
the the investment in those videos is high sometimes don’t do even as well
like he can do a video talking about how I guess frustrate he is with tarou and
get 50,000 so yeah good idea the term videos zero dollars of the last
two or three weeks my Toro video has made me more money than any other video
I’ve done in the last three weeks so bitching about Toro which cost me
literally $0 all I did is walk outside and complain about Toro for a little bit
cost me zero and I made far more money than any other video I’ve made in the
last three weeks compare that to going out to Phoenix
spending thousands of dollars on a road trip compare that to the bull run GT
rally which cost me four and a half thousand dollars just to enter plus the
gas plus all this other shit so probably about six thousand dollars total no one
watched it no one watched it and even the DIY videos video all you guys are
like all saying oh we want to sit at the I white videos recanting provides most
of parts usually so usually that cost me almost nothing but they take forever so
to give you an idea Stu and I wrenched on his car for over thirteen hours last
weekend and it took me probably about eight hours to edit that video so it’s a
huge production to make that video right that video comes out on Saturday and
you’ll see I I can almost guarantee you that video if I’m lucky will do 10,000
views so watch come just take a note take another what I just said okay the
video comes out Saturday check it on Saturday then check it in a week and
then check it in a month it won’t be at ten thousand views and it’s spent I
spent let’s say so we spent 13 plus hours filming it plus another eight
hours editing so I spent basically a day making that video it’s not going to do
as good as a video where I go outside and bitch about taro for an hour it
takes me another two hours to edit so it’s like three hours that’s her Oh
video so it’s really weird you have to like sit there and kind of balance where
I spend my time how it’s just unfortunately unfortunate reality is
YouTube’s not like as logical as everyone thinks everyone thinks they
have the solution everyone thinks oh man just do this you know the number of
people in the last 48 hours that send me a message saying I’m I’ve got the
solution for you I know exactly what you need to do here’s all you have to do
just do this one thing you will call em with you yeah yeah oh yeah just call
Dede and do a collab just call it – Paresh wait 100 daily they’re gonna go
yeah what 800 tomorrow’s hey hey man let’s
hey Freddie let’s hang out let’s wrench on cars he’s never like fuck off yeah
yeah exactly so people don’t understand it’s not that easy it doesn’t work that
way it even then you come up with the video that you put your heart soul into
you think it’s the greatest thing ever and then YouTube’s like boom screw you
it doesn’t matter so yeah everyone keeps saying do a video with rad arosa like
seriously I’ve thought about it it’s not in my interest because he’s not gonna
fly out here it’s not gonna be a person no one’s i watch a video of us talking
on a webcam right it does not help my channel so think about that you gotta
really think about does it really helped you know is it worth your time and
things like that so yeah it just you know thank you to the people that keep
saying if I’m in the videos it’ll be awesome but you have to remember like I
have no I have nothing to talk about with respect to cars and rain the mace
is the only reason that I could talk about that three four eight drama is
because it wasn’t directly about cars it was about human interactions and that
doesn’t that opportunity doesn’t come up very much um what I don’t have any any
background to lend anything interesting to say about automobiles and I know a
lot of people saying you should go did wiki I’ve talked to Edie he’s not
interested I’ve tried I’ve tried like and I have clout you know cutley see
exactly collaborate with coach Chris fix what I’m gonna do just send him an email
hey hey Chris pecs I know you get 75 requests for this every day but I’ve got
40,000 subscribers compared to your 5.7 million subscribers let me tell you we
can do business together and it’s totally not going to help you at all all
right so that’s the problem it’s like you’re talking to an 800-pound elephant
and I’m a fucking little mouse it just it’s so hard at this stage yeah
so the reality is at this point in the game it’s fine videos that cause
as little as possible that half the biggest return possible that’s that’s
the game I’m playing so I’m trying to find high drama low-cost easy to produce
easy to edit and that’s that’s hard yeah especially because with drama I mean Dan
and I are so drum avoidant in our lives very peaceful home I do it alright dr-40
you’re on like it doesn’t like cultivating your amma it’s not something
that comes naturally to dan or i yeah so yeah there you go
here’s the moment I go you know I bet some videos are the driveway officer at
Kona during energetics or similar would do really well no they don’t they cost
they actually I’ve done so many track days they are the worst no one no one
watches track days period on day you don’t say and what so put this way I’ve
gone to every single time attack except for one since the driveway started them
and I’m not going this this next next weekend hi from Australia they just
there’s no reason there’s no return I spend $150 and getting zero interest
from people so there’s no reason and let I mean and what’s thrown crashes which I
don’t want I don’t want someone to crash your car right yeah so the going to
Circuit of the Americas is not as much as that is very definitively racecar
stuff which you would think would be right on the money for this demo I truly
don’t think now there’s probably like a couple thousand of you that that
subscribe to Dan who are like yeah this is my stuff but from watching the
numbers like it seems like he’s correct in that people who are subscribed to car
channels actually aren’t that interested in cars yeah but the biggest irony of
our channels is that car people don’t care about car racing yes I know Aaron
from like Apollo’s he’s actually giving me a shout out
oh there’s what word tonight the villa in Sonora Toscana it’s
one of our go-to yeah so life polish give me a shout out a while ago
surprisingly enough it did really help and that’s the thing is shoutouts
everyone says oh just give a shout out shout outs are hitting this and going
from Cletus help and I think the women’s drag man held well so funny enough I
actually paid Cletus I didn’t pay him I pay for his entry so he would drag race
me which cost me $400 so I paid $40 for Cletus to give me a shout-out
effectively and that got about a thousand subscribers which is pretty
good I mean you know when we need talking out of forty thousand thousand
subscribers is substantial versus Strad man gave me a shot and I got like
fifteen hundred to two thousand thinking of Frodo Frodo Frodo Underhill and so
that was pretty cool but then like that same week that same in you know like
week of stuff I got the live PD video I got 10,000 subscribers from me know a
video like the life PD is always gonna help before mini shout out you can do
right unless you’re doing a full-on collab
where the whole episode you’re interacting with one of these go to
guess like it do doughnuts in the parking lot
what is gas monkey it’s a it’s a TV show it’s actually based outside of Austin oh
alright yeah it’s like a Discovery – oh man is
cool with collaborating with gas monkey so gas monkey just have your people
reach out to our people yeah I’d say get lots of tickets
speeding exhibition maybe a DUI you know the trauma people see like this yeah
let’s go driving tonight Megan I have crushed a bottle yeah mostly down Megan
did not crush said ball and how um Meg let’s see
you guys should review cars actually I recently thought you know okay so the
whole point of Dan is he’s extremely knowledgeable about cars and the whole
point of me is is I have a total lack of interest so I thought about doing card
use from the perspective of total lack of interest like Megan’s ambivalent
views mehgan’s apathetic car reviews and you know I can do an episode where I do
a four or five eight to start just to see how it would do and be like today
you’re getting four five eight it is red and shiny let me show you the quirks and
features and then we will answer the ultimate question whether red shiny car
goes fast and thank you Greg thank you Greg I’m you know Greg was one
of the guys I met yeah in on the road trip for shell came back from yeah fuel
for thought Oh son though even with Greg’s I gave him a $25 gift card okay
thank you Greg so I was asking did I die that Cletus charged me no he didn’t he
didn’t charge me no I paid his entry because we were we were at the drag
strip for an event and the organizers of the event would not let Cletus
participate so I bought his entry into the event so he could drag race me so
you know and what do you think about it it was kind of lucky because Cletus
happened he was there he was doing clearance in cars the next day so he
just happened to be settin up and I went over to say hi and we just start talking
a lot tang garage here a long time you are good to see you
hey James so was it like cleans was like maybe $4 this is really not go he was
super nice and it was like I actually said I was like dude I won’t pay for
your entry because I knew that that was a good marketing opportunity for my
channel so I was that was actually if you think about it for hundres to get a
thousand subscribers that’s cheap compared to the thank you Kevin yeah
compared to the $6,000 I spent on the the Bull Run GT which probably got me 20
subscribers so yeah it’s strange when you came to my house to help work on my
dad’s fish tank I lived in a round rough I came to someone’s house I’m sure you
did work on someone’s fish tank you’re very handy that way Oh Thank You Josh
where is the mgsc business go from here that’s a great question so as an
open-ended question well so I have I am ideas right like obviously so part of my
things so if you here’s the problem right I had the original plan was we’re
going to start working on these engine outs buying older Ferraris restoring
them and then selling them and that’s what I thought we were gonna do and
obviously that is not looking like it’s going to have not viable at the moment
you know the wiggle so where we go from here is it’s a bit unknown I want to
prove out a few concepts so the whole soup-to-nuts ownership experience from a
normal guy who owns supercars thank you Peter oh thank you Peter Sam and I want
to see Moses I’ll get Moses Andy anything for Andy yeah
any gonna be here in February by the way remind them what Andy did better any
help fix the garage down the 4:30 door and he’s been around since I first got
into cars Andy is like one of my original car
friends from way back in the day anyway so honestly it’s theirs I have certain
strategic ideas of things on a business perspective thank you Jason
meg does car reviews source cars from dealers iturra races subscriber cars in
Mexico put a hat on I know my hair is kind of messed up right now because I’ve
been I’ve been working all day with my headphones and some of my headphones are
on see it like smashes my hair what little hair I have left
yeah what happens to rebuilding the old Ferrari is how that fall apart I don’t
have somewhere to do it it’s really the ultimate problem oh man I got a sneeze I
should hire you I am Todd how ok Todd I’ll pay you in Todd will be the NGS
intern yeah you can I will gladly hire as an intern I will pay you exactly zero
dollars you will earn so much in lived experience yes I subscribe to figure out
how I can afford a Ferrari I mean okay so – for Ferrari like let me tell you
see guys Dan worked really hard in software years long time it’s actually
20 years a long time Sam is gonna smudge his face with kisses yes lady Carl why
are you doing the best wine pairing with a particular Drive and he can choose the
right supercar securely you want a pear wine with driving maybe like a post
drive wine yeah I drove this car therefore I should drink this wine I
don’t know give a shout-out to our boxer dog breed the boxer if Todd gets a job
he could be the one washing frozen bikini
I would absolutely support a video where Todd washes Ferraris and bikinis I’m
100% behind that here’s the other ultimate problem a lot of people have
said oh just go to a shop that’s far away about so logistically it poses a
huge problem right like when you why why keep pussy like and kill the middle
Alejandro Alejandro like Lady Gaga so you can probably like boot that person
if you want yeah like alright I’ll just okay
whatever if you keep doing that was gonna ban you know okay okay anyway bye
bye so okay so the whole point of tonight’s live stream and I know these
like strings are always fairly like they don’t really know that we don’t really
have an agenda but if there was an agenda point its Dan once the viewers so
many people have reached out to him in the last several years through email
through his YouTube through private message to tell him that he emboldened
them or given the confidence to purchase their Ferrari whatever type of Ferrari
that was and so he is hoping you will share those stories those buyers stories
with him at the following link Dan yeah I’m sorry I’m just
walking so on okay yeah you still have it control V yep yeah sorry oh my god
so just so you know I don’t tolerate stupidity on the internet very well so
when you do stupid shit like spam my chat with a bunch of bullshit I’m just
gonna ban you like you know I’m an adult and if you don’t want to behave like an
adult you can go elsewhere so anyway continue sorry I I mean a
bumpy road in front with girlfriend wife in bikini yeah you know yeah yes I’m not
sure you can buy this shirt yeah my website go to normal guys super CARICOM
slash shop anything – shirt yes it’s glory shirt and I have stickers yes yes
the boss out to around Ponte you can buy a bus up there and Ponte sticker so the
problem with putting a lift in Rex’s garage is number one I I don’t want to
put so I learned my lesson I am NOT installing a lift in someone else’s
garage ever again it’s a good point yeah I spent $4,000 by lifts and I lost
my ass on it because it was not my prob well he will lost a tiny bit you you did
pretty good I lost enough that I’m not gonna do it
again yeah so yeah it just you know yeah am i we’re having to sweat shirts
did you sell sweat shirts oh those are so like it’s weird I have where I sell
t-shirts through my website through one company and then YouTube has a
partnership with another company that sells shirts as well so if you’re
actually on YouTube any buy on my clothes it’s one company it’s through I
think Cafe Press or something but if you buy it through my website it’s through
another company so I don’t sell the sweatshirts on my actual website but I
sell them on a YouTube channel it’s it’s complicated it’s stupid just for
clarification guys the left Dan bought one was so
and one was purchased and yeah they’re both gone now so yeah they’re their most
spoken for yeah I bought the lifts for $2,000 each
Josh ended up paying me for one of the lifts and the other when I sold for
1,500 so I lost 500 bucks Dean do more DIY working with C so it’s
more mainstream but that’s that’s the thing is if I go into the world of the
Corvette I’m competing with all the other Corvette guys so there’s something
to be said about being in a niche so if you know it’s Rachel already home
because we are lame but made it on time for y’all’s life look we have I think
Rachel he’s the car you see some pose from post piles come on okay anyway
before you embarrass Rachel too much so yeah okay so the videos that you guys
theoretically heimo the via the videos you guys theoretically think are the
shit um might not have a very good return on investment versus the videos
of Dan talking about whatever in his garage heck no I’m in my jammie-jams of
the zero makeup dude it’s it’s it’s a live stream don’t worry
look Mike B says Rachel Rachel Rachel grace I’m gonna spill my wine dude I’m
wearing a shitty t-shirt my hair is like looking like well yeah I’m wearing a
t-shirt what little hair I have is looking like shit
we’re sitting here getting junk off mine come on you know you want to come get
drunk with us Rachel I am NOT getting I’m not getting inebriated
I am Danis I’m sorry Claire I’m Dan I’m here for Dan safety
I I am trying to get drunk it’s my goal what’s your dream Ferrari down dream
Ferrari course probably authority I buy that Dan’s been talking about f40
forever even though it’s not like the fastest there whatever Rachel Rachel I
have to say so those of you that haven’t obviously been watching for a long time
we have the best neighbors they’ve tolerated all of our stupidity and
they’re they’re always interested in our stupid shit it’s fried chat giving you a
hard time yeah you know somewhat yeah yeah
one guard to use to shave your head number two occasionally he will ask me
to help clean up the back and trim behind the ears with barber scissors
yeah but other than that down cuts his own hair back in my early 20s I had a
glorious thick set of hair and then by the time I was like 25 it was like oh
shit I couldn’t see my scalp through my hair then I start going gray when I was
like 27 I was great I mean what the shit got a skit sleep Oh fine read yeah oh
yeah we got the big shack party tomorrow we do have the party in the cul-de-sac
tomorrow um okay so to reiterate once more the only point we were trying to
make tonight Dan’s whole agenda um and I wasn’t trying to make any point
because I’m just kind of here but Dan wants those of you who have sent him
Sony messages over the years via email or private message or on YouTube or in
person at cars and coffee who said I bought a Ferrari because I
felt more confident to do so because I saw myself reflected in you on these
YouTube videos when I bought it or you gave me the confidence to actually to go
ahead and pull the trigger buy it he wants those stories he wants those
stories if you could donated at this link Dan send link is the link like baby
so I was reading all the comments I was like yeah sure sure sure I am not
cultivating freshwater coral that doesn’t that isn’t a thing cool debating
saltwater coral doesn’t be which topic when I reach maybe yes it’s
it’s here’s the thing if he has the right niche like if he gets a couple
hundred thousand subscribers and he continues to get sponsors and what are
they called affiliate deals yeah which because yet remember the the actual
revenue from views is can be more modest than those things because if someone
feels they have a targeted audience like specifically targeted to Ferrari owners
they tend to they tend to reimburse for that
yeah there’s here’s a weird thing that’s I’ve observed is that just because you
have more subscribers doesn’t mean they’re necessarily like good
subscribers or valuable subscribers I guess it’s a way to say it which kind of
sounds douchey but so excuse me um pick up from wine all anecdotal this is not a
slight against anyone else but when I went on a shell rally I met another
youtuber who had at that time over a half a million subscribers so at that
point in time this last summer I had like 25,000 something and subscribers
and they had a half a million let me go to this Ferrari event and the people who
came up so like of the FRA owners who came up to him
I didn’t see a single one say oh I watch your YouTube you know like literally not
a single Ferrari owner it was like I know who that guy is and then here’s a
little little me with my little tiny channel with only 25,000 subscribers I
had literally like 40 50 people out of 300 wants me and say dude we watch your
should you watch your channel to watch your videos bottle box ya know it’s
surreal so it’s a very targeted audience but
it’s also a very potent audience so I have a like my demographic is skewed
much more like towards older actual car owners versus like children it’s like
and again this isn’t like meant to be an offence
whereas in the other channel but I’m just going to use it as an example
so like Strad man his demographic skews younger because he appeals to younger
people because the content he’s producing caters to a younger audience
it’s not meant for adults right yes it’s those dang purple cars yo okay ban
that guy damn band okay bye Alejandro okay yeah just stupid
anyway so it just it’s it’s partly about you know I don’t I don’t my goal is not
necessarily to have a channel that has millions of subscribers need to be the
biggest youtuber ever but if I get the right people watching the right
subscribers watching it could be more valuable I think from a business
perspective because there’s certain things I can do and like in in
cooperation with the YouTube channel so being a start-up junkie that I am my
goal is not just to build a YouTube channels when you guys wanted to know
what’s up with my youtube channel what are my plans it’s not just to create
like I don’t my business plan is not just create videos and get rich you know
create videos get subscribers done we’re rich no it’s create videos use YouTube’s
you know to create a real actual business that has actual stuff and that
is my goal business with stuff yeah I would say my work to it I don’t want to
talk about in detail because it’s like that’s not necessarily something that’s
business having to do is tell you know let’s not lay out all of our cards I’m a
deck before we have the cards but anyway how I considered running paid media
I have run lots of ads on Facebook we’ve also run Google ads and the return is
atrocious so probably not going to do that a whole
lot yeah it just doesn’t work hopefully plan does include that non-christmas
will be die hard I love die hard dan loves the original die hard so I’m
sorry sorry to disappoint you he likes that
movie yes how many cars do we own uh foreign thank God we’re down from five
Cheers hopefully soon three yes we’re gonna in
the smaller fleet yeah I mean no look and I want to be clear again I’m not
crapping on Stratman channel I met James he’s a nice guy and he’s clearly clearly
clearly James has figured out a great equation to how to make a big YouTube
channel and that’s awesome and good for him and I wish him the best that is not
my strategy because I’m not that kind of person I look I’m gonna be 40 next year
I don’t know how to connect with a 18 year old very well that’s like know what
yeah that’s not what I do like I don’t I don’t go hang around with 18 year old
kids and stuff I don’t know how to like hang out cool kids one minute
no what’s wrong he’s just bored he’s like why am i up here I don’t like
being upstairs new seasons play road we’re all in views absolutely and even
more than an even more than season is playing a role in views see Cinelli
plays a role in how much you get paid so all the youtubers joke the end of the
year is when you make the most money so right now in December I’m making way
more money then you watch face but giving crime Oh January my revenues
playing at half compared to December Oh Rossum less Lovins he’s a good boy yeah
Oh a lot of comments when were thinking about the eight year olds in stage in
your mind yeah yeah sorry just reading reading reading everyone is moving around either he does
have a very specific style so it actually that was one of the funniest
things is me and strata man a few times now seen how he films it’s it’s
interesting like now I’ve met a bunch of digging she was seeing I met stratum I
met she and you know all that stuff oh crap thank you
it’s it’s interesting because to see how different big my minis warranty is gonna
run out next year I don’t know but it is oh it’s your busy the dude who works for
the mini dealership oh he’s the one in gym oh okay okay so we do we’ve been at
this a while yeah yeah it’s probably time to call it quits might be time for
bed mo is tired Mo’s hawkgirl always very tired poor thing look a sad sack of
meat my poor baby he’s like mom why my upstairs let me have the fries a day of
her own I mean she charlie Ferrari whenever I want guys yeah oh I
relate more to me a little bit because I I when I met him I think his my
conversation with Shmi was very interesting because I think he gave me
some more insight in how to run it more like a business which was fascinating
she is clearly business savvy how old is the dog dog is 7 months old seven and a
half months old rest up so we could rage tomorrow yes we
have a big cul-de-sac party tomorrow I’m gonna rage on the set what kind of Elton I did I did suffer he
wanted soft we don’t know he’s okay he’s not doing anything
sniffing things okay yeah we’re gonna line this down everything that I have to
say add value stop 30 minutes ago but the whole agenda
of tonight’s episode was for viewers who all along the way have messaged and who
have sent messages slid into its DMS email Tim said facebook comments
commented on his YouTube videos that they were emboldened or given the
confidence to purchase the Ferrari because they identified with him as a
normal guy buying these luxury cars and in fact working on these cars himself
we’d love your stories we’d love you to send those stories to Dan send the link
go tell me keep Dan on his talking points go to that link please I would
appreciate it so any of you that have been motivated by my channel in any way
please go to that link submit a story I would appreciate it it would be awesome
how does this off receive an awesome it’s very good it is I mean it’s a
robust tech economy guys actually the reason why we’re in Austin that’s the
reason we moved here so are you guys ever gonna want it down
I think anybody who’s a super successful youtuber has lost the normal label no
it’s it’s a weird it’s a weird world that I’ve I have given a slight bit of
access to oh I mean not intentionally at the month maybe who knows
alright guys we’re gonna call it quits thank you thank you
genuine thank you so much again another thing for those of you that have wanted
to help please share my videos I’m not saying this video don’t share the live
videos those are not very representative Lesch aliy when I do DIY videos and
things like that share those videos go post them on reddit go post my message
boards go spam your friends those things genuinely help out my channel so I’m
serious when I say that at the end of the videos I’m like hey you want to help
me out share these videos I’m serious those things do help me out the whole
action yes so when you do those things it truly does help me out sharing liking
those things really do help out the videos so obviously you’re probably
right if you’re here right now so thank you I feel like I feel like when a
friend gives me money I got like go buy them a beer or some yeah we are gonna
buy you a beer buddy you’re gonna beer Scott but who wants to see Scott car
like a baby watching the art of race in the rain do
we have an idea it’s probably a lot of time investment we want to watch when
you want to have car guys watch the art of racing in the rain goodness is the
saddest thing I think a car guy can ever watch all right guys thank you so much
thank you we’re gonna call it quits so enjoy the
holidays happy holidays Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah we got I got a couple
videos coming out between now and Christmas I don’t think it would publish
it at the end Christmas because I don’t think anyone’s watching and Christmas
but now there’s videos I have vision video schedule for tomorrow Saturday and
Monday although I may move it to Sunday baby month but anyway we’ll see you guys
soon thank you so much good night happy holidays we’ll see you then
bye-bye I wasn’t

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41 thoughts on “Wining with Dan & Meg

  1. Ha ha ha, Fred really wants the model. That would probably be really good for your channel (view-wise; not so sure if it would be good for the marriage lol). I've seen it a ton of times- I'll look through videos on a channel, and the ones with a hot girl in the thumbnail always have way more views than the other ones. If you want to win, you gotta play the game!

  2. Regarding your aversion to asking other YouTubers to collab, I would think it would be worth a call or email to all of the popular ones even if you get rejected 99% of the time. While you wont necessarily bring a ton of views to their channel (though you might bring some), you would provide content for them in some capacity or another. Who knows, maybe it's a slow month for them and they're looking to for ideas. You might just be that idea!

  3. It's a tricky business YouTube. Nowhere near as easy to make money as many think. Love your content. More stuff on the naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 s would be great. 355, 360, 430, 458. The pros. The cons. The servicing costs. Parts costs and where to buy. Etc. Your personal opinion on all those things. Love the channel. All the very best.

  4. I would like to tell you my story about always loving Ferrari's, how I love to wrench on my own car, am originally from Michigan ( now in Florida), how much I love Austin (daughter owns a house there) and how I finally got my very own Ferrari at age 63, but since I own one of those "ugly" ones, well, I won't! On the plus side, you probably couldn't devalue it more than it already is, lol.

  5. Dan, a wise man once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results". You are stalled because you are creating content for your existing fan base, which is somewhat small. If you want to grow, you need to diversify and try to reach other demographics and cohorts. I suggest you make reviews on other cars (Doug Demuro style), and include both supercards and normal cars, which will appeal to significantly more people. This will cost you virtually no money, they are simple videos to produce and you can get to a rhythm of 1 video a day or every other day. Another suggestion is for you to ask your fan base to reach other youtubers asking them to make a video with you (Doug Demuro, Hoovies Garage, Salomondrin, Nick Murray, Seenthroughglass, VeichleVirgins, Mr JWW, Shmee150, VinWiki, etc) for cross-promotion,

    Take advantage of the fact you are in Austin, and try to coordinate these videos with other YT during high profile events where they might go to Austin; Austin City Limits, SXSW, Formula 1, MotoGP, etc

  6. Try tapping into the Maserati GranTurismo up grade/modification market. Barely anyone on YouTube doing anything with these vehicles. How was the response on your previous two Maserati videos?

  7. Dan, Here’s an idea..create a handheld device that you can talk on, take pictures/videos, search the internet and wrap presents with. I could really use something like that today!!!

  8. Dan, I haven't bought a Ferrari, but I seriously considered it as a result of your channel. I ended up trading in my Viper for a new NSX and my Vette for a RAM 3500 so we can get and tow a Formula 400 SS boat. I can say this: I wish more Ferrari owners were like you. It really makes the brand much more attractive. Cheers.

  9. Honestly, you have plenty of subscribers considering the type of content you choose to post. Ratarossa has fantastic Supercar DIY across various models with some being very in depth and even he has 10k less subs. The big guys have more subs because their type of content is appealing to more than one particular type of person.

    What do I know, I’m just an armchair quarterback in a digital world…

  10. I set a reminder for this live stream and totally still missed it, so as penance I am letting all the commercials play so you can get those advertising dollars. I totally support seeing the idea of you getting the Mrs. in on some DIY. That’ll be hilarious.

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