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Will Performance Tuning (Software) Void My Warranty?

Will Performance Tuning (Software) Void My Warranty?

Hi, Paul from Golf and Deutsche Auto Parts.
Today we are going to a question that is on everybodys mind: Does performance tuning
null in void the vehicle warranty? [Intro: Deutsche Auto parts [DOY-chuh] 00:00:11-
00:00:17] During my more than 10 years working at dealerships
Ive learned a lot about the warranty process and how the dealership environment works.
So the question becomes does performance software on your vehicle kill your warranty? And the
simple answer to the question is no it doesnt. And, the long answer to the question is it
kind of does. So then the question becomes whats covered?
So we just want to start with a disclaimer about all this information is this information
is always going to be subject to the dealership you are going to. So some dealerships are
going to be way more forgiving of any high end performance modifications. Some are going
to tell you that they wont even work on your vehicle. So just be aware of that performance
software on your vehicle is always a potential risk for warranty repairs being declined.
So we go through and we say whats covered and what isnt? When you flash a vehicle
a lot of things are going to be changed on the vehicle. So it gives a dealer a blanket
to be able to say no this is covered no this isnt covered, and it becomes
very difficult to identify what is correct and what isnt. The often common problems
that happen on a car that doesnt have any performance software on it general most
dealers arent going to give you a hard time about it.
So for example if you go to a 2010 GTI, 2 litter turbo engine that had issues with PCV
valves, diverter valves, intake manifold, flat runners which were part of the intake
manifold on those vehicles. Some of them have injector problems, and even Evap. purge valves
or E valves. All those problems are common problems where you had no modifications on
your vehicle. So most places if you went to a dealership and you had a problem with it,
not a big deal. But, if you have the same reoccurring repair over and over and over
again eventually you are going to run into an issue somewhere where they are not going
to cover it any more. So, then we move on to other repairs. Is your
coverage of your radio? Your radio if it has a problem and you have performance software
your radio is covered under warranty. Same goes for suspension. You have low mileage
on your car still covered under the new car warranty and you have a squeak in your suspension.
You only have performance software no problem covered under warranty. If you have interior
trim pealing in your vehicle, assuming its not coke all over it, should be covered under
warranty. At the end of the day all this stuff really
boils down to the relationship with your dealership. And, its become to this point where a lot
of dealers even sell performance software, its becoming very common. So its not
as controversial as it once was. The reality of the situation is there is always risk involved
with modifying your vehicle and thats up to you to take the risk.
Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and leave any questions, ideas, or feedback
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21 thoughts on “Will Performance Tuning (Software) Void My Warranty?

  1. hello, i bought a totaled Vw 07 ( its know Fully repaired) and it has a extended extended power train warranty to 100k i only have 53k. Is the warranty voided because it was totaled? @Deutsche Auto Parts- Your Source for Everything VW and Audi Thank You  

  2. What about TD1 warranty flags? Is every dealer required to scan the vehicle every time it comes in for service? If so, does this apply to regular oil changes as well? If you have a good relationship with your dealer, could they neglect to scan the ecu? Thanks for another informative video!

  3. I drive a 10' Jetta 2.5L I5, I was wondering whats the best solution for a better exhaust, I know you can straight pipe, you could buy borla/magnaflow. I don't want to spend more than $300-400, Any ideas? 

  4. Will a cat back or even "axle back" upgrade void a newer stock turbocharged car? I wanna do a minor exhaust upgrade for a little more sound and tone to the exhaust.

  5. Hi I am currently in crap with my car where I got a transmission overheat signal which lead to my 2011 GTI (51k miles) not moving or reversing anymore it turns on perfectly fine but won't move at all as if it was stuck on neutral, with the D just flashing. I saw on forums that the fix was a new DSG oil change, or oil cooler. So I went with the oil change and it did not fix it. I want to take my car to the dealer now that I have wasted 200 on trying to fix the issue, but am nervous that my warranty may get voided. I live in Fontana California and the only VW dealers are in Ontario, or San Bernardino. I have the highest feeling that it is a sensors in the transmission that went bad and I really don't want to deal with it.

    Currently have:
    GIAC stage 2 tune
    eurojet catless downpipe
    R8 coils
    Injen Intake
    Neuspeed Intercooler
    GFB Diverter Valve+
    Stance USA Coilovers

  6. Hey Paul, couldn't you just reset you car back to the factory default settings prior to serving at the dealer, or does it indicate that something has been modified regardless? I'm on the verge of purchasing the unitronics stage 1 for my mk7 gti from you guys.

  7. What you didnt say, is that if you have a flash on your car, get detonation and break a piston, youre fucked.

    Of course flashing your car dosent affect suspension parts, however, working at dealerships myself, ive seen warranties denied for performance mods because they assume you are racing/abusing the car.

    Want your warranty? Leave it stock, want to modify and chase power? Buy an older gti for a weekend car, and not a daily.

  8. Modifying your soft ware it's self voids your power train warranty and if you're experiencing issues related to the tune with in the warranty period. If your dealer is trying to perform a software update from the manufacturer and your tune is preventing them from doing so the manufacturer can void your power train warranty. If the manufacturer detects your tune on their product they can void your power train warranty because it's considered "unauthorized programming ". You gotta remember the car has to operate the way they manufacturer built it to a so if there is a failure at any point they can update the part that failed and issue a recall and or service bulletin , that includes software sense it's brains behind functionality.

    Don't ever get wrong, depending on the dealer you go to, they'll show you enough mercy to let you remove the tune. If anyone feels the need to doubt me just look in your owners manual under "what's not covered under warranty".

  9. What a BS topic title is performance tuning/warranty and then doesn't even talk about the tuning aspect, door panels, radio, since when can they be performance tuned? The elephant in the room…DRIVETRAIN didn't even mention it. Worked for VW 10yrs acts just like it too a bunch of double talk never getting to the point.

  10. On Toyota yes if you modify the engine in anyway to push out more power then is programmed that will void your warranty. Being a prior sales rep we had a training on this topic.

  11. All this tuning company's are fake! Only want money and zero responsibility in case fault with engine, gearbox, powertrain or turbos. That why no one privately will remaping new vehicle!
    This fake remaping is good only on event's and on old cars.
    Today only all about money and all lies.
    21 century 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. So let’s say I tuned my car a year ago and I’ve put it back to the factory software ever since. If I just now have an issue will that still void the warranty? Even if I’ve been running the factory software for a year now? I’ve always heard they have to prove the tune is what caused the issue. Well I doubt a tune from a year ago caused a problem just now.. you can’t prove that

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