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Will I buy a car at the Brussels Motor Show ?

Will I buy a car at the Brussels Motor Show ?

Hi, it’s Pog. I’m at the Brussels Motor Show with a hostess named ? Fadella. Nice to meet you. I’m going to look at the cars here and maybe I will fall for one. Hopefully it will be a Mercedes because Mercedes is The Best or Nothing. Really ? Will I buy a car at the Brussels Motor Show ? And here is the Maybach. Fantastic. I agree 100% with you. This is the car to win your favor. It’s so beautiful. It looks like an oyster from the back, don’t you think ? Yeah, true It will open with a pearl inside. So I will buy it and take you for a ride. Deal. Except I cannot buy it, it is a concept. Have a nice day. I am at McLaren. A brand that I like a lot, obviously because I have one. A technological brand, trendy and on point. It is often criticized for being more clinical than Ferrari, but it’s just different. For the record, I bought the McPog here two years ago, my 675 LT spider. It was delivered one year later. And we have the “successor” of my car here, the 720s. It feels good in here. The 720s gives the impression of being in an spaceship cockpit because of these openings in the roof. You don’t want photos ? Your faces are hidden. It’s the concept of the next BMW Z4. It has been a while since we last saw a Z serie. It does not look like before, interesting. But how much of the concept will transfer to the production car ? For the first time in Belgium : the i8 Roadster which is not 100% electric as we often think. And the coupe version. The Ford GT. I still haven’t seen one in the streets, but it is superb. Here’s the new Vantage from Aston Martin. V8 500 hp with a design that changes at last. It has often been said that they all look alike. This one is more aggressive. The color, called Lime Green, is strange, a mix of yellow and green. It is classy – the DNA of the brand – mixed with aggression. This is the love child of James Bond’s DB10 and the Aston Martin Vulcan, powered by a german AMG V8. Frankly, Aston Martin, who doesn’t like them? But it’s a 105 years-old brand in need of a fresh wind. This is the first truly new style Aston Martin. The Renault Alpine. It is inspired by the old A110, especially these lights. 249 horsepower, 1100 kg, a very responsive lightweight car, a recipe for success. But where is the engine? Right here in the center. So there are two trunks! I can’t fit in there. There’s no more battery left, dude. That’s what everyone claims here at the show. Which car is it ? A Bac Mono, that might actually be true. The third fastest car at the show, after the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron : A Tesla ! model S P100D L, the “L” stands for Ludicrous or completely mental! 2.7 seconds from 0 to a 100 km/h. The Veyron is 2.5 s and the Chiron less than that. The new SVR. A giant, you can compare with the little girl next to it. Nothing really new. 10 hp more. 2 new screens. That’s a good daily for you. Yes ! Because I am looking for my new daily. They got you ! Is this the ugliest car in the show? I let you decide. The new Honda Civic Type R. The NSX. We have here the streetlegal version with a hybrid V6 and the Track only GT edition. The Nissan GTR facelift, 100 000 euro and 570 horsepower. That is a lot of power for a reasonable price. It’s very important to do this. A Phantom that costs 500 000 euros. It is gigantic and you need a driver because it is impossible to park. If it’s raining… you always have your Rolls Royce umbrella. And instead of staining the handles when you want it closed… And to open it, it’s the same thing? No, because you’re not likely to stain it. It’s a sporty family. It looks like a boat with all this wood. I feel very small, I can barely see over the wheel. It’s to go into hyper space. My arm is not long enough. What is this big button? My phone is charging. It’s the alarm button. “S.O.S.” And some music. Nighclubbing ! Stop the music or we will get a copyright claim. Not with Belgian music. Here you have the big dipper. And the little dipper. It’s a bear skin ! You can sleep on it. My ass is warm ! Even this armrest has heating. You can film a sextape in the trunk. The superb 812 Superfast with a naturally aspirated v12. It succeeds the famous Ferrari F12. Front engine. It’s a GT car but also insanely fast. We have ample room for luggages. And it has 800 horsepower and crazy technology. I love this car. I am waiting for the limited edition version. Sadly, this car has a 2 year waiting list. I think I need some help… It’s for you, POG. I am so sorry. Unfortunately Bernard, who works at Porsche, just told me that I will not get a GT2 RS. Because they are all sold out. Such a shame, it would have been my first Porsche. Everyone speaks highly of Porsche. I am getting slowly into it. There are other nice things coming out soon. We are celebrating our 70th birthday this year. So don’t worry, but you should really be a little faster. I have to see the car to fall in love with it. Really, try to be faster It exists in miniature too, you know. That does not comfort me. Watch this crazy car. The GT2 RS. The fastest of all Porsche. 700 hp. The fastest car on the Nurburgring, 6.45 min. This one has the Weissach pack. 30 kg of weight saving costing 30 000 euros. 1000 euros per kilo of weight loss. Carbon fiber hood, roof and trunk. A super nice carbon fiber spoiler. The wheels are magnesium. And inside the rollcage is carbon. No LCD anywhere, keeping it oldschool. No manual gearbox because with 700 horses it is just too risky. That was the Brussels Motor Show. You’ve seen everything I liked. I tried to buy the Porsche but failed. I like a lot this 812 Superfast but the 2 years waiting list is too long. I will catch you next time.

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82 thoughts on “Will I buy a car at the Brussels Motor Show ?

  1. bonjours je suis un grand fane tu peux acheter une voiture pas trop cher
    une dodge charger rt 1970
    merci beaucoup si tu le fait ps tu est le meilleur

  2. Et comme par hasard à 12:15 tu étais monté dans la 812 SuperFast…(je sais que c'est elle grâce au volant et grâce aussi au fait que je suis monté dedans également, positionnée juste à côté de la 488 spyder).

    Tu l'as reçois 10 mois plus tard (en bleue cependant, celle au salon était rouge) et entre-temps la Poglice est crashée, remboursée…coïncidence ? 😉

  3. Moi je n’aurais jamais de belles voitures supercar puis je ne saurais pas les conduire, mais j’adore en voir une, la seule chose qui me rend tristounet c’est qu’un jour tout sera électrique et il n’y aura plus ce joli bruit de moteur. Pour le moment je me régale avec les anciennes dont je raffole et ma petite triumph.

    Merci Pog de nous faire rêver et de nous partager ces petits moments de plaisir. 👍

  4. Moi aussi la Porsche 911 GT2 RS ma voiture de rêve (mais je peux pas l'acheter elle est trop cher)😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Avec cette Honda je te ruines seigneur pas de départ arête pour bébé mais bitume mon numéro 07 62 14 18 38 😊

  6. Abaaah la voilaaaa la ferrari 812 superfast que t'as choisi , delai d'attente de 2 ans mdr , tu as du soudoyer quelqu'un la bas pour l'avoir en fin d'année 2018 lol , sacré PoG ! :')

  7. Par contre, pour ceux qui regarde mon commentaire, j'aimerai savoir quel est le titre de la musique de fond s'il vous plaît les gars.

  8. entre 11;42 et 11 :44…..solide caisse tout de mème…bravo pog…..bon oui je suppose que ça doit être le cuir….mdrrr

  9. Bonsoir, j'ai une question à te poser. Je m'interesse tout juste aux voitures de luxe et de courses et je voulais savoir pourquoi c'est dangereux d'avoir une voiture a 700 CH en boîte auto?

  10. Mercedes best 😆😄😁🤣 tien 🖕 bmw font du fuck a la mercedes tous les jours 😆 mercedes c'est pour les fillettes la preuve le créateur de mercedes la créé pour sa fille en lui donnant le nom d'une fille , tiens🖕 si mercedes c'est le best , bmw m5 f90 a même monter en l'air les gt63s ne me parle pas de mercedes petite garce

  11. Le mec qui sort au calme devant les vendeurs de chez Rolls-Royce tu fais une sextape dans le coffre les vendeurs ont tellement dû les prendre pour des bof mais c'est juste des gens simples et c'est ça qu'on aime

  12. Vasi monte dans la porsche démarre la et appuie sur l'accélérateur lol 😄☺😁 et tu t'échappe avec xD

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