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Wildest Cars Stunts!| Pixar Cars

Wildest Cars Stunts!| Pixar Cars

(screaming) (nervous laughing) (tires screeching) (screaming) (dramatic music) – [Commentator] Wait a second Darrel. McQueen is in the wreckage. – [Darrel] There’s no way the
rookie can make it through, not in one piece that is. (dramatic music) (slow dramatic music) – [Both] Lightning, ah! – [Darrel] Look at that
McQueen made it through. – [Commentator] Man, a spectacular move by Lightning McQueen. – Yeah, ka-chow. (upbeat music) – [Man] Took Hud all of
no time to work his way through the best racers in both Carolinas. Past River, past Lou, even Junior, but there was still the
rookie to deal with. (dramatic music) Tried slamming him into the wall, but Hud never touched any
wall unless he wanted to. (fast paced dramatic music) – Ah hang on boys, here comes the dirt. Slipping and sliding baby. – [Francesco] McQueen, it’s
time to make your move. Get on the outside, and then show ’em what Doc done taught ya. – 10 four Mater. – [Announcer] Oh boy, Francesco’s brought to a screeching halt. – [Commentator] Lightning McQueen is the first to take advantage. And just like that folks, Francesco’s lead is left in the dust. – [Lightning] Nice call Mater, keep it up. – [Announcer] Yahoo, man
McQueen looks happier than a roll bar in a demolition derby. (rattling) – Nobody touches him. He is mine! – You gone get it now Whipplefilter! – Come on McQueen, you can do it. Come on Lightning, keep going. – [Announcer] Miss Fritter’s
looking to get up right, folks. She is not pleased. (dramatic music) – You about to feel the wrath
of the lower Bell Bell County Unified school district. (dramatic music) (screaming) – No, no, no, no, no. – No! (dramatic music) – Cruz, get out of there. – You don’t belong on this track. – Yes I do! (slow dramatic music) (upbeat music) – [Commentator] I don’t believe it. It’s Cruz Ramirez for the win! – [Announcer] I am speechless! – Computer. – [Computer] Yes, Agent Mater. – I need that thing you
done before to get me away from McQueen. – [Computer] Request acknowledged. – Mater? – Now I need you to do the
chute, the second kind, not the first. – [Computer] Deploying Chute. (dramatic music) – Who’s winning the race? (dramatic music) (upbeat music)

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23 thoughts on “Wildest Cars Stunts!| Pixar Cars

  1. 3:03 Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, Bobby Swift, & Cal Weathers do belong on these tracks! It’s you who doesn’t, Storm

  2. The opening race, was the best ever way to start for our McQueen.. .
    The complete story arc of McQueen is just amazing,.

    Especially Mater.. the friend that everyone need.

  3. Whats the purpose for a school bus? Actually whats the point for any bus? Theyre meant to carry people. I know for a fact that cars cant even fit in them in the first place so what kind of job do they even have?!

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