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Why You Should Buy a High Mileage Vehicle!

Why You Should Buy a High Mileage Vehicle!

but before you say what if anything
catastrophic happens yeah an engine or transmission failing on a newer car with
a hundred thousand miles is relatively rare I’m gonna look at a car but I think
it kind of has high miles whoa whoa what do you mean high miles
oh you know like a hundred thousand miles bro that thing isn’t even broken
in yet wait so you think I should actually consider buying it yeah I think
you should consider buying it and here’s why yo today we’re gonna be talking
about buying and enjoying cars that have more miles because well they can save
you money and be more fun to drive in this video I’m gonna show you how and
then at the end of this video I’m gonna give you what I found to be the perfect
sweet spot for mileage which will give you the best opportunity to drive the
car for free and if you are new here my name is Brad danger and this is the I do
cars youtube channel which is for next generation car enthusiasts interested in
ideal cars believe it or not and if it sounds like you well hit that subscribe
button so that we can get this channel 1 subscriber closer to buying the highest
mileages McLaren 650s I really want to buy that car so that all of us can enjoy
it on this channel okay so why do people tend to shy away from high mileage
diamonds in the rough because they seem to be riskier and more things tend to go
wrong with higher mileage cars in theory and I know I know I know that there is a
slightly higher chance that something might fail but cars are built to go
200,000 plus miles and personally I’ve had multiple great experiences with
higher mileage cars that I’ve either driven for free or made money by 1990 a
m3 with a hundred and nine thousand miles on it
I made $2,000 my 1968 Mustang with a hundred and thirteen thousand miles on
it I made six grand in my 2008 m3 with ninety thousand miles on it
I made five thousand bucks and the best thing is that with all these cars I got
to buy them and drive them and enjoy them and making money was just a bonus
and that’s exactly why I built the ideal car strategies where I teach next
generation car enthusiasts the art of properly buying and enjoying both low
and high mileage ideal cars with the goal of either breaking even or making
money and the main reason that high mileage examples are really enticing is
because the depreciation curve tends to flatten out with higher mileage cars and
as you continue to put more miles on them and enjoy them they don’t
is nearly the same amount of value as lower mileage examples and I’ll dig into
that more in just a minute but before I do
buying a newer high mileage car is usually better than buying an older car
with less miles I mean cars are meant to be driven and cars with more miles tend
to last longer because they can lubricate themselves regularly and burn
those carbons that are bad for the engine plus what I found is that more
often than not higher mileage cars are better taken care of since the previous
owner has actively been driving it they usually stay on top of the oil service
intervals and overall upkeep of the vehicle and what do they say out of
sight out of mind fluids and rubber components deteriorate
over time what I’ve seen is that especially for low mileage fun cars the
chance that all service intervals and oil changes are done on time is way less
likely and it’s not a deal breaker but when they’re charging a premium for it
being low mileage it’s a tough pill to swallow and when we talk about resale
value once a car falls into that high mileage category which definitely
differs from every make and model the depreciation curve really flattens out
so a car that has 90,000 miles in the same make and model has 115k will be
worth about the same on the used market and when you’re able to identify what
our high miles on a car this is exactly how you can drive a car for free
relatively easily because you could buy the car at ninety K drive it to 115 K
and sell it for about the same dollar amount but before you say what if
anything catastrophic happens yeah an engine or transmission failing on a
newer car with a hundred thousand miles is relatively rare and if you do your
due diligence and get a pre-purchase inspection which I teach how to properly
do in the ideal car strategies you’ll be setting yourself up for the best
ownership experience possible dare I say ideal ownership experience yeah and
here’s the biggest risk of buying a high mileage car it’s really easy to buy high
mileage cars but on the flip side there’s sometimes harder to sell and
that’s exactly why I teach you how to properly fill out the proprietary ideal
cars desirability guide to understand what color and factory options will help
the car stick out from the rest and bring a premium remember mileage is just
one of the factors that a potential buyer considers when buying a car other
things like condition exterior and interior color and factory options all
play a role in how much someone is actually willing to pay and this is
especially true with higher per floor it’s cars which is my bread and butter
they’re built with stronger components than their lesser brethren and can last
a very long time with just normal service so by doing your research you’ll
know that an e 92 m3 with no sunroof or with the highly sought-after competition
package can make the car substantially more valuable even with higher miles and
a buyer will pay a premium over m3s with less miles without those options
knowledge is king and I love being the king baby so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna give you an example of the exact same two cars with different mileages
and break down the cost per mile for you and since we’re on a BMW kick which I
usually always am let’s do it with a 2013 BMW m3 now the average mileage for
this year m3 would be roughly 70 K which if we look at KBB you can see that it’s
29 960 which is what you’d get at a private party now in 25,000 miles at 95
K it’s going to be twenty five thousand nine hundred and fifteen so if we double
the mileage which would be considered high mileage at a hundred and forty K
you can see that it’s now nineteen thousand eight hundred and forty nine
and then if we drive that car twenty five thousand miles to 165 K you can see
that it’s seventeen thousand four hundred and thirty five you’d get at a
private party so here’s the thing if you buy the car at 70 K drive at 25k and
sell it at ninety K it depreciates roughly 4045 dollars and will cost you
about 16 cents per mile to drive the beast which isn’t bad but you pick up
one at double the mileage and 140k drive it for twenty five thousand miles and
sell it with a hundred and sixty-five K and you lose two thousand four hundred
and fourteen dollars or less than ten cents per mile to drive that beast so
you can think of it as giving yourself a nickel and a penny for every single mile
that you drive real quick that change starts to add up baby
and as you can see it is clearly cheaper to buy and drive a higher mileage car
and I can’t stress this enough because I know that people in the comments are
gonna say Oh higher mileage more issues everything else yeah you have to get a
pre-purchase inspection from a reputable shop otherwise it’s not gonna work this
is cheap insurance to know exactly what could go wrong that you can fix before
you buy the car the other thing which is really important is having documented
service history of that car the higher mileage that is especially crucial in
having an engine ownership experience and personally I’ve
had multiple ideal ownership experiences with higher mileage cars in fact I know
sometimes seek them out so I can get the best miles out of them my McLaren will
hopefully have the highest mileage in the USA oh and one thing I almost forgot
what is that sweet spot to ride the flat depreciation curve for mileage well I
find that between 75 K and 100 K is that sweet spot where you can enjoy that
ideal car for twenty to thirty thousand miles and then have the best chance to
sell that car to the next lucky buyer for roughly what you paid for it and why
that number well first its considered higher mileage for almost all make and
models but also most cars will already have had their costly major service
interval at sixty to eighty K let’s say now if that major service hasn’t been
done well it’s a great negotiation tactic and an ideal opportunity to buy
it enjoy it after you service it of course at an independent shop and
possibly make money on that deal now that’s what I call an ideal car and I
want to know what’s the highest mileage car that you’ve owned what was your
ownership experience like did you get a pre-purchase inspection before you
bought that car let us know down in the comments also snag some ideal swag
guaranteed to add five horsepower or six if your car has over 200 K okay so if
you liked this video you’re gonna love my one minute video that I introduce the
tried-and-true ideal car strategies where I teach you how to never lose
money on a car again so check that out over here or if you want to see what
YouTube recommends you watch next click here oh and if you haven’t subscribed
yet give me one subscriber closer that McLaren but either way you can’t lose
and as always keep living that ideal lifestyle

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100 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy a High Mileage Vehicle!

  1. LETS GOOOO!!! What are your experiences driving higher mile cars?! Did you get a pre purchase inspection before you bought?! I find because higher performance cars are extremely well built, buying one with higher miles usually yields the best miles! Do you agree? Or agree to disagree?! Let us know below 👇
    As far as the price analysis of the 2 2013 BMW M3's at 70k and 140k. If you buy the car correctly using the negotiation tactics outlined in the Ideal Car Startegies, you should be able to buy either of them, and drive them for free!

  2. Everything you mention I had to change clutch but smg clutch lasts up too 30,000miles depending how you drive every light is on my dashboard but all in all it’s so fast so loud and crazy I keep buying the older v10 I like it way more than the turbo v8 sound v10 sounds nuts every car need maintenance Bmw m6 is one of the fastest cars in the street you can drive everyday and even pass up your favorite Lamborghini or zo6 ect one of my favorite cars I highly recommend it

  3. Just picked up a Corsa vxr 87,000 miles had two weeks drives great love it, I guess that's considered high miles it's a 2010 and they usually have around 50,000 miles

  4. Could not agree more. I'm enjoying the shit out of my 130k mile Alfa Romeo, and it doesn't drink a drop of oil from one oil change to the next one

  5. I get most of my newer cars with 100k+ on the clock. Most extreme was an 03 excursion 4×4 with a 7.3 powerstroke. Bought with 766k miles!!! For $3000! Now has 1.1 MILLION miles. Still worth $3000.

  6. Luv yur very insightful video! I have several AMG's (hooked) but my '06 has 139,000 miles from previous owners (ouch). I've been restoring the car yet it drives/ rides much better than my other 2. Actually it drives closer to a FN Rolls-Royce I shit u not! The technology is amazing!

  7. I have 2004 Acura TL with 305,000 miles. Bought it used years ago with about 80,000 miles. The car has given me no issues mechanically. Cosmetically is another story (kids)! Lol!

  8. Paid $6000 for a 98 Saturn sl1 with 75k on it. I sent it to the scrap yard at 400k because I couldn’t find parts for it and it didn’t have a resale value due to the condition of the body and the mileage. Replaced a water pump twice in that time one engine fan and a wheel bearing. Other than that nothing ever broke on that car mostly because of the manual transmission

  9. I’m currently driving a 2008 Porsche Cayenne that I bought brand new. It has 170,000 miles and I’m trying to see how long it’ll last

  10. I like the BMW brand and won't buy unless it has over 100k miles. Last 3 cars and mileage: 2001 330i sold at 335k miles no issues, 2004 330ci sold at 286k miles no issues, current 2007 550i 226k miles and runs like a top, 2006 x3 143k miles no issues. They should change the KBB Value system, it's outdated!

  11. I bought a 2004 WRX for $8000 with 114k miles and sold it 18 months later with 125k miles for $7500. In that time I replaced the alternator for $100 and resprayed the faded paint on the roof for $80.

  12. Where were you when I bought my 08 SS Impala with 55k miles 8 years ago for 20k. I still have it right now at 157k 2 transmissions later and no issues except tires do burnouts at the wrong end and of course the value of about 2k if I sell it.

  13. my 93 Toyota MR2 has almost 300,000 miles and its still running good and my 02 Lexus Is300 has a lil over 190,000 miles and my 08 Lexus IsF has 140,000 all good cars still!!

  14. There is a small flaw in the analysis here. The KBB for a given car will be a different value across time. The analysis here compared a 70k car today to a 95k mile car today yielding his quoted figure. However, in the time it takes to drive those 25k miles (~2 yrs) the car will have depreciated and KBB will give a different figure. So, what we're really saying is that there are two sources of depreciation, age and miles. While it will affect the figures, thankfully, this doesn't invalidate the premise of the video.

  15. Why does this channel have less than 40,000 subscribers? One of Youtube's biggest diamonds in the rough. Good job on your vlogs.

  16. I know someone who had a Mercedes sprinter and he got it to 0 kilometers for the second time (he went 999.999km )

  17. My highest mileage car was my very first car, which was a 2000 dodge stratus with over 255,000 miles. If the engine had not spontaneously combusted while it was parked at my house (not running), I would still be driving that car to this day. rest in peace stratus.

  18. I just bought my first car for $3900. It’s an 07 MINI Cooper S with only 85k. So far I love the power that small beast puts out and I can wait to drive it full time.

  19. I own in the US a '86 528e BMW with 215k miles for a really good deal and spent a little less than the purchase price in repairs n the 3 years of ownership and I love my car it has taken me across central & south Florida without any major issues.
    and plan to have it shipped out to my home country soon. Or sell it ( what ever comes first)

  20. Have a 252k mile merc C220 (W203 2007) and a 131k mile BMW 530i (E60 2005) and have less issues with the merc. BMW is currently awaiting a gearbox rebuild and new torque converter

  21. I had a 1996 5 speed standard Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 had 498k+ miles on it everything was stock until I hit 495k ish I had to replace the transmission best truck I ever owned so far

  22. I'm looking for a Porsche Cayman 981. There only seems a few £1000 price difference between high and low milage. I'm very concerned with the costs associated with owning an high mile Porsche though so was thinking to try and go as low milage as possible. I will probably be putting 10k miles a year though for the next 5 years. What do you think?

  23. My e46 330ci has 250000km and I never had a problem with the engine or the gearbox. But the cooling system is pure shit lol.

  24. this guy is a jackass……you will have a $3200 to $6000 repair bill on the 140000 mile car that will wipe out that 6 cents per mile difference. nobody will buy a car with 165000 miles, you will have to drive it into the ground

  25. I own a 1981 280zx with 680743 miles on it at the moment and I got it at 680321 miles for 500 dollars no running but for another 500 in repair she's purring and beating all the civics and v6 mustangs like they never stood a chance

  26. I bough a Lexus LS600h L when it was 9 years old with 131k miles. I now had it for nearly 3 years, just got to 210k with no issues whatsoever. I do all the maintenance myself (oil service, brakes, i did transmission flush as well recently,..)
    Car was £98000 new and I bought it for £13800.
    I did the inspection before buying it and no concerns were there. Car came with full dealer service history and lots of receipts.
    I changed three different suspension arms in my ownership which cost me £300 as I managed to get a great deal on OEM equipment.

  27. I have 2005 Nissan Armada with 334K miles
    I bought it brand new, 10 miles on odometer
    Try to sell at 240K miles for $5000.00 no one wanted them at 300K miles try to sell for $2500 and no one wanted so I decided to keep no issue at all
    2014 Toyota Tundra 215K miles engine misfire issue because I added CNG, but in gas runs just fine
    Some previous cars, bought 95 maxima bought it at 30K miles and ran till 296K, 1992 Accord bought it at 98K bought it for $6000.00 and ran till 245K and give out free for a high school student I don’t even know who is it
    Now 2018 QX 80, into 11 month ownership 20K miles

  28. I have a 97 ram 1500 5.9 v8, with 423k. Its on its second trans. But the motor is hella strong. Burns very little oil, And runs great. She’s strong. But still has all the 2nd gen ram problems. Been in the family sense 70k miles.

  29. If you finance a new car u pay about 1 to 10 interest used is usually more then double !! Plus who knows how the person treated the car if u can buy new if not buy used with money u have well inpsected wtf

  30. My current car is 2005 Subaru Forester 2.5x I am only 17 and it's my first car. It had 357000km or roughly 225000 miles

  31. I bought a 91 Accord with 264k miles just over a year ago. Replaced front engine mount, starter, and oil pan over time. Currently has 292k and running strong.

  32. Bought a 1991 CRX SI with 92k for $5500 in 1998. Drove it for 7 years, sold it for $3200 and 155k!!

  33. I have a 2009 Dodge charger with the 2.7 and I do all the services it has 174000 miles and still running great. The key to any car is maintenance if you do that they will run for a very long time. I also have a ML350 and it has 168000 miles yeah maintenance is the key. I just got a 2007 Porsche cayman with 72000 miles and I'm going to drive it like crazy and it's going to run forever. ..why because I'm doing the service maintenance that's the point if you take care of your vehicle it's going to hold up for your use.

  34. My car has 280.000 most cars at this mile range are dogged out mine has everything new engine sub parts cat converters mufflers it almost a new car

  35. 2000 Chevy suburban had 87,000 when we bought it currently has 320,000 and still runs we have only had to replace the transfer case and it gets 22 mpg

  36. Bought a 2001 LS430 UL with 258k for 3 grand 6 months ago, so far I've put 19k trouble free miles on it

  37. Totally agree that high mileage is the way to go! Assuming you will probably be paying cash to buy your high mileage car, think of all the money you'll be saving: no monthly payments, way lower insurance, and way lower taxes (some states like MA charge an excise tax just to own a car). So, even if some major repairs are needed, you'll still be spending less money in the long run. Add to that the fact that most people who buy new will take out loans and pay thousands of $$$ in interest for an item that depreciates as much as 50% in the first three years of ownership. Now THAT'S crazy! But most important of all, you can own a much nicer car for much less: why would you pay $15K for a new Toyota when that same $15K can buy you an older BMW, Lexus or Mercedes? Just buy one that's well looked after with full documented service history, and don't look back!

  38. I have a 95 merc cougar with 340k on it had to change bushings on the way and the trans at 230k but it is still running strong 120k on trans and rest on original engine

  39. Few years ago bought an e320 w210 merc with 130k miles, in two years of ownership I got it to 215k and the only thing that I fixed was EGR that was clogged up and threw check engine light on, cost me $80 to replace. I sold it for 1k less than I bought it about 4 years ago and still see the car around town sometimes. The only downside to that car I had to fill it up with premium gas.

  40. I bought a Mercedes C class with 143,000 miles and it now has 237,000 miles. Most major issues happened after 200k miles.

  41. 100k aint nothing. My dad has a 2004 Audi S4 with 190k. That car run better than the new car my mom leased😂

  42. Bought my very first car last month. 1997 Audi A4 1.9TDI with 242.971 miles, the engine is strong, still pulling like new

  43. One of the biggest reason why nobody is buying vehicle's is because people are keeping their current vehicle longer.

  44. I have 576tkm (357 000 mile) mercedes benz e220d and it runs like dream and starts up every morning like a new one it's 1998 year car

  45. Bought a Honda Civic vti ( in the uk its a B18c4 Doch vtec) 150,000 miles needs a rebuild its not been looked after so dunno how long ill get its got no service history only bought it coz its very rare only 82 on the road )

  46. Nice video. My next door neighbor trades cars before they go out of warranty. He somehow thinks it is the financially wise thing to do. I, on the other hand, have a 2009 Toyota Venza I bought new that has 140,000 miles on it. I did spend a little money on it this last year, but a whole let less than my neighbor spent on car payments this year. I bought the Venza new, but I will probably buy my next car used. I am looking at American muscle cars like the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger. My only fear in buying them used is the thought that the original owner beat on them hard. Do you think its safer to get a fairly new used one of those models from a dealer that had done an inspection and what are your thoughts on an extended warranty? Thanks and you have a new subscriber. Good luck on the Maclaren.

  47. Nah. Fewer miles means both better resale and a lower chance it's going to cost you time and money. Even if you have saved money on the 'buy' to fix things up, some people don't have the time to be constantly 'getting stuff done'.

  48. I´m sorry but BMW does not fall into the "good, reliable buy" specially if a high miler and if a high performance model, those cars are trashed and are not engineered with durability in mind…

  49. Hey dont forget about the salvage title vehicles. As long as u like it and no frame damage go for it. I got a 2001 4×4 z71 with 77k miles for $4,800

  50. If I find a 2014 911 991 or 2010 997 with over 100,000 miles for less than $30,000, should I consider buying it?

  51. Is a 2015 Acura TLX with 80k miles for $15,000 price tag a good deal? If it could last at least 150k miles without any problems then I'd get it. But I don't really know.

  52. I have two dailys. 91 Chevy C1500 pickup with 460k. 94 Geo Metro with 260k. Both with "Awesome Patina".The Geo paid me back TWICE, in fuel savings, after purchase, the first year I had it. I just like the lines and the ride of the truck…Whenever something major happens, I compare repair estimate to 2 payments for a new car. In the Geos case, I have to factor in 50MPG fuel savings….expect the Bankers aren't gonna get their claws in me for a while…If you like NASCAR…BIG TRUCKS…and folx who WORK HARD, please consider checking out my Channel & subscribing.

  53. The problem with high mileage cars isnt the engine or transmission, its that the body and frame start to rot away before your very eyes.

  54. Just bought a 98 vw beetle diesel engine manual transmission 170k for $700 no major issues that I have found

  55. Dude, you're comparing the bought price with the sold price. There's way more unacknowledged expenses than that for driving any car. You know these cars need fuel and maintenance that are not free?

  56. 04 S430 Mercedes 371,276 miles at purchase. Everyone loved the car and it had 2 totaled accidents. I repaired the car myself. Still drove like brand new. Purchased for $1,150 from IAA sold 10 months later for $5,000 I did add a set of "22 rims and tires that made it more eye catching 😁

  57. Saab 9-3 2002 2.2 TID, bought around 170,000 owned 2 or so years to 193,000 cost a bit on a few problems (excluding consumables). But considering the initial purchase cost, still reasonable. Hopefully most issued ironed out and will last a long time to come

  58. 266,000km on a 2005 Honda accord manual. I should just keep running it

    And it's the exl version so pretty optioned out

  59. You DON'T need to pay anyone for a PPI if you learn what to do yourself. In fact, I'd rather do it myself just to get acquainted with the car.

  60. 100k it's not high mileage, 400k its
    We drive cars more then 500k which Japanese cars and American
    2 years ago bought a bmw 520i with 100k and I'll see how long it goes
    First bmw for mw
    Previous car was 2003 grand marquis with 570k original engine.. still works fine.

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