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Why Won’t My Outboard Start?

Why Won’t My Outboard Start?

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100 thoughts on “Why Won’t My Outboard Start?

  1. #wontstart. Having issue with my Yamaha 200 hpdi now port motor. Running ruff at idel and planes out then dies down loses power. The neutral switch is the only thing that's not owemig out to 000 it's .004. The starboard motor does. I seen your one vedieo of the hpdi u were messing with it. Witch cylinders shouldn't be firing on 200 hpdi at idel?

  2. Just found your channel and love it! Itching to pull my boat out of hibernation up here in Michigan. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great job compiling all the seperate tech vidoes into one simple troubleshooting guide!! As for my best time, was out on my formula 272 so twin inboard and after hitting a wave i lost starboard engine so limped it a mile to the sandbar so kids could swim while i trouble shooted. Turned out kill switch corroded internally and failed so bypassed killswitch and started right up 🙌 #WONTSTART

  4. Great vids mate, I look forward every week to you’re up loads!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Not a fuel injected motor, but I had a Yamaha saltwater series 175hp, it would start ok but not run very well. Eventually found that one of the diaphragm in one of the fuel pumps had perished and split. Replaced the diaphragm and ran fine. Having two fuel pumps made it a bit harder to diagnose as the fuel pumps are plumbed up in parallel so upon inspection of the fuel bowls there was fuel, but under load there was not enough fuel getting through.
    Since up graded to a mercuryF150, so a fuel pressure gauge will come in handy. #WONTSART

  5. #WONTSTART I'm an upcoming mechanic and a few years ago I bought a 23 seafox for $500.. got it running, fuel looked good in a jar, so I took it out…as soon as I got the thing on plane it SHUT DOWN! so now I'm in the middle of the channel…I unhook my fuel line , I no lie pumped 2 gallons of water out of my fuel towed in… the water was trapped in a corner or something till it got on plane and got sucked up the pick up.. you live you learn. good vids brother.

  6. #wontstart This is another great video with an amazing amount of information; I admit much of it is above my 'skill-level' but I will continue to watch until I get my Born Again Boating PHD! Thank you for all the work you do; you help so many people!

  7. #wontstart So far no problems with engine just bought second hand boat this summer. I know that the information you provide will come as a great help when something goes south. Keep up the great work.

  8. #wontstart My old mercury 2 stroke would not start 20 miles out. We called Sea Tow and got aprice on towing. After talking to them I dug deeper into the problem and found on top of the motor a old glass fuse that was corroded into. So with not much to work with chopped it into and twisted it together ,taped it up . Holy crap it started while we were on the phone with sea saved thanks for your videos, they are great

  9. #wontstart I always had tough luck with mercury's when i was a kid, so 80's 20hp mercs – and it could be anything that would stop it from starting. damp coils, too much oil, choked for a pull more than i should have… i went through a ton of spark plugs on those. It would seem that the lower one would always , always foul.

  10. tried all morning trying to start motor, and after chasing the problem in a hot summer day, the throttle position sensor was out of alignment. Disconnected cable, adjusted and good to go after that. #wontstart

  11. #wontstart
    Is there a way to check if a coil pack is bad with a multi-meter other than swapping it with a coil you know works?

  12. #wontstart Twice my outboard would not start because the kill switch was just barely moved out of position. Lanyard was still in place. I enjoy your videos.

  13. #wontstart. Had a shifter not fully engage neutral = No start worst feeling ever with 5 kids on board. Keep up the great videos makes me feel a little more confident in my trouble shooting/ repair skill set.

  14. #wont start. engine wouldn't start took cowling off and saw that the gas filter was a dark rust color, changed it and engine started right away. filter hadn't been changed in about 7 years.

  15. # WONT START MINE WAS MORE SELF INFLICTED I WAS REPLACING THE POWER HEAD AND WHEN PUTING IT BACK TOGETHER I BOUGHT NEW REED VALVES AND stuffer boxes so when i bolted the stuffer boxes on the reed plate i bent the plate causing a vacuum leak motor wouldn't idle pulled apart and strighten the plate problem solved

  16. #Wontstart There is a ground in the hull, as well as in the lower end of the outboard. Did not know that, dirty ground got us stranded on 4th of July. Classic.

  17. Hey can you do a video on reviving a old 2 stroke and what parts of the engine to replace to make it more reliable #wontstart

  18. Kill switch, Fuel water separator,a neutral safety switch,Blockage in the line luckily nothing I wasn’t able to figure out on my own. Thanks for the videos we look forward to them every week#wontstart

  19. Just had an instance on the water where my motor wouldn't start. No power to anything. Figured out that it was a blown main fuse on the engine. #wontstart.

  20. I’ve never seen an in-line 6 outboard. Only inline 4’s and v6’s. But I also have never dealt with any 4 strokes.

  21. I am a technician myself, working on OBM and inboard in India.
    The way you explain it in your videos, makes us easier to convince customers here.
    I do give your video links to my customers. Thank you so much for t effort and clearity in your technical videos.

  22. #wontstart outboard would not start as a rat had chewed my fuel line, leaving a pin hole in the line. At the time of trying to start it, the line was in a rib of an aluminium boat that was full of water and junk. Cleaned the carbs out, got it going again but the motor cut out 5km offshore. Rowed back in, cleaned out the carbs again. Happened again, this time I cleaned the carbs on the water I was getting so good at it. Stripped the boat apart after giving up on the boat and found the pin hole in the rat chew marks. Happy days.

  23. #wontstart Once i had a broken ignition safety lanyard that was in place but the plastic clip cracked and the y clip had spread out allowing the kill and preventing the engine from starting. It looked just fine and after many tense minutes of checking everything else, i double checked this piece (looked normal) and found the problem. Ignition! Had to tape it in place until i could get it replaced. The sun must have weakened the plastic or someone may have bumped it causing it to crack.

  24. #wontstart I didnt know the crank position sensor had that effect on the rpm guage. Thanks for all the good info you all provide us with.

  25. #wontstart. I had an Evinrude 250 FICHT that had many no starts. I eventually found out that the spark plug gap on each cylinder had to be adjusted every 100 hours. What a pain in the neck! Question have you ever thought about a Tuesday show for, rebuild or repower your outboard?

  26. #wontstart have a bad electric choke on my Johnson 200. If you pump the primer bulb and crank it fires right up. Only does it when it hasn't ran in a while. Previous owner always used starting fluid

  27. Boosted engine beat up spark plugs with there high cylinder pressures. ALWAYS change Verado plugs at the 300 hour service or sooner.

  28. #wontstart I had just bought a Mako Proskiff with a 60hp mercury. The second time I took it out it just quit running and left me stranded on a sandbar for several hours. I went through everything I could think of. It would pull start but as soon as you’d put it in gear it would die. I had checked the prob and knew it wasn’t fowled. After a while I finally found a second fuse relay hidden behind a panel and it had a blown fuse. Swapped it out because I always carry spares and never had another problem. Love your videos! Great educational content. Thank you!

  29. #wontstart. We see a lot of bad fuel problems that we just have to.go through the fuel system and trouble shoot what the culprit is.

  30. #wontstart had points corrode up so even though they opened and closed they were electrically insulated. nail file to the rescue!!

  31. Do you trust the aftermarket ignition coils for mercury? The OEM coils are a lot more expensive but I am skeptical about aftermarket stuff. What is your experience?

  32. I have gone thru many times my engine would not start and that was on my Yamaha 25hp 4stroke and I must have changed everything. It finally came down to having to replace the carburetor completely. #wontstart

  33. #wontstart starter went bad on my buddy Joes little kicker and wrapped my belt around the fly wheel as a pull start and fired that sucker up after a couple tries.

  34. Bought old 1982 Whaler 17 for my son and the 82' Johnson 90 would not start due to corroded battery cable at engine. PO did knock $500 off price since it would not start !!! . #wontstart

  35. #wontstart Once time the fue water separator was lose and it took me FOREVER to figure it out. Sometimes it’s the easiest things.

  36. #wontstart Fishing in a friends boat and his 130hp Johnson kept choking out, sputtering and stopping. We couldn't work out what the problem was. Luckily we could just hand squeeze the primer bulb for the last 40 minute ride home. Sucky trip because we didn't catch any fish. Mainly because the boat owner didn't know how to use his new fangled sounder….or anchor….or dock…or any of the basics of boating. All the gear no idea.

  37. Had a boat that suddenly kept falling on its face and dying while under way. few cranks and it sprung back to life until crossing a boat wake and it died. cranking while quickly drifting out of the channel with nothing happening. Squeezed the fuel bulb it was firm, Pulled the cowl off and crank again, Nothing. Wiggle around some of the harness wires and boom it fires up. not knowing the problem quickly pull back into the channel and back under way. another set of boat wakes kill the motor. Do the same and if fires back up. this time I shake the harness while its idling to find a wire rubbing and grounding out, that was killing the ignition.

    I find your videos very helpful


  38. Yep the 2 stroke motors give us some trouble to start mostly because the spark plugs are full with fuel but after some time it will start. #wontstart

  39. Grew up running older boats throughout the summer. There were, and still are, always various issues that came up. Starting problems from bad plugs to fuel line issues to bad batteries. #wontstart

  40. The first problem is you bought the wrong motor. NEVER MERCURY ! Broke and dont work. From working at a Merc dealer.

  41. I had a neighbor take his boat with him on vacation and couldn’t get it started all week. It was cranking but wouldn’t fire up. And he didn’t have cell service to call for help. When he came back after his vacation I looked at it and found the safety land yard was pulled. Causing it to #wontstart safe to say a few bad words were said lol

  42. not a single person mentions or may even know about the clogging of their FUEL COOLER! Yamahas and Suzuki's….not sure about the Mercs? Talk about a real monkey wrench under the cowling! Especially if running in DIRT water…unlike down there in LaLa land.

  43. while cruising offshore one engine stop checked the battery, cables, and starter expending time when the actual culprit was a loose plug connecting ignition. We should have start looking into the basis and continuous process of elimination from there not jumping into conclusion. Luckily, we had a second engine. Thank you for your videos! #wontstart

  44. #wontstart Had a motor that ran well and after a while would cut out. Cleaned the fuel system from start to finish and had similar issues afterwards. I watched one of your videos where you commented on the fuel bulb pointing upwards on the outlet side to discover that mine was pointing downwards. Shortened the fuel line to make sure the buld faces upwards and since then, no issues. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  45. #WONTSTART had an old 35hp Johnson electric start always the battery, thank goodness for the pull cord under the engine cowling!
    Your Videos are awesome, thanks so much

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