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WHY Top Gear misrepresents Used Electric Cars 🔌🔋🚗

WHY Top Gear misrepresents Used Electric Cars 🔌🔋🚗

welcome to this week’s video this week’s
video I’m going to be talking about the last week’s Top Gear episode now I don’t
know if you saw it but it was about budgets electric vehicles and it was
filled with some massive inaccuracies and basically dramatized to make used
electric vehicles sound like they were scrap which I’m going to tell you is
totally untrue the reason I feel I’m qualified to talk about this if you
don’t know already I work and sell used cars petrol used EVs and therefore I
feel I’m qualified because I work within this industry I am a used salesperson I
also drive a used Renault Zoe and sold plenty of used Nissan Leafs Renault
Zoe’s and a whole host of other electric cars if you are interested in watching
videos about electric cars then click down below there’s a little subscribe
button click that if you’ve got the bailout icon you’ll be notified every
time I make a new video widget the current moment is every single week now
they start off straight away by slating the Zoe in leaf as boring cars they’re
not boring all electric cars are massively talky off the line I mean they
will beast anything off a line absolutely anything apart from another
EV but they will beast performance Porsches
supercars off a line you cannot be an EV that to me is not boring that it
to me just shows how much fun they can be now there is people like Ellya Gold and
Chris Ramsey who’ve modified their EV’s to make them even more exciting so Chris
has turned his leaf into a rallying leaf it’s mainly just a few stickers and roof
rack and stuff like that but Chris did the Mongolian rally in that leaf so you
can’t see it it’s boring and then you’ve got people like Ellya gold
that have completely stripped out the interior of the Zoe and turned it into a
proper rally car now there is a video top right of when I went in that rally
car it’s not a great video it was live I filmed it live and you can
hear me scream like a little girl and that is because that car is so much fun
when it’s been got proper track tyres on proper track suspension on and
you’ve got someone like Ellya Gold who’s a professional rally driver
screaming it round the corners let’s touch some some of the other things that
they said they also went into how they have no sound and how that’s boring well
yes if you are one of these people that finds a combustion noise that is
damaging the environment absolutely exciting thing you might just consider
them some EV’s have a boring sound however if you’ve driven the BMW i3 or
the Jaguar ipace that made a screeling scale electric sound when you’re
absolutely beasting it then you get the same feedback and if you’ve got
something like the BMW i8 which has a fake projective noise down the speaker
you could also argue there is absolutely zero difference personally I prefer the
electric Scalextric whirring noise that you get from the i3
now here’s the biggie for me he tars all electric secondhand cars
that are rubbish and they have only 50 mile range is when the 80,000 miles
what he doesn’t explain is that the Nissan Leaf he picked was the very very
first Japanese Nissan built Leafs which had terrible terrible battery chemistry
terrible anything that looked after the battery terrible BMS system terrible
battery chemistry and there is less than 2,000 of these leafs he said the
average secondhand electric car has a range of only 50 miles
the average no no not the average just what the small segment of car that you
picked with a you know terrible batteries terrible battery performance
when they’re old now if you look at someone like there’s a taxi company up
in Dundee that have a fleet of Nissan Leafs with hundreds of thousands of now
on and very very very very minimal battery degradation most secondhand EV’s
22KWH batteries in the winter with the heat on full will easily do 65 70
miles plus now that might not sound a lot to someone who doesn’t own an EV
but when you consider the average person in this country only commutes 10 miles
at a day that’s work back work back work it’s several days of your
journey to work and back and considering that you can plug an EV in every
single night in charge it then there’s no real massive issue unless you are
doing a long distance in which case you’ve got rapid charges on the motorway
service stations which now brings me to the next annoying little point that Top
Gear purposely dramatized and made worse and that’s the fact that they paddy
turned up at this lady’s house with a caravan and started to try and plug into
a 3 point plug and took the me that they sat around drinking cups of tea
while they wait for the car to charge no that’s not the reality of an EV charging
the reality of EV charging is that you charge at night when you go to bed
and wake up in the morning with a full tank now that’s really taken
consideration how long it takes me to fill up a petrol car where I live the
nearest petrol station is 10 minutes away so I have to drive 10 minutes to a
petrol station and then 10 minutes back to where i was going 20 minutes to charge a
petrol car for me plus the filling up time call it five
minutes to put the fuel and that’s 25 minutes and my day to put petrol in a
car it takes me 30 seconds to plug my Ev in at home and I wake up with it
full now if I went to a motorway service station on a long journey yes
the petrol car would take five minutes to fill up at the petrol station where
the EV would take half an hour but half an hour at motorway service station
is that long well let’s put it in perspective you should stop at the
motorway service station you’re going to go for a wee five minutes you might get
a coffee five minutes okay you’ve gone and walked from the building from the
carpark five minutes so we were already there 15 minutes now if you actually
time yourself most people at motorway service station that dwell time for
motorway service station is about 25 to 30 minutes which is exactly how long an
EV takes to charge so no issues there it’s not really any quicker driving in
a petrol car is it really and how often do you do those
massive journeys that you know 80 90 100 plus journeys that you’re going to have
to keep stopping at motorway service stations very very little times in your
life and if you’re going to do it that regular then just buy a EV with a bigger
battery like the BMW I3 that I have outside that does over a hundred and
fifty miles one charge now let’s move on for the
last couple of points they made they said there’s not enough charge points
cuz we’re gonna have so many electric cars a couple years yes they actually
made a valid point there is not enough electric car infrastructure but they
made the come on who’s gonna pay for it well I’ll tell you who’s gonna pay for
it commercial companies like BP polar are going to install charges to all
their petrol service stations throughout the entire country because there is a
business model for EV charge points if you stop for a charge you’re going to go
in a shop that is where petrol stations make the real money from is the dwell
time so an EV fits in perfectly to petrol stations you know a forecourts
plans pricing point they can make money from selling you coffee sweets etc and
that is what’s going to happen we’re going to see a change of petrol service stations into a more cafe based sort of system now the new BP
polar charges are very very very fast I think that after the whole check I’ll
explain if I’m wrong I think there are 150 kilowatt charges which is an immense
speed of charging now yes these used EVs at the moment on market can’t handle it
but cars are coming that can handle it and for the majority people today used EVs make meets that price point now this draws me on to the last lie they made at
the end of the program which was an eighty thousand mile leaf can only do 30
miles yes if you bought a Japan built leaf with
with the Terrible battery chemistry and it would had terrible battery cell
degradation then yes there is a small chance that you might burn one of those
old Japan listen leaves only does thirty miles to a charge but what he didn’t say
is that you could buy a seven year-old UK built Nissan Leaf that does pretty
much exactly the same mileage it did when it was sold new or you can buy
Renault Zoe that is on battery lease and the battery will be covered up to its
75% degraded and you’ll get a new battery pack now the reality is most
apart from the old Nissan Japan that Japan built leafs most used secondhand
Leafs zoe’s I3 have newer battery
chemistry that would not degrade to this level and
the degradation on most EVs is minimal I mean tiny so thank you very much for
watching this week’s video please click subscribe consider becoming a patreon
patreon supporters helped me buy new equipment microphones and also fund the
ongoing cost of running the channel like my video editing software that cost me
over 30 pound a month so thank you very much for watching
I’ll see you again next week goodbye

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69 thoughts on “WHY Top Gear misrepresents Used Electric Cars 🔌🔋🚗

  1. The TG team is just a bunch of clowns but the BBC should think about its support for oil by not promoting new technology fairly. If the Model 3 wasn't so good it too would have been slated and the BBC never mentions Tesla and the way it is pushing ICE cars off the roads – like the UK Government – it too is funded/backed by oil.
    I often email my MP, Patrick McLoughlin, ex transport minister but he ignores anything to do with EVs or renewables but they are in power:-(
    Luckily the TG piece was SO crap no-one will take it as gospel.

  2. I think most people understand Top Gear is an entertainment show. Maybe some of the comments were a little inaccurate (and some eagle eyed people have noted when the Mercedes went past the Performance Model 3 the Performance Model 3 wasn’t at full power (shown on the centre screen under the speed) but I’ve had more people talking about electric cars this week than I do normally and Chris Harris said on Twitter that he was so impressed with the Model 3 that he is going to buy one.

  3. Top Gear is not a serious car programme, it lost all authority years ago, now it’s just a vehicle for has been actors/presenters/sportsmen to act like small boys and for the BBC to use up licence fee payers money. In 20 years time they will look back on these gas guzzlers in the same way that we look at vintage cars today. TG presenters have been mocking electric cars from the start, remember Clarkson and his shooting of a Prius? Whether they like it or not, within a decade they too will be driving EVs, and probably showing off about their ‘hard new motors’. Keep up the good work, Nick.

  4. Had a 2011 Japan LEAF. For 3 years. Drove it from 40Kkm to nearly 90Kkm. Started with net 19kwh max charge in the summer and it degraded to 15,5kwh when I got rid of it. Mostly did work commutes 45km roundtrip and it was absolutely fine. Did quite a number of trips through NL using the FastNed network mostly and that worked near flawlessly. Number of times stuck with an empty drive battery… 0. Number of times stuck with an empty 12v, twice until I replaced it with a maintenance free one. Last year especially winter trips got very time consuming due to the resistive heater an barely 12 to 13 kwh usable in the cold weather. Also we ditched our second petrol car an I started using public transport more and the LEAF did not fit my wife's usage.
    That was the moment to trade it in for a second hand 2014 Zoe with upgraded to 40kwh battery (only 100 of them around in NL). And that is very affordable and made it so much easier to drive. Wife is absolutely fine driving on her own throughout the country. Nearly every roadside charger gets me at least 10kw charge speed up to 43kw at most fast chargers.
    This car is going to serve our family for a long time and with this size of battery it should fit our international driving schedule of 2 hours driving half hour pause. So we will travel out of the country with this car since with the cameleon charger it gets a nice charging speed out of any type 2 charging point. So if we stop for sightseeing something, just hook it up on a normal (slow?) type 2 charger and we would generally be full. Can imagine we will even need fast chargers that much on international travels.
    Absolutely fine, fun, easy to drive, easy to park car really fine for a family of 3.

  5. Crappy old Top Gear should be completely axed and Fully Charged should be on main stream TV instead.

  6. Good video Nicolas.I was watching TG and even the Model 3 section was biased.We took the £40K + version and burned it round the track..Really!! I think the biggest reason that Top Gear are against the EV is taxes.For every litre of fuel it costs 80 plus pence in tax and with an EV the Government are dipping out.That message cannot go out on the BBC,who after all threaten everyone with prison if they don't cough up for a TV Licence.

  7. I didn't expect anything else from them to be honest. False reporting & biased journalism seems to be the norm these days. however! Silence is golden to me.

  8. Sorry but we are seeing 2013 cars ie the gen1.2 at 64% SoH not just the 2011/2012. 2014, 75% is not uncommon for a very high cost.

  9. Didn't they slag off Tesla all those years ago and make it out to be terrible, then it came out that one of Elons employees stumbled across a script on a desk in the top gear studios that was written out to show the tesla as a terrible car ?! Also I'm sure I've read that shell and BP are top gears biggest sponsors !!

  10. I hate the fact I have to fork out money for a TV license only to receive garbage like Top Gear, total rubbish, we need facts not fiction or a bunch of ‘lads’ doing stupid stunts. I need to know what it’s like to live with the car, storage capacity, loading, towing, overnight battery loss, summer / winter distances, the list is endless, a bit like the drivel coming out of the BBC.

  11. People still watch top gear, oh dear, admitting you still watch top gear is like admitting you watch love island 😂😂😂

  12. When I get to the services I have to walk the dogs for 15 – 20 mins before I can visit the loo, buy coffee and cruise the shop, takes about 40 mins then I have to go fill up on diesel or petrol depending on which car I’m in. With our 180mile Zoe I plug up do the aforementioned routine, get back to the car, unplug and go so for me it’s actually faster to take the EV as it’s being filled whilst my life continues

  13. Lol. A Zoe can beat a super car off the start. Don't think so…. They are nippy but even out of Eco mode. Agree with everything else you said. How do I know? My daily drive is a 2018 Zoe. Doing 30 miles per day. 210 miles on a charge (in summer, less winter). Had it from new, about 6500 miles on clock. Planning next car and it will be another Zoe. Watched your video so waiting for the new "beast" lol.

  14. Thanks Nic – important to make your points- despite comments below a lot of joe public watch top gear – I have had loads of spontaneous comments from people since watching top gear.

  15. I suppose in a few years the present Zoe cars probably won't be able to use a lot of the new charging infrastructure which is a shame.

  16. I highly recommend withdrawing your funding to the BBC, I did it 15 years ago, stopped consuming their propaganda and I feel better informed and less stressed. (Prepare for government hired goods to harrass you tho). Don't know why people pay them for active disinformation, they allow so much left and right wing bias from their producers and they are supposed to be impartial, arguably more so than any other outlet, they also vastly overpay people who frankly do not deserve it. Now they pick on EVs!? …anyone who understands EVs knows they are revolutionary and embraces them, but this will serve to misguide average Joe McPiston, I can't wait for hot hatch Evs to hit the used market in the future, then I'm never touching laggy old fossil again, screw Top Gear, they are not relevant these days, more and more petrol heads realise the insane power EVs are capable of.

  17. We should not get over excited about charging speed. Charging takes longer than filling. However, that is the only disadvantage of EV‘s AND it only matters on long trips. My EV has a 28kWh battery and I can drive for about an hour at 130kph. Obviously, there are no roads where you actually can do 130kph for an hour, so typically I can drive one and a half hours at the speed limit between charging stops. Charging takes 15 to 18 minutes at standard 50kW chargers and 10 to 15 minutes at the HPC‘s. Obviously, I could drive for 3 hours and then charge for 30-45 minutes with the likes of a Kona.

  18. Nicolas, I agree with some of what you say and really want an EV but for those of us looking for a decent sized EV on a smaller budget circa 3k there's nothing out there. Yes there are some older first gen Leafs, but from experience they generally have shot batteries with between 35-50 mile range, I just cant get the numbers to work.

    I am no Eco warrior and have no interest in spending all of my savings on an EV, I happily drive round in a 14 year old ICE car. I do around 7.5k miles a year, it costs me around £140 a month in fuel and RFL is £26 odd a month, maintenance is negligible as I do most of it myself and run it on a budget, I dont know how i'd do this with an EV, I really want to, there's so many benefits that I can see but at the end of the day it all comes down to cost for me.

  19. It’s unfortunate that people as a whole, are more willing to believe and spread bad news and straight out lies. Than believe in good and true information. What’s the saying? Something like, a lie will travels around the world, before the truth has got its boots on.

    The present government is not in favour of renewables or encouraging EV adoption, and the Beeb are their lapdogs. So it’s little surprise that they’re doing their best to trash EVs. It used to be, that TH had a thing against caravans. Now it seems, that they have a thing against EVs.

  20. Yes all done by Paddy Mcguinness who is a thick twat anyway . These guys who know nothing about EV;'s and are crap at cars in general.

    on a side note I can vouch for Mr Raimo! – he sold my ZE40 for me.

  21. Well said but I don't expect anything else from Top Gear, in fact I don't watch it anymore, at least Clarkson was an amusing dinosaur.

  22. Good video, Nick, and great points made! Completely agree that the forecourt charging model is great for the likes of BP, where they have a captive customer for thirty or so minutes. Stick a welcoming café on site and a bit of retail, and they stand to do very well. I suspect we'll see more hub-like set-ups springing up on this basis in the coming years.

  23. The trouble with Top Gear, it's for children and brain dead adults. Top Gear hasn't made a decent, informative motoring program in many years, because the BBC thinks people want to see childish behaviour while driving. No wonder there are so many dangerous idiots on the road.

  24. Yea, what. A load of bull from Top Gear. My used Renault Zoe 22kwh that I bought last year has just ticked over 20,000miles and battery SOH is at 98%. Just today drove 81 miles and still had 19% left when I got home.

    At that deg I will still have 90% range left at 100k miles.

  25. This needs saying. Thanks! Too Gear is Top Fear re EVs because the editorial team are still trying to recover viewing numbers following Clarkson and teams departure. The last thing they have is a forward looking vision and understanding of the automotive industry over the next 5 years. If you are SERIOUS about understanding the future of EVs look at NOW YOU KNOW YouTube chanel. These guys have the data. You think the demise of ICE vehicles is fantasy fairyland? Well good luck come 2023 (3.5 years away) when your ICE car is worth zilch.
    The vested interests of big manufactures and big oil producers want to hide this truth. Ford US are laying off thousands of workers now, as gas cars aren't selling. The next leap in EV sales will come when electric SUVs and Pickups are onstream. Why is the US allowing the sale of its oil reserves? Because they are heading for an oil glut as ICE cars give way to EVs. Transport is the largest oil consumer. Check out NOW YOU KNOW YouTube chanel. The BBC has abandoned its remit to inform. Never rely on them. Enjoy Too Gear for what it is. Cliches and a laugh. 😮

  26. I don’t think anyone really took it seriously , especially anyone who has em EV. The more videos like this show up actually makes people wonder if there was in fact any truth to it. Don’t get me wrong I understand your piston but I think the EV movement are starting to sound like like a bunch of weary Willie’s that can’t take a joke.

  27. Those of us that live out west in the USA who can run up to visit my cousin in Wyo and back in a week. Say 1,800 miles round trip, with side trips. No rapid chargers on that route. So we may need to keep a petrol vehicle for that job, and towing the boat, etc. Have an EV for a run around car …

  28. and you do it the lengthy way. i only unplug it on the car then plug it on the wall or the other way around cause it's tethered cable so it's even quicker for me. haven't been on a petrol station for ages. works for me

  29. Watched this a couple of days ago and have had to come back to say the car they had they did not misrepresent. You said yourself the old Japanese ones are rubbish. They had an 11 reg one. I have spent a year trying to get a bottom end LEAF and these are the problems I have been facing. I know I need a 13-14 plate one with at most one health bar missing but I can't find one that some dealer is not trying to screw me with. As for buying a triplet they are just scrap.

  30. Boring? What other cheap car allows you to listen to Classic FM on the move and actually hear all the music? What other cheap car allows you to show a clean pair of heels to Mr R Head at traffic lights? What other cheap car gives you priority front door parking at many Motorway service areas? What other cheap car costs so little to run?
    Been there , done that, Now with the savings in fuel costs on my old LEAF I own a new LEAF.
    Top Gear should go in the bottom drawer together with my Flared jeans and platform soled boots!

  31. My friend who is like Clarkson says it only an entertainment programme , But people believe this rubbish, and they remember it , then quote it back . its so scripted too. get it off .

  32. When I was an apprentice, the garage in Paignton where I worked, had the only diesel pump between Plymouth and Exeter. Who is going to pay for all those new tanks and digging big holes in the ground needed to install all those diesel tanks? Or the extra infrastructure, diesel can't be mixed with petrol, it will need different tankers to deliver it and diesels are slow, noisy and smelly, they will never be popular. – If you look at what was quietly achieved in the past, I'd say catering for evs should be pretty simple.

  33. The bit that really really annoyed me, was when they were racing round that town and Paddy pulled off for a charge. Seriously? That race couldn't have gone more than 5 to (max) 10 miles. Who'd start a race without a full charge??? And another thing….. Granny cable??? Why on earth didn't he use a rapid charger? And those doors @*%&&$£!!!

  34. Great article. We need people like you calling out the FUD-makers. Most have a hidden agenda to kill EV's, particularly Tesla cars as they are disrupting big-auto, big-oil and other industries. As well, Tesla's mission statement says it all. They are prepared to go under if it forces the transition to a sustainable future. And I back that mission by owning shares for the long haul.

  35. I regularly do 500 miles in 9 hours in a fiesta. Stopping once for petrol that takes 10 minutes.
    If I use a leaf I would have the heating on, lights on and being Scotland wipers as well. With stopping to recharge and providing no one else is using the charger it would put an extra 4 plus hours on my journey. And also if the chargers work. I had a friend who couldn't get north of Perth and had to go back south because all chargers were down north of Perth
    Until we start getting sensible mileage out of batteries or you can recharge within 5 minutes, not have to sit in lay byes waiting for a charger to become vacant, wait for the owners to get back and unplug their car because they decided to go off to a hotel for the night, they'll never catch on. But i look forward to the day that happens.

  36. Yep, is similar BS propaganda in Poland. They take exactly 1 model of Nissal Lif and do not go more like 30km range!

    Thnx for the video! 👍🤘

  37. To bad i cant charge at home,unforunetly i will buy my first car a gas one,used of couse,cant aford new

  38. It;s getting so predictable and boring now. Petrolheads will always compare the best case of fossil cars with the worst case of EVs.

  39. Top Gear with EVs is like watching the "before" in an infomercial.
    Everybody knows EVs don't work, and you could put an eye out!
    I think the writers are afraid that if they admit the Tesla's a great luxury performance car they won't know how to do a show: Here's another expensive car that can't beat Tesla.

  40. You admit that driving electric cars is more expensive since you will have a long waiting time and spend a lot of money in the restaurant.

  41. Top Gear is really just an old tatty urine-soaked comfort blanket for skaggy fascist petrol heads. One day they might grow up, or perhaps not!

  42. What we need is EV's in Rally Cross. That would really convert the fossil heads especially when the EV's keep trashing the fossil burners.

  43. Yes you are right 😄🌏 today I had to fill my toxic van drove 3miles through traffic 10 minutes fill up 5minutes got some toxic on my hands 😨then drive back to to where I began 10minits 25minits and 70liters of toxic diesel to burn to help kill my planet mmmmm Top Gear has had it's day and I say goodbye to there old fossil ways 😁#buzzofftoxic

  44. Hi Nick! So glad your cleared up all the false statements Top Gear made. It really frustrated me watching it hearing all the garbage they were informing the general public with. I own a 2014 Nissan Leaf 24kWh and we still get 85 plus miles to a charge no problem at all. I would highly recommend a used EV to anyone.

  45. I used to enjoy watching Top Gear, as it appealed to that primitive part of me, the callow, semi-adult teenage boy – full of testosterone, stupidity, misapplied high spirits and well-worn unPC jokes. It is, and always has been an entertainment show for such people. But to deliberately misinform the public in regard to electric cars (the programme has a record for doing this) is unfair, and not helpful to us trying to reduce CO2 emissions and the appalling levels of air pollution.

  46. My nissan leaf is the most fun car to drive I have ever owned. The acceleration is amazing.
    The performance numbers don't tell the whole story because you don't need to change down to get full power, it is always there.
    I drive it in echo mode all the time because otherwise it is hard to drive smoothly.

  47. In the UK, a low range BEV might be practical. In SoCal the average commute is 50 miles round trip, and there are many people who do double that. Since so many people here have BEVs there are never any available chargers at your employer. Most people here need a 200+ mile BEV, because what BEV advocates never mention are that in real life there are always unplanned trips. I always keep 100 miles range on tap in my Bolt and commute with the remaining 100 miles (I only charge the battery to 85% to minimize battery degradation).

  48. Hi Nick good to see you at FCL. I gave up watching Top Gear years ago but I thought I’d watch that episode and see what they had to say, your all right what a bunch of plonkers.
    That’s it I will never watch that program again.
    I think the BBC is killing our planet, having presenters driving around as fast as possible burning up the now diminishing amount of oil left on our planet.
    Having Sir David_Attenborough explaining that this planet will not last for ever unless we do something to reverse the damage that’s already been done.
    Sorry rant over. Great videos.

  49. Or you could buy a newer model with 300+ mile range; better than many petrol cars, and rivalling a number of Diesel rattlers. Thanks Nicolas. Yes, we were shouting at the computer screen during that comic programme too. 

    A 'Grand Tour' episode from last year appeared on YT recently. Clarkson was full of praise for the Tesla Model X, so we thought, 'This is a turnaround for the Orang Utan!' ….. and then he inflated the price of the top spec model. At which point the video was cut off. Leopards and spots came to mind.

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