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Why These Disneyland Employees Can’t Afford Rent | NYT – Opinion

Why These Disneyland Employees Can’t Afford Rent | NYT – Opinion

I would describe Disney as
magical and fun and fantasy. My name is Glynndana Shevlin. And I’m 58 years old. I’ve been there
almost 30 years, which will be a big
anniversary for me. Is it fun? Is it a great job? Yes. But biggest misconception
is that we’re paid well. I’m not alone. Some of us are food insecure. I usually wait and eat
my lunch around 3:30. And that’s my first
meal of the day. One out of 10 of us are
homeless of some sort in the last two years. Some of us are
sleeping in our cars. I’ve done that a
couple of times. I would describe Disneyland
as the happiest place on earth. And it’s definitely one of
the best jobs I’ve ever had. It’s just a shame that
no one can survive on it. I never thought,
especially being a licensed cosmetologist,
that I would ever be having to sleep in
my car, especially not for a company like Disney. And I’m not excited for when
my clients see this and see that I’ve been
homeless, you know? Because it doesn’t say
anything about my skill level at all. Chairman and chief executive
officer of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger. Thank you. I never quite
envisioned it would be this grand or this great. If a corporation like
Disney has enough money to pay its CEO
over $400 million in a four-year
period, it damn well has enough money to
pay its workers. [applause and cheering] [drumming] I just don’t understand how
people survive off the money that Disneyland pays them. Disney can do better
by taking care of us. [speaking spanish] We have so much support
in the community. These are just issues
that need to be resolved. We work tirelessly. On November 6th, vote
for a living wage. Enough is enough. [waves crashing gently] Me in 1988 was able to afford
a one-bedroom apartment. It is now 2018. And I’m sleeping in a condo
with five other people. When they find out
that I work at Disney as a hairstylist
doing these wigs, they assume I’m getting
paid at least 30 an hour. But we absolutely do not. To Bob Iger, just — we love our jobs. Just pay us right, you know? We just want to survive. [waves crashing gently]

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100 thoughts on “Why These Disneyland Employees Can’t Afford Rent | NYT – Opinion

  1. Capitalism is the devil, these people work hard and are being denied not only success but a livable wage. Socialism is the future, we are no longer starving farmers and house wives, we can feed, house and train ALL our people, so just do it. If greed is the only language you understand well it's cheaper to train people and give everyone health care who cares that it's the right thing to do right?

  2. I had worked with a cast member who died homeless in their car. I live paycheck to paycheck barely able to pay my bills. $15/hour is not enough.

  3. STAGE A WALK OUT! They pay either $18/hour or get no employees. No employees = no money for Disney from visitors!

  4. If AMERICANS knew that their fellow Americans were living in their cars so they could have a good time on their vacations, are we good enough people to choose NO DISNEY? I really wonder …. we have no camaraderie, no solidarity …. YET. Workers Unite! Screw political parties, they don't care about workers!

  5. Disney is pretty much representative of every major Corporation on the planet. Shareholders before ANYONE or ANYTHING else.

  6. These people are miracle workers of my childhood they make me special idk how the world started as magical fairy tales and adventure and end up with debt and poverty

  7. no one deserves 15 an hour to punch tickets or dress up in ridiculous cartoon costumes. Thats your choice dont complain. Go work somewhere else if you dont like it


  9. Why doesn't Disney just build 1 bedroom apartments for their employees and charge cheaper rent for it, so they can work Disneyland, and have a place to afford.

  10. if you dont feel like you are treated well by your employer, go get a different job. there another problem solved.

  11. Disney makes so much money this is horrible man but nobody cares they’re just going to say it is what it is And do nothing

  12. This is so sad to sse a massive corporation like Disney who can easily afford to pay their employees who do so much to keep it going barely be scraping by like this. So sad! I hope it changed for them. 🙏

  13. I dont think this video is true, I've heard that Disney employees are not allowed to speak about there employer,much less still have a job after sharing any kind of degrading thoughts about the happiest place on earth

  14. Shame on you Disneyland!! How does a homeless employee bathe for work?? Build some hostel like living quarters so at least they can bathe and go to the bathroom in safety and dignity.

  15. CEOs in Iceland caused the same kind of market crash and recession the U.S. had. You know what they did? They let big businesses fail, fined and imprisoned those that caused it and used that money to help their citizens.


  17. ok, I know a lot of you are saying it is unfair they are not getting paid enough, but what I am going to say is there is people in 3rd world countries who would love to live in a 5 person condo. Its there fault for choosing to work for disney, they get paid in hapiness of there job, if that girl is a good hair styles, she should be able to make much more at a real hair shop.

  18. Just living near Disney in insanely expensive. They should have inexpensive housing for employees at least

  19. Sounds like its time for an organized walk out. Oh wait that sounds all most like a union doesnt it. Hmm maybe if their employees had someone looking out for them as a group things would not have gotten this bad. I know alot of people dont like unions but without them many of the laws which protect employees today wouldnt exist or wouldnt be as effective. One would think a company like Disney would be more concerned with public opinion when it comes to their employees welfare. I bet the employees who had the guts to appear in this were either quietly let go or Disney took them aside and gave them some back room deal for more money in exchange for their support with the obligatory non-disclosure agreement of course.

  20. It should be illegal for places to hire full time workers who can't afford rent. I'm seeing it all of the time, Adults having to live with their parents, and it's awful. This is why minimum wage needs to change NOW.

  21. Can someone shared the average wage per hour and minimums wage per hour for Nonskill labour of US to me? From what I see the 1 hour wage of them is equal to my country whole day of working? So I feel it pretty high in my opinion. And yes in my country a non skill worker is struggle to get a house in the city too(which is sad) but I think in this aspect it happen all around the world right?

  22. Disney is so horrible they should be paying their employees it’s disgusting they all live the high life when their workers that work so hard to make everyone happy and they are living in their cars and homeless but yet they still come to work. Better off at Walmart that is so terrible it’s sad they have millions and millions they are one of worlds biggest brands if not the number one and they seriously do this it’s heartbreaking the workers even have to ask or go against them they should be willing

  23. Just leave..jump ship and leave, if they all leave or at least threaten to, then they will get what they want. How anyone can continue to work for a company while not being paid enough to live is crazy to me.

  24. Show me a Disney employee, a McDonalds employee or an Amazon employee that is thinking of voting for any other candidate for president other than Bernie Sanders… and I'll show you an employee that is not really serious about making a standard living wage. For 40 years Bernie has consistently been fighting for the working man and woman. Bernie 2020

  25. Went there when I was 8 years old, had a blast. Today, however, after seeing this, I'm now having second thoughts.

  26. Disney Land is great and they make nice movies but lmao do some research on the shady things they do, and you'll realize it's not magical anymore, just lies

  27. hey, i'm a licensed cosmetologist, so instead of pursuing my career obviously looking towards other cities for work i would rather just assume that if i can't find work i'm going to work at disneyland.

  28. Bruh this company probably makes trillions a year and their workers cant even live in a house? Disney wtf they are like 40%of your income

  29. Liberal policies have led to S.Calif. being so expensive. Try Texas or Florida: you can live OK on a lot less. Or, try not electing Democrats to run your state into the ground.

  30. Just remember, when the French peasantry couldn't take it anymore, they chopped off marie Antoinettes head off.

  31. People who are multi millionaires are all sociopaths. Our job on this planet is to help others. To work together.
    Is capitalism working? Works for a few old dudes I suppose.

  32. Sorry not trying to be mean but try sum thing else there is lots of opportunity’s out they that u will hv fun with

  33. Here you go crybabies. A 15 year old Mom in the philippines. This filipina in the video would LOVE to have your problems. She would love access to fresh water, a bed, an education, a chance, an opportunity. Watch the video and stop crying.

  34. Or, Or, you can chose to not work there and find employment elsewhere.
    Or create a business.
    Or go off the grid.

    I get it, its terrible for people to be living in their car. But no one has put a gun to their head asking them to work there.

    I am sorry but the world does not work according to fair play. It works on pure, unadulterated self interest. Its in the CEO's self interest to pay themselves more and their workers less. Its in the workers self interest to ask for more.

    If you think Disney is cheap, don't buy or consume their products. Don't work for them.

  35. I remember going to Disneyland in Anaheim back in 2000, I was talking to an employee about the wages, he said he belonged to a union and was paid around $22/hour, but I guess it didn’t go far on California. Disney reminds me of Walmart—they make a ton of money but won’t pay their workers a decent wage.

  36. So strike. Tell Disney salt and pepper don't help a term paper. Disney will fill all the positions with illegals if they don't get caught and I'm sure someone will turn a blind eye to it!

  37. Looks like the CEO is worth $65 million per year for the company. They should just let him run Disneyland all by himself if he is so valuable.

  38. Bro, pay your employees bi***es. Its a magical place. Help them to live. Imagine your one of them. Pay them money you f*****g DONKEY!! I FEEL LIKE GORDON RAMSY WHEN HE'S ON A RAMPAGE!!! PAAAAYYYY TTTHHHEEEEENNNN YOU FU****G DONNKKKEEYYYYSSSS!!!!!

  39. You have got to be kidding me right? It’s a free market. If you don’t like the pay then find another job or do multiple jobs. Hustle. A financial analyst at Disney is at 65K, senior manager is 132k, Director goes up to 200k. If you’re serving food and brushing hair and have little skill set why would you be paid more than 30k? You can stay where you want or move away or out. Many do it so did my family and we made it work.

  40. Devil land . Disney uses 666 in all their advertisements. I hope they fall all the way to the pit . Pay a living wage 25 American.

  41. These people make thousands of people smile everyday but they still get less money then servants they have to be played the same amount as doctors

  42. Disney would be better off building housing for its employees since the cost of living in that area is so high.

  43. I absolutely agree that these people should be payed more, but the problem with this bill is that it will bring smaller business down… They don’t stand a chance

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