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Why The Fiat 500 Abarth is a Performance Bargain | 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth [4K]

Why The Fiat 500 Abarth is a Performance Bargain | 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth [4K]

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pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 expnd0expndtw0kerning0
outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 Alright, so what I’92ve got my hands on this time is
a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth, a physical embodiment of the phrase ’93good things come in small
packages’94. Now, to us Americans, the Fiat 500 is a relatively new addition to our streets.
Fiat unveiled the American version back in 2010, and this was the first Fiat to be sold
here in the US in about 25 years. So when these came out, a lot of people had no idea
what they were. Overseas, however, it’92s a different story.
f1fs24 pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0
cf2 pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 The original Fiat
500’92s spilled out of Italian factories starting in 1957. The small, rear engined
car was hugely popular in the post war market, along with other affordable options like the
VW Beetle. And when I say small, I’92m not joking. The original Fiat 500 was only 9 feet
long end to end, and the engine was a 479cc, 13HP engine. That’92s the size of an average
motorcycle, the thing was hilariously slow. I’92d give you a 0-60 time, but the first
models couldn’92t even do 60! It wasn’92t until the Sport model with a blistering 21.5HP
came out that the car could reach a top speed of 65mph. That last .5 HP makes all the difference.
But the 500 didn’92t need to be racer. It was cheap to produce, and therefore cheap
to buy, perfect for the cash-strapped economy in Europe. Additionally, the small size and
maneuverability made it the perfect car to own in a big city. A cheap car that was easy
to own, park, and maintain spelled success for Fiat, and the car sold in big numbers
all the way up through the mid 70’92s, until the discontinuation of the 500 lineup in ‘9175.
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cf2 pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 So how does the
reboot stack up to the original? Well, it seems to have picked up exactly where the
original left off. First, it’92s cheap. Fiat advertises the 2017 model as starting at a
hair under 15k. I even went onto the website and fleshed out a higher trim model with their
Beats sound system and bigger wheels, and the ticket came out at just 21k. For comparison,
a base Mini Cooper starts at 20. f1fs24
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pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 Secondly, it’92s
still small. Quite small. Not quite as small as the original, it has grown 3 feet in length,
but it is beyond doubt a compact car. The back seats’85 exist. I wouldn’92t call them
comfortable, though. But the small size still makes this a formidable city car. Parallel
parking is very easy, and the short wheelbase makes it a zippy little car, good for getting
in and out of traffic. f1fs24
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pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 So the 500 is good.
But, this is no ordinary 500. As you can tell from the 8 million scorpion logos inside and
outside of the car, this one is special. f1fs24
pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0 cf2
pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 Yes, this is the
Fiat 500 Abarth version. Abarth is Fiat’92s in-house tuning company, similar to AMG for
Mercedes and the M division of BMW. So what does Abarth give the 500? Well, you get stiffer
suspension with Koni shocks up front, sporty wheels, larger brake discs with red brake
calipers, but most importantly they slapped a turbocharger up front, taking the HP from
100 in the base to 160, and 170 ft-lbs of torque, all of which are unleashed by pressing
the sport button. Ooooo. f1fs24
pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0 cf2
pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 This car is a concentrated
dose of fun. The engine is peppy, and the short wheelbase makes it feel light on it’92s
feet. 0-60 takes about 6.9 seconds, but you’92d be forgiven for thinking it’92s quicker than
that. This is a car that tricks you into thinking it’92s faster than it is, and as i’92ve
said before, I’92d take a slow car that excites you over a fast car that you can’92t use
fully every time. And it does excite you. Steering is good. Because the driving position
is so high, it really does give you the sensation that you might tip over when cornering at
speed, but if you stick with it, it seems to do more than alright. And while the sporty
suspension does helping with cornering speed, it does come at the cost of some comfort.
It’92s definitely a stiff ride. f1fs24
pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0 cf2
pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 I don’92t know
that I like the steering system in this car. It’92s an electric rack, and it gives less
feedback than I’92d like. f1fs24
pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0 cf2
pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 The interior is
okay, quality materials are used on the stuff you use regularly like the steering wheel
and shifter, but everything else is a bit plasticy. And speaking of the shifter, the
gearbox is good, though the throw is a bit longer than I’92d like it to be.
f1fs24 pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0
cf2 pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 If this were my
fiat, I’92d be driving with the windows down every single day, just so I can hear this
insane Abarth exhaust that much clearer f1fs24
pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0 cf2
pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 I mean, that has
to be one of the best stock exhaust systems I’92ve ever heard. It sounds like a miniature
super car! If someone had their eyes closed and you did a drive by in the 500 Abarth,
they’92d be shocked to see what it actually was.
f1fs24 pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0
cf2 pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 This car is just
so much fun. I can’92t stop smiling! f1fs24
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pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 It’92s quick,
it’92s adorable, it’92s Italian, and it has immense personality. This makes sense,
given the nature of Mr. Abarth himself. f1fs24
pardpardeftab720sl280partightenfactor0 cf2
pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 Carlo Abarth took
over a failing racing team he worked for in 1949 and started Abarth & C. Abarth chose
his astrological sign as the mascot for his new business. The company tuned and rebadged
cars, manufactured exhausts and other racing components for cars, and participated in motorsport
for many years. But Abarth wasn’92t just a businessman, he was a competitive racer
from an early age. Supposedly even at age 11, he had figured out that he could outrun
the kids on their scooters if he lined his scooter’92s wooden wheels with leather. Later
in life he multitasked winning motorcycle racing championships and engineering bicycle
and motorcycle chassis for his company. He suffered a serious injury in a bike race,
but instead of retiring from the dangerous sport, he designed a sidecar for his bike,
and held an event where he raced the Orient Express train over 800 miles from Vienna to
Ostend, and he won! He was passionate and hardworking, and his Abarth cars reflected
it. And when he sold Abarth to Fiat in 1971, they were smart to adopt his mantra of speed
and agility. f1fs24
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pardpardeftab720sl500partightenfactor0 f0fs37fsmilli18667 cf2 So this car has
the spirit to match that of it’92s founder. The 500 does remain a top choice for urban
living, and the Abarth wackiness will put a smile on your face every time you get it.
The only question I have is, why don’92t we see more of these things on the road? Is
it because we don’92t trust Fiat yet on this side of the world? Is it because the small
size of the car doesn’92t match up to the wide open landscape that covers 95% of this
country? I don’92t know. What I do know, however, is that should you ever get the opportunity
to drive one of these, you absolutely should.
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57 thoughts on “Why The Fiat 500 Abarth is a Performance Bargain | 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth [4K]

  1. This is a great video and commentary. I have a 2013 Fiat 500 Turbo with a Maxpower EMC and Go Pedal from 500 Madness. Love my car. Looks like that Abarth needs a wash.

  2. The best review yet on the Abarth. Very informative and insightful. I have a 2013 Abarth and your right on. I love it! I'm glad Fiat came back to the states. Thanks for your awesome review!

  3. I actually love this video, i feel informed and i actually laughed when the meme was inserted, but your doing a great job, keep it up and yes, i sub'd!

  4. I saw your review before I bought my bone stock (zero options except Nero headlight & taillight package) 2017 500 Abarth with 9 miles on it. After almost 1800 miles, I find almost all of your information to be accurate. Doing a u turn in the car is probably the biggest complaint I have about it, followed by the fact that it doesn't have a ton of cargo space. The pros about the car far outweigh the cons, and it's so fun to daily drive in the city. Thanks for the good review, it and other reviews helped me decide to buy this fantastic little car.

  5. You deserve way more subscribers, content is awesome and real. I own a 2017 Fiat 500 abarth, and I have plans to make it have 230+ hp.

  6. very informative… love the history lesson as well. I have to say though this Abarth has clearly had the piss driven out of it which is probably a good sign, someone is clearly enjoying the hell out of it!!

  7. How in the jiminey cricket fuck do you have 77 subs……ive watched these shitty car reviewers like dude in blue and other hacks and they don't have half the quality your videos have….i call it YouTube not pushing your content….subbed….fuck dude in blue and all those other hacks

  8. Hey there, I live in Phoenix Arizona & I have a 16 abarth yellow automatic transmission. I traded my 15 abarth bc I love ❤️ the first one so much lol. Fiat dealership made me a deal I could not refuse. It's my daily driver and I also have a 16 mustang GT. Hey I rather drive this little fiat more so over the mustang, go figure 🤔 AND THE ABARTH PUTS A SMILE ON MY FACE Every TIME!!!! Hell I don't even listen to the radio anymore. That exhaust is INTOXICATING!!!! Lol👍🏼

  9. yup I only have it for 2 weeks and LOVING IT !!! my other car is a rare BMW M COUPE so I have a good reference to compare it to …. PERFECT CAR TO DRIVE ON THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO AND TAKE IT TO THE COAST ON HIGHWAY 1… I GOT THE CABRIOLET 🙂

  10. saying this ONLY because I'm particular – the name Abarth is pronounced: ah-bart, the "h" is silent as is the case in many Austrian names. Great review and loving the red. Mine is white with black accenting and honestly, I cannot get enough of this little pocket rocket

  11. Very well done review. Most people don't get it about the Abarth. I much prefer having a car that I can go out and find a twisty road where the speed limit is like 60 (ish) with lots of 20/30 mph curves and not have to slow down, than an American muscle with tons of hp that you can only go to a track to appreciate it (legally). Haven't found a muscle car yet that can keep up with me on the mountain roads and switch backs. Heck…I've had cars like Porsches slow me down.

  12. An honest review of the toy from italy, my wife and I are owned by an Abarth, we were looking for a pickup. On the test drive I was smittened by the performance the handling and the sheer fun. It has , since we were bought by our gumdrop, went to missouri once, three times to california without a single problem! We are into our third year of being owned, and it has been trouble free. There are bits that are troublesome, arm rest breaking, careless dealers treating it like just another fiat. But for the most part, I would buy another one in a heartbeat… That is the highest honour I can bestow on any car..

  13. 4k video, awesome composition with your drone in the challenger video. I'm guessing photography background? Great videos man. Also what camera are you using? I just started recording in 4k but posting in 1080p. Find that it leaves me more room for cropping etc

  14. From point of view of an Italian Abarth lover, I must thank you for your excellent review. I do own a 500X 1.4 M2 Turbo and I will surely buy a 500C Abarth Competizione 180CV asap, I would also thank you for giving FIAT such a nice caress, in a such competitive market like U.S.A. historically house of giant cars, at least for European standards, seeing such little bombs , " exhausting" hard across your streets is a lovelly thing , thank you again! greetings from Pisa!

  15. Great vid! Only it’s better to compare Abarth with Brabus for example. They modify a car model to perfection en change the name of the exual car brand. AMG is still Mercedes. But Brabus aint. Just like Abarth is no Fiat anymore.

  16. excellent review. thank you for the backstory as well. keep up the great job. i have a yellow 2017 abarth with 5 speed manual trans. i love this car. had a 2009 smart brabus before this.

  17. How is the reliability? I'm obviously going to get a manual, and have read reviews that the clutch goes bad quickly. I would be buying this vehicle to drive to college which is roughly 150 miles daily. Wonder how well this car will hold up after 4 years of that.

  18. Nice review i drive the Abarth 595 turismo (2017) mta and i love iT one you drive iT you understand how special. The car is

  19. I own a 2016 500 abarth black and green and ur 100% correct. Smiles per gallon and with a few small mods intensives the abarth 500 experience to lvls of lunacy lol. 35 mpg 200 wheel horse power in mine and just a joy to drive slow or fast

  20. As a recent 500 Abarth owner, I did a lot of research before sitting in the car. There are a lot of reviews on the 2013 models and beyond, from many larger channels. I've subscribed to this channel because this is the first review I've found that went this deep into the Abarth name. Even Jay Leno only touched on it in the review he gave. Good work.

  21. Back in 2013 I was looking at getting a new car and I wanted something different. They were new on the scene and I almost bought one. I test drove a few of them and loved many things about it, but it doesn't have a spare tire which can be a pita at times, the "trunk" is abysmal, and it's made by FCA. The only way I would have felt comfortable was if I upgraded to the Chrysler unlimited warranty with it. In the end I got a bulletproof '13 Civic Si that I've been very happy with at well over 100K that hasn't had anything break.

  22. I loved your review, but I wish you would learn a little more about the company, It is Abarth & Company That he founded He did race motorcycle, but his success started when he was building components for some pretty Munding cars I E fiat and Simca , His actual real business was performance exhaust for those two types of cars , He also build some very rare and interesting 356 Porsche called Porsche Carrera Abarth he also built a Simca Abarth 2000 lab salute be used for that era, an aluminum body light weight 2 seater coupe with a twin cam 240 hp engine hanging out the rear, at one point his involvement was solely with Fiat cars, eventually he was brought into The Fiat Group, he was the first tuning company to a Major manufacturer decades before , the M division for BMW and AMG for Mercedes , it’s ironic that you have to compare Abarth to AMG and M divisions , They were the original tuning company , Nevertheless I did enjoy your review.

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