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Why Not to Buy Nanotechnology Products for Your Car

Why Not to Buy Nanotechnology Products for Your Car

rubevup your engines, today I’m going to talk
about how nanotechnology products in some cars, is nano nonsense, now to
understand nanotechnology, realize that the first real idea of nanotechnology
came from the physicist Richard Feynman one of my heroes, way back in 1959
Feynman described the possibility of directly manipulating atoms, and that
eventually led to nanotechnology which is manipulation of matter at an atomic
or molecular level, and technically nanotechnology is the manipulation of
objects were at least one of their three dimensions is anywhere from 1 to 100
nanometers large, now a nanometer is a billionth of a meter, to give you an idea,
this piece of paper it’s a hundred thousand nanometers thick, so one
nanometer is a real tiny little space and in the scientific world, a lot of
stuff has been done with nanotechnology it’s quite fascinating, but when it comes to
the automotive world, a lot of stuff that’s called nanotechnology it’s just a
scam, and here’s one of them that I tried out, it’s called armor shield 9,
this little bottle is like $69 and it’s supposed to seal the paint on your car
and make it shine and last forever well this armored shield 90 came in a
little box with an application pad, and some microfiber towels, so I tried it out
just like the direction said on some cars and one this tiny little bottle couldn’t
even do one little car, contrary to their directions and really it didn’t last
that long, and it really didn’t look that great either, was very hard to apply, I
guess they’re so into small at this nanotechnology stuff that they sell you
small amounts of this stuff and it really doesn’t even work that well, I personally
found that this new finish, this can cost me $9.99, it works just as well if
not better, this is been around for ages you can buy it at any store, so my advice
on this nanotechnology waxing coatings, hey they don’t sell it in the stores for
a reason, people would be furious if they spent 69 bucks and it messed up their
paint or it didn’t do anything, and they wasted all that money, when they could
of bought a ten dollar can of wax that works just as well,
so my advice on this nanotechnology micro sealers that you can put on pain
and stuff, stay away from it they even had one that you sprayed on
your windshield that was supposed to seal your windshield, heck it didn’t
last very long, it didn’t work very well either,
but nano technology in cars doesn’t stop there, I’ve had people sell me these
little syringes that you squirt into your engine oil, that are supposed to
rebuild your engine as it drives with nano technology, now sure it would be great if
you were a car doctor and you had a syringe and you injected some of the
stuff into a worn engine, and it would coat everything and make the engine like
new, but really you live in dreamland if you think that’s going to actually work, one
you’re just squirting this stuff in, it’s not going to molecularly bond and rebuild your
engine, I mean if it really did have stuff that bond and on, it could bond on
to the wrong parts and clog stuff up inside your engine, especially a modern
one like in this Toyota, it has variable valve timing with tiny little holes that
could be blocked up, now I personally tried out a bunch of these little gels,
they might call them nanotechnology or ceramic nanotechnology, I had so many of
them then I took some and I gave them to a friend of mine, he was an engineer at a
big oil company, he was this mad english genius, and he analyzed these all and said scotty,
you know we actually did look at that kind of formulation in the past, but we
came to the conclusion that we’re never going to put it in any of our oils, because
it either had a deleterious effect where it would clog stuff up, or it would have no
effect at all, I mean if stuff like this really worked, people would sell it in
oil and they would make a fortune and of course, inevitably the people that
sent me this stuff, I contact them and said, look I need some proof from actual
scientists who’ve tested this out and showed how it works, well guess what,
every single one of them I never got to talk to a real scientist at any of them,
but one of them linked to this one scientists, so I got
hold of the guy, and he said, hey I’m going to get a hold of them, they use my name
saying that I said this product works, I never did any such thing, he wasn’t going to
stand behind anything like that, he wasn’t a fool, he’d ruin a scientific
reputation vouching for some snake oil like this, and of course the companies
themselves, they have all kinds of testimonials that are anecdotal, oh I put
this in my diesel and it had less blow by and lalala, but really all of that stuff
is either totally made-up, or may be for a short period of time it did something,
but over time it’s not going to fix anything and it really could clog stuff
up, so this is even worse than the sealers you can put on paint and stuff,
because you might end up destroying your engine using something like this, because
when it comes to people using the name nanotechnology with cars, it’s often just
nano nonsense, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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100 thoughts on “Why Not to Buy Nanotechnology Products for Your Car

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  2. The cheap nano ceramic coatings i found are better than any waxes ive used and last just as long or longer. Quite a few waxes in hot weather tend to make dust and dirt stick to the paintwork more so needs washing quicker while ceramic coatings doesn't. Now the real deal ceramic coatings which are not cheap and cost a pretty penny actually last a couple years with maintenance. Motto is you get what you pay for with common sense involved ofc.

  3. Not that is Scotty at his best. He speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Greetings from Switzerland Scotty! Great videos!

  4. Love all your vidoes Scotty. "Nano nonesense" that is pretty funny. but I think your PR should in clude "for now." Because sooner or later there will be a nano coating that will prove your quote wrong.

  5. Scotty is usually right on but wrong on this one. I have ceramic coated vehicles and when done properly its far superior to any sealant or waxes. Not even close, the beading of dirt and water is so much better. You can also dry your car with a blower. My car washes take half the time on ceramic coated vehicles. Scotty needs some more experience in ceramic coatings..

  6. Can not ,man in Vedio speak in Cool manner.He is over stretching ,and twisting words.we Indians do not like this shouting way of speaking.

  7. I worked for Amalie oil and they sold this stuff called Greased lightning and it had Ptfe in it, it clogged up engines and they ended up in court quite a few times.

  8. Look up nanoceramics. They are totally unrelated and inapplicable to paint coatings. The name sounds impressive and high tech…but it’s a marketing gimmick, much like the pseudoscientific terminology used to market pricey women’s cosmetics. Evidence of these coatings’ effectiveness is entirely anecdotal, a sure giveaway that there’s an absence of scientific support.

    ESCA is an analytical technology for providing information about the chemical composition and binding energy of surfaces. It is ideally suited to understanding these so-called ceramic coatings. Has it been used to characterize them? No.

    If these coatings were of real value, why are they not applied in the factory, where no prep would be needed? Claims about them suggest they’d extend the like-new appearance of a vehicle, and make washing easier.

    Re: oil additives. There is a legitimate basis for a nanotechnology-enabled extreme pressure antiwear coating based on potassium borate. Under suitable temperature conditions, a borate nanolayer forms on metal parts, which dramatically reduces wear. It’s typically used as an oil additive in, eg, heavy equipment gearboxes.

  9. Beware of any advertisement that uses the word "TECHNOLOGY", nano or otherwise. It's usually a scam.

    As for Feynman, he was really good at manipulating tiny things, like atoms and coeds.

  10. nano tech is suppose to be nano robots that goes around fixing things, i heard if you dont like the color of your NEW car or truck you can call the factory and ask for them to change the color of your car, and they hit a button and the color with change

  11. Alright grandpa, since we're talking about bs products, I want your opinion on ,"NEVER WAX YOUR CAR AGAIN" that costs atleast $30 a piece like top coat f11, produxa, shine armor, the last coat, hyrdrosilex and many more

  12. The high price with such a small quantity is the dead giveaway it's a scam. Throw in the claims made and it's purely criminal.

  13. Scotty, try “Dri Wash N Guard” made by DWI International. I’ve used it since it first came out in the 90s. It’s all I’ve used since then. It’s not nanotechnology but it’s awesome.

  14. Nano, everything is on a Mirco level, what, They say "scientists in a lab spent years and
    years making this" something that doesn't work. The nuclear bomb is a Nano construct and
    that there folks works. Fact, Words play a massive part in the deception of making money

  15. I Put that Nano stuff in my engine and it rebuilt it from the inside, it bored it out 30 over, put a stroker kit in it, and changed my connecting rods and pistons to forged units, added a new intake a procharger, now I make 500 more HP all for $19.99!

  16. Scotty, ceramic coating is proven technology bud. It’s proven to do exaclty what they claim it does. You need to due a little more research there guy.

  17. I use a nanotech windshield coating stuff from Germany and it makes the water go away without wipers and makes the wipers work better.

  18. Feynman… one of Scotty’s heros? I did not see that coming (not an insult). I love this channel, but a Scotty just got a whole lot more interesting.

  19. I hope everyone realizes that ALL chemicals work on the nano-scale. Branding something as nano-what ever, is like saying… "Hey folks, buy THIS refrigerator because it keeps food cold!" (Note: ALL refrigerators keep food cold.) Kind of like the term "AI". Which is just a marketing term. The computer industry could not make AI work for the past 40 years, so they changed the meaning of the term "AI". Nowadays, "AI" is just a spreadsheet (dynamic data input) connected to a photocopier (dynamic real-world action). There use to be a person in the middle, but now that they can have a spreadsheet talk to a printer directly, suddenly this is somehow revolutionary? Nope. It's still just a spreadsheet and a printer.

  20. I have a 94 mustang that still shines better than any brand new car in a showroom I’ve ever seen. I use Collinite 885 marine and aeronautical grade paste wax. I use it on my boat and one day I decided to use it on my car. I won’t use anything else. One of my friends tried the nano coating and was complaining that the water doesn’t bead up like it’s supposed to. I pour water on my car and it all runs off and stays dry. Unbelievable product. Of course I recommend a light cut with a buffer before applying to smooth the surface, but you can apply this stuff once or twice a year and never have to wash your car again. I run a water hose over my car when it’s dirty and lightly wipe with a microfiber and dry it.

  21. A friend of mine is a professional painter.. He has posted a few times about how much of a nightmare removing these products from a paint job is.

  22. Hey Scotty, I have question about quality headlight bulbs. I researched for the brand Phillip and I have reading it that it pretty much junk as a short life spans in any different level of brightness. Can you tell me which brands I should look at or tell me what you know from your opinions? Thanks and keep up the good videos!

  23. I will almost bet he didn't use the product correctly. I'll bet he just washed the car and applied the coating which will not provide the results of ceramic. The paint has to be free of any contaminants. If he didn't prepare the surface right, he literally just put the coating over those contaminates. Probably didn't let it cure for 24 hours either. No wonder it didn't last any longer than a wax does.

  24. I have been using Nu finish for years! It even can remove oxidation using a foam pad buffer. I also use it on boats and it works great for hard water spots.

  25. I checked out a couple of those supposed nano technology worn engine repair products. While I did read a couple of positive testimonials, from local automotive stores (in Australia testimonials must be legitimate), but I went with my better judgement and didn't buy any of the products, for the same potential hazard reasons you mentioned.

  26. I collect antiques … back in the late 1880s and 1890s when electricity was first becoming a thing … every scam company that wanted to sell anything, attached the word "electric" to it.
    They even had "electric" corsets … lol

  27. Scotty, certified Nano Ceramic coating installer here. It’s all in the prep, a proper prep and paint coatings (quality ones like GTechniq) are amazing. Absolutely must do a good clay bar and single stage if not dual stage polish on them via machine, then an IPA wipe then application. Application is more difficult on the high performance ones, and they are legit. Google nano ceramic coating under microscope and you can see how it actually works. Some work better then others.

  28. Ceramic coatings work. I love Scotty, but being a good mechanic doesn’t make you a good detailer.

  29. Agreed that the Nano Ceramic coatings are bullshit, But polishing a car will bring your paint to a mirror like finish if done correctly, waxing a car will have your polish job last longer then no wax, applying more wax will not do anything for your paint. But it is good to have some sort of protection on your paint after you are done polishing it.

  30. Feynman is one of my hero's too..a true genious…and a pot smoking crazy guy who played the bongos and held his CalTech office hours in a strip bar

  31. I'm sure he just applied it on a "dull and neglected" vehicle and wanted a brand new paint job for $69 first you have to "paint correct" polish to remove scratches and swirls. Then apply the ceramic coating

  32. From reading their website, it seems that the product works best when you apply it in temperatures around 70°F with low humidity. This does not seem to describe typical Houston weather in late May.

    The main problem with these coatings is that they are generally very finicky to apply. It doesn't help that the sellers of these coatings don't make it absolutely clear how finicky they are Most folks will get the best results by applying a high-quality paint sealant every three months or so (and topping off with a spray wax every so often).

  33. You’re right about one thing. They don’t sell it in stores for a reason. And that reason is most people have no clue how to properly apply a ceramic coating.

    A real ceramic coating that has been properly applied is NOT a nonsense product.

    A ceramic coating job from a professional can run anywhere from $750-$3,500+. You can definitely argue that the cost is not worth the benefit, but that is subjective. But the product is quality. There’s a reason many car enthusiast wouldn’t think twice about having one applied. There are even coatings like that have self healing capability’s. You can pour hot water on the paint and the swirls or scratches actually heal themselves.

    Somethings that are misleading is some companies market them as being scratch “proof” which they’re not. They are however more scratch resistant

  34. Scotty I know what you are trying to do: You are fishing for some kind of snake oil conglomerate that will pay you 10 million (or more, nowadays 10 mil is kind of scant) 10 million for you to QUIT! Some scam product outfit that considers you such a pain in the butt, ruining their sales the way you do, I think you are on to something! Lets see what'll happen, one day we klick the Scotty Kilmer channel……NADA, NOTHING, GONE while Scotty has moved to a nice little place in a warm tropical country!

  35. I coated my car 3 months ago,went with turtle wax and rainx this time glass and paint, it still repels water and washing it is as simple as rinsing and driving if i want it to be. Been using the stuff since i bought it new, its a dodge and 8 years old, and doesnt have any rusting paint🤔 total on the 2 large bottles was 16 bucks, put wax to shame. I barely even have to use my wipers when it rains anymore.

  36. You should try NanoVit! The company from Germany can explain how their products works and give you details to "scientists" which proved the product bevor. Also they have won the price for innovation from the Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE) 2008.

  37. Scotty I am a huge fan of your videos, but I believe you are speaking beyond your element here. In this video, you are using a very cheap gimmicky product which advertises ceramic properties (9H) but it isn't even an actual ceramic product. If you spend more money on a quality ceramic manufacturer's product such as GTECHNIQ or IGL coatings, and if you properly prep the paint (wash, clay, wax removal, IPA wipe, compound, polish, IPA again) then apply the product, it will absolutely work as advertised (8+ year life expectancy). It's very easy for someone who doesn't know what they're doing to mess this up, hence why auto detailers are charging $1K+ per application. It is also necessary to properly maintain these coatings as they will break down over time just like clear coat if you don't even wash the car. I have spent many years studying the chemistry of ceramic coatings and they are absolutely a remarkable milestone in the advancement of protective coatings, for automotive and household use. As for the other products you displayed, such as the engine products, I am sure you are correct they are all gimmicky products, but as for the paint protection, ceramics are very real and do work. I am very happy to point you in the right direction as far as scientists and other automotive professionals demonstrating how ceramics do indeed work. Cheers!

  38. Spot on Scotty. This is just like the audiophile world nonsense. Snake oil salesman everywhere making money out of people who want to believe 😁 I have used NuFinish for years, great product. Also used many others along the way but not this nonsense 👍

  39. Nano crap are the worst in every commercial application whether cloths cleaning products I m still waiting for cloths which does not need to be cleaned

  40. I got my car fully detailed inside and out but the ceramic coating the detailed shop used on mine was from CQuartz. I got it done November 15th 2018 and I havent used any soap since then and just pressure wash my car. Water still beads up uniform to this day!

    Just dont ask how much I paid for all of that….

  41. i love you scotty but this sounds like the ramblings of a boomer who doesn't trust them computer doohickeys. properly prepped and applied ceramic coating is actually a fascinating product and it was a $80 value after paying for my recent full paint correction on my 2017 civic. the results spoke for themselves in my eyes. and now when i wash my car all the brake dust just rolls off with the water.

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