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Why Not to Buy a V6 Car (Inline 4 Cylinder vs V6 Engine)

Why Not to Buy a V6 Car (Inline 4 Cylinder vs V6 Engine)

rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk
about what should you buy, an inline four-cylinder engine, or a V
configuration six-cylinder engine, people often ask me which one should they buy,
so I’ll give you a little history lesson so you can understand the state of both
engines these days now the first really mass-produced car
was a Model T Ford and that had an inline four, it was easy to produce, simple
and could last quite some time, but alas they were slow as molasses, so then later
they came up with V configuration engines, which have more horsepower and
torque because of their design, as you can see on the V configuration engine, it has
half the Pistons on one side and half the Pistons on the other side, so it
idles smoother and it has more torque and power, but of course it costs a lot
more money to manufacture, in the inline four-cylinder engine, you can see there’s
less moving parts and it’s easier to manufacture it cost less, it does get
better gas mileage, but it does have a tendency to vibrate at idle and even at
higher speeds it has more vibration, but over the years designs have changed, a 53 Ford
v8 put out a hundred and ten horsepower and weighed thirty-two hundred pounds,
but this 2007 Toyota Matrix, it has a four cylinder engine,
it puts on 126 less power and weighs 2,700 pounds, so it has more horsepower
and weighs a lot less and check out this late model mustang it has a four
cylinder in-line and it puts out more than 300 horsepower, it has a 2.3 liter
four-cylinder engine, but what a four-cylinder engine, it puts out 310
horsepower and 320 foot-pounds of torque so for most people, you really don’t need
a V configuration engine, the four cylinder in-line ones put out plenty of
horsepower these days, now granted the V configuration engine because of its
design, is smoother, it idles smoother and rides a lot smoother, but they can cost a
lot more money to maintain, on this v6 design, you got to take off the whole intake
manifold in order to change the back three spark plugs, while in this
four-cylinder engine 1,2,3,4 there are the spark plugs, they just come in and out in
five minutes and being smaller and lighter, they get better gas mileage and I
know some old timers are going to say all those four-cylinder engines though
they don’t last long they burn themselves out, well that’s not true
anymore, at least with well built ones like this Toyota, it’s got two hundred thirty
nine thousand miles on it, doesn’t burn oil and still runs like a clock, in my
experience it’s the modern v6 engines that actually wear out faster, they have
more moving parts, they’re more expensive to repair and being cheap myself, they cost
more money to buy, if you buy a v6 car it’s going to cost more than the
4-cylinder same car, as you can see in these 2018 Camrys the four-cylinder one
is 24,000, while the v6 is twenty eight thousand four hundred and fifty dollars,
now there’s a little bit difference in what’s in the cars, but basically it’s
the difference between a four cylinder and a six cylinder engine that you’re
paying for, so if you’re wondering what type of engines to get in your next car,
my bets on a four cylinder in-line engine, they got plenty of power and can
last a long time with a little maintenance, more quick fixes on the
Scotty Kilmer channel, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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100 thoughts on “Why Not to Buy a V6 Car (Inline 4 Cylinder vs V6 Engine)

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  2. Scotty , your tips are great ! I also work on my own cars, and have got a lot of great advice from you ! Keep it up !

  3. come on scotty 4 cylinder direct injeted ecoboost egine wont last very long it could have power but wont last.spark plugs lol how often you change spark plugs my golf gti has 191kmiles bought it with 80kmiles and i havent change the spark plugs en 6 years lol

  4. Idiots in the comments are just obsessed with horsepower. Oooo look my car is fast im sooooo cool.

  5. Sir. Are you aware of new engines can switch between v8/V6 to V4 mode on highway? So yes, a v6 not only give you better MPG then your I4 on highway but also give you more power on uphill roads. Also, the engine will turn off different cylinders at different moments so it will last much longer than an I4. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. u must have much phlagmatic mood they are the best teacher and councelors to the king carring loving social tecknical very carm knolegable..and not over weight..but they some times attracks dragons near them who attact them..

  7. I find that a car needs around 300Nm (220ft-lb) to start feeling the force of the car accelerating. A V6 will make the car shake and throw your head back <3 Hate my weak 4 cylinder

  8. I enjoy my VQ30 and my J30. Both great engines and fast for the time they were made. I had a 3800 Series 2 and liked it except the intake manifold leak.

  9. Never buy a Mustang w/ a 2.3L EcoBoost I4 or a 3.?L V6. Get a V8 whether it’s a 4.6L V8 (05-09 GT), 5.0L Coyote (10-Present GT, Boss 302, BULLITT), 5.2L Voodoo (Shelby GT350), 5.2L Predator (2020 Shelby GT500), 5.4L Supercharged V8 (07-12 Shelby GT500), or a 5.8L Trinity (13-14 Shelby GT500)

  10. Scotty…..what do you think of the new Ram’s 1500 E-torque system. I am contemplating on buying this truck as I don’t like the other manufacturer’s start-stop systems. Thanks

  11. If you gotta have a 6-cylinder engine, go for the straight 6. However the best engines are the 5-cylinder Volvo engines

  12. V-configured engines are like .45 ACP: no real advantage over more practical modern alternatives, but old timers still can’t accept that because dammit that’s what we’ve always used!

  13. He talks about the "late model mustang with a 4 banger making 300HP" but conveniently leaves out that is a turbo charged 4 banger. Show me a naturally aspirated, mass produced 4 banger with 300hp from the factory then we can talk.

  14. Now you just made a video saying don't buy the Ford eco boost 4cyl engine. This is the same engine that makes 300 plus hp, that your saying is great in this video. ….Iam starting to think you wear sunglasses because your stoned.

  15. In small-medium size lightweight cars trying to balance fuel economy with adequate power 4 (or even 3) cylinders are dandy and often the only choice. But for big vehicles that need power to carry or pull heavy loads and not stress the engine, the V6 or V8 is the required choice. What is amazing is how much power & torque a new V6 can put out compared to the V8s of just 15 years ago. In the end, electric motors are going to replace all the cylinders.🙂 Cheers, Scotty.

  16. The v6 are nice because they have 300 ish hp ALL MOTOR. where as the 4banger has less power, unless u get the turbo. But having a turbo WILL kill the longevity of the motor especially if you dont catch it when the turbo fails.

  17. I currently have an 07 camry 3.5 v6 with over 184 k miles. Runs smooth and amazing. Wat are the most expensive things to replace for this car?? Like starters or spark plugs???

  18. I'm 34 and I've pretty much only owned I4 engines since I was 16 (well, besides the i3 Geo I had). Every time I own a V6 or V8, it feels strange to actually have more power than needed. I drive aggressively so I am used to always flooring the I4 engines and revving them out pretty good. Not sure which is best, but for small american streets a 4 cylinder is plenty, for anything else, the extra power of 6 or 8 feels nice.

  19. Honesty, 4 is great for city driving but horrible on the highway. If a majority of your commute is highway get a v6.

  20. Hi Scotty, appreciate the great content. Considering the things mentioned, for a bigger SUV vehicle such as the Toyota Highlander would you recommend a V4 2.7 or V6 3.5 engine?

  21. Front wheel drives have the engine in sideways they should make a front wheel drive with the engine in the back.

  22. Hi scotty ive wanted to buy this ised car gmc 2017 but my concern is the engine it is 2.5l i have concern because i have 2 cars a jeep patroit 2.4l and dodge journey 3.6v dodge save gas more and far more powerful is this could be the same as gmc? Pls help

  23. My Subaru Outback six boxer is so smooth and quiet I sometime forget to turn it off when I get home!
    (Only the lights tell me it is still running!)

  24. You might think that inline 4 is reliable, but fill your car up completely with cargo and people and that this is going to be STRESSED going up any hill. V6 any day no question

  25. Yes but buying a new car is find if you have the money, it's cheaper getting a new motor than a new car , that why????

  26. today's V6's are overkill for the average driver. The 4 cylinder in my wife's Camry is far more than what most people need/use.


  28. It depends on what 4cyl you buy ive seen some that was pure junk, I believe I'll always stay with a v6 , ive never gone wrong with one of them,

  29. I drive a Holden Commodore 3.8 V6.. it's done over 300,000 ks and still goes fine . Just other things start to go when they get old, all cars need parts replaced as they age irrespective of make. But he's right, some are better made and more reliable no questions about it.. never buy a car that was made on a Monday or Friday.

  30. Don't pull a ski boat or trailer with a 4 cylinder engine. The real problem is steering and stopping the trailer. If your tow vehicle is too light the boat or trailer can simply push it out of the way. Always check for the tow limit weight of your vehicle.

  31. Toyota V6 engines are bullet proof, smooth, fast and efficient. 4 cylinder engines are noisy and slow. after having five four cylinder cars and two six cylinders I can tell 6 cylinder cars are much more joyful to drive.

  32. But Honda and Toyota 4 cylinder engines don't have nearly the horsepower you're mentioning in that Mustang! I tried a 4 cylinder Acura and it felt pathetic and weak to drive – even my 6 cylinder is disappointing for how weak the acceleration feels – I'd really like a lot more torque. Driving at high speed is dangerous and can get you costly speeding tickets so I prefer to get my fun by feeling powerful acceleration from 0 – 30 which is a quite safe way to have fun in your daily driving!

  33. V6 engines are harder to service especially when mounted in a FWD drive vehicle (i.e. transversely). But modern spark plugs can last 100,000 miles nowadays.

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