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Why Not to Buy a Salvage Car

Why Not to Buy a Salvage Car

rev up your engines,
combo says should I buy a used car with a salvage title, what is a salvage title
thanks from Hawaii, not a good idea ever to buy a car with a salvage title, a salvage
title means this, an insurance company totaled that vehicle, was either wrecked,
flooded, stolen, smashed up, something bad happened to it, then somebody buys that
car from the insurance company really cheap, so you’re getting a car that was
totally by an insurance company, and insurance companies told them for very
good reasons, they don’t just ladi da Oh well will total this one, we won’t total
that one, no when they really messed up they told them, so it’s never a good idea
to buy those, the only way that it’s good is if you know the truth, like if you see
one and it’s got dings all over the roof in the hood from hail damage, then an
insurance company will total it, if it was only hail damage the car could run
perfectly fine, you’d just be driving around with a car that’s got a million dimples
in it, Brant says a brand new Lexus ES 300H is it a good car to buy, their
well-made cars, but like I always say I am NOT a fan of hybrid cars, their
technology is so high and when they do break down it costs so much, I’ve had
customers buy Lexus hybrids and loved the car, until they got to be eight or nine
years old, and when stuff started to break, Oh man those parts were
expensive on those cars, even something like the switch for the electric
windows the main one were like 400 something dollars for a little switch
assembly, they are expensive as they age I personally if I was getting a Lexus I’d
get a non-hybrid, it’s your money do whatever you want with it, but just realize as it
ages you’re gonna have much higher repair bills with a hybrid than you are
with a non hybrid, Nicolas Provo says both my
front brake hoses blew after I hit a pothole, how can this happen, well you must have a
pretty old car, because the brake hoses are made under a burst pressure that’s
supposed to be about ten times what you’re normally going to step on it
you must have an old vehicle, I’m assuming you hit a pothole and if it was
a really deep pothole, it’s gonna make your tires go really down and then up
and cram them in, that’s gonna stretch the hoses, and being old and having them
stretched, that’s probably what popped them, realize
your hoses are to let the suspension go up and down and your wheels to turn and
of course the most their ever gonna do is you hit a big pothole and they’re gonna go
down, and then when you come up they’re gonna go up, and that could be enough to
actually rip them and make them tear when they’re old, maxim kelly says hey
scotty what do you think about learning to drive a manual transmission, it’s a
good idea you know I mean I learned on an automatic chevy and then I bought
an Opel when I was a kid, I already have my license, it took me five minutes to
learn how to drive a standard transmission cuz I already knew how to
drive, in my father’s generation where they learned how to drive on a standard
transmission, whoo wee man that would have been hard to do, cuz getting the
clutch, the peddle and the brake and everything all set up, and you’re
learning how to drive, that’s a hard deal, but once you already have a license and
you know how to drive, the best thing is they all have hyrdaulic clutches and the
shifter is usually on the floor very smooth, they’re very easy to learn how to
drive, you can do it in an empty parking lot on the weekend somewhere, it’s the
best way to do it, it’s how I taught my kids, the
acerbic atheist says, how do I get smell from spilled bong water out of seat, ha
ha good look at that one, I found that the best thing to do, that resolve
cleaner that comes in a spray can and red spray can, that stuff’s pretty good,
it’s got I guess the same thing as that oxy cleaner they used to advertise
on TV, and it’s pretty good at getting stains and smells out, and what you can
also do is, there are guys you can pay they will ultrasonically clean your
seats, and then they have really good cleaners that can not only suck that all out,
they can do it three or four times they can have special ionic cleaners,
that they’ll stick in the whole car and leave it there all night, full blast to try
to get all the stench out of the car and sometimes that worked quite well, I had
people that you know threw up in cars and stuff party people, and they left it
overnight with the guys they left their machines hooked up, the next day the
smells were gone, y2k XZ says do you miss the snow Scotty, well I was born in
Niagara Falls and I miss it theoretically, it looks nice but I don’t
miss working in it, I don’t miss shoveling the snow, cuz when I
was young nobody had a snowblower and my
family is too cheap anyways, even years later we were out there with a shovel
shoveling it by hand, I don’t miss driving in it where people are sliding and
smashing into each other, when I want to see snow, I do stuff like get in a jet
airplane and go to Lake Tahoe, last year I went to Vancouver and went to Whistler
I mean it was beautiful there, but I don’t want to live in it anymore, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

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