Why New Cars Aren’t Built to Last, Even Toyotas

rev up your engines, and Andrian says
I’ve seen your Toyota Celica is pretty much bulletproof but what about in the
seventh generation Celicas the t230s are they as reliable as the older
generations, no they’re just not they’re all computer controlled and the ones that
had those Yamaha designed engines they blew up because something about the oil
pan wasn’t the right size when you cornered it scavenged and suck air and
then they blow from loss of oil pressure now you could fix it yourself, they have kits
where you put a different oil pan that’s wider and holds more oil and then they
don’t scavenge like that and they work perfectly fine, I know guys that have
done that and they haven’t any problem since then, they’re just not as reliable as the
older ones, it’s sort of like if you want the height of reliability, well-built,
and they’re gonna last a really long time, basically you’re talking to mid 90s
to late 90s Toyota, cuz even the Toyotas aren’t as reliable as they used to be
it’s everything’s going planned obsolescence that’s the world these days
you know, they sit around said why should we make a car that lasts a million miles
then we won’t sell as many, so you know they’re all kind of together with
more plastic more computer-controlled stuff that’s gonna break, slow down low
ten says Scotty what do you think of the 2000 Mitsubishi Galant es with one
hundred thousand miles for five hundred bucks I’m from San Antonio the ac blows ice
cold it’s all I care about do you think it’s a good buy, well if
it has ice cold AC, you’re paying five hundred bucks for a Japanese car that has
130 thousand miles and you road tested it and it check out then yeah it’s a good buy, I mean you
want to rent a car, I rented a car for five days that cost me 500 bucks, so what
the heck give it a chance you know, if it’s an automatic they got real weak
automatics and if you do have it and after a while the automatic transmission
goes bad on a Mitsubishi just get rid of it, but what the heck why not buy it
for five hundred bucks you know, that’s nothing, Lei lei says Scotty with a
steering wheel conversion from right-hand drive to left hand drive be
worth it on say a Supra or GTR not really cause it’s such a pain in the
butt to do and it costs so much money, I mean that’s why when I was in a Virgin
Islands on vacation I thought what a crazy country, it’s the British Virgin
Islands so they all drive on the left side of the road
but almost 95% of the cars there have the steering wheel on the left not on the
right like they do in England, because even though it was the British Virgin
Island the closest places they bought cars from was Florida, so they were all
American cars so they had the steering wheel on the wrong side I didn’t even
see a single one that was converted over every once in a while I’d see an
Englishman who had an English sports car like an old mg and it had the right in
steering on it, but all the other ones they were american-made cars and they
were over there and nobody converted them because it cost too much money to
do, Larry baby says Scotty loved the show, I got a silly questionnaire, there aren’t any
silly questions if you don’t know the answer, can you disconnect the battery so
you drain all the juice will that reset the computer abs, a lot of it depends on
the vehicle, what type it is, what year it is, but generally the ABS system has got
a memory in it that’s gonna stay, so if you disconnect the battery wait a minute
and put it back on and you got an ABS code generally it’s still gonna be on, I mean
if you want to try it and it resets it great but if your lights on generally it means
you got a problem, so even if it reset it and you turn it on you drive around the
block and the computer sees, yep that ABS problem still there it’ll turn it
right back on you know, it’s no miracle, I mean you can try, but on most modern cars
they’ve got enough Keep Alive memory in them that once they trip the
code it’s not gonna get rid of that code unless you get a guy like me with a high
level scan tool, that says reset all the ABS codes, when we get it and we say reset codes, it
give us a list of what codes we want to reset so we can pick either all or one
at a time to set, if you just take the battery off usually it won’t reset the
ABS on most cars, any modern ones anyways, travel mate 03 says Scotty I have a Toyota
diesel I love it, if I put the car in neutral on the clutch depress
downhill on the brake there’s a grinding almost banging sound what could it be,
okay you’re putting down at neutral and you’re hearing a noise and you’ve picked
up the clutch and noise goes away, then you got a clutch problem, could be the
throwout bearing is going or the clutch pressure plate, Springs are going out and
they’re clanging around inside, it’s time to pull off the transmission and put a
new clutch in, when you buy a new clutch take my advice don’t just think, oh I
need this one piece, buy an entire clutch kit because you can get clutch kits for
less than 150 bucks most of the time if you price around, it has every single
piece that you need, has to throw out bearing, the clutch pressure plate, has
disk, it has all the parts that you need and the good ones even have a little
alignment tool so you can set it up and have it aligned so the transmission
slips in better, always buy the whole kit, don’t just buy one part it’s an expensive
job pulling a transmission takes a lot of time, you don’t want to try to save
nickels when you’re doing a job like that, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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