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Why My Scotty Kilmer Live Stream YouTube Videos Were Deleted

Why My Scotty Kilmer Live Stream YouTube Videos Were Deleted

rev up your engines,
Kim Hansen and Kim says, why aren’t the older live podcast available on YouTube
anymore, very good questions here’s what’s happening is, I changed to a new
format, you’re watching me live you can watch me Saturday at 10 a.m. Central
Standard Time here on YouTube and one o’clock in the afternoon Central
Standard Time on Thursdays, this is all broadcast now, you’re watching me on my
Samsung S9 and as good as a camera that it has on it, when you do live podcast
the quality is kind of poor, so while this is happening, over here, I have my 4k
Panasonic camera filming it, once the show is over, every day of the week I’m
now turning that podcast into three-minute highlights, with really nice
graphics, so every day of the week about 4:30 and afternoon Central Standard Time,
you’ll see I have a new video up and it takes questions from the live car talk
with graphics and answers, so every day of the week you can watch me for 3 minutes,
so watch those videos when they come out, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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100 thoughts on “Why My Scotty Kilmer Live Stream YouTube Videos Were Deleted

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    This was an excerpt from one of my Live Car Talk shows where I answer your car questions Live. If you enjoyed it, every Thursday at 1 pm CST and Saturday 10 am CST I live stream and answer your questions!

  2. Scotty, That was your reason. It should be up to all your viewers to decide whether it makes sense or not. Personally I still like your old format to watch/listen the whole session. I do not care with graphics you edited. Thanks,

  3. A long time radio syndicated automotive Q&A show I listen to broke their 2 hour rebroadcast up into 2 separate postings. They used to release the entire broadcast two days after airing. Now The Under the Hood Show releases the first hour two days after airing and the second hour two days after that. For what is worth- The syndicated Q&A shows wont call a spade a spade. They wont inform callers the risk of certain models/platforms that are junk. In my opinion Scotty has a misguided fondness for the Ford engines that a working man should avoid (Triton 3 valver V8s) but the rest is spot on!

  4. Hey Scotty, what do you think about the 1996 to 1999 Mercedes E Class, should i buy one in 2018? There are a lot of people using them in my country and they sell pretty cheap.

  5. Scotty my 2016 Nissan Altima is bogging down when I start it when I go to the store I'll step on the gas and it barely moves what is wrong with it then all of a sudden run just fine then I'll do something else I'll start the car try to take off and it bogs down like I'm not getting fuel to the system what could be the problem

  6. Scotty you remind me of my grandfather. He was a really smart aviation mechanic and inspector. He used this stuff called mouse milk. You might of heard of it. That was the greatest stuff to him. He said it will clean injectors and the fuel lines. He used that stuff to clean the insides of his shot guns. Don’t know you ever heard of it. I know it’s effective as it gentle my grandpa said.

  7. Good idea but why not keep both other than to keep the channel cleaner looking? Appreciate the continued service, Scotty!

  8. Scotty
    Do you spend all of your time doing videos now or do you still function as a full or part time mechanic in your local area?

  9. I love Scotty, but he didn't answer the question of why the older live streams were taken down. A former teacher used to write ATQ on a test if you tried to BS your way through a question without answering the question.

  10. Scotty, I hope that you will reconsider this new method. It weakens your support among subscribers. In my case, many times I can't watch your videos live. Now I can't even watch the older one which have been removed recently. The short segments are ok, the new graphics funny but irrelevant but, more importantly removing the full length segments makes it impossible to catch the entire show if you can't watch it live.

  11. Personally I wish Scotty would do both. I don't care at all if I get spammed a little, I'm willing to trade quality visuals for quality information. I've always found the podcast video list helpful because there were a few videos in particular that helped me, and I'm not always able to watch the livestreams. I loved listening to them while I worked outside, or on my own car.

    I'm not accusing at all, but to me this seems like just trying to make more videos just for the sake of making more videos

  12. I need your help Scotty I'm going to buy new tires for my 1991 Ford Ranger XLT 2. 3 liter 4 cylinder it's not four-wheel drive and I'm going to buy new tires tomorrow what kind do you recommend because the truck is only used around the yard please help

  13. That"s cool cause I assume your picking the best questions! So tired of hearing you being asked what"s better a BMW,a MERCEDES or a PORCHE? You hate them all!,and anyone whose listened to 1 show,knows that!! Week after week,it was getting old!

  14. I'm very disappointed. I loved watching your live talks while I'm doing stuff or commuting or what have you. I hope you change your mind about this because if not then it's unfortunate for myself and your fans.

  15. I work during his live shows. This formate doesn't work for me 😕 makes being a subscriber kind of pointless now

  16. I used to download them and listen in the car. Can't do that anymore. I hope this doesn't work out and you post them again.

  17. I use to like the long video format. I can get a 3 min clip from any old YouTube channel. Not happy about having to keep clicking on videos to learn about a variety of vehicles where as before I had a non stop half hour of car advise on many different cars. Would at least like the full videos back. ISO long format car advise content now 🙁

  18. Isn't the answer obvious? He makes way more money breaking the podcast up into multiple short videos than posting one video of the entire podcast.

  19. It's your channel, but just chiming in that I liked the full videos much more. Shame you took down the old ones, so much great information gone.

  20. Sorry Scotty, you should have picked a safe politically correct theme like non binary valve, transsexual injection motor repair.

  21. New format or not, there was no reason for you to delete the old ones. I wanted to binge listen to those (don't care about the video). At the very least leave the full 30min podcasts up and still do the highlighted videos. They will both generate views. I'm not a fan of highlight videos as I like to get all the info.

  22. An enormous amount of time is being spent on YouTube or where ever else by the gentleman in question. This must somehow be paying his bills or he's simply independently wealthy.

  23. You make great videos, I always learn at least one new thing in all of them. Plz, plz, keep up the good work!!!

  24. Was watching scottys channel religously for the 30 minute podcasts. Now probably wont watch any sadly due to this. Easier to click once and not hsve to find another video every 3 minutes. His podcasts went through my surround sound in my house so I can listen to him while doing daily tasks

  25. I think splitting the videos generates more revenue – instead of 100k views on one 30 min video you can triple that for example by splitting the video in 3 parts. Anyway who cares – I will still watch them all no matter how its done!

  26. The graphics are fun, but the 10x more questions answered in the full podcast is more useful to us. I hope you'll reconsider.

  27. Scotty having to catch you live for the full broadcast is really outdated. No one desires this. In 2018 being "On Demand" is what what makes viewing truly great. I am not available to catch either broadcast live and listening in separate snippits a day apart doesn't work. I always looked forward to listening to your show in its entirety on demand – on my time. Now when I work you are no longer in my line up. I liked the volume of questions you answer in 30 min. Bobby Likis and The Under the Hood Show- while I continue listen to them are stacked with commercials and very few listeners asking questions. Please go back to original format.

  28. I don't like this. I work every day just like you Scotty and I will miss every Thursday due to being at work. I can't be the only one who watches these when I am available later that day or on weekends. A lot of content created in all media is viewed on-demand later and is counted towards ratings and ad revenue. I will miss listening to your half-hour shows while working on my own vehicles and home. If this is what your media firm said to do maybe question if it is good for your long-time ratings or some short-term metrics. Still consider you the best!!

  29. Long time fan, dumb idea … Scotty getting greedy or coached by someone greedy, was nice to be able to review and learn from old streams

  30. Sometimes I miss the live Podcast so I used to be able to play the podcast at a later time. I also liked being able to listen to old car talks in my garage while I work. Now they are all gone. Why? So instead of getting 1 view you get several from small clips? But I'm missing the rest of the podcast. You can't make them available on your website even?

  31. But I have a question. I got my car fixed, but it still wants to over heat and act like it's going to shut down, I make it home on a wing and a prayer. But still. It may have to do with it not being able to cool down, plus it smells realy hot under the hood when I get out. Its 1990 buick lesabre.

  32. Yeah I liked the old format better. Now it’s just a new short video all the time with what you think about something. Time to find a new YouTube mechanic.

  33. I love the new short vids but sometimes I just liked rewatching the old ones. It’s your channel & you can do what you like but I would like both.

    Either way, thanks for the vids and great car repair help.

  34. Scotty, your live streams are in the middle of the day and most people are working and can't watch it live. Even Sat morning 10am no way to watch it with the family just waking up, breakfast and etc. Please bring back the re-runs back!!!!!!!! I am a biggest follower of yours but really never watch the short movies unless I like its title. Just bring back the re-runs and just put more commercials in if you need more money but leave the option be, please.

  35. I'm rather surprised at all the complaining. Kind of uncalled for. Watching Scotty explain what he does, it certainly is a lot of work. I get a laugh out of the graphics, their clever and hilarious and help sink in the info actually. Also, what if Scotty is doing it for more profit, this is a business. He's not cheating anyone. He's a master mechanic and this is HIS content. He can do what he pleases and see's fit. I shouldn't have to explain this or defend Scotty. I LOVE the new format and enjoy the graphics and the information and the relevance of what he focuses on. I learn a lot and I think it's great! Thank you Scotty! –Gary

  36. Please repost the old long videos. They were informative for those of us that can't tune into the live broadcast. Your answer doesn't explain why the older videos are no longer available.

  37. Brendon burchard is a life coach on YouTube and he did exactly the same thing wiped all old vids, and put the old life coach vidoes on a memory stick and sell/send to people for a small fee problem solved 🤗

  38. Tom below says it well <<< Why did the old videos have to come down? We don't get that full hour and I loved watching some of the re-runs. Why can't we have access to the old format anymore even though you started a new format?>>> – WHY NOT LET THE OLD VIDEOS REMAIN???!!

  39. I loved rewatchng the old videos…….First time I've ever felt let down by Scotty. Please reupload the old videos

  40. It's not about the amount of videos you have to us it's always been about the quality and vastness of information that was in them. It was an entire show. Short videos are nice but most of us love the Show and seeing, hearing you talk and explain that's the Show and Scotty we love that….You are the show. Please reupload the shows for us fans

  41. Scotty I have a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero with 193k on the dash that would crank but won’t fire up. It’s been a very reliable car that we got back in 2007 and utterly little to no maintenance required. Recently it cut off on me while driving it and wouldn’t start back up. I tried replace the ICM and crank sensor but still nothing. Could it be the PCM? What do I do now?

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