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Why Is My Car Vibrating? – Steering Wheel Shake – Top 5 Reasons Why Car Is Vibrating

Why Is My Car Vibrating? – Steering Wheel Shake – Top 5 Reasons Why Car Is Vibrating

Your car should run smooth on flat
surfaces at any speed however if you have owned your car a while you may have developed some kind of vibration hello my name is Jeremy with Proctor Car Tips and today we’re going to discuss the top five reasons your car may have a
vibration ways to find that vibration to avoid expensive repairs and potentially
find hazards and dangerous situations that your car may have let’s start with your tires if your
tires are slightly out-of-round they will set up a vibration in the
vehicle, especially when you get up to highway speeds always have your tires
checked for roundness check for flat spots we also need to be looking for any
potential wear or defect issues that may contribute to a vibration or safety
concerns and make sure they’re inflated correctly inside the door jam of your
vehicle there’s a sticker that would let you know exactly what your tire
pressures are let’s talk about wheel balance if you’re
on the highway you feeling any kind of vibration at all next time you’re in for service have
them check your wheel balance it’s cheaper and it’s easy to do and it
can solve a lot of vibration problems that can potentially damage your tires so any time you feel the vibration in
the steering wheel, have the shop check your wheels for balance if you have a vibration in your vehicle
while standing still the chances are the engines causing the
problem the engine or its rubber mounts so next time you’re at the shop have them
check the engine and the engine mounts for secureness and also check to see
whether there’s a check engine light on this check engine light could be a
telltale side as to what could be causing your vibration it could be a misfire it could be poor
fuel or it could be clogged filters just check your check engine light this will begin the diagnostic process
if you have a vibration in your vehicle while breaking the chances are you’re
one of your brake rotors are out of round this can be cured easily by the shop
they can remove the brake rotors put them on a lathe and true them back up to
round again inspect your brake pads and inspect your
caliper pins and make sure everything is lubricated correctly if your vehicle has
a vibration upon acceleration it could be one of two things wrong with
it perhaps a motor mount that is broken or an axle that is binding your vehicle
generally has two axles and they can be checked easily if you have a vibration
upon acceleration and it gets worse the harder you accelerate have your axles
checked the next time you come in for service well this has been Jeremy with the Proctor Car Tips discussing the five most likely reasons your vehicle has any kind of
vibration please ask any questions in the comments
below and don’t forget to Like and subscribe to see more videos from the
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97 thoughts on “Why Is My Car Vibrating? – Steering Wheel Shake – Top 5 Reasons Why Car Is Vibrating

  1. my car start vibrating after a while on the highway. when i slow down enough it stops. then i accelerate again to high speed no problem and it sometimes comes back after a while again. any ideas? i can be driving like 120km/s for several minutes, then it just starts randomly, so it can't be the tires, plus i already had them balance and alinged, it's driving me nuts, because it's hard to diagnose as it never hapened on city streets but usually randomly starts on the highway. there is major vibration like being on a rumble strip if your going fast enough. please help.

  2. Hi there, my front right tire always vibrates at any speed.
    The wheel is balanced, tried different rims and wheels and it is still vibrating. the passenger seat vibrates and the steering wheel.

  3. my car (03 mazda protege) vibrates starting about 30 mph. it feels like it is coming from the front passenger side. it has new tires, tried switching to rule out tire balance. no change the ball joints and tie rods are tight.

  4. My car BMW E60 520D M Sport: When driving at low speeds and pressing brake not really hard the steering wheel vibrates (moves from left to right) brake discs and pads changed 8 months ago and after 4 months replaced them into warranty as they become uneven without reason. They replaced with new ones from Ferodo and after 3 months again the same problem. Can you please tell me what else i need to check as maybe the problem is from somewhere else? Why my discs become uneven in just a short time? It can be from caliper guide pins? if one its stucked there and one its working properly, will make discs uneven? Cheers

  5. We have a 2008 nissan patrol… We changed our tires and got new ones, after few days we experienced steering wheel shakes…this happens when we reach speed up to 100 kmh… Thanks for the tip..we'll check it out

  6. hello please i feel vibration in the steering when i speed upto 90-100kmh. what might be the cause pleas

  7. 2004 JEEP grand Cherokee vibrates when accelerating any tips changed front u joints was not that any tips please

  8. Hi, i have 2007 mercedes e320 cdi with om642 diesel engine. car starts vibration at 78-80 km/h speed. it feels more when climbing uphills and feels less when downhills. what can couse the problem?

  9. wait.. So standing Still? Like on Park Mode? What if you're on a Red Light or stop Sign, Why does the car vibrate? could be the Spark Plugs right?

  10. All good tips. My tires were 'dry-rotted'. I don't think you mentioned that specifically when talking about tire inspection. Thank goodness for the vibration; tires were about to separate! Yes, past the Michelin warranty, but no one said anything to me until vibrations were felt. Dodged a bullet on that one.

  11. i have cruze LT 2.0 ,, when i m breaking at 120 up speed they steering is vibrated otherwise 100 below speed their is no vibrated and also no vibrated at high speed but when i m braking at 120 up speed their problem is issued so plzzz what can i do???

  12. Honda 1995 had acceleration vibration. got new tires on the front…vibration so worsened I couldn't drive over 40mph….mechanic said it was cheap Korean tires….put them from front to back….vibration problem went back to the original vibration UNFIXED….but it was the Korean tires as far as he knew…he fixed the latest of two problems…..Thanks to this video, I'm going to check the axles….cause that vibration happened only going up over 55 mph before the tire issue…..It is worsening but very slowly….clearly something is wearing out.

  13. I own a 1992 fifth avenue Chrysler car, when ever i am cruising at any speed, the car would shake slightly. When i accelerate or brake, the shaking goes away. I think it has to do with the trany, cuz when i start to accelerate in any situation the shaking stops


  15. Hi, thanks for the video.
    I'm currently driving a 1992-96 Peugeot 405 and it shakes pretty badly when I want to take off on the first gear.
    I have recently changed my clutch and disk. What's the problem?

  16. Hi, I have a Mazda 3 2015 and I bought 19'' custom rims (Verde) with new tires. The problem is that the car is vibrating after 40 mph, so the guys at the wheel store rebalanced the tires but the vibration is still there. The rims came with hub centric plastic rings, any suggestion of what is causing this? the vibration is not that bad, but before changing the wheels I had not this vibration at all and it's so annoying when I'm driving on the highway. Im going tomorrow again to the shop, so I'd like to have suggestions for them.Thank you!

  17. my car (Suzuki Kei 660cc) vibrates when i switch on the air condition in idle condition (0 mph), Moreover, if i increase rpm or when i move above (30 mph) it goes down about 70% — couldn't figure out what is actually causing this issue.
    i visited some near by workstation and they said rubber mounts are in good condition along with no engine check light (engine also good).It would be really appreciable if some one can help

  18. So on my car I replace both axle , lower ball joints and still vibring no as much like in the beginning , but still

  19. The proctor dealership –
    98 civic vibration on steering wheel @ 80mph deceleration and coasting. 4 new tires with road force balance. New front and rear shocks and spring. New driver side axle. New driver side wheel bearing. New transmission fluid. Motor mounts in great shape. I've tried 2 sets of tires and 2 sets of cv axle. Problem still occurs at that speed. Only happens @ 75-80mph deceleration or coasting.

  20. My suzuki xl7 would vibrate on the steering wheel on every turn and when stepping on the brake. It would also make a noise while turning the steering wheel when the car is at rest or moving.

  21. I have a Accord 2014 CVT engine and I experience viberation when accelerating and when the ac kicks in. Any idea why?

  22. i have a 2006 toyota camry. The steerling wheel shakes starting at 65mph or over. So basically Highway speeds and it shakes really bad when i go 75 or 80mph. I dont know which one of these issues it might be.

  23. Have a 2004 e500 Mercedes shakes a little while idling just put a new factory mass airflow sensor not shaking as bad engine light said bad mass airflow sensor does the new one need a few miles so it can reprogram

  24. Got a volvo v70n 140hp 2004 automatic, it would shake really bad in both the steering wheel and chassi when in park idling, and if i rev it slowly the shaking would disapear and appear depending on revs.

    Sometimes if i kicked the gaspedal really quick (not flooring it) i could hear a tick sound, ive checked engine mounts (think the bottom one is hydraulic? and dont know if its possible to check it without removing it?) and cant find any faults.

    Could this be gearbox related? When i drive lets say in 60mph with cruisecontrol it can sometimes do alittle "jump", kinda hard to explain but it is noticable and visible on the rev gauge. I am really at an loss here..

    Every time i start it, it makes a really harsh thump, and i have no idea if this is related to the above situation..

    Would appreciate any input or tip.

  25. when i drive car out of 60 km/h then engin sound are good but other noice hearing plz suggest what problem and how i can fix that

  26. Hi i have a toyota Aurius once i have fixed 4 new tyres (all seasons)91V from Pirelli and we have done wheels balance but still the car shakes after 150 km h .. what do you think the reason is

  27. Hi I have Honda Accord 2008 my car in parking when I put gear start vibrate on ac then to much please help me. I will change engine mount

  28. My 2016 Nissan Rogue has a very slight vibration at redlights. I dont even feel it that much, but i can tell by my headlights when they are shining on another car or a building.

  29. Hi, there,my car problem is when i gear shaft ,my car steering vibrate,my seat and passenger were feeling vibration .where is problem.

  30. hi i just had flywheel and clutch replaced for honda accord 2009 cdti. i drove on motorway and sterring wheel shaking quiet substaintially?? thanks

  31. I have a 2013 dodge journey. My steering wheel shakes only getting up to 20 mph and doesn't shake after that. I do a lot of highway driving. any suggestions?

  32. Quick question my 2004 grandam 2.2 4 cylinder shakes when ac is on BAD and at a red light, so then I turn of ac and shakes LESS but it annoying just watching the steering wheel go crazy what could be the problem ?? Please help ….

  33. Hi sir . .i have car camry model 2009 . .but have vebrtion then I drive speed 100 . ..if speed 80 then no have vebrtion . .what is prblam . .

  34. Hey i hope you can help me . went i start my car the engine fine but went i put it on drive or reverese or went i come to a stop my car have vibration i could feel the car shake on the front its specially the engine moving that happend after replacing the battery .

  35. AC Vibrates upon acceleration sometimes.They replaced the Compressor but it still vibrates. Is there an Idler Wheel that has bearings that can go out with 165,000[0] Miles ?

  36. My car brakes are good. It breakes good and it does not make any sound whil breaking. My car wont vibrate at low speeds it only happen when im on the highway at exactly 68mph or more.

  37. I got a 03 Toyota highlander..when I am doing 60 on the highway it shake and also make some noise underneath when i lift my foot of the gas

  38. It’s raining and my car slid and I hit a railing pretty hard now I’m driving but the steering wheel is shaking and I’m going maybe 20 miles per hour

  39. Hi
    I have jaguar xf V6. I have vibration when the AC is on. Without AC it works fine.
    I have got the mountings and engine trim checked everything else if fine.
    But can't figure out why it's only when the AC is on.
    Please advice is it belt or battery or the compressor itself ?

  40. Hi, My car starts to shake when I let go of the gas pedal. For example when at the drive thru it's not necessary for me to press on the gas just release the break. In this kind of movement the car begins to shake a lot. What do you think of could be? Thank you kindly.

  41. I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 2wd , I have redone the whole front end and bought new tires and new rims and I still have a vibration at 70 mph and above .. Can you give me any advice ?? I am totally lost and dont know what else to do.. Thanks..

  42. I have a 1998 dodge stratus and it vibrates on the left front but when I turn to the right it goes away and runs smoothly. Please help

  43. I have audy q5 tdi and i have constant vibration when the car is not in gear you feel thst the engine is,shaking .I went to dealer they told me is ghe clutch they changed but still doing the same now i went back and looks like it's the ine of ghe valve. Still not sure please if antibody had somthing like this with he's car please let me know the solution .Thank's in advence.

  44. Hi just wondering my car vibrates when it's sitting there and when you drive it vibrates after I've changed the gearbox could the gearbox be a problem I hear a slight winding and want to drop down to 3rd gear it crunches it wasn't vibrating like that until I change the gearbox I also change all 4 engine mounts put a brand new clutch and when idling it vibrates and when you drive it vibrates I don't know what the problem is

  45. Hi, my Toyota Highlander 2010 v4 front wheels drive vibration at 70+ speed, I don’t know, should I change all tires or engine mounts or axles? I already move front tires to rear,but still vibration, so could show me any solution please, thank

  46. 2005 armada steering wheel shakes it comes and goes when timing it steering wheel shakes for about 11mins stops about 7 mins it does this over and over while driving on the highway. can you assist.

  47. Hello Sir, I have a Mitsubishi lancer EX 2009 Model. Had gear change issue, got the complete transmission replaced. But while doing only under 40 the car and steering wheel vibrates. Please help.Thanks

  48. after long parked my car for 20 days, it start vibrating and swinging left on highway but all of a sudden after speed up 120 km for almost 40 km the vibration has gone as well as the swinging… what could have been the issue?

  49. If a new car vibrates(generic) at high speed, then the tire/wheel bearings are of poor quality. This happens on Dezire at 130kmph. The vibration at high speed is also mentioned in one video here.

  50. What could it be if it starts shaking when you accelerate to 60 mile an hour or above? It will shake then if I let off the gas it. Or if I push the gas to give it more gas it will stop and then start up again? Thank you for your time

  51. I have a vibration issue when I
    was driving 80 miles/hour. The steelingwheel is vibrating a litte bit but I can feel it. So what I should do?Thanks

  52. Exhaust pipe is also the main reason of vibration when it touch the frame or hard exhaust mount also the problem.

  53. I get steering wheel shaking above 60 mph. It comes and goes away so it's not always. Had the whole front end checked several times and tires rotated and still the same problem. I can be driving at 75 mph and no steering shaking and then it starts and a few minutes later it stops. What is it Jerry?

  54. My 2012 Mazda 5 Touring
    shakes/vibrates/rumbles ''only''when in reverse with or without braking .

  55. My moms car doesn’t do it all the time but fairly often and is subtle but gets louder when the brakes are applied and when hitting a hill it also gets louder as the vehicle pushes down before the shocks push back up. I feel it’s probably a bad wheel bearing.

  56. I have a weird one for you .. I have a 2015 Forester which has a intermittent problem with front end vibration . It doesn't happen all the time , doesn't seem to be related to heat ( excessive braking in heavy traffic ) & goes away once I stop for a few minutes . It is almost feels like a balance problem & sometimes gets louder as my speed changes but not consistent . I thought that maybe sticky caliper puck ? Does changing the fluid really do anything . ( 60 000 plus miles on it ) . I have changed the rotors & pads ( after market as I think stock are lousy ) & it seemed to be better for a while but the vibration returns . I am wondering whether you might think front caliper changes are in order .. Thx great video .

  57. Yea my honda accord wheel shakes all the time an the front hood smells burnt smell and my check engine light comes on

  58. That was it I was expecting at least one one or two more my wheels vibrate my steering wheel but how do you determine if your rotor is Warped or not my question to you is this there's a lot of form out there that says this or that so I thought I'd hit you up and see what what would you would say I can hit the brakes and I stop smoothly

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