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Why I Rent My Car Out to Neighbours

Why I Rent My Car Out to Neighbours

I first got my license only a few years
ago and I bought a brand new Toyota Yaris which my girlfriend’s that I named
that silver diamond pearl the reason why I think my license is still quite later
in life is that I didn’t have the opportunity to learn to drive or even to
have access to a car it was incredibly frustrating not being able to get around
and always relying on other people when I finally got my license I absolutely
loved the freedom so I really relate to people who don’t have the access to a
car when they need to since they’re not moved to Sydney and I hardly ever use my
car I always thought it would be really cool if somehow the car could pay itself
off when you buy brand new car you lose money but with car next door you have an
opportunity for the car to make money so I’m out working or traveling or sitting
on the sofa the cars out making money so that money goes towards repayments
services registration all the things that come with car ownership so for me
that little bit of extra income that the car earns if it works little fishes are
sweet I think it’s fantastic for our community to be able to share your car
it reduces the amount of cars on the road there’s less congestion at busy
time and overall it’s better for the environment

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