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Why Ford Will Stop Building Cars | WheelHouse

Why Ford Will Stop Building Cars | WheelHouse

– The Mustang, the Thunderbird,
the Crown Victoria. Since 1903, the Ford Motor Company has been responsible for some
of the most iconic cars ever. But as the world changes
and new trends emerge, Ford has announced the company will stop selling sedans in North America. When I head the news, I was shocked. I asked my coworkers what they thought. But they were speechless, too! So on this episode of Wheel House, we’re gonna find out why. The American Automotive industry has always adapted to the world around it. Cars have helped shape pop
culture, but if you look closer, cars are a product of the
time, and not vice versa. Cultural and socio-economic
events influence car design more than one
single person ever could. It may be cliche, but the Model T changed how the world viewed cars
in the early 20th century. Automobiles were seen as a luxury, and therefore inaccessible
to common people. Rather than court aristocrats, who already owned luxury motor carriages, Henry Ford chose to pursue a demographic that had been neglected,
blue collar working people who didn’t know they needed cars. Not only was the Model T
redefining how cars were sold, it was also revolutionizing
how cars were made. In 1913, Ford introduced
the automated assembly line, which brought production time down from 12 hours, to two and a half. The Model T was probably
the most famous instance in which a car company succeeded by adapting a new business model. (upbeat disco music) Fast forward to 1973,
American cars were gigantic, inefficient, but looked cool as hell. Small Japanese imports
felt wimpy by comparison. The Chrysler Imperial Le Baron was the biggest of the bunch,
clocking in at 19.6 feet. The 439 cubic inch, 7 Liter
V8 cranked out 208 horsepower, and got a whopping 9.8 miles per gallon. Pretty extravagant, but
all the extravagance of the early ’70s was short-lived. OPEC, short for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is a group that includes Venezuala, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. The organization was
outraged that the U.S. had supported Israel in the Yom Kippur war and proclaimed an oil
embargo against the U.S. The price of gas nearly tripled over the course of the next year. Suddenly, those small,
efficient Japanese imports didn’t look so bad, they had
great MPG and were reliable. That meant that drivers
didn’t have to wait in long lines to fill up on gas. And the Japanese weren’t the only ones giving car manufacturers a headache. The federal government introduced the CAFE regulations in 1975. Cah-fay? Cah-f? C-A-F-E? Cah-fay, is how I’m gonna say it. The Federal government introduced the CAFE regulations in 1975
to improve fuel efficiency in U.S. produced vehicles
and light trucks. This throttled back performance, a pretty important selling point for American vehicles at the time. Gone were the days of the muscle cars, and thus began the era of small, cheap, and efficient commuters. The only American made vehicles comparable to Japanese imports were cars like the AMC Gremlin and Ford Pinto. Notoriously crappy beaters. Cadillac even came out with the Cimmaron, an 88 horse power sports
luxury abomination, that delivered neither luxury nor sport in terms of ride quality. American car manufacturers were destroying their reputation by trying to compete with Japanese sedans,
and they were losing. However, consumers were
finding that they could still get the power and room they expected from U.S. made vehicles by purchasing one of the few vehicle
types which were not subject to CAFE regulations, trucks. (slow instrumental music) U.S. manufacturers like
Ford and Cheverolet focused on making their trucks better, because the market demanded it and they were less
restricted by regulations. As their car division became
less and less relevant, their trucks surged to
the front of the pack. Cut to present day, the F150 is the best-selling
vehicle in America and Ford just hired a
new CEO in Jim Hackett. The previous CEO was laid
off because of stagnant stock prices, rising production costs and so-called uninspired vision when it came to the Ford product line. Historically, Ford has always had rigid leadership and business models. And Hackett’s free-thinking
methods are all but rigid. In addition to quoting
theoretical physicists, Hackett uses words like fitness, Auto 2.0 and design
thinking when explaining the direction he has planned for Ford. But when it comes times
to actually describe what all that means, Hackett
falls a little short. I guess you could say he doesn’t hack it. That was stupid, alright. (laughs) The new CEO might sound more like the head of a new-age start-up rather
than a major car company, but to be fair, he does
have some progressive ideas that could usher in a new era for Ford. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you. Hackett’s vision for
Ford is to transform it from a car company into
a mobility company. His emphasis is to make smart
vehicles for a smart world and focus on developing electric vehicles, self-driving systems and
ride-sharing systems. The company recently
acquired a majority stake in an autonomous vehicle
engineering firm, ArgoAI. They’ve invested in Japanese
tech company SoftBank and rolled out a plan to invest 11 billion dollars in
electric vehicle development, soon to be built in Detroit. I tried looking up what ArgoAi
and SoftBank actually do, but their websites are incredibly vague, yeah they do autonomous
vehicles and technology. With all that expensive
innovation happening, something has to be sacrificed. The sacrificial lambs are the Taurus, the C-MAX and the Fiesta. The Focus line was gonna continue as a weird lifted variant
thing called the Focus Active, but Ford was planning on
building them in China, making them subject to the new tariffs. Tariffs that put a 10% duty tax on top of what it already takes
to import goods from China. So Ford said “Alright, nevermind.” And canceled the Focus Active altogether. This means the Mustang is Ford’s only traditional car left in their line-up for the foreseeable future. Those Pep Boys really
like them burnouts, huh? Hackett and the Board of Directors at Ford saw the competition with Japanese sedans and cross-over SUVs as a losing battle, Americans have been
loyal to Japanese sedans since the ’70s, which is when they started topping best car lists. Plus, Ford sees 90% of sales coming from trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles, so contextually, as much
as we might not like it, this move makes sense,
it just really sucks to imagine that there might be a day without any Ford cars on the road at all. (melodramatic instrumental music) Thanks for watching Wheel House. We look at the issues that affect you in the car world every week, so hit that yellow subscribe
button right there. We talked about tariffs
on a previous episode, check it out right there. The Director of Marketing at Kia said he learned a lot
from it, so that’s cool. (laughs)

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100 thoughts on “Why Ford Will Stop Building Cars | WheelHouse

  1. noooo!!!! i wanted a ford!!!
    btw: im 12
    welp, guess i gotta buy them all
    hope 6 bucks is enough

  2. They doing the sedan's oversea and same with SUVs at one point or another . The f150 and superduty will live one if Ford works don't go on strike like the planning to do in the next few days

  3. All car companies need to move to electric and begin selling them at decent values. Then the government needs to get on built underground chargers so cars can charge up on the go. As far as the F-150 I feel like Musk is going to kill it within 2 years. If these companies dont get on electric transportation they will be trying to catch up on the new future.

  4. the mustang will never stop being in production if uve ever been to the southeast ud know why but im holding out hope that the focus or fusion or taurus or fiesta come back at some point in the near or far future bc ford made some of the most comfortable grocery getters and some of the greatest sleeper cars i've ever had the pleasure of driving (taurus sho and focus rs) but the chances of that happening are becoming slimmer and slimmer given the cancellation of the focus active

  5. Is Ford gonna start making only badass cars for America because that's what they used to do? Because I'm down to see the torino return in a modern 68 style! Wouldnt mine a 64 falcon modernized either. Let's see what happens

  6. This new CEO knows he is not doing it right! His visions are fueled by sales statistics rather than customers satisfaction.

    If he only knew that Japanese cars were build of customers feedback and wishes… for sure Ford will suffer another setback.

    Instead of asking people of what they want in a car and build it the CEO instead resorted on his data sheet and data! Loser!

  7. at the 1.32 mark, the '73 Chrysler imperial has a wheelbase of 127" [not 235"] I don't know of any cars with an almost 20ft wheelbase.

  8. If you think about it, it's the people's fault! nobody is buying the performance based and fun vehicles! The people killed off the exciting cars and manual transmissions…

  9. I don't like suv's. I agree with Jeremy Clarkson: they're stupid. Not good at sports or utility. The grand tour tested 3 of them against a horse on dirt. 2 out of 3 went in limp mode and the horse won. I drive a focus RS. When it breaks, I will fix it or buy Japanese.

  10. Maybe if they stood to build a car that was fairly reliable at a reasonable price they'd have better competed for market share. I'm sure they've thought about it at the executive level. I just wish I was privy to the thinking behind why they feel the model of "moderately-priced, reliable and well-supported" cars is so difficult to follow.

  11. I will drive my own car. Why do so many people want to be passengers in life instead of drivers? What a bunch of pablum eating, hydrating, cell phone junkie sheep society has become. In my day we ate lead paint and drank water from a hose while we played on Dads green freshly sprayed Round -Up lawn. Of course our kids don’t want to drive. They have been strapped into car seats wearing helmets from birth to 8 years old. This is the root cause that is killing the love of the automobile. I grew up sitting next to my Dad in the front seat watching him shift gears and operate his vehicles. On truly great rides he let me sit on his lap and steer the car. Most kids now just want to play on their stupid cell phone as life goes by around them. So now we are all going to get screwed with Ford quitting, self driving cars taking over the earth and people who are happy to just go along for the ride. Snowflakes. Grow a pair will ya!

  12. Don’t care you’ll still see my driving my cobra around😤 guess that means I needa buy a GT500 before the go bye bye😂

  13. I'm kinda glad they made this move, since they're still keeping the products that I love around. As a huge fan of the Mustang and their trucks, all this means for someone like me is that they get to focus more time and energy on making those even better… Assuming they're not completely invested in the whole autonomous driving schtick.

  14. as a diehard ford fan cancelling sedans is best decision ever americans don't need small zippy cars but as Europeans we need so we keep getting them i mean compared to civics and crv s how many fusions and escapes sold in usa? nothing i guess
    but in Europe ford cars are everywhere and outsells everything. another thing is americans keep saying fords are unreliable and i don't get it i have ford focus c max and my parents bought it new 15 years ago its rock solid reliable full of tech stuff and i don't think im ever gonna sell it
    and ow my fucking god in Europe we getting new ford focus st and its unreal just drove base st line version with 1.5 turbo petrol even that one is amazing i cant imagine how the st one would be god damn

  15. Been I big fan of Ford cars as an owner since 2013. Had a Fusion. Had a focus. Got a Taurus last year. Got in a position where I needed to buy a mini fridge and a mini freezer. As roomy as my Taurus is, it could not fit either item in it without tying the open trunk lid down on it. So despite my discontent, I finally get it by experience why Ford is making this move.

  16. I love how GM shut down manufacturing of a single vehicle and consumers lost their mind over the loss of jobs and treated GM like a monster. Ford shuts down manufacturing on 3 vehicles and no one says a word.

  17. Dammit, I just want to drive a fast, loud car. I don’t need f*ckin autopilot and cooled seats in blob-inspired crossover. The future of cars is looking dark.

  18. more than everything im so sad for racing games future! imagine a game with no cool cars no more awsome sounds and costumizations … fuck the new world

  19. Hey Nolan I found this about Argo AI. Looks like they are already developing cars used on public roads, also they have other manufacturers backing them.. I'll see what I can dig up for that other company..

  20. Ford is legit an American automotive icon, how could they just stop production to American cars like that? I’m not a ford guy but this makes me sad

  21. People are buying Suicidal Utility Vehicles and crossovers instead of cars.

    Because people want to sit up high, so they can "see over all the other tall cars" which are the same height as them.
    They negate all the benefits of having a lower drag coefficient by increasing their frontal area.
    They also want to feel safer by increasing the mass of their cars because everyone else is driving heavier cars so now we are stuck in a feedback loop of heavier cars which require heavier cars to "be safer", but instead the pedestrians and motorcyclists are getting the shaft. Nevermind that these taller vehicles are more likely to flip over, and when there is an accident that involves a rollover, the chance of fatalities goes way up.
    People also want to differentiate themselves from the ordinary Joe Shmoe. How do they do that? By buying the same damn crossovers and SUVs that everyone else does.

    Buy cars again!

  22. They can pretty much stop build their ICE cars in Europe too, because not a single cent is planned for buying an ICE car, I'm going electric asap!!…

  23. That’s so funny. “ A mobility company” is the exact same phase the CEO at GM used.. ctfu. Until you change the crap that’s coming of your assembly line, I’m still buying a Toyota. 😂

  24. The main reason FORD will quit making cars is because more consumers buy USED cars each year.Why? Because each year we the people make less money and the 1% make more.

  25. Ford will still be making cars. Crossover is just the term people use today, for what was once called a Station Wagon. They are the same thing, just a new term for the people that are "too cool" for a station wagon.

  26. Too many feminine men buying these feminine-looking small SUVs so of course they're going to stop making certain Vehicles because of sales

  27. So what you are saying is that those motherfucking truck driving boogaloo road ragers and fucking activists and Elon Musk are destroying my favorite car company and their cars. My childhood dream of owning an awesome future mustang or focus… is going to be over. Fuck other car conpanies and fuck electric cars. Fuck everything

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