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Why Expensive Cars Aren’t Always Reliable

Why Expensive Cars Aren’t Always Reliable

Hello everyone and welcome we are sitting inside of our Mercedes S560 cabriolet, and this thing is just a technological marvel I mean the amount of technology the amount of features packed into this car is pretty mind-blowing and this kind of brings me to the discussion that I want to have which is about reliability and expensive cars and wild unique features in cars because one of the most common comments that I get on my videos that are explaining you know unique interesting pieces of technology, and how they work is it’s super complicated. Why would you ever want that it’s going to fail? It’s unreliable that’s that’s a nightmare for reliability and the point I kind of want to make with this video is that you know whether or not a car is reliable, uhh these expensive cars don’t need to be reliable and I’m not saying that this car isn’t reliable or that, I dislike this car I think this s 560 is incredible it’s an awesome vehicle, and you know the engineers very well could have made all of the technology that’s packed into this last a very long amount of time, so I don’t want to give that impression but I’m saying that they don’t need to necessarily make it last a long amount of time purely based on who the consumer is so first I want to talk about some of the cool things in this car and I’m going to start with climate control and you’re thinking why is he going to talk about climate control? How could climate control ever be interesting, but just hear me out they’ve done some pretty cool stuff with this so there are not only exterior but internal temperature sensors for the climate control system to make adjustments it automatically knows whether the top of this cabriolet is open or closed and will adjust the climate control system accordingly there are solar sensors multiple solar sensors which are looking for radiation, and it will adjust the climate control based on that radiation there’s an air quality sensor for the climate control system which is detecting you know is there harmful gases that are coming in and it will make adjustments accordingly it’s kind of activated charcoal filter, and also has fragrance that it can inject on top of this there’s a dewpoint sensor for the front windshield so it’s monitoring that the front windshield won’t fog up in total. There are 12 sensors and 18 actuators just for the climate control system in this car I mean, it’s incredibly complex, and that’s just the climate control system you’ve got all kinds of crazy features look at the size of these two screens. I can push this button here and suddenly I’ve got a night-vision camera in my center display right there very cool and actually a good frame rate on that night-vision camera you’ve of course got adaptive cruise control but it goes beyond that you can turn the system on and it will do the steering for you even on a road like this it’ll it’ll use not only radar but also GPS in order for to navigate you on the road and do the steering for you you of course have to hold your hands on the steering wheel but it will adjust your speed your braking on your cornering for you in the event of a rear collision this will actually flash a light saying that you know it sees that a cars coming up on it too fast it’ll flash the brake lights at the person behind you to help notify them it’ll also lock your seatbelt to hold you in place and it’ll lock up the brake, so you don’t go shooting out and it minimizes whiplash in doing this you know you don’t run into the car in front of you or pop out into an intersection whatever it may be it’ll hold you in place and minimize the amount of whiplash that you’re going to get if this car rolls over there’s essentially explosives for the rear anti-roll bar which will pop up so that if you do flip over you’re not hitting your head the car will bear that load there’s all kinds of insane technology in this vehicle. They have these energizing comfort modes which are pretty wild and it’s a selection that changes based on what mood you want so would you want to be refreshed and it’ll turn on you know the cooled seats? it’ll it’ll play some refreshing seaside music. It’ll adjust the climate control accordingly it’ll adjust the lighting in here, which you can’t see quite as well right now since it’s daytime, but at night time it’ll adjust the lighting for you you can change to vitality to invigorate you as it says. It’ll change the music you’ve got enjoyment, it’ll give you a seat massage, so these seats have built-in massage elements within them to massage you as you’re driving around. It’ll change the music so you enjoy yourself. It’s got well-being so all kinds of different absurd selections just in you know just using the climate control taking advantage of the interior lighting the massage chairs This car is truly just packed with insane amounts of Technology and I find it awesome like I think it’s really cool, and that leads me to the point okay, if I were to review any one of these devices everyone would say oh my god. That’s so complicated. That’s crazy. Why would you ever buy that car all that stuff’s gonna break? well, here’s the thing over half of luxury cars are leased over half so whether it’s Mercedes Audi BMW if you got a car like Maserati, that’s even above seventy percent of the cars are leased and so people own them for three years. They want something. That’s modern that’s cool that has this sweet technology in it and then they want to trade up for the next greatest thing just like you do with your cell phone except it’s the exchange program for the ultra-wealthy that can afford you know this car as tested that we’re in right now is one $155,000, which is an absurd amount of money and I’m sure the lease is quite expensive but if the car lasts wonderfully and you don’t really have to do anything maintenance wise you know you bring into the dealer once a year twice a year whatever it may be if the car lasts under that lease program for the three years that you have it do you really care about what happens to it afterwards, so let’s think about it from the manufacturer standpoint well they sold the car so they’re happy and then from the consumer standpoint the you know the first person who’s actually buying this the new car buyer they don’t care that in ten years. Maybe some of this stuff will break and again i’m not saying that this stuff is going to break but there’s certainly a mentality that things that are overly complicated do tend to fail just because of the sheer number of complex items that are within this vehicle so I think the point to be made is that you know manufacturers are building for the new car buyer they’re not necessarily building for the used car buyer and for companies like Toyota and Honda that of course want that reputation of reliability that you can buy this car you can use it for your lifetime you can you know run it 10 15 20 years, and it’s going to support you and then you pass it down to your kids they want that reputation because that helps with their new car buyers, but in the luxury market people like to exchange cars they want the latest and greatest they make these impulse emotional buys and they want what’s cool and of course in 10 years. You know the next S-Class is going to be way cooler than the current S-class it’s going to have all kinds of crazy technology and so as a result you know people are going to be trading up so I think the thing just to keep in mind you know what I’m saying ok this technology is like super bizarre very cool. Here’s how it works it’s just that for some buyers they want cool tech, and it’s not about reliability not everything has to be about reliability and I am with you 100% and that I think you know things should be designed to last and that’s a great thing to have but for people that just exchange these every three years honestly thinking about you know are my seat massager still going to work in 10 years time with this energizing comfort that’s not as important it even has like a training plan where I guess you can exercise while you’re in the car and they’ll walk you through exercises so that on your way to work you can I guess you know pump some iron the equivalent of whatever that is for an executive driving an s-class perhaps just squeezing the steering wheel I don’t know what it is but it’s got a training plan in there to do exercises as you’re driving it’s got ways to you know try to keep you awake. It’s got that scent to inject for you very cool very complicated and perhaps reliable, perhaps not who knows I think it’s sweet though, and and I understand why cars like this exist people like cool features. They’re not investing in it. They’re not worrying about the depreciation. They’re leasing it they’re enjoying the new technology because perhaps they have too much money and don’t know what to do with all of it, and they want to have something exciting to drive whatever it may be who cares i’m not I’m not trying to judge that decision it’s not a financially smart decision but you know it may be an emotional decision that improves their happiness and so so be it oh my whole point with this is is that expensive cars don’t need to be reliable purely based on who’s buying them and very often the cases they’re just leasing it and owning it for three years. So thank you all for watching if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, and now I’m going to see what this twin-turbo 4.0 liter v8. Is capable of.

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100 thoughts on “Why Expensive Cars Aren’t Always Reliable

  1. I have a friend who makes around 4-500k per year and he always leases his vehicles… like u said he likes having the latest and greatest technology wise and doesn’t want to deal with having the car in the shop for maintenance and breakdowns as they age, since he’s a busy guy. So for him leasing is the way to go. Plus he can deduct it as a business expense.

  2. German luxury is junk, same goes for Cadillac etc. If you must have that junk lease it. I suggest a Tesla (far faster and more reliable).
    ICE Lexus.
    Unreliable cars, such a headache. Waste of time, going to dealership, recall x, part failure y. Even leasing that junk, I wouldn't.

    EVs should increase overall reliability, given far less complex (engine one moving part).

  3. Safety is the only measure of reliability.
    If a car breaks down, you may get it fixed but if you die in a car crash, the reliability is no good.

    Expensive cars are expensive because of the good build quality and crash safety.

  4. i work for nissan on the manufacturing line actually so i kinda have an idea on why cars arent reliable, one word, MONEY, if a company makes a car super reliable thats one car that wont be in a dealership making the company more money, saftey features are always made to the best quality to ensure that the driver-passengers will walk in the event of a crash, but when it comes to other parts such as (transmissions, starters, alternators, engine blocks, spark plugs, coil packs, hell even the oil) companies wont make it full proof cause they want you to bring that car back for more profits, thats the 2nd thing on MOST car corporations list. hope this helped

  5. Some person at our house I won't name doesn't like the chill feeling of dried air you get out of car climate control, when the a/c is engaged in moderate outside temperatures, no matter what desired interior temperature is set on the blue/red temperature dials. So instead of just the variable warm/cold air mixing left vs. right that you get with "Dual Climate Control" in many modern cars, I'd be interested in having double, separate a/c evaporators and double, independent blower fans for the two sides of the car. I don't think even a Bugatti Rolls-Royce has this today, am I right? (I know I'm pulling people's legs in terms of the ordinary mass market, but it does seem reasonable to ask for this in a half-million or million dollar car today.)

  6. If you go to a Suer 8, you will get a clean room, free WiFi, free local calls, free coffee and water, free breakfast, etc. If you go to an expensive hotel, you will get a clean room and the WiFi, phone, coffee, and breakfast are all extra. Why? Because they can.

  7. First I'd like to say I love your videos (especially the ones with math 🙂 ), I already watched a lot of them, you are doing a great job, keep it up!
    This is my first comment on this channel, that's why I am writing this.

    But I comment because you are missing the part of why expensive cars are unreliable.
    And I don't think because wealthy people don't care (somebody mention Lexus, that is a good counterexample).

    I think luxury cars are the "test track" for new technology.
    Yes, because that's where there is money for the development and production.
    But that doesn't answer the question why they are unreliable.

    I think every new technology is pretty expensive at the beginning and also unreliable, simply because it isn't in production cars for a long time.
    Doesn't matter how thoroughly you test it, some of the issues will only come up when people start to use them.
    And if a technology actually makes sense and the production cost can be reduced eventually you'll be able to find them in cheaper cars, where the manufacturers can't afford high production cost or very bad reliability.
    The other new technologies which are not that good? We'll forget about them and later admire their strangeness in vintage cars.

    A good example.
    Adaptive cruise control was a very luxurious thing about 10 years ago.
    Now you cannot buy a Suzuki Vitara without it.

  8. That is a great money making strategy for the German/European luxury cars: produce very expensive cars full of lots of complex fancy technical stuff just ready to break down after a few short years thus needing repetitive and especially expensive repairs combined with massive depreciation on the value of the car. For owners it sounds like the more money than brains club to me. For the car makers it is the goose that keeps on laying the golden eggs.

  9. Highly quality, over engineered, expensive unique spare parts and components will always result in high price of part replacement. Higher performance bandwidth also comes with greater wear and attrition. These cars are money pits

  10. In the 1950s and 60s, Luxury cars were the most reliable brands. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Rolls Royce were the most reliable brands. Do rich people want to be stranded on the road side ?
    I think that these brands have just slipped in their engineering and people try to explain it away as "They meant to do that.". I believe it was just unintentional. They are just poorly built cars now. In the long run, it will cost them sales. Just ask Fiat/Chrysler.

  11. German used to be very reliable but then they discovered that they can sell way more by removing the reliability so its double win for German cars

  12. I always said this as well to people who complain about reliability. One time my buddy and I were talking about an expensive luxury car, and he mentioned that it's luggage is too small in his opinion. I told him, that people who buys it, won't move the cabinet with this one, they won't move anything either. Also they have some cars to choose from for the occasion of their driving.

  13. Talks too much, I had a 2018 Toyota Camary that had so many gadgets that I traded it in for a 2019 Buick Encore, that is a lot more simple. The Toyota already has several recalls because all the gadgets, so I don't agree the car will be free from repair shop.

  14. It's assumed that if you got the money to buy it then you should have the money to repair it as well at premium prices.

  15. My favorite part of new vehciles is when you look down at your dash in the middle of the day and it has decided to randomly dim so you can no longer read it because the instrument panel is now mounted under this huge shroud and is fully digital. I always turn this feature off if I am allowed to. I dislike when stuff autoadjusts. I'm looking at you volume. No one wanted you to suddenly jump up at 4k rpm, you're disrupting my real music.

  16. Rich guy: My Mercedes can automatically adjust the climate control and turn on my headlights when it's dark.
    Me, a poor person: My V8 truck can still drive on six cylinders while overheating so I don't have to tow it, also, literally anyone can fix it.

  17. In my humble opinion, wealthy people do not buy expensive cars because of their reliability, chances are that reliability it's not one of the factors. I don't think a wealthy man marry a woman because she knows how to clean the house or she's a good cook.

  18. My '01 Saab had ALL of the climate features you mentioned, save the "blocking of noxious fumes", and "fragrances" (oof-dah). It was expensive, but I only had to sell it a few months ago as I couldn't find parts anymore. (I downgraded to a new Audi). Perhaps Saab's Luxury/Reliability equation (max out both) is why they're out of business now. A pity.

  19. So the bottom line is: this's a toy for very rich people not for middle class people, fair enough no need to buy this vehicle 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  20. The first microwave, the first super expensive large screen plasma TV, the first Model S EV the wealthy are not afraid of trying new tech so later the masses will benefit. Expensive vehicles have the newest cutting edge tech that may or may not be reliable. If the new expensive tech is exciting, it will end up in one the masses vehicles for less cost and more reliability. The wealthy are the test bed, beta version. They understand and are more tolerate of new tech. Probably one of the reasons the Model 3 did not come out first. The mass public expect everything to be 110% and 50% off retail! Lol! Great video

  21. If the EU mandates speed limiters on all new cars, I don't think the rich will want to lease the newest things. I would not buy any car new that wasn't going to have everything working 10 years later.

  22. The security features (without rollbar) are all available in new Volvo Cars. I drove with Pilot assist this week. So this is not some top end BS and you don't have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. Mercs are just so overpriced….

  23. The fact that they don't care about the longevity of their products, clearly means they have no integrity. Why would anyone support anything with no integrity. Low low low scum. This planet can't support that way of thinking forever. As I said, scum

  24. it takes a team of highly trained engineers and a lot of money to build a car like that with the only spec, NOT BE RELIABLE and that's the only thing that matters …

  25. Personally my car is an abarth punto esse esse witch is really reliable My father gave it to me and he had it since it’s new. It’s 7 years old. No bis problems. Just a battery last week and all maintenances an oil changes made on time.

  26. Should have said "they dont need to make it necessarily last a long time because people will blindly throw their money at a 3 pointed star or 4 rings just because"

  27. My 2005 Lexus ES 330 has automatic climate control, and the automatic windshield wipers and many other stuff. Those sensors have been working for 15 years. German cars after 60k miles will have problems, after 100k is pure maintenance nightmare. I see no luxury in that. It feels so bad that these days car makers mistake technology for luxury. Luxury used to be defined as the material and craftsmanship of the car, like a beautiful leather interior with wood trim that aged well with time.

  28. 3:42 It's called a roll bar instead of an anti-roll bar. Anti-roll bar is the torsion spring that reduces body roll when cornering. But I bet Jason knows that and just made a verbal mistake.

  29. If you want a car that makes you brag about features and on paper stats, buy German luxury cars. Expensive, great performance, lots of gimmicks, lots of expensive options, latest tech, latest engine technology, many features unproven.
    If you want a car that lasts, buy Japanese

  30. Toyota ,Honda and I Nissan can't compare to a Mercedes or BMW or Bentley meaning the bigger body cars Lexus IS Toyota Acura is Honda Infiniti is Nissan all three are economy cars everybody can't afford a Mercedes everybody can't afford a mansion both are high maintenance if you want a good car get a Toyota or a American car if you want exotic car get a Mercedes or BMW I got a Mercedes I don't care nothing about how much it cost

  31. 500 seniors in a Mercedes. So much things can and will go wrong. But hey, it doesn’t need to be reliable. You just have to do a prayer. Hopefully it start or something won’t break lol. Here’s the funny part. Those Lester car companies are getting into the luxury market. Making cars that are equal to the top car companies. Car that will put last the car your drive.

  32. Reliability is a relative term used by cheap and used cars salesmen to convince potential victims that not having a feature is better than having a feature that might break.

  33. Thing about them is : they cost $70- 200K , it's common sense that somebody who can pay that money for car- can fix it or buy anoter one.

  34. You seem to be talking about durability rather than reliability. I don’t know of anyone, rich or poor, who wants to put up with a car that doesn’t work as advertised during the driver’s use period (whether it’s a lease term or ownership period). Luxury cars don’t have to last for 20 years but they should not fail to deliver the promised use experience because of mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

  35. Modern cars are not designed to be reliable, simply because most are leased and are covered by warranty during that time. Think turbo gasoline engines, great for about 5-6 years.

  36. Expensive cars are status symbols. A lot of the designing behind them are based on expensive/experimental features, as expensive cars tend to use a lot of new technology that had not been perfected. Therefore, a lot of the gadgets they put in the cars are doomed to fail.

    Plus, with the people that are buying them (Of whom, are likely able to purchase a new car every few years, since they are presumably rich to begin with!), they are likely to NOT keep the same car for very long, so reliability is not in the minds of those buying them.

    That's why expensive cars tend to be not very reliable. The only luxury-based car brands that are known for great reliability, are Acura and Lexus (Subsidiaries of Honda and Toyota respectively, of which both are known for making great cars to begin with)

  37. Pretty much all luxury cars are not reliable. but I think they do that on purpose to make people come back for repairs and thing like that. Because those luxury cars brand do not make as much money as normal car company, like dodge, or maybe Honda

  38. i have a 1982 nissan pic up it has natural climate control heat in the summer and cool air in the winter lol , its reliable and only needs gas and leaves me to use the $ to by food

  39. Reliability is relative and very subjective and personal. That is why most car salesmen will use it as a selling point.
    But it all boils down to how people perceive it and what is their expectations of a car and service.
    A "luxury" car owner might have to service his car at year 6 for example in order to fix the tire pressure electronic system. That will be logged as a service for that care make and model.
    Meanwhile, a compact car owner will not have to do that service because his car does not have the feature or the electronics or the wiring or the software that comes with that.
    It is then deduced by many car websites that the later car is more reliable than the former…
    Statistics is a science, and all those websites and "car gurus" who are drawing their own conclusions based on raw data are simply confusing consumers by arguing for whatever makes them happy…

  40. Super complicated car very expensive, car is at home in driveway…. family of mice say that looks cozy, red wire or blue? How bout both dear

  41. Toyota/Lexus V10 is tested to go 500k miles without any work done, Toyota/Lexus will never release a V10, V18, V6, etc. without that product meeting minimum driving 500k miles on original parts.

  42. Lexus can, the most valuable car company in the world, the most profitable, the biggest car company and the most reliable.

  43. Complexity is not usually a problem with upkeep and proper scheduled maintenance. Unless the dealer stops supporting the accessories like GM abandoning quadrasteer owners. Would buy another quad steer vehicle it is tremendous!

  44. This logic assumes that the car then disappears into thin air after the first 3 years have passed. But this car is then re-sold and it has to be fully serviced and working by the dealer before doing so.

  45. So after the rich get their 3 years out of it and dump it back on the used car market. Then we poor slobs that make the wheels of manufacturing turn can have the joy of driving a p.o.s. that is over priced and not reliable. Just great!

  46. First your probably going to ditch that car like galaxy or iphone for the newer model with minimum difference.All expensive cars are under parent brands like Rolls Royce to BMW or lexus under toyota,Acura under Honda.They arent really profitable as stand alone.They make a limited amount for profit while spewing the samr idea to rich people who believe in the same features for the sake of image…

  47. I did not realize that the leasing level was that high but that makes sense why waste your capital one a depreciating asset

  48. And looking at use luxury cars you will see that the lease payment takes care of the depreciation so if you’re in the market for three-year-old car that’s high end the lease has taken care of that huge depreciation and then they can be a good purchase as long as you are ready to have to make some repairs over the next 3 to 5 years

  49. "Expensive cars don't need to be reliable."
    Well, Jaguar had terrible service record(all models, all years) and now you don't see very many of them in the US market.

    I agree the good marketing can cover it up and keep up the sales but not always.

  50. Thankyou. Sadly the internet is full of plain people who think it's all about them lol. They're incapable of realizing that not everyone is penny pinching, of constantly calculating their every move, or better yet, "normal" or their version of "normal" nor should they be. Some of us are actually trying to have fun and do things, not just gawk from our armchairs on the sidelines.

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