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Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin! Hey there! Welcome to my garage-slash-workshop-slash-Olympic-sized
swimming pool room. And it’s the perfect place to work on my
new invention, a water-powered car! Well, ok, it’s not *technically* my invention. The idea for water-powered cars has been kicking
around for ages. Jules Verne wrote that “water will be the
coal of the future!” way back in 1874… so why aren’t water-powered cars everywhere
yet? And why isn’t mine working PERFECTLY as
I planned? To get to the bottom of this, we need to take
a look at some of history’s more recent attempts to *go* with *h20* The idea became especially popular a century
after Jules Verne’s prediction, during the American oil crises of the 1970s. A prolific inventor named Stanley Mayer patented
a vehicle that he said could drive cross country on only 75 litres of pure water. It was a beautiful vision, but the science
didn’t quite back this idea up, and he ran into some legal trouble because of it. In the late 2000s, the internet was inundated
by simple kits that promised to transform your car into a “water-burning hybrid”
and increase your fuel economy by up to 300 percent. That same year, a company called Genepax began
marketing a water-powered car they claimed was going to save the world from global warming. In the end, though, these prototypes ran into
a teensy-tiny problem: the first law of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So what’s the problem here? Well, water on its own is simply not a fuel;
similar to CO2, it’s only the product of a real fuel combusting. But water still carries energy locked up in
its bonds, and Mayer’s invention, like many others, is based on splitting these bonds
in a process called electrolysis. By separating the hydrogen and oxygen molecules
in water, the hydrogen can be used as fuel, and fed back into the engine, or if its an
electric car, the fuel cell. Even better, this consumed hydrogen only produces
water as waste. So vroom vroom, there you go! A super clean zero emissions fuel attached
to zero guilt. Except not really. Because water is very stable, and splitting
it up requires a lot more work than it’s worth, kinda like climbing up a steep slide. Triangle Bob’s having fun though, so that’s
good! Mayer thought he’d figured out an easy way
to do it, with far less energy wasted than a normal electrolytic cell, but what he created
consumed more energy than it produced. Today, after decades of research, the electrolysis
of water has yet to prove itself a viable way to produce hydrogen fuel. And if we can’t get hydrogen fuel from water,
it’s not really clean energy at all. Currently, only four percent of all hydrogen
produced comes from water electrolysis, some of which is generated by renewable electricity. The rest mostly comes from fossil fuels. Still, some scientists are desperate to make
hydrogen energy sustainable, and in recent years, efforts have more than doubled the
efficiency of water electrolysis. In turn, researchers at Stanford claim they’ve
figured out a way to generate hydrogen fuel using solar power and saltwater. So who knows maybe there’ll come a day when
you can just pull over to the side of the road and fuel up on the ocean, but until then,
maybe just try and ride your bike or take the bus as much as you can! Or ride your whale with legs to the local
market and watch everyone scream. Whichever you prefer! So if you could power your car on anything
imaginable, what would it be? Let me know in the comment section below,
or tell me, what should I talk about next. Curious to know why these walls have legs,
check out this video! Perhaps they would look a bit like their other
ancestor, Ambulocetus natans, whose name actually translates to “walking whale that swims. as always my name is Blocko, this has been
life noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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100 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

  1. Hello Lifenoggen. My class is learning about energy and how to save it. Can you make another video like this about energy and how we can save it? I just think its important and I don't want the world to be a dark, grim, waste land in 100 yrs. Hope you see this.

    p.s. love your videos, keep it up!

  2. There’s a problem to that because with how meany people we have we would soon run out of water and with our trash problem in our water would also be our problem because we don’t have that much clean water

  3. we have electric cars. boomers are too stupid to stop using gasoline
    someone tell them they stopped putting lead is gas, maybe they'll stop buying it

  4. I can generate blood to carbon dioxide and heat up the blood and the the red blood cells has died and released hydrogen peroxide.

  5. My car won't drive for long since it only has 1 fuel and 1 in store.
    My life.
    Though it won't drive even for a millimeter.
    Haha.. I don't have friends.

  6. The answer to this question is simple. They had it for a while. Then the illuminati killed the guy took his invention never releasing it to the public. Sad but true.

  7. It's because gas engines are cool, since people love the sounds they make, even though they cause more pollution. Good thing we now have biofuels.

  8. Can you make a video about the science of adhd and what it affects in the human body. I have adhd and I’ve always been curious about it.

  9. Solid state batteries or a mini nuclear reactor but in terms of the mini nuclear reactor we can make planes submarines and rocket ships that under its own power can leave earths atmosphere and sustain life in space so in these same sense our potential is there we just have to utilize it

  10. Shame they didn't talk about the real issue which is hydrogen storage. That was over come this side of the century with Hydro on demand. So even if you get rear ended your car won't explode. Their are good examples with small engines and motorcycles. Or use biofuels like cooking oil. If it is vacuum and air pressure that is called a pneumatic car, that's real… BUT TALK ABOUT NONE OF THIS because big oil is real, hell we spread peace and democracy to other nations to ensure the oil trade. And THAT is the real reason the best you can get is a Gillette sponsored prius (Manbun and soy included).

  11. Some guy here in the PH already made it.. And its all over the news here..
    Then after a few months.. There are no more news or anything..

  12. Actually we have water powered car here in Philippines you can watch it here in youtube
    Search "KMJS water powered car"

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