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why buy used cars – what to know before buying a used car

why buy used cars – what to know before buying a used car

hi I’m going to be talking about why buy used cars now a lot of times we want to buy or regional vehicles and I think that’s not a bad thing that’s not a bad thing no you should go for original course but I mean the fact is guys like if you look at just look at all these awesome vehicles here okay look at all these nice vehicles ok they’re quite quite luxurious you know yes sitting down on a chair and dreaming that ok i’m going to buy one piece a close one day ok but the truth is these cars are really expensive now let me just google I like Google guys I like a good day they know what they know how to bring answers to your table so let’s just look at the price of this vehicle here I don’t know which one this is a bad time okay i’m not a final value be surprised i’m not actually a copper son but I just like looking at them so what’s this car is it the pay you get straight to get the name but I know you might be laughing at me might know this but I don’t know it i don’t know the name what’s this ok I don’t know this name but maybe I know that what this guy is this this should be a juggler ok well maybe I could be wrong ok let’s just check out the price of a brand-new Jaguar ok just one minute price all and brand-new Jaguar ah look at this Jaguar car prices begin at $MONEY and this is only beginning fifty-three thousand dollars well so I’m telling myself that ok this is fifty-three thousand dollars and that’s just as starting price and it goes up two hundred thousand dollars now i know that a lot of people who can afford this but there are tons of people who can’t afford this and that’s why buying a used car actually comes in because folks I’m telling you let’s look at secondhand Jaguar it’s just that sometimes the internet is a beat funny ok let’s look at the used jaguar find use Jaguars for sale okay so look at this this same vehicle is about 15,000 now remember on our search they told us that is studying 53,000 but this Jaguars are all going at 15,000 and I bet they may be missing a few maybe mine that maybe the reason why the price has been slashed down maybe the owner wants to just dispose it is tired of it all it could be he just wants to dispose of it i mean there are people who do that right so what I’m saying here is that a secondhand vehicle is cheaper and their minor differences because I’m telling you this price being lower could be that maybe there’s a small scratch somewhere we should probably will never see but i think it’s a good deal i think it’s a good do so now there’s a sight i like it looks maybe let’s go to Japan is used very close and i’ll just typing before it if you need to be for this is a Japanese sites and you can find a lot of used vehicles here and I’ve used them before and i think i would highly recommend that you use them to ya so internet is acting up alright so i have seen a lot of Toyotas in my time they’re a bunch of them but whenever i’m searching on before Daisy I those vehicles which are really need like this day toyota land cruiser prado going to 20 29,000 also i but if you got this brand-new it be paying really like mean payments you know mean payments yeah all right so is the Jaguar here yep it’s there hasn’t run away from us it’s waiting for us to click on it ok alright so there the Jag was not sure whether it has those that latest one is oh ok it looks like this to have the order visions in stock but and you can already see that the price is really law probably because these are the old Jaguars ok so before I has a lot of this kind of cards so basically anyway in conclusion why should you buy a used vehicle will because you can’t afford an original and to tell you the truth most of the people many people around the order by news class many buy from there are quite a number that by from different states somebody from before that spectrum elsewhere but the thing is that it’s about what you have in your pocket and really you won’t be missing out imagine if you go to used vehicle for a stat but I was advised that if you’re going to buy a general vehicle alright i was just advise that it’s better to if you’re buying these bigger brands right you can buy the market buy them from you by the muse but if you can save up for an original vehicle you better know a better off finding an original German make because you get the best experience yeah yeah okay so anyway why buy used cars well and why buy used cars in advance its unique to save alright guys I hope you can subscribe to this channel and see you later bye

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