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Why Buy At CarHop?

Why Buy At CarHop?

At CarHop, we understand that buying a car
is a big decision, so we help make it easy. Since 1996, we’ve helped people with bad credit
or no credit get approved and driving in the car, truck, or SUV they deserve. We understand that sometimes bad credit happens
to good people, so we work harder to get you approved. We also know you expect a reliable car, so
every CarHop vehicle is backed by our exclusive Customer Protection Plan. It starts with an AutoCheck vehicle history
report so you know your car has passed. Then, we give you the confidence of a 7 Day
Money Back Guarantee or free vehicle exchange. That’s right! If you are not fully satisfied, you have a
week to bring it back and get a full refund or exchange it for a different vehicle. This way, you know you’ve made the right choice. For extra protection, we back every car with
an 18 Month, 18,000 Mile Warranty to help keep you on the road and driving. CarHop always makes buying a car affordable
with low down payments and payment plans to fit your budget. Call, click, or stop into a store to find
out how CarHop can get you in the driver’s seat today.

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