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Why Are Sports Cars Red? | WheelHouse

Why Are Sports Cars Red? | WheelHouse

– This is my Dodge Viper. My grandma gave it to me when
I was maybe five years old. Ever since then, it’s been my definition of what a sports car is. I was writing the Up to Speed on the Viper when something occurred to me. Why red? I asked my boss for some writing advice, and he said, “You’re
a funny writer, Nolan. “Go forth and write about it. “You do well, and we’ll
make your funny video.” To me, red means fast. It’s the quintessential
color of a sports car. It’s the national racing color of Italy. You know, like the most
passionate people there are. But every country has a
color for their race cars. You got British racing
green, Germany is silver, America is white and blue. So why didn’t Prince write about a little white and blue Corvette? ♪ Little Red Corvette. ♪ Apparently we got to go back to 1907. I guess there was this newspaper in Paris, they wanna make some news, and they challenged the
whole world to a big race. There. – We ask this question
of car manufacturers in France and abroad. Is there anyone who
will undertake to travel this summer from Peking
to Paris by automobile? Whoever he is, he will
certainly deserve to have his name spoken as a
byword in the four quarters of the Earth. (laughing) – Five cars showed up,
which is not surprising, because it’s 1907, and there’s probably five cars in the world. Also racing cars is a pretty new concept. The Italian entry was an Itala Mod, which made a massive 45 horsepower. Actually for 1907 that’s kind of a lot. The Itala Mod also
sported a brand new coat of scarlet red paint. Red’s actually a really practical choice for a long-distance race because one, people can spot you if
you fall off a cliff; and two, it was the cheapest. The reason it’s so cheap
is ’cause the pigment we use to make it is
literally in the dirt. It’s dirt cheap. (laughs) Anyway, it was like 9,000 miles to Paris. They had a full tank of gas,
half pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and they’re wearing sunglasses. – Hit it. (screaching tires) – And hit it they did. Didn’t even matter if there were no roads and that no car had ever
made the journey before. It sounds impossible,
but the scrappy Italians made it to Paris. They completed the trek in 61 days and beat the second-place
team by one hour. Over 9,000 miles. Over two months. The margin of victory was
decided by 60 minutes. That’s incredible. I thought this was even more impressive when I learned that the
Italians actually went to Moscow for a little bit,
hung out with some Czars, then came back down. “It’s been a great time over here, Vlad. “Thanks for the vodka and Rasputin; and I’ll see you later, dude.” ♪ Rah rah Rasputin lover
of the Russian queen. ♪ The team returned home as heroes, and in recognition of their
monumental achievement, Italy adopted Rossa Corsa Red as their national Motorsport color, the same color as their
Itala Mod race car. It’s the same color as
Ferraris, Maserattis, and Alfa Romeos. All the Italian cars they use this color. But red doesn’t just mean Italian to me. My Viper’s red; it’s not Italian. Pumphrey’s face is red,
and he’s not Italian. So what’s the deal? The fact is red brings
many emotions with it. That’s not just
conjecture; that’s science. Countless studies have found that red has a measurable effect
on the human brain. One study found that
if a team or competitor is wearing red, they stand
a better chance of winning. That’s not just limited to people either. In many species of primates,
red facial markings are a sign of dominance
and key to finding a mate. What’s up lady apes? Researchers asked men to
rate a woman’s attractiveness on a scale, and women wearing red were perceived as more attractive. If fact, the women didn’t
even have to be wearing red. Her picture could be
in a red picture frame, and that was enough. Look at the frame on that one. Studies have also shown that red is intrinsically threatening
and pretty much means danger. Researchers found that small monkeys were far less likely to
eat food given to them by people wearing red as
opposed to green or blue. Which makes sense, because in the wild, red plants are poisonous,
red bugs try to sting you, and if there’s a lot of
red coming out of you, you’re probably gonna die Red also has great
historical significance. There’s this cave in France
where 2,500 years ago cavemen were making paintings of deer, horses, and wooly
mammoths with red clay paint. In ancient Egypt, red was a symbol of life and health and victory. They used to paint
themselves red for festivals and wear red jewelry. So why is red the ultimate
color for a sports car? I think it’s ’cause
everything we see in red we can also see in a sports car. Like a sports car can be dangerous. It can be threatening. But can have a romantic
quality to it as well. A sports car can be sexy. We use words like attractive and elegant and go so far to say that
a car has a personality. You also feel genuine passion when you’re behind the wheel. There’s such a wide spectrum
of what red can mean, and depending on the
context, red works for almost any emotion. A sports car evokes more
feeling than any other car. Red heightens whatever
features are already in the car thanks to psychology baked
into our subconscious and a collective memory of our past. It’s the ultimate color
for the ultimate car. Remember to like, comment,
subscribe, and share. Hope you guys like the show. We’re gonna be doing it every week. This show answers the questions
you never thought to ask. Whatever happened to Pontiac? Where’d racing stripes come from? What are some questions
I can’t even think of? What makes you go, “Hmmm”? That’s kind of weird. We’ll figure it out together.

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100 thoughts on “Why Are Sports Cars Red? | WheelHouse

  1. Also red being the official color of Italian racing has somewhat codified it in society as a whole as the sports car color.

  2. Red looks flash, but studies show that red attracts attention more than any other colour. This includes the cops. Why do you think fire engines are red? A policeman is much more likely to
    go after a red car than any other.

  3. They don't – not all of them, it really depends on the car and depends on the red.

    I had a Lotus Elan that looked great in red, my Aston however just wouldn't suit red at all. I don't think Lambos suit red particularly either, certain not Ferrari-esq red.

  4. Fun fact about the famous red carpet:

    From what I know, it comes from the anciant greek civilizations. Red dye was very expensive because it came from a rare sea shell, and you needed a LOT of them to produce red dye. Red was a symbol of prosperity, and every rich citizen had red furnitures and accessories. When someone had a red carpet, they litterraly walked ON RED DYE. By doing so, the rich people basically said "I'm better than you" by walking on something so expensive. Because of that, the red carpet was assigned as something important, something exclusive. With time it kept that image and is now used for big event (Ex: The Festival De Canne, to name some of the biggest).

    I hope you learned something 😀
    And if something I said was false, tell me ! I don't know everything 🙂

  5. I recently bought a brand new lambo, took some sandpaper and scraped off all the paint for weight reduction

  6. I love red color. And black. And combo of red and black. I also love my Alfa Romeos and I've always had them one color – Alfa Romeo Rosso. Although, the tone of Alfa Romeo Rosso does change from time to time.

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