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Why 98% of People Buy Luxury Cars | DailyVee 498

Why 98% of People Buy Luxury Cars | DailyVee 498

– This is very good but I might
not like what this tastes, but I’ll eat it, that’s
different that it choking me and me dying. You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) I just want to be happy
don’t you wanna be happy? (intense music) ♪ I go oh so fuckin’ crazy all the time, ♪ ♪ Talkin’ yoko ono loko
got a lady on my mind. ♪ ♪ And they got me in a choke-hold as ♪ ♪ I try to walk the line. ♪ ♪ So I went and shot my ego
just to watch that fucker die. ♪ ♪ Oh my oh my now, rockin’
rollin’ with the tides ♪ ♪ Not tied down, come along. ♪ – [Gary] We spent $6 million for this ad. We’re gonna stop this ad
and waste $4.3 million. Actually we’re gonna
waste $8.6 million because we’re gonna waste $4.3 million
right now in this commercial. (speaking in foreign language) – Hi nice to meet you. – [Gary] Hello, how are you? – I’m nice. – [Gary] Hello.
– Hello. – [Gary] How are you? – Mike.
– [Gary] Hello. I believe in passion and
optimism and pushing yourself but I disproportionately
believe in practicality, patience and hard work too, and that they seem to be
at odds with each other. (applause) – Many of us have to do
things that we don’t actually like or love but deep
inside we have something that we really want to do
but we cannot do because of the responsibilities and
you know we have to have a stable income, we have
to do something because we have to but don’t love. The question is, what
are the three activities the three main goals that you have to set in order to move a step closer towards doing something that you actually love? – [Gary] So it’s a really
interesting question and I was listening and I hope
people are paying attention most people spend money on dumb things which then forces them to
do things they don’t want. So step number one for most people in here they should sell their home,
take the money and go rent. They should return their
BMW and get a Toyota. (speaking off mic) And that’s why, and honestly that becomes the vulnerability, why do you want to BMW? – Because I love the
car, because it ran good. I love driving it, so I don’t know. – [Gary] So to me that’s where
it gets interesting right? Do you or do you like what the brand does to make you look to other people? I don’t know I’m not
assuming I don’t know. I know I have a point, I don’t know you but I know in the macro that 98% of people that buy a Mercedes or
BMW likes what it makes other people think of
them not that they like it and that $487 a month versus
what they really need, which is $100 a month is why
they have a job they hate because they’re paying for
a life that means nothing. (applause) Guys, the amount of people
in here that have a job they hate and they buy
things they don’t care about to impress people they
don’t give a fuck about scares the shit out of me. (soothing music) You are asking only ’cause you
wanna have a bigger market. – Yeah I wanna have a
bigger market actually. – Well guess what, Polish
is not a very big language. – Yeah, I know. – Okay.
– Exactly. – So yes, the answer is
yes, you have this one. – Okay, you guys were awesome. Thank you very much.
– Good (laughs). You’re welcome. – That’s yours? – [Man] Yes. – Does anybody want some wine? (laughter) No really does anybody want? You know, I think I might- – [Man] Talking with
you is better than wine. (laughter) – [Woman] I am a very
young mother too so that’s- – Lemme tell you a couple things. – [Woman] What how to do- – How to prioritize, how to pick a to do.
– No no no. – How to do everything?
– You think I, yes! Exactly, on time (laughs). – The first thing you have
to do is pay attention to anything that you’re
doing that is taking time, like watching TV or reading- – [Woman] I now have to read? – Good.
(laughter) Whether looking on the
Instagram, you have to look at every hour. [Woman] Are you doing
those posts like your own? – Yes.
– [Woman] Every. Oh my God. – Of course. I’m running a 900
– [Woman] Can you do something else? – person company that
has four global offices. I have, I produced content every day. I post I reply, I do this in… What you’ll learn, look, but
I didn’t do all those things when I was 30, like
you have to be patient. And the mother thing you have to focus on. The singing and marketing,
you try to balance them. Thank you so much. – [Daniel] Hi, Daniel, Italian publisher. – Oh that’s amazing to
meet you, how are you? – Fine, fine. – I think we need to family photo. (speaks in foreign language) (camera clicks) – I trust you 100%. – Thank you so much. – That’s why I didn’t
even want to talk about it when I got here, nothing to talk about.
– I know. – [Gary] Yes, how are you? – Hello. – [Gary] Good to see you. I’m always sayin’, it’s one
thing that I don’t like it versus I can’t breathe. – Yeah. – Those are two very different things. This is very good but I might not like what this tastes but I’ll eat it. That’s different than it
choking me and me dying. – Yeah, yeah. – So you have to ask yourself, staying in the family business, is that killing you? Then you gotta go and
become a guitar player, or social media or whatever. But, if you have that
big of an opportunity, you may want to eat more
shit for 5 more years. I ate shit building wealth for my family, not even for me, and then still
at 35 had more than enough time in a very short period
of time, here I am at four… Do you understand? – Yeah. – At 27 you’re impatient, that’s it. Because I promise you one thing,
you go and do what you love and it fails and all that
real estate, all your other friends who did it make a lot of money, you’re gonna be at 33 very upset. – Yeah. – Understand? – Yeah. – Fun. – [Man] Okay, I love you so much man. – I love you back. ♪ They try to tell me positivity is key ♪ ♪ And there ain’t no stoppin’ me. ♪ ♪ Nah, they’d stop me very easy ♪ ♪ That’s why my attitude is very yeezy. ♪ ♪ All I do will never please me ♪ ♪ Man, these options got me indecisive ♪ ♪ Coincidences, I’m romanticizing. ♪ ♪ Keats or Byron ♪ ♪ Emerson or Thoreau ♪ ♪ Transcending now here we go ♪ ♪ Chemicals in my throat ♪ ♪ Ripping joints ♪ ♪ Building to the tipping point ♪ ♪ Different points of view ♪ ♪ Got the boy confused ♪ ♪ Don’t know what to do ♪ ♪ Man, you read the news? ♪ ♪ No wonder why these
kids out drinking booze ♪ ♪ M1, Sass, Ketamine ♪ ♪ In search of the better things ♪ ♪ But skip the fine
print on the lettering ♪ ♪ God called I just let it ring. ♪ (intense music)

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100 thoughts on “Why 98% of People Buy Luxury Cars | DailyVee 498

  1. Or maybe it’s because the majority of people appreciate quality things. you know, like the wine you sell which got you in this position to start with.

  2. When I was broke throughout my 20's, getting laid off due to the recession, I thought the first thing I would own as soon as I made 6 figures was a new black BMW. Now that I can own a nicer car, I look back and wonder if I felt that way because of insecurities and to make others think more of me. Our country is heavily influenced by keeping up with the Jones'.

  3. Gary, I love you.

    But the music is a little too unnecessary loud and it's a shame because you have so many valuable things to tell us.

  4. I drive luxury sports cars because they make me feel great. When I feel great, my work is great. My mind is great. My thoughts are great. Same when you get that new pair of shoes or jeans and you just feel confident in them. You exuberant confidence and are ready to operate at 10x levels. Why wouldn't you put money into something that makes you operate at 10x levels.

  5. If I’m buying a bmw it’s because of the driving dynamics and other qualities. I would rather pay the extra dollars because I love cars. NOT for the badge. Can care less what people think

  6. I’ll tell you this… people may buy cars just to impress people but for me and lots of people I know cars are my number one passion in life so if I were to get a car like that it would be to satisfy my own wants not to impress others.

  7. I have a BMW because I have worked, learned, and earned the skills to work on said BMW. I'm a car enthusiast, not a brand whore. There is an entire family of us willing to help each other out. It's more than just a "luxury brand" to me. It's something to constantly improve on, to make better, to become better as a person, to make friends and moments, etc.

  8. Real BMW enthusiasts buy older ones. Seeing a 1988 3-series on the street, you honk at each other. That’s quality. These new BMW Mercedes etc are all the same. No different then a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. They sell you on image and tech. But if your self esteem is high and you realize there’s more tech in your IPhone then the Infotainment unit of your 100K S-Class you can be just fine driving anything else. Just mount your phone on the dash of your old BMW that you can buy for $1500. And it’ll be a better performing car then most of the junk out here nowadays. Ok rant over.

  9. Do what makes you happy! You dont know when it's your time to go. If that bmw is what you like then go buy it. It's your life! Some ppl drink, some ppl smoke, others do drugs, while theres some ppl like us that dont do any of those things. We like driving badass cars, that's our vice, our escape & what keeps us alive! It's part of us. Do you!

  10. Great!!! This guy always gets me focused and reminds me to keep my feet on the floor!!! Love from Dominican Republic.

  11. If you want to get CRAZY…. the person that doesn't have to work is RICH..

    The person that gets laid off and can chill for a while is RICH,

    The person that can CHOOSE WHAT job to have because that have saved a STASH … RICH

    You will realize sometimes a lot of these millionaires have not taken a vacation for 5 , 10, 15 YEARS

    Really understand what Gary is saying!


  12. Wonderful video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to notice these kind of contents. We create Travel & Food films too, across the world, so we are continually searching inspirations and so approaches. Thank You.

  13. "The amount of people in here that have a job they hate and they buy things they don't care about to impress people they don't give a fuck about, scares the shit out of me" – Gary Vee

    That one sentence… powerful

  14. The luxury cars are overpriced. A BMW is really not all that different from a Toyota. Rather than buying a Lamborghini, I would rather buy something more versatile, like a car that is good both on road and off road, or a minivan, which can give me more room.

  15. you only live once, I like cars and they are my passion and I want to experience them. Just spend money on what you love and not to please others.

  16. Truth, drive a Lamborghini when you really afford one out of pocket and trippy love it. People don't give a shit about your car, at most, most will envy you.

  17. I agree wholeheartedly with what he said. But cars are my life… I love looking at other people’s cars, I love working on my own vehicles, I dream about cars all the time… it’s a hobby for me. And trust me I’m not the only person who is like this. I’m that type of person who would live in a double wide trailer just so I could have a Corvette Z06. I love the thrill of driving. I don’t really care what others think.

  18. Why tf would u sell your home to go rent??? Cost the same per month.. Maybe that was a snippet of some of his advice to young ppl without kids. Idk

  19. Definitely inspires me to continue to focus on the people I care about and the work that I love. We had a used car because we needed it for where we were living, but as soon as we didn't we got rid of it.

  20. This is fully you opinion. I made 5m last year. I can buy and have boughten any car I want. If you’re gonna buy expensive shit, you better work harder to make up for it. Every super car I buy, I make another property investment or business. I have 7 AirBnB properties, 4 businesses and I’m half your age. Only thing keeping me back from buying more cars is garage space.

  21. With so much information coming at us, from so many directions, I could see the Gary Vee thing happening, but I've been trying to avoid it, because I HAVE enough information, I just need more implementation. But… what's six minutes? Six minutes later… I'm a fan.

  22. In my country buying a home is better than renting, it costs less than the monthly payment of the rent (Chile), so why should I rent instead of buying a house?

  23. what he's saying is don't buy expensie stuff if you can't afford it. When you CAN afford it there's nothing wrong with buying something you want. I bought a Range Rover sport supercharged, in cash, because it feels GREAT to drive as well as being POWERFUL as f**k. I love cars and loved them since i was a little kid. So when i was able to afford one i got a Range Rover sport. But i didn't spend all of my money getting it.

  24. "Sell your home and go rent…" "Dumb idea". Seriously Gary!? It's just shitty advice, and you know it. Why not throw you money through the window then. First thing and very important: it depends what kind of house you buy, right. Mostly meaning: in your budget. Heck, in most cases (in my country Belgium) people pay more rent then the monthly stack they pay for owning a house. The interest rate now is also attractive for that. And also, it's your property and if it's good maintainable; it's keeping it's value for sure. Don't compare a house with a car. If you drive your new bought BMW out of the garage, it already drops 20% in price. Not with a house. I absolutely love your energy and your ideas, but this sell-your-house idea was just in your terms horse shit.

  25. I don’t care about the people I just like the car lol. If I go out and buy a Mercedes GLC it’s not because of other people.

  26. "So many people are working jobs they hate because they’re buying dumb, expensive stuff to impress people they don’t care about." It may also have something to do with the fact that 40 percent of the economy, as measured by gross domestic product, is directly spent by government. Government jobs are primarily unproductive boondoggles with nine-to-fivers who wish they could be doing something else with their time.

  27. I drove a beater for 10 years. Then I bought a used luxury vehicle (Lexus) and it was the best purchase I have ever made. You won't appreciate a luxury car until you have driven a hoopty for a decade. I appreciate the performance, the attention to detail, the comfort. After my gigs I would not even be able to start winding down from work until I got home. As soon as I finish a job and sit in my car and feel the comfort of my leather air conditioned seats my day off starts at that moment and its priceless. Nothing said in this video can change my mind. Also my mortgage is less than what I used to pay in rent. Why rent when it goes up every year?

  28. I cant believe people need to be told not to watch tv. That they need gary vee to tell them to spend their time better. So many are sleepwalking through life

  29. I think that some people buy luxury cars or anything exclusive to simply feel exclusive. People want to feel as they are better than their peers. One way to feel this way is through luxury items. Feeling exclusive makes you feel as if you're "in" or better than other people, that feeling gets confused with power. Which is what people think they have when they own or honestly items/cars. Don't let this distract you from the fact that people always do the same thing with their pedigree or accolades in school or jobs. Just my thoughts

  30. I prefer own a "luxury car", because it really makes my day better, not have to drive some shitty FWD French family car which handling is trash, gearbox feels awful, no power, no fun, design is boring

  31. My asset is currently around USD $1.5million. I can buy a $100K mercedez tomorrow cash but it'll be stupid. Dont be stupid. If you cant be smart with money you'll never be rich.

  32. Do not sell a safe asset such as a house for you to go into business. Which is the riskiest form of value creation.
    curtis perabus.

  33. Basically a rip off of fight club (1996) – "We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like."

  34. I think some people in the comments got his perspective all wrong. Most people want luxury items in their life, but it's never okay to slave over it or to get it just for the sake of pleasing others that you truly don't care about or you honestly don't care of the quality of that said product. Invest in yourself first! Society fails to realize this.

  35. Been there. In my 20s and 30s I had the expensive car payment and expensive mortgage. I lived in a 2200 sq ft house all by myself with most of the rooms totally empty. I was stuck doing a job I increasingly hated just to pay the bills. Finally I quit that job, which forced me to adjust my living expenses. Now I do a job I like (maybe not love), and I now own 2 smaller houses and 3 cars. I've monetized all my assets – I rent one house and rent 2 rooms in my house, I rent out 2 of the cars and do uber with the 3rd car. So now I have a flexible schedule, no boss, passive income from several sources. Much happier.

  36. If you want something , and you have everything else taken care of and what you gonna spend will not affect any aspect of your life financially, then why not ?!
    Life is too short man

  37. I love cars, thy make me happy. I enjoy driving a nice car. Nothing over 25k though.

    And Toyota and BMW are like the same price now these days anyways

  38. Cars and luxury items are usually a waste of money. Simple. People cannot give up the illusion they try to prop up with their child like behaviours. Its a hard truth but we all have to learn it to really start living.

  39. It's nice to have things and spend if you can ,I know plenty of people that have money but drive shity cars, but they spend it all on a escort of a wife. If you dont make the decision someone else will do it for you

  40. I have a 335i full bolt on tuned on e85. The reason I got it is not because I want to show off. I got it because every time I turn on to that highway ramp and hear the exhaust going and power that throws you in your seat. It puts a smile on my face that almost nothing can

  41. Luckily I'm that 2% who buys a luxury car to impress people I don't care about, but not working in a job I hate.

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