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Which Electric Vehicle Charger Should You Buy? INCLUDES PRICE!

Which Electric Vehicle Charger Should You Buy? INCLUDES PRICE!

welcome to today’s video today’s video
we’re going to be going into the various charge points that you can get available
the price they cost the advantages what they have some require earth rods some
don’t and the basic install price so the basic install price what we’re going to
be displaying today is if it includes one earth rod if the charge point
doesn’t need an earth rod we will mention it in the video this unit here
is the EMON EVSE out of all these units if you are a geek love figures then this
is probably the most data-driven unit yeah this is the one for you so if
you’re into your Raspberry Pi and programming and all that sort of stuff
this to be honest way beyond me technically this is a brilliant unit got
the solar monitoring it can do charge scheduling it links with app glynn and
the team here do a fantastic job it’s kind of more niche market stuff but
they’re doing other things like the open vehicles monitor system so you can have
better apps for your cars and things it’s definitely worth checking out and
it’s a very popular unit the want the people that do have this absolutely love it this unit is available in the solar
version system as well “yes” earth rods required yes
they are working on a solution “untetherd only” untethered only just a
broader question about all these units Dean “yes” how do they connect to the internet right so they all have different ways of connecting to the internet okay some
Ethernet based some Ethernet which is my preferred option hard wire you can’t beat
a good old-fashioned wire some Ethernet and some are wifi I presume “yes”
and I believe the Zappi is a combination of both “no” oh I believe does it not
transmit to the hub by a local radio signal radio and then Wi-Fi and then not
the 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi signal so that that’s what I mean so this dis will
transmit from from the Zappi unit to the hub by a radio frequency that’s not
Wi-Fi and then that is more reliable and that hub is then Ethernet yes thank you so but the rest of all some of them are Ethernet some of them Mix yeah so um these are Wi-Fi this is Wi-Fi currently
what they’re going for an Ethernet option the EO Mini Pro is Ethernet Tesla is linked by Wi-Fi this is what Wi-Fi and
Ethernet okay so I presume if you’re having if you’ve got the option of the
two Ethernet and Wi-Fi yeah I’m assuming from an install point
of view Ethernet slightly Dearer “yes” obviously you’ve got an Ethernet cable
to run in there it’s a little bit more complicated but if it were me I’d pay
the little extra and go with a more reliable Ethernet connection okay and I
presume there’s nothing stopping someone from buying a Power over Ethernet box
I’m plugging it in there where this unit is no that’s absolutely right one of the
units that we haven’t got here today is a pod point which doesn’t require an Earth
rod “looks very nice” probably one of the most seen units that you see around
available untethered and tethered smart enabled again there it connects to the
pod point app so if you use lidil charges etc you can actually use the
same app that you use for that app to monitor your home usage I believe on
that one it does use the SIM card inside the unit is that right that’s right
installed untethered about 550 pounds for a pod point and tethered unit about 600 it’s smart in terms of it meets the compliance regulations for the new smart
charge points from up for OLEV however it’s not quite as smart as my definition
of smart which for me would be that it has solar monitoring and charge
scheduling some reason it doesn’t have charge scheduling yet they may do in the
future but it’s not as smart as it could be and therefore although it’s slightly
cheaper than things like the zappi and the Eamon it will actually cost you
more in the long run because it makes it harder to be convenient to get
convenient access yes good so I’m yes I’m presuming unless if you car hasn’t
got a timer on it all the timer for some of the cars which we know I’m not the
most reliable systems you can’t set a charge schedule for the octopus go Tariff
that gives you 5p electricity at night exactly which saves me about £350 a year per car yes and it saves me an absolute fortune
and if you are thinking of joining octopus there’s a link down below in the
description you get £50 credit on your bill when you join
octopus energy which is a great start on the Bill but 5p electricity
between 12:30 and 4:30 just means that charging your car is so much cheaper and
the standard rate for the electricity and the time we recording this video was
14p which in the grand scheme of things is not that far off a regular standard
rate of ever let’s the same as well as playing before with with Npower and
yeah you’re also helping balance the grid and using power when it’s clean and
cheap so the next cheapest point is I believe the EO Pro which is at the time
of recording this video not out but the time I release it should be out Whens the release
date on the EO Pro in about a month about a month so yeah so this video should
be round about the time which being released so the EO pro requires an Earth rod I belief it does it requires an earth rod it’s quite smart it’s got a really good app charge scheduling features so that you can take advantage
of things like the octopus EV go tariff which saves you about three
hundred and fifty pounds a year it comes in a tethered and un tethered option
does it do solar diversion Dean no no but you can monitor it can you
work with the octopus’s API for the octopus go tariffs yes and hopefully
eventually the agile tariff as well so yeah really great unit looks really neat
it’s the smallest unit on the market as well so if you want something that’s
really discreet and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb on the front of your
house this is the perfect one to go for so the next 2 cheapest unit’s are the Zappi which technically is the untethered is the cheapest first which is how much dean £695 “and this tethered unit is £725” that’s right both these units do not
require an earth rod which brings some extra sort of cost savings mainly as me and Dean we’re talking before all these units we’ve priced with exactly about one earth rod now technically you could need quite a few more than one Earth Rod you
could yeah if you’ve got ground that’s a bit dry and doesn’t get a good earth
what’s the most of Earth Rods you’ve done my job off the top you head “four”
four and how much is each additional earth rod about fifty pounds right so this
could actually the cheapest pro version of this could actually very quickly
become one of the dearest units it could wear these obviously haven’t got the
additional cost saying that they don’t any a slight advantages that it looks
neater when you haven’t got an extra rod and sometimes it can be a little bit
tricky and start involving Builders work to start lifting paving
and things like that okay if you need to put an install
I know roughly how the detection works on this so do you want can you sum it down dumb it down for the rest of us on how it works not really because it’s got a
patent on it it’s all top secret witchcraft yeah
witchcraft witchcraft but I asked us Lee at my energy about that it’s a absolute
genius with electronic stuff and they’ve come up with a fantastic way not
requiring an earth rod which personally I think is better safer and more
reliable way to do it especially for the Zoe could people who worse so I yeah
Zoe’s her a bit fussy as we know yes so again again with Dean I agree that a non earth rod solution from a safety point of view my mind is better the reason I
think that is if you think if you’re putting an earth rod on the car which
basically just a copper rod essentially yeah yeah and that could could Rot
could go need to have it tested yeah anything tainted maintained and
most people do not maintain their electrics in the house never mind a earth
rod that’s stuck in the ground where this it out rules all that sort of
maintenance side of an earth rod chance of the main distribution boards earth going is
extremely rare isn’t it it is extremely rare happened very very few times in
this country but the earth rod is the right solution the safer solution in
some scenarios all these units apart from a couple are available un tethered and tethered units if you are going for an untethered unit that’s my personal preference
mainly because of a neatness point-of-view and because I because of
work I take various cars home like the Nissan Leaf which is using a type 1 and
then a type 2 but from now on all cars in the EU will be type 2 plugs forget
Brexit it but yes they’re all going to be yeah they’re all going to be type2 plugs from this point on but Dean’s preference is a tethered unit she’s very
odd to her from an installer because most installers will recommend an
non tethered unit why is that Dean well one of the highest-risk items to fail on
a unit which is you know a daily wear and tear thing is the cable itself
although having said that it’s very rare that one actually fails unless someone’s
driven over it which does happen believe it or not however I would
personally recommend tethered the reason being it’s just like
a petrol pump you can unplug it plug it in it takes
you about five seconds as opposed to untethered when it’s raining you’ve got
kids pets you don’t have to get your cable in and out of your car what we
often find is that people sometimes leave the type 2 to type 2 cable in
the unit at home all the time and then drive out and then find they
haven’t got the cable in the car so then they’ll end up buying a second cable
which somewhat defeats the object although this does give you the extra
flexibility like Nick said if you’ve got an early Nissan leaf Mitsubishi PHEV or
Vauxhall Ampera that you can use either car on the
untethered charge point and it looks a bit neater – we’ve just found out a
possible development that’s happening with the untethered version of myenergi
news yes some actual news breaking news hopefully I would have released this
before myenergy talked about it which is even better they are releasing a
piece of software so you can lock the untethered cable into the non tethered unit
which essentially gives you a tethered and non tethered unit if your rounds both
cars that’s right which would now make that the most attractive charge point
because a it’s one of the cheapest to install and 2 you gives you the
flexibility of using older cars Dean it does I still like me tethered it’s my favourite
sorry yes in my mind this is now the clear winner for me on which charge point i’d go for “fair enough” the next cheapest unit and probably one of the best-looking ones that we have on this
display but we’re going to go into other better-looking units in a minute but
probably the best one we’ve got display at the moment is this Webasto unit which
is only available in tethered unit “it is” it’s only available in tethered German
build quality very nice-looking unit this one is just over a thousand pounds
because it’s not OLEV eligible however they do have a new one out this is the webasto Pure the new one is the Webasto live which is a bit more
expensive even though it is OLEV eligible because it’s a very very sophisticated
unit I’m presuming that the old unit isn’t OLEV eligible because it’s
not smart it doesn’t comply with the smart
regulations of OLEV “okay” which are different to my definition of smart well
that’s another story okay but at the moment this doesn’t
comply to Olev but they’ve got a new unit well we know roughly price on the
new year a new unit after the OLEV grant about 1,200 pounds install it’s a very
very sophisticated unit it’s got all kind of smart apps features it will do
solar they’re looking at the earth Rod solution apps charge scheduling “and when’s that due out” it’s just about now “now okay” that’s about “out now”out now Oh about “now ish” about now ish ish is or take the next unit is the
Tesla unit now you may recognize the Tesla unit because it’s the same Tesla
unit that you’ll see in public charge points all across the country as destination
charging that’s right I’m guessing on that then that these are
all three-phase “yes they’re three-phase” although they obviously work on a single
phase if you use it in a domestic setting most people I only have single
phase at home the unit costs around 1,200 pounds installed because it
doesn’t attract the OLEV grant although I would imagine and this is guessing
what Elon is going to do which is obviously a big a big guess but at some
point with this being a Tesla wall charger if you have Tesla solar roof
tesla powerwall and a Tesla Model 3 or s or X or Y when
it comes out but at some point they will probably do a software update well
they’ll all talk to each other and you can use the app to control all kinds of
features with your car so this is probably fairly future proof
it’s a really nice looking unit it’s only available in tethered it’s one of
my favorites and obviously it’s a bit more expensive than some of the others
but if you’ve got a Tesla Model 3 on order this is certainly one to consider
yeah one of the few pros yes just do this is one of my favorite little
features which is it’s quite sad it’s a it’s a built in catch opener for your
tesla model 3 so if you press that button it will automatically open the
power socket that’s right on your tesla model3 press and hold the button it
opens the charge port and there’s some Easter eggs that you can do only with
this tesla charge point yes which we’re not going to go into today we’re going
to demonstrate it one day but not now spoke about the EO mini which is this
one here yeah but EO also offer the pro nope no that’s the pro sorry this is
the genius this is the genius this is very sophisticated very good for home
charges where you want a bit more information you can buy this with the
hub as well ideally suited really to workplace so
with the hub does that mean it’s OLEV approved yes do you need the hub to
be OLEV approved yes yes and how much that come in to with the hub then “with
the hub you probably looking at about” twelve hundred pounds very very good
build quality cast alloy housing all stainless steel fixings available in
tethered and untethered very nice-looking unit as well people
obviously watching this on film can’t actuality tell but out of all the units this is
definitely the best I mean just get my microphone there it is it feels the best
out of all of them this a nice yeah nice feel it’s good unit yeah I’ve noticed a
little bar code on the side “yes” what’s that for that is for when you use in it these can
be used as public charge points as well or at workplace so if you’ve got a lot
of staff ten staff with all with electric cars they download the app this
is compatible with the app as well for all sorts of features they scan the QR
code on the side it’s all very sophisticated or if you don’t want to
use your camera you can enter the serial number of the unit and it will log how
much electricity each individual member of staff is used so that can be all sent
across for their billing for there benefit in kind and tax all the tax
stuff that accountants need to do okay and if you scan if you’re having these
fitted for your house for example yes could you also make this publicly
accessible on plugshare then bill for any EO got a central billing account yes you could do that as well and EO have also got a proper contactless payment system as
well so for public places you can use up to four of these per station on a
contactless payment system so if you are house and you’d have one of these fitted
in your houses in a busy built-up area where you might want to offer your charge
and Ev advocate this would be ideal for you one of the other units that
we’re not mentioned is the Anderson unit that also has Wi-Fi and the new version
has Wi-Fi and Ethernet as well okay nicely that you bring us onto that
because it’s the only unit that we sadly haven’t got here because Andersons
weren’t able to provide as a demo unit in time so I will display a lovely
picture an image of it yeah very nice looking unit
yeah out of all the units apart from the EO one we had before which was the
stainless steel I’d said the Anderson and and obviously yeah the Webasto unit probably the best to looking the Andersons is probably the best looking unit by far
because you can’t see the cables you can’t see the cable so it’s the best of
both worlds in terms of the most common gripe about tethered is that you see the
cable if you really want things to look clean and sharp untethered is the way to
go however Andersons have come up with a solution so you’ve got the best of
both worlds so it’s tethered but the cable wraps up around the unit inside a
little slit there’s a little sort of socket yes it kind of shape it in the
insides of the cables hidden inside the unit a little gap all the way around so
you can wrap the you cable around the unit and you can’t see the cable and
then the plug neatly took so away inside on there a little flap and that’s all
lighten up as well at night yeah it’s all illuminated it looks really smart
you can have the unit either custom color sprayed in any color you like
there are all the standard colors which should be displayed on here you can also
have things like timber finish on that on the product looks very very nice yeah
I mean that’s it I’ve seen a couple of timber finishes on a brick building yeah
and they from a distance you can see there’s a unit on the wall yeah so it’s
one of the biggest units but yeah very large but weirdly one of the most
aesthetically pleasing units “blinds in” very nicely yeah yeah yeah it’s the sort of
unit that you’d imagine you’re very sophisticated Porsche Taycan owner yes
would have at the side of their car yes however however there is a caveat to the
beautifulness of andersons how much does unit cost to be installed Dean about 950
to a thousand pounds okay so it’s one of the most it’s one of the more expensive
ones and there’s quite a long lead time on manufacture obviously because they
usually built to order okay and regarding build quality I believe
quite quite up there yeah yeah earth rods earth rods required although they are
working on a solution that will not need an earth Rod or less a lesser
intrusive earth rod right okay but and but really that that’s an Ethernet cable
as well in tip it is now yes okay out of all the units do Andersons sort
of dictate to you as an installer the way that units been installed because
every time I’ve ever seen an Andersons unit the cabling is always very well hidden
they do have probably higher regulations than anyone else in terms of how its
fitted we always use stainless steel fixings anyway and because especially if
you’re working on historical listed buildings that always helps you not put
in ferrous fixings into the fabric of the building
it looks neater and you don’t get horrible real stains down your wall all and
for you know about an extra pound on the costs for some extra stainless steel
screws I believe that is really “important” so unlike other installers all
your chargepoints that you install you always use stainless steel fixings
“yes i got a bit of a thing for stainless steel” okay so so there you go so unlike the
some of the other sort of cheaper installs that you may see that might use
cheaper fixing and cheaper things Dean’s Ecoplugg firm who have nicely provided all these charge points to do today’s video have a bit of a highest sort of standard of
install yeah we’re just like to do a good job for a good price thank you very
much for watching this video about which charge points to pick on all the various
options that we’ve had I hope you found it informative and useful if you are
after a charge point and you want a 15-pound off your quote call ecoplugg
and Ecoplugg will off you a 15-pound discount off your charge point they are
My preferred installer they are doing my workplace unit and if they knew about
Dean’s company earlier they would have done my home units instead of the one
that I’ve got fitted which almost went on fire last week so thank you very much
for watching this video don’t forget to click the subscribe button down below
check out my other videos and I’ll see you again next week goodbye

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52 thoughts on “Which Electric Vehicle Charger Should You Buy? INCLUDES PRICE!

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  6. I am an electrician and I reiterate all the work is in the 1st rod. Once that is done, screwing an extra rod and banging it down is not difficult. I think pricing at £50 foe each extra rod is taking advantage of a customers lack of knowledge. By the way the contractor who installed my Rolec including the earth rod was less than £200 after the £500 allowance

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  13. The Zappi update to allow the cable to be locked to the untethered Zappi was released at the end of September, works very well.

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  20. The socket cost around £300 and material £20 as it was a back to back with the consumer unit
    So £700 less £320 = £380, not bad for 2 hours work
    As it happens I did have a problem which was to do with the compatibility between Rolec and The Jaguar communicating and they came back twice to sort it which they did
    All officially approved contracts have to guarantee units for 3 years otherwise they lose their licence
    Your comments are all unfounded in my case, but unlike you I will not speculate as to why you are so
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