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What’s the Best Three-Row SUV for 2016?

What’s the Best Three-Row SUV for 2016?

we’re outside of Baltimore with motorWeek to figure out what’s the best three-row SUV of 2016 we spent a week putting eight competitors to the test here’s how they did the contenders are the dodge durango ford explorer GMC acadia on the pilot hyundai santafe kia sorento mazda cx-9 and nissan pathfinder the pathfinder has a lot of potential it’s got some things going for it very comfortable seats are comfortable interior is very bright and airy but on the downside of that comfortableness because it really kind of roly-poly flimsy feel on the road and the cbt well it’s much better than it used to be is still very droney when it comes to engine noise coming out of that the pathfinder has been refreshed for 2017 however they dipped it in a bucket of bland it has a boring exterior the inside is somehow even more boring looking and it just doesn’t stand out from the crowd the Pathfinders dashboard is filled with buttons and knobs and the busy interface wasn’t that easy to use the hyundai santa fe doesn’t feel quite as refined as some of the other ones in this group but it does make up for it with a boatload of features for the price for just over 43,000 dollars the Santa Fe comes with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning these are great safety features to help keep you safe on the road typical hyundai with the Saturday you get a lot of features for the money but the material quality maybe not the best quality certainly not the best and is for me anyway the seats by far the least comfortable in the Explorer it’s a multi-step process to fold the third row seats into the floor you have to pull the straps in a certain sequence to get it to flip and tumble the design of the Explorers folding third row is different than the competition and it gives it a deeper cargo space when all seats are up the new sink system really nails it it took what had been a deal breaker and makes it potentially a dealmaker the Explorer only has USB ports in the first row so that leaves the second and third row passengers fighting to get some time with that charger the Durango’s more truck like appearance and a macho brass monkey package that it had on it clearly made it 23 row with attitude in this group one of things I didn’t like about the Drago’s it feels large and the most truck like of the models we tested the Durango’s you connect touchscreen multimedia system remains one of the easier ones to use in this class in the dodge durango there’s a great button in the multimedia system and what it does is it allows you to fold down the third row head restraints while you’re sitting in the front row that’s great because it really improves rear visibility with its latest redesign there’s a lot to like about the cx-9 the interior materials very nice and as always it has one of the best mix of ride and handling of the group the CX nights turbo-4 and tight chassis make it the driver’s choice among these three rows but it does so at the expense of small cabin noise and kind of a busy ride on the downside of the cx-9 the dash layout doesn’t really work for me looks very awkward screen kind of sticking up out of nowhere controller hard to use the cx-9 doesn’t give you as many amenities for the money there’s a small sunroof there’s no vented front seats it doesn’t have apple carplay or Android auto while the sorrento shares the mechanicals with its corporate cousin hyundai santafe i think it may have beaten it in terms of better ride and a quieter cabin longer road trips will be a breeze in the sorrento with its supportive comfortable front-row seats that are heated and cooled limited legroom and Nehru made the Sorrento’s third row one of the least comfortable in our tests in the sorrento you’ll need to pack light there’s only 11.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row acadia has pretty much all of the attack and safety features you could want and probably one of the best ride quality hear what I don’t like about it is they’ve made a lot smaller now and so there’s a lot less room especially for cargo and i feel like i’m paying just as much for a lot kitty is about 600 pounds lighter and little more than seven inches shorter and overall length it finally gives GM a direct competitor to the market leaders in this segment in the acadia there’s a button that allows parents to lock out the rear climate controls its for those times when the kids can’t stop pushing the buttons and they’re driving you crazy while legroom in the second row is plentiful in the acadia in the third row it’s really tight so you better hope that the person in the second row is willing to share I’m six feet tall and I couldn’t find a good spot the kitty a steering wheel that didn’t block the instrument panel the pilot wasn’t necessarily the most fun to drive in this group but excels at what I think are the factors that probably will be most important to buyers in this segment it has really smartly designed family features throughout the vehicle it also has lots of space for people to spread out lots of cargo room and you get a receipt entertainment system at this price I like tell the pilot second-row seat moves out of the way easily just by pushing a button in the pilot there’s a one-touch button that allows the person in the third row to push it and slide the second-row seats forward creating an easy path way out of the car to see the complete results go to thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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100 thoughts on “What’s the Best Three-Row SUV for 2016?

  1. Completely useless review. I test drove a few of these and bought the CX-9. You must me a real technological moron if the CX-9 electronics would be too confusing for you. They tend to steer you to buy the Honda but please don't. What a zero style and feel in that bulky cube.

  2. Highlander is not there because it will outlast all of them by far….I had a pilot 9 speed and aout of 1 year owning it spend 6 months at the dealer for problems traded it in on a highlander which so far ilove it no complaints.

  3. Buttons and knobs are better than a retarded touch screen, I don't need to fiddle and go through a bunch of menus just to turn down the fucking volume on my radio, go through fucking stupid touch screen menus just to put the window down, fucking ridiculous

  4. Its easy to criticize, however there are much better videos than reviews, not very professional.

  5. The explorer has very cheap interior but bold exterior design, Honda lots of space and family friendly, cx 9 design is nice, Nissan boring, kia good driving, Dodge unreliable but fast….

  6. Liar my family owns 2016 explorer limited and its seats fold with the click of a button also there is charges in the back there are 3 or 4 there messing with our brains there flippin idiots i swear

  7. "… didn't like about the Durango is it feels large and is the most truck-like." … What, Dave? Your book club won't approve?

  8. These people sound like the old man telling his grand kids " back in my day you can get a Hershey's for a NICKEL!!!"

  9. If you want plenty of third row room and plenty of cargo space, your options are a Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon XL, or a Ford Expedition EL

  10. we test drove most of these including the highlander and felt the explorer had the best ride. the pilot felt like it had the most room but was also the ugliest.

  11. you guys are dumm the Ford explorer should of been the 2nd one you guys got the a explorer with less technology you alot more you guys didn't say about the explorer but im still buying it haha

  12. If people are curious at which one is the best vehicle, just go check out every other comparison video. Car and Driver, MotorTrend, etc… Mazda CX-9 has won every time. It has won against Highlander, Pilot, Atlas, Durando, Acadia, Sorento,…all of them.

  13. They didn't even include one of the best the volvo xc90 which is best in class in superiority, luxury, technology, space, and design. It has been the most awarded suv 3 years in a row now and only expected to get better.

  14. I have the new CX 9 there’s nothing wrong with this car, Mazda done great job with this model, the complaints from these critics are silly

  15. The pathfinder is the best of these because of the build quality. Solid body and solid frame, the others feel like they are made out of tin foil.

  16. My family owns a 2017 Ford Explorer Limited, and I get a power outlet, and usb in the 2nd row. Also, the 3rd row gets a usb. I also get heated seats in the 2nd row. And my parents can lock the rear AC controls from the front too. Also they get AC seats and heated seats.

  17. The Durango is larger over the other ones, almost competing in the larger SUV segment with models like the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, and Nissan Armada. All of which; wait for it….are on a truck chassis..

  18. The best SUV here is the Dodge Durango because it’s the only one with longitudinal engine setup. I’m not going to give a lecture here on the advantages of this setup over the transversely mounted engines which are garbage by the way. All respect to Durango!!!

  19. The CX-9 was noisy inside and had a busy interior? Huh? It’s universally praised by nearly every automotive journalist for having the quietest decibel reading of any crossover and for having a smooth ride. These guys suck.

  20. This video was such a D-tease. Waste of time.

    The truth is every vehicle here has major flaws.

    Honda pilot transmission sucks with no Android auto or carplay. Infotainment is garbage.

    Dodge Durango has reliability issues and no panoramic sunroof.

    Highlander is too small with awful infotainment.

    Acadia uses 6 speed transmission instead of the better 8 speed in the Caddy. Hard plastics throughout and a little small.

    Explorer is a dinosaur with a terrible transmission and horrible gas mileage.

    Hyundai is terrible all around. Interior is atrocious.

    Mazda has a 4 cylinder which is ridiculous for a 3 row SUV. It takes premium gas and you'll have to put the peddle to the floor to get it moving which kills real world mpg. Infotainment is awful, no panoramic moonroof.

    Kia has best all around package. 2 flaws are gas mileage and it's simple too small.

    They all have pros and a lot of cons. It's crazy the compromises a consumer has to make in this segment for 50k vehicles.

  21. Today I drove an Acadia,Durango,Grand Cherokee, 4-runner and Explorer. (All Used). The Acadia was a good looking vehicle OUTSIDE but kind of a letdown inside and driving. IT to me drove and sounded more like a big truck. Durango(citidel)was nice. 4-runner was NICE. Grand Cherokee was NICE but all a little over what we want to spend.Drove the explorer last and loved it but something didn't seem right. Later found it was a 4 cyl. So i'm on line to find out about 2.3 L, L-4 engine.

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