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What Would A World With Self-Driving Cars Look Like?

What Would A World With Self-Driving Cars Look Like?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin! When sci-fi writers think of the future, they
tend to think of flying cars and human-like robots that do our work for us. And while we’re not quite there yet with
either of those, we’re getting close to a different innovation — self-driving cars. In fact, companies like Google and Tesla are
already working on these! It’s possible that within the next ten or
twenty years, these cars will become common, and our roads might even become safer. I mean, looking at the numbers, about 1.2
/million/ people die every year from traffic accidents and around 94% of those accidents
are caused by human-error. So, it’s possible that well-made self-driving
cars could drastically decrease that number. But also, these cars could make driving possible
again for people who couldn’t drive otherwise, like the visually-impaired or elderly. And on top of all that, think of how much
you could get done during your daily commute! I could finally read that Game of Thrones
book everyone talks about! Or, ya know, I could just sleep more which
is probably what I’d end up doing. But, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s first figure out how these cars will
even /work./ This is probably obvious, but these cars first
need a GPS system to get a rough idea of where they are and where they need to go. They also have a bunch of sensors to constantly
scan the area around the them, looking for any hazards — whether that’s another car,
a bicyclist, or even a rogue bird! For Google’s self-driving cars, these sensors
include a camera to see, and radar and lasers to map out the area. And these are constantly monitoring 360 degrees
around the car, which is much better than what a distracted driver could do. But arguably the most important — and challenging
— facet of self-driving cars is the software that makes them run. This has to take in all the data from the
sensors and GPS — and even things like traffic and weather conditions — and make decisions
based on that. It determines how to steer, stop, and go,
and everything else involved in getting you from Point A to Point B. But of course, this technology isn’t perfect
and inevitably, these cars will be put in a situation where a crash is unavoidable. And in some cases, the car will have to choose
between two evils — like crashing into pedestrians or putting the car’s passengers at risk. In that case, what should it do? In a study, researchers found that most people
would rather the car sacrifice the passengers for the common good. That said, these same people would rather
/ride/ in a car that protected its passengers instead. So, there’s a bit of a issue here because
what these people want self-driving cars to be like isn’t what they would want themselves. What would you want in that case? A lot of companies want self-driving cars
to be road-ready by 2020. Will you be driving one when they come out? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to learn about another technology,
check out our video on WiFi. There’s a link in the description if you’re
on mobile. As always, I’m Blocko. This has been Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking.

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100 thoughts on “What Would A World With Self-Driving Cars Look Like?

  1. Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

    The population are starting to go against this retarded idea. Self driving is a fucking sick and twisted idea. Also the safety argument is completely void. Smoking kills more people than driving ever will. Ban smoking instead.

  2. Well they should program the car to stop in situations that are impossible to avoid a crash, I realize that a lot of people haven’t even thought of this option. I mean they stop at red lights and stuff already so that shouldn’t be that hard.

  3. When there will be two dangers, the car can go off the road, keep its passengers safe(and of course other people) while smashing windows, cement and doors through the building(like in movies) without a single scratch on anyone's body.

  4. The trolley problem is an important dilemma. But there's a bigger risk for any cities where public transport, walking and cycling are popular… what if everyone starts taking cheap, convenient, driverless taxis everywhere? How would we keep a lid on congestion?

  5. Regular cars are fun… problem is people aren't responsible… and how can they be? When they're fed on all the hype since early childhood… most people don't realize the 1/8 inch steel frame of your ride will pancake and crush you in a roll over of 65 miles per hour… just think, that 1-3 ton vehicle flipping over at highway speed… there's no way that "thin metal shell" will save you… even worse for me… I have a "sun roof!"
    Maybe more accident scene photos, along with the background story of what happened, should be shown in driving school… not to disgust but to give kids a reality check… before they barrel down a road at twice the limit… self driving cars are 50 years away as far as I'm concerned… the technology isn't there yet, and even when it gets there, regular cars go so deep in modern culture… it'll take a generation or two before it'll really catch on, and become the new normal… people today just want their control, freedom, and tend to distrust technology that offers to take away one or the other.

  6. You might see fully autonomous cars in the year 2100, but not anytime soon…
    Construction that alters the traffic pattern to an illogical degree alters the map
    Computer glitches
    Poor programming
    Errors in program
    Reacting to dynamic situations
    Intuition as to what another person

  7. I want self driving cars so bad but wait if we are closer to self driving cars than flying cars then when flying cars are made we will have self driving flying cars

  8. 2:13

    ok first of all that granny is jaywalking. auto cars would stop at sidewalks and stop signs so that they dont run people over.
    jaywalking could cause death with these cars

  9. So what do self driving cars do when there is a hole in the road, and a person on the road? Just wait until the person finishes crossing

  10. What I want in this case is that the car protect me, I am not going to die just because someone happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  11. Well yes self driving cars can get hacked just by opening the key there is a code for the self driving car just by the code it can get hacked

  12. For some reason I excitedly clicked on this video is because I thought it said "self destructing cars"

    🚗 vroom vroom vroom


  13. I simply want a a self – driving – flying car. All you have to do with it is type in the area your in and where you're going.

  14. mean person:i wold want the old lady to die!
    me: imagine if you wear the old lady!
    mean person:oh well I would not want to die!

  15. In the future, I don't want to be in a self-driving car. Why? Because I like the non self-driving cars(the cars that don't drive themselves).

  16. Self driving cars:
    The self driving cars will get more intelligent and use it against humans to run over another human and accuse the driver, until All the humans on earth are all prisoners!

    Yeah I'm weird

  17. 1983?: we’ll have flying cars in the future
    2019: we’ll have self driving cars in the future
    Edit: 2020: we’ll have flying cars instead of self driving cars

  18. Why not have the car stop and make a beeping noise or something?

    Or maybe have an option to switch to manual driving.

  19. Life Noggin: Would you rather have a car sacrifice you or an elderly person
    Most people:myself

    Oh I guess you’re waiting

    My answer: if want the car to stop if it recognizes either so nobody dies!

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