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What Type Of Car Battery Should You Use? Flooded vs AGM

What Type Of Car Battery Should You Use? Flooded vs AGM

Hello everyone and welcome! Tn this video I have partnered with Optima batteries to learn about three different types of batteries starting with flooded lead-acid the most common form of battery you will find in production cars. So looking at the construction you’ve got six individual cells and within each cell you have multiple plates both positive plates and negative plates so you can see here between those positive and negative plates you have a permeable separator and then all of these plates are resting in an electrolyte solution, so it’s 65% water 35% sulfuric acid now the negative plates want to react with that electrolyte solution and lose electrons so when you connect these two terminals to whatever you’re powering the positive lead plates want to take those electrons from that reaction from the negative lead plates and that electrolyte solution react with it taking those electrons and then produce water now if we take a closer look at these individual cells as mentioned there are multiple plates in each so here you can see you’ve got three different positive plates and it’s actually quite a few more than that those are connected to a cell connector and then on the other side you’re going to be connecting to the negative plates so those positive plates all connect to one cell connector so you’ve got your tombstone weld which connects the cell connector with the negative plates to the cell connector with the positive plates through the cell wall multiple plates on each and then of course you have separators between each of these different plates now each one of these cells produces about 2 volts and you have 6 of them in series, so you can do the math 12 volt battery now in reality it’s more like 2.2 volts so times 6 you get about 13.2 volts for a 12 volt battery. Now some things you need to know about flooded lead-acid batteries they can require maintenance where you may need to add water as they are not sealed so because that solution in there is free-flowing you can have hydrogen and oxygen escape and so occasionally you may need to add water also as a result of that electrolyte solution being free-flowing you need make sure that the battery is situated upright so that you don’t have any spills and finally if you’re using this type of battery in situations where you’re going to have a lot of vibration it could have some damage from that vibration you could have the negative plates where the positive plates detach from the cell connector you can also have some of the active material that’s on these plates fall off and they actually have space at the bottom of these batteries to allow for that debris to kind of collect and also, you could have you know in super severe vibration scenarios you could have that separator pierced and then short out the circuit by connecting the positive and the negative plates now these type of batteries are fine for most OEM applications however some manufacturers are looking towards absorbed glass mat batteries for their added benefits now chemically spiral cell absorbed glass mat batteries work a lot like flooded lead-acid batteries but from a construction standpoint and the material selection used they’re quite different from a construction standpoint spiral cell gets its name from the layering of these lead plates separated by the fiberglass separator which is all wound up into this nice spiral. Cell now these lead plates are made of 99.99% lead and the reason they can do that is because they’re really tightly wound and compressed within these cells in traditional flooded lead-acid batteries you don’t have that compression so you have to use an alloy which is a bit stiffer and not as malleable as this pure lead now the advantage of using pure lead is that it allows for higher cold cranking amps, and it also has less internal resistance so you have better flow of electrons now the fiberglass separator not only acts as a divider between the positive and the negative plates but it also acts like a sponge holding that electrolyte solution and so this forces all of the molecules to recombine within that sponge so you’re not off gassing anything to the atmosphere, and you don’t have to add any electrolyte solution to it it’s maintenance-free now for safety reasons they do have vents on it so if you do overcharge it or if it builds up too much pressure from heat there is a way for pressure to escape another benefit of using this fiberglass sponge like divider that holds that electrolyte solution is it gives you flexibility in mounting you don’t have to worry about spills from the battery being at an angle now as this cylinder is placed within the cylindrical case that provides uniform compression around it which aids with vibration resistance. Also as that cell expands and contracts that cylindrical case keeps the cell intact Johnson Controls, Optima’s parent company who also makes flooded lead-acid batteries has found that in internal testing these style batteries can last three times as long based on the design and construction changes now Optima offers three different styles of the spiral cell absorbed glass mat battery you’ve got red yellow and blue the red top is a starting battery and this is designed with high cranking amps the yellow and the blue are dual purpose batteries so not only do they have high cranking amps, but they also have deep cycle characteristics which means you can charge and discharge these batteries again and again, and they’ll last longer now both the red and the yellow tops are for automotive use and the blue top is for marine use now the third type of battery we’ll be discussing is Optima’s latest flat-plate AGM battery chemically this battery works very similarly to a flooded lead-acid battery but the design the construction and the materials used are quite different now with the absorbed glass mat separator between the positive and the negative plate rather than the permeable separator, which is used in flooded lead-acid plates you keep those hydrogen and oxygen molecules within that electrolyte solution and you keep that electrolyte solution from sloshing around in there and what that does is it recombines that and so you don’t have to add electrolyte to it. It’s a maintenance-free battery they also use 99.99% lead rather than using a lead alloy which is more efficient and also means the battery will last longer another benefit of the AGM separator is that if the battery were to be mounted at an angle you don’t have to worry about spills so there’s more flexibility in mounting now one of the major design characteristics of this battery is the design of the lead plates and so these have a grid design that optimizes electron flow to those plates so you have efficient flow the plates used in this battery have a unique construction where you have an efficient electron flow up to the tabs which are connected to the cast on straps these cast on straps are solid single pieces for added durability and efficient energy flow verses the tombstone welds used in flooded lead-acid batteries now this battery was designed for late-model domestic performance vehicles as well as European models now for late-model domestic performance vehicles as well as European vehicles they require a higher capacity and within a very specific battery footprint and the most efficient way of doing that is with this flat plate AGM design so a huge thank you to Optima, and thank you all for watching if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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100 thoughts on “What Type Of Car Battery Should You Use? Flooded vs AGM

  1. Anybody know why a battery keeps going bad in a particular vehicle when the alternator and starter are good but some how the battery goes bad no matter how new

  2. Absolutely LOVE this. Such an informative video. I like how you drew everything out.. that way, can see it better in my head rather than just being told. I’ll always love my optima battery and will def keep pushing to sell them at my job. They’re much better quality!

  3. I just sold my 37 foot sailboat so I guess for me the issue is moot. When I bought the boat, it had a pair of Trojan T105 6 volt golf cart batteries in series and a typical car starting battery for the Perkins 4.108M Diesel engine. The Trojans were the “house” batteries with a 225 amp/hr rating. That means the batteries would put out this current over a 20 hour period. Over a 20 year period with the setup, I replaced these batteries roughly every three years. I had two chargers. The first was a Statpower two channel 40 amp shore charger, I.e. 120 volt ac input. It had two charging profiles, flooded and gel-cell. They are distinctly different and you shouldn’t mix. The engine has an Ampl-Power charger and a 150 amp alternator. Unfortunately it has only a single v-belt and over about 90 amps you should have a ribbed belt or multiple belts. Both battery sets were lead-acid flooded type. The Trojans took a lot of distilled water. The starter battery wasn’t so demanding, but was much more difficult to access. Finally I got tired of watering them and swapped them in place for AGM. The AGM have lasted over three years, but don’t seem to have the basic oomph the old ones did. Unless they are almost fully charged they seem not to be able to pump the pressure water up to cut-off pressure. The house batteries could start the engine better when cold. Hey, I’m lazy. Rather than try to find more places to store batteries, I put my boat on a diet. I replaced my mast-head light with a LED light which draws 0.18 amps versus the incandescent predecessor which drew 1.8 amps. This is a huge savings. I replaced the most used cabin lights with LEDs. This was at $40 a pop. Now I’d upgrade them since the ones I used were somewhat yellow. I also replaced the 35 year-old refrigerator with a new one that only consumes 48 amp-hours over a 24 hour period.

  4. So i have an 07 Honda civic with a TINY 51R battery and no room for a bigger one. Gets -20 in northern Wisconsin. What battery will be the best choice?

  5. It's unfortunate that Johnson controls closed their US plants that made Optima and moved them to Mexico for increased profits. A lot of folks lost jobs, I will not be buying an Optima.
    It is also a fact that spiral AGM's have less material inside than a comparable non-spiral AGM. (look at the weights).

  6. This is not a good video. It is hard to follow. The commentary is skimpy and jumpy. The video seems chopped up with not enough time allowed to coordinate well with the commentary.

  7. I’ve been having slow starting issues after installing the new H6 yellow top. I have the Optima charger and have made sure it’s charged correctly and still slow starting. Car is an 05 Audi A4 1.8T.

  8. About 25 years ago I bought a Red Top Optima for my -79 Blazer I use mainly as a hobby truck. It has an electric winch and is often unused for a month or so. The battery has been completely discharged couple of times because of electric faults, and winch use has drained it occasionally almost to the point that he engine starts running rough.
    The quarter of century old battery is still like new, before it I had to replace the battery every couple of years.
    Now my daily driver H3 has also a Red Top, so, being almost 60 myself, that battery will most propably last the rest of my life…

  9. Nothing says "impartial examination of the facts" like wearing a shirt that has the name of one side of the problem printed on it

  10. Very interesting, any ideas on numbers / price ratio, batteries were alawys price / efficiency compromise… they should be cheaper from litium to store solar right ?

  11. IMO: Optima 12V car batteries are junk. I had both a yellow top and a red top optima that both only lasted for 2-3 years each. Normal use, regular driving and an alternator that charges strong at 14.4V. I never left any electrical components on when the engine was off nor could I ever find a parasitic draw in the system. So from my experience they are an easy pass when shopping for a new battery. I also heard that many were manufactured in Mexico which could have an effect on quality control.

  12. I'll stick with my new Diehard. 850 CCA 170 minute reserve. It had no problem at all starting my car at -17 this winter.

  13. Dont but battery made in china sometimes their put sand and tiny battery inside.only happend in low matainance battery

  14. I have only had experience with one Optima battery, and it is a good one. Bought one for my sons car, what maybe 10yrs ago, car has problems so now parked at my place til he decides what to do with it, after a year or so of sitting, I needed it moved, it started like it had been running all along, moved and now parked again until…

  15. OEM batteries are (usually) the best batteries, you get what you pay for… $120-150 vs $90 auto parts store battery.
    If properly maintained you should get 5-7 years. I've had Optima batteries before and it lasted just as long as the OEM, about 7 years. 18 year old car, on my 3rd battery (not counting the one that was a couple months old and then sat for a year and was totally discharged, wouldn't take a charge)

  16. It's been a few years since I bought a car battery but at the time none of the Optima batteries had the same CA or CCA of a 65 group standard battery so I got standard model.

  17. Best explanation of OPTIMA batteries and what AGM means. Even a dummy like me can understand now. Based on what you said, with a Jeep JK and some accessories, best to get a yellow top. for my Rav4…the red top is sufficient. Thank you.

  18. I was here to learn a bit about batteries but quit at 3:41 as the camera kept jumping about. I otherwise like your videos. Will come back for your other videos.

  19. Optima Batteries are the BIGGEST POS Batteries I have ever used!!! I have had 2 of them and they crapped out exactly 1 week past the warranty period. I have a Motorcraft battery in my Mustang that is 15 years old and still working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. You seem very stiff in this video. Like only reading off a que card. Your better than that! Thats what made your utube channel. I know you were under Optima’s management but don’t sacrifice who you are. Your natural enthusiasm for what you do is what attracts your viewers!! Anyone can read fast off of cards. You typical explanations and are much better!

  21. this video has really bad editing – it confuses the explanations – the cuts are too often and we dont get a good look at the diagrams

  22. Wow that was awesome. Thank you very much as I am learning about Solar systems and the different batteries. Now to go find one on lithium and see how that works 🙂

  23. There is one enormous benefit to the lead acid wet cell. They can be revived with cleaning the electrodes and putting in fresh acid. MY record for reviving a lead acid wet cell has been four times. One battery lasted me sixteen years from just reviving it. Usually, you can only revive then once or twice.

  24. It might be a better design and all but since Optima was bought out their quality has gone down the drain👎🏼 all of the newer ones made after the buyout that I have seen haven’t lasted any longer then a standard led acid battery. Pretty disappointing Optima.. you are destroying the reputation previously built up for you.

  25. Hi! I usually love your videos, but this one is a bit different.. Too fast and too much camera movements.. Sorry..

  26. Thanks for your informative video. But please don't change the angle of the video, I got dizzy. You need to focus on to the subject of your video not on yourself. This is just a friendly advice.

  27. Optima blow ever since they stopped making them in the USA. Get a ODYSSEY battery if you want a good AGM. Made in USA. Normal battery shape.

  28. optima batteries are made in mexico. they closed the american plant and moved to mexico because of corporate greed………. they are lower quality than they used to be and you have to pay more for them now……………………….. so corporate greed = lower quality and higher prices……………..

  29. optima batteries are made in mexico. they closed the american plant and moved to mexico because of corporate greed………. they are lower quality than they used to be and you have to pay more for them now……………………….. so corporate greed = lower quality and higher prices……………..

  30. Optima batteries are NOT the best anymore…. they may have been at one time,, but they moved to Mexico , raised prices and cut quality. 3 year warranty and you will use it… and the warrantee replacement battery doesn’t have a warrantee…. you can buy 2 interstate batteries for the cost of 1 optima.

  31. Optima made in Mexico. Not as good as use to be. Has chip in battery (some) discharge past point, will not charge. 3 yr warranty with one replacement ONLY.

  32. editing is a bit distracting- just focus on the diagram when hes talking about it instead of constantly switching cameras-

  33. Was also looking at optima battery for my vehicle, I have a 2019 Mitsubishi mirage would like to know which is best yellow or red?

  34. Too bad Optima shut down its plant in the USA. They went down hill in quality when they started to be produced in Mexico.

  35. I used to swear by Optimus batteries but since they were bought out and moved to Mexico I can't get one to last more than a year. Absolute junk. I'll take an Odyssey battery anyday.

  36. good morning.  I have a 2004 dodge 2500 cummins diesel.  The two oem batteries are still in the truck with well over 300,00 on the truck.  I do not know the brand name of the batteries.  I use a ctec charger on the batteries when the truck is not in use.  thought you might be interested on the longevity of the batteries.  thank you

  37. Don't flooded lead acid batteries and absorbed glass mat batteries have different charging characteristics? I've seen battery-tenders with "FLA" and "AGM" settings – assumedly because the AGM has some sort of different characteristic to its charging needs.

    I guess what I'm getting at is this: Does your car's charging-system need to be designed to handle an AGM battery before you can install one?

  38. I change conventional battery every 7yrs regardless condition. Worst thing is dead at frigid Canadian winter, difficult to work as fingers frozen fast lol.  How long would the AGM battery last, 10yrs?

  39. I think this was different from your typical style but good for you for trying something new. It worked really well. Nice camera work, excellent editing….

  40. Hi, I liked the presentation. I wanted to ask a question that is not really related to the battery itself, but if you may know, is there a difference in the way these batteries get charged? that is to say, may we use an electronic charger that is designed for flooded battery charging, also to be used for charging of AGM or Gel batteries ? thanks

  41. Car guy here and prior to clicking this I already knew AGM are superior in every way but price but regardless the outcome of AGM being superior was sealed simply because you were wearing a free endorsement Optima T-shirt as well as most likely free optima batteries for your vehicles so the outcome was never in question : hint for the future when doing this videos please explain to your endorsement vendors that it hard to remain an unbiased observer and testor of products when wearing t-shirts sunglasses and sun visors with the name of one of the test vendors products plastered all over your person. would you really expect a nascar driver in a lime green mountain dew race car popping open a can of coke a cola in the winners circle ?

  42. AGM batteries are new tech as opposed to wet cell batteries and of course they are better they were designed to BE better .. you do not do performance qtr mile testing on a 2019 corvetter vs a model T do you ?

  43. i have had subs in my truck for 15ish years and i can promise you one thing the yellow top optima batteries will not let you down. 3 years of draining and abuse with a optima 1 year with a regular battery

  44. I purchased two AGM Optima batteries (yellow-top $268 and red-top $190) and they didn't fit in the two vehicles. They are the most expensive batteries at your local automotive stores. Confusing labels and the red,blue,yellow colors. Didn't even have a handle to make it easier to carry. NO impressed at all for the price. I forgot what the point was of this video. LOL

  45. Buying the red tops is a roll of the dice, I know some are as much as 15 years old, and some fail in 12 to 24 months.
    Unfortunately, I know more fall in the latter bracket.

  46. Desulfate flooded batteries with negative charge non-hertzian ( energy invented by a DOD scientist, Look up the Battery Smacker. Charge a battery over night with 10 watts of energy. Charge batteries at night with solar setups.

  47. Do you want to try a Lithium Battery to compare against those Lead Acids? 65% lighter and more cranking Power… and we have built-in WIRELESS jump starting…. glad to have you test them.
    Antigravity Batteries

  48. A technology to make them lighter would be highly appreciated :/ Not just for performance cars, but yesterday I needed to carry mine inside 🙂

  49. You should have listed this as an infomercial that you received compensation for. Normally you give negatives on technology. I didn’t hear anything. This hurts your credibility.

  50. Very annoying editing. This is not Fast & Furious. Stopped watching after a minute. Love your channel, but this one was a big no no.

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