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What to do if your rental car gets damaged.

What to do if your rental car gets damaged.

It doesn’t matter how good you are
behind the wheel or how carefully you drive, sometimes, accidents happen. So, if
your rental car has been damaged, here’s what to do. The first thing you’ll need
to do is get anyone involved to safety and far away from danger. If there are
any injuries or immediate danger call the emergency services straight away.
And then, only when it’s safe to do so, call the rental company as they will
hopefully get the car towed away and give you a replacement car if they have
one available. You’ll find a number for them in the documents they gave you when
you collected the car. And then, do exactly what you would do if it was your own car;
so take photos, make notes and exchange information with anybody else involved
including their phone number, address and number plate. And just make sure you keep
hold of any documents relating to the damage that were given to you from the
rental company or the police, as you might need these in the future.
If you have bought additional insurance then you shouldn’t need to worry about
making a claim until you get home. If you’d like some advice about what to do
when you do get home tap or click here.

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