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What To Do Before Velocity Banking?

What To Do Before Velocity Banking?

hello class how you doing in today’s
lesson we’re gonna be going over what to do before you start to the velocity Data
Bank oh okay what to do before you start velocity banking because we don’t want
to be trying to borrow from Peter to pay Paul okay we don’t want to be making
vital mistakes okay we want to avoid mistakes paying extra and interest okay
because here’s the thing about velocity banking if you don’t do it right you’re
literally gonna be paying interest in two locations okay and then you’re gonna
say this concept doesn’t work for me that uh my credit score is not good my
this is not that my that’s not this okay I want to avoid all that so I created
this video hopefully give you step-by-step on preparing yourself
really that’s what we’re talking about is preparing yourself before we get into
the concept before we actually start applying it making sure we understand
the concept fully we’ve complete we got this whole plan laid out together okay
so very first thing okay is your four major numbers income expenses debt cash
flow you must know these numbers back at your head okay you must know these I
don’t want you giving me an assumption when you fill out my form I don’t want
you giving me excuses or you know you know I’ll give you the rest when we talk
cause you know the truth is I’m not gonna talk to you alright if you’re
gonna fill out my form fill it out completely alright don’t give me little
notes like oh this and this and that and that
I appreciate what I really do appreciate is someone that fills out a form
completely and then in the comments maybe they give a testimony I love that
stuff you know you you let me know any particular situations that I
be aware of that I should be wary of you know anything’s any particular like a
vacation coming up and you know how you would work with that I appreciate that
what I don’t appreciate is when you don’t fill out all my boxes okay it’s
not no sign up put your name email and phone number in okay that’s not the type
of form that you’re filling out trust me it’s gonna take some time you know to
really fill that out and get it down packed so get these numbers right on
your debts you must know the timeline the interest that you’re paying right
now the amortization schedules on all of them the monthly minimum payments
everything everything no at all cash flow is huge okay in velocity banking
you must have cash flow to start velocity banking how much I have a safe
number okay which is five hundred or more that’s my safe number but in
reality you can start velocity banking with as little as fifty to a hundred
bucks you can start you’re not gonna get a lot of traction okay but you can start
okay and it can build to something much bigger a lot faster over time either way
you’re gonna get done a lot faster than every other method that’s out there
period okay it’s simple mathematics okay now for my people that have filled out
forms and the cash flow is five hundred and under okay when we talk especially
if you signed up like tier two to your three tier one you know we jump on the
qat we’re gonna be going over these things right here okay which is shifting
your way of thinking when it comes to your money all right is the whole
concept of redirecting money redirecting cash flow okay
filling out your w-4 properly now I don’t want to give the wrong information
on this because I’m not that educated on how to fill out a w-4 properly I can
only just you what I’ve done and what I’ve shared
with people for myself when I was working I had a job I’m no longer
working at a job so I’m not filling out a w-4 anymore for people who are working
the idea behind filling out your w-4 properly is you don’t want to owe the
IRS any tax at the end of the year and you don’t want the IRS to owe you any
money at the end of the year meaning your tax refund that you’re hoping to
get if you get one of those that is an indication that you overpaid on taxes
okay over 80% of Americans overpay on taxes which is why the rich get richer
and the poor stay poor and the middle class become poor and only few become
rich very simple it’s mathematics okay it’s not a it’s not any politician it’s
not Republican or Democrat it’s none of that it’s mathematics it’s economics 101
if you minimize your tax withholdings if you minimize your expenses if you
eliminate your debts cash flow increases when cash flow increases oh yay you have
options to do what invest start a business help people be a blessing right
establish Kingdom authority here on earth
oh oh okay checking account promotions this is really cool this is a simple
little tweak right wherever you’re currently banking at right now are they
paying you no ok switch go to a different bank set up direct deposit
with that you just type in Google 2018 checking account promotions okay
Bank of America TD Bank Chase City all of them are gonna have checking account
promotions even the credit unions are gonna have
checking account promotions $100 150 250 200 til one time all you got to do is
deposit do direct deposit of your paycheck into that new checking account
and you’ll get free money okay that’ll give you a boost maybe you can use that
to buy tier three or tier two maybe you can use that to start stacking the cash
flow get you prepared for velocity banking okay very little tweak okay
here’s where a bulk of money is being exited out of your income okay which is
cut off contributions to your retirement what are you doing what are you retiring
from who told you to retire in what world does that make sense
please tell me if think about it the word retirement there’s no Hebrew
definition for it okay retirement is a deadly thing okay you your body your
human nature mankind okay we have been designed to work all
right now it’s a different story if you want to make a transition from where
you’re at to where you want to be okay but to just simply say then zel I want
to tire and hang my coat up and do what pay bills and die come on man retire at
59 65 what is your thinking what are you what are you gonna do for the last 30
years of your life yell at the wall watch TV and complain about Republicans
and Democrats and complain about tax come on come on you need to be focusing
on your Kingdom Authority here on earth Kingdom principles establishing a legacy
that will outlive your entire generation and the next
generation okay think of Martin Luther King think of Nelson Mandela right think
of Rosa Parks these are names that will never die
ideas that will never die dreams visions that will never die are you creating
those things okay retirement kills that okay so stop it
okay cut off contributions to retirement the reason why I say that only applies
you’re me out this only applies to people who are in massive amount of debt
and don’t have any cash flow why are you paying somebody else to make money for
you that doesn’t make any sense what did Warren Buffett say rule number
one investing yourself and what was the other one rule number two don’t lose
money don’t forget rule number one don’t lose
money something like that then he’s got another one where it’s like if you’re
gonna invest in anything right first invest in yourself but then the
next investment should be in something that you know something that you know
why are you giving your money to bozo to the bozo
right you’re paying through your teeth I don’t care if it’s 1% remember I did the
video check it out the 1% myth all right think about this your money being
contributed into any retirement qualified plan if it’s at 1% fees which
it is not I’m pretty sure it’s much higher but let’s just say it’s 1% every
single year your cost doubles doubles of one percent because of amortized because
the compound right so that’s one thing the next thing cut off saving okay
saving doesn’t work anymore the value of the dollar decreases every single day
after 1973 when mr. Richard Nixon removed gold from the dollar
okay if you don’t know this this is powerful this is gonna change your
perspective on money money is a fiat currency has no value okay gold does not
back up the dollar anymore which is why we are 20 20 20 plus 20 trillion dollars
in the debt okay just one country all right
debt is a weapon it’s either used properly or improperly okay your money
is debt got it so it’s time that we multiply all the
money so that we can have a fun natural freedom okay so cut off saving it
doesn’t work all right whether you’re saving in the same in
account all right again this only applies to my people that are in that
tow if you’re doing well financially guess what we have options bro you can
save money in gold and stocks in crypto you can put money in an asset in a life
insurance policy and some real estate and I better than this okay we’ve got
options okay same thing if we are in a better financial position cash flows
rocking debt is eliminated now you’re just leveraging that now we can look at
the retirement but in this case we’re talking about wealth creation legacy
creation where no matter what whether you got up Monday through Friday to work
your money will still make money okay that’s the whole idea there that’s cool
I think that’s where people mix up the retirement theory that you’re gonna get
to live that life where no matter what my money makes money it will never do
that in a retirement account because you’re liquidating it you’re liquidating
it you want to have something that will no matter what continue to produce even
when you extract money from it it’ll still it’ll make more than what you
extract and we’ll never lose value see retirement counts are meant to be
liquidated go all the way to zero for the rest of
your remaining years here on earth not smart okay last but not least you need
to go into conservation mode okay and here’s where I’m gonna come over here
alright conservation mode like uncle G says right gotta go into conservation
mode you got to stay broke okay stay broke why are you keeping up with
that John says what are you doing no that doesn’t work man so you know listen
to a guy like Grant Cardone listen to a guy like Tony Robbins and Gary
Vaynerchuk look how they dress they’re not impressing anyone right now they
have so much money they got dumb money it’s just dumb it’s just so much that
they have to buy all that crap so that they can minimize on taxes even further
all right but I can promise you a guy like Tony Robbins Grant Cardone Gary
Vaynerchuk John Maxwell who’s the other one Robert Kiyosaki they did not start
out buying lavish things going into immense amount of debt no they were
driving Toyota Camrys they were driving beat-up cars and just staying at that
and stacking cash cuz they know they know okay listen I got a key word for
you repent okay when you’re in conservation mode when you’re in this
mode right here before starting velocity banking repent it’s not a religious word
for my religious people get out of here with that way of thinking not talking
religion okay if you don’t like that word it means change change your way of
thinking did you know that the average American spends nearly nine hundred
dollars a month on subscription subscriptions
yeah that’s phone bill cable internet you know the Netflix the Hulu the Amazon
the audible the Dropbox the iTunes the Spotify the Pandora you don’t need that
temporarily you can do without imagine imagine going without cable for one year
what’s the average cable bill like $250 at least 200 in every state at least if
it’s lower it’s because you’re like military you got some kind of deal and
your HOA or in your community but for everyone else especially in major cities
200 plus 250 3 300 times 12 that’s $3,600 cash flow do you need cable you
need Wi-Fi I will agree with you Wi-Fi has become a need because we’re in this
digital world like I think in order to learn anything
now and fast internet man need that cable
you don’t need cable cables garbage it’s not teaching you anything it’s actually
wasting your time killing you slowly okay redirect that money back to your
cash flow that’s all I’m saying can you go without Pandora for a year
and Spotify and and Hulu and the Netflix and the net and the Pandora all that I’m
saying it all over him because there’s so many Amazon audible all that now
after we’ve done this okay let’s say we’ve got this down okay and we’re and
we’re cash flowing five hundred plus or more maybe a thousand okay
now we we got to keep grinding our mindset right we got to learn some
kingdom principles okay again I’m not no I’m not hitting religion I’m hitting
principles truth okay you don’t like that word look learn
return put that into your mindset learn earn and return I got that from a
wonderful company called Renatus okay and they’re a real estate investment
company a real estate educational company sorry
learn earn return that’s what they live by I live by a fantasy league okay where
I get my information from okay fantasy league Denzel Washington Grant Cardone
Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Myles Munroe okay John Maxwell Robert Kiyosaki
all right try to keep your fantasy league minimal you know where you can
count them on your hand don’t go to broad because you get if you try to get
information from Grant and then you try to get information from Dave Ramsey and
then Suze Orman you’re gonna be like I don’t know what to do
cuz I’m lost okay let’s not do that so let’s say we’ve accomplished that cool
we got that down now we need to learn how money works okay currently this is
how money works for most Americans you get a paycheck which then goes into the
checking account oh and then pays the bills right it pays other bills
once it pays other bills you have a money leftover okay some of you most
people don’t 80% or more paycheck to paycheck so sometimes this number is
zero meaning no money left over or sometimes there is some money left over
but where does it go you try to save it you try to invest it and you spend it
right because you’re so fed up living paycheck to paycheck that you want to
just order a pizza right you want to just order Chinese food or you want to
go to the mall and run that Macy’s card up and you’re paying 26 percent on that
Macy’s credit card when you could have just went to an outlet paid half for
what you you know spent or you could have went thrifting and got
the same exact clothes or you could have went online and paid him in less just
saying bro so you got to get out of that right you got to get out of this mindset
about how money works for you and start getting with how money works for the
wealthy for the rich photo wise for the saved okay
velocity banking okay the idea of using other people’s money or debt or an asset
to acquire more assets to pay expenses and that expenses that you’re no longer
paying and the assets that the cash flow produced pays you back which pays back
the debt okay I know I went a little fast but I’m gonna explain it ready
I make income okay everybody that makes income however you make it it goes into
an account let’s just call it a checking account okay goes into the checking
account alright before you do this use your cash to pay bills we acquire our
debt weapon what our line of credit class unsecured line of credit personal line
of credit business line of credit he lock credit cards an asset a life
insurance policy cool that’s our debt tool all right all
calculated simple interest okay very important simple interest right here’s
what we do whatever debt weapon we have you’re going to do this link the account
you’re going to link the checking account to the debt tool okay that
weapon is linked to the checking account here’s what we do whatever amount on
that line of credit is okay we are going to strategically make what’s called
chunking a chunk a big chunk amount of money to acquire the property right cash
buyers right the wholesalers out there in the world get it cool
right for everyone else chunking add a specific amortized debt or bad debt okay
and right then and there in that very moment we are using other people’s money
we’re using the bank’s money other people’s money okay which is going to
pay off our bad debts okay when I pay off that bad debt I just created a new
debt for whatever I paid off right the new debts right there but see the
difference is the interest that I pay and how it is calculated got it now as
soon as I pay off that debt the monthly payment that I was making becomes what
becomes cash flow which then goes into the checking account plus the money that
I made throughout the month by weekly weekly however it is you get paid right
and before you pay the other bills that you have all this cash gets where it
goes it’s linked so you’re gonna make a transfer a chunk transfer of your entire
income into the debt tool okay the next thing you’re going to do is
withdraw whatever you need on a daily or a weekly basis to pay your bills okay
we used the debt originally to pay off one specific debt at a time to wipe it
out or maybe multiple at a time all depends on this right income expense
debt cash flow right whatever cash flow gain I got from no longer paying those
bills it’s gonna flow here to the checking account that money’s gonna get
dumped into the debt tool why do we do that
because you just created a debt there if you don’t pay that guess what you’re
paying debts in two locations hence you borrowed rebar from Peter to pay Paul to
avoid that by using this money one time to put it here right which satisfies the
payment on that debt tool which also cuts off interest costs from accruing to
then use the same money again to do what pay the bills and live in the process of
doing velocity banking oh my god so much money is saved ready I’m saving money by
doing velocity banking I’m becoming that free creating increased cash flow which
is satisfying the goals of becoming debt-free and financially free and not
have to worry okay gets me out of conservation mode after some time okay
so by doing velocity banking I’m able to save invest and spend all at the same
time with the same dollars that is why we do what we do here on this channel
because like I said the money the money has no value so to try to split up the
money even more after it has no value makes even worse where you actually lose
money by saving you lose money by investing poorly right because you don’t
know what you’re doing most people do not know what they’re doing that as they
truth that’s the truth hence 80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck
because we don’t know what we with our money which is why it’s my
passion to release this education unto you so that you may prosper that you may
live a generous life and be a bless a blessing and a cheerful Giver because
you understand Kingdom principles right which is the concept of giving and
receiving having authority educating yourself increasing information so that
you don’t perish in this world from this my name is Denzel have yourself a
wonderful day god bless

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68 thoughts on “What To Do Before Velocity Banking?

  1. I also just increase my cashflow bye 120 more per month  just a little  bit of looking were to cut wow unstoppable if you put your mind to it

  2. Good word I am one of those people with a negative cash flow need to figure out to get it positive.
    Just wanted to share something about high interest that I heard. "Interest is the penalty you pay for the right to own in advance something that you cant afford." Just let that sink in

  3. Oh! man Denzel your a BEAST!!! "Who told you to RETIRE?!?" and "What world does that exist?" So Denzel what are also saying when mothers claim there children on income tax that's overpayment? and I listening to bruh and i have 401k but they match whatever you put in so should still discontinued the scam? I love the videos very knowledgeable

  4. Nice video. I actually started this back in April/May. My debt weapon was a credit card. Who knew these things could actually help you out because we always hear the opposite. I figure this would be most people's weapon at first.

    I sat down for the first time in my life and figured out my budget (everything my wife and I spend every month). See I was at a place where we both made decent money but it seemed like we weren't paying off any debt. So I tried this method out and it actually works.

    First off, we have positive cashflow which helps but I didn't know how much. After doing my budget we were around $1500 which was a shock to me. So, starting this off on the right foot.

    Second, we both have our own savings and checking accounts. We also have a joint checking account which is used to pay bills. Every paycheck we put a set amount into our joint checking for bills. We each also have an amount that comes out automatically each paycheck and goes straight to savings. I believe we both have $100 dollars from each check. The rest goes into our own checking accounts which I now call our individual spending money.

    Next, it's time to get down to numbers. We get paid every 2 weeks. We put each $800 into the joint checking. That's roughly $3200 a month. The first bill (debt) we attacted was a student loan bill my wife had which was $1500. Our monthly bills for that pay period from the 10th to the 25th is $600. I wanted to jumpstart this so I took that amount out of my savings so our bills were covered for that timeframe.

    Keep with me here because this is where you see it work. Remember we put in $1600 into our joint account every 2 weeks. The loan was for $1500 and I took that $600 from my savings to jumpstart this process. The 10th came and I called the loan company and they put that $1500 on our Credit card. **Oh it also helps if you both are on the same CC account. One of you will be the main account holder and the other will be an authorized user.**

    Ok, here the beauty in this. I simply paid the $1500 from our joint checking to our CC and had $100 left over. Remember we put in $1600. So with the $600 I put in (from my savings for bills) we are now at $700. Basically after bills paid we are at the $100. And the amazing part of all this? We paid off her loan that quick with one paycheck!!!

    So basically we can pay down our debt at $1500 a month because that's our cashflow. Using this method we have paid off $8000 in debt since April. $1500(her loan), $2000(my CC), and $4500(one of my student loans)!!!!

    We did all of this and really didn't have to change anything. We still did mostly the same things but I still was mindful of our goal.

    One there thing I didn't fully explain. Our personal checking accounts. This is our individual spending money. So whatever is left over from the automatic savings of $100 and the $800 we put in for bills goes into this account. This is how much we have to spend until the next paycheck. So getting gas, going out to eat etc. comes out of these accounts. If we go out to eat, sometimes I pay, sometimes she pays, or we split. We pay for our own gas and we split food at the grocery store. If either of us want to buy something for ourselves then that comes from our own accounts. I check whatever we spend daily at the same time every night and pay our CC. So it almost treating it like a debit card. I like it this way because it still holds each of us accountable for the money we spend. I can be cheap at times so I'm just trying to get my money built up. I tell my wife all the time that if she spends all her money then that's on her and she will have to make it up next paycheck.

    It was a little difficult at first but you just have to change your mindset and be on the same page. We are trying to eliminate all our debt and start really saving for a house.

    This has been a super long post but I just wanted to say that this does work. Oh did I mention that my CC limit on our cards increased from $7500 to $10500 and both of our Credit Scores went up. Mine has jumped 50 points since April.

    Higher limits on your CC helps keep your utilization lower because that can affect your credit score as well. Try your best to keep a card under 30% but it may be hard at first if you have low limit. Never max out your CCs. Keep in mind that your credit score is going to go up and down while doing this but when you payoff that debt it will rebound quickly and go up even higher because they will see that you can manage your money. It all one big game and you have to play by the rules. But numbers and math don't lie and just spend a little time on your budget and you never know what the future can hold. If I only knew this sooner when I was in my 20's. Oh well, better late then never!!!! Sorry again for the long post lol.

  5. Denzel, excellent video. Starting at 21:06 I get confused because you mention our "debt weapons" can be a business or personal line of credit, Heloc, credit cards, asset, life insurance, etc. Are not credit cards calculated using compound interest? In that case are we still using a credit card line of credit as our "debt weapon"? Thanks!

  6. Hi Denzel, If I have a credit card that has 0% interest for 1 year, would it be good to use it as a debt weapon for that year? The only thing I have to pay to use this money is the 3% cash advance fee.

  7. Also do you recommend using one debt weapon at a time to attack the bad debt? Or do you think multiple debt weapons can be used at a time? If so, how would you juggle the transferring of "the checking account" to pay the new debt in the debt weapon that you just incurred?

  8. The part about retirement definitely challenged a perspective I've been taught all my life. I like that your videos make me thing and challenge the status quo.

  9. Hi there, I'm new to your channel and have shared it with others. This is so interesting bc I have a lot of debt I want to b pay off…. Ugh
    This might be a dumb question, but where do I budget in groceries and gas? Should I budget that under expenses? At first I did not and thought it would be under cash flow, but after watching your videos, I think I should include these two items under expenses.

  10. WHAT…who the hell is dumb enough to buy cable tv anymore..all you need is a tv…an internet connection and roku…50 bucks a month tops..

  11. Hi Denzel from canada… How do you link a credit card to a checking account?.. I've looked at both and don't see that either has that option..

  12. I hope this email finds you well and congratulations on your early success, young man.

    My name is Matthew Pillmore
    YouTuber and founder of VIP Financial Education.

    I was sent your information by our team and wanted to reach out regarding your use of our term Debt Weapon(s).

    I never like to complicate a young entrepreneur’s journey, which is why I want to reach out directly businessman to businessman without involiving our legal department to give you a quick heads up that the term Debt Weapons is owned and trademarked by VIP Enterprises and not permitted for use by competing companies.

    I realize this was probably a simple oversite so we don’t want to flag videos and cause unnecessary strikes.

    Please immediately cease and desist any future use and remove all current uses of the written and recorded term Debt Weapon(s) within all of your material within the next 30 days.

    If you have any questions or concerned please reach me right away. My direct business mobile is 720-435-8791.

    Matthew Pillmore

  13. I have no debt, a good positive cashflow, and a credit line of 12k. What kind of assets can I buy that will increase my cashflow??

  14. Denzel, almost all of my current bills do not allow me to pay with a credit card. In this case, is my only option to use a line of credit?

  15. Velocity banking is easy to understand and apply if you make a paycheck or are salary. I'm a business owner and do not get paid consistently. I just opened up a HELOC with a $21,000 limit and my whole purpose of opening it is to apply velocity banking to my $275,000 home loan. I'm just having a hard time figuring out how I can apply the principles to my situation. I desperately want to save 2/3rd's on interest and make a chunk payment but just afraid i'm not applying the exact principle correctly…. especially given my sporadic income situation. I need help. Any advice or direction I can get will be greatly appreciated

  16. Hi Denzel – Can you please share your email ID. I want to get in touch with you to start your program to payoff Mortgage. How can I enroll for subscription. God Bless you Man ! if we are dedicated and sincere in making payments with extra cash flow every month then this program will work. I feel this is going to work for me.

  17. I use to be hardcore Dave Ramsey until I started to listen to the advice of GC and Matt Pullman from VIP Financial. I started using Credit cards with this same concept your teaching and it sped up the time dramatically And I was able to pay off 12K in debt and save and buy a house within 1 year of using Credit Cards as my debt weapon! Good video man I gave you a follow!

  18. Good point on overpaying taxes. In Canada, if you get a $5000 tax refund each year for example, you can fill out a form T1213. This form allows you to get your taxes reduced at source each pay so you can reduce your taxes each pay and make your money work for you instead of the government. Add that in velocity banking and the opportunity cost is massive. I have advised this to many clients and not once has anyone ever told me they knew they could do this.
    Not sure the form to fill out in the US to do this but I am sure they have the same opportunity.

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  23. Soooooooo what does Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela have to do with retirement?? Sorry but that's the dumbest analogy ever! Martin, Nelson, and Rosa were freedom fighters none of whom with the exception of Nelson Mandela were rich and he only became rich after he became President. Rosa Parks died broke a Jewish man paid her rent for the last years of her life. She had nothing and her legacy was her name and her actions fighting for Civil Rights. Martin died at 39… no retirement there either. Please do not misguide these people like retirement isn't important it is! And telling ppl to stop contributing to retirement when most times they match 5% is just idiotic! You are losing free money!

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  27. Denzel – I have a personal loan (25k with 12.5 APR). When I called the credit union to get a copy of my amortization schedule, they told me there is not one and they can’t provide me with it.

    Is this accurate or legal?

  28. Okay Denzel, I can see how it can help people get out of debt but my partner and I are not in debt.
    We only pay rent, power, internet, food and fuel and are saving for a house. How can WE get velocity banking work for us?

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    I'm pretty sure many of viewers would appreciate one of those videos and it would be a nesh market as no one has done it.

  29. Thanks Denzel for such a good information! Made me feel like I can still survive after many financial mistakes.

  30. I think the Dave Ramsey and Suzie Orman personal finance teachers of the world are afraid of teaching this because people who follow them are really bad with money to begin with. Theyre helping people by getting them out of debt the old school simple way. This concept requires a person who is financially responsible to begin with because it is an advanced level of personal finance once you got the basics down. Im at that point and ready to try this. Im debt free, I have about 30 grand saved and ready to utilize my line of credit in a different way. Its scary to think differently but I want my house paid off as fast as I can so I can then purchase another one. I think I will try chunking in a smallet amount until I have the hang of it. Maybe start with 10,000. Im just unsure about how to pay my bills like the mortgage with the line of credit while Im paying down the chunk. They say not to use a cash advance. I just don't know how to transfer money frim my credit card to my checking account without racking up fees in the process

  31. I like how you take your time explaining. I appreciate the very basic and simplistic language. Some financial videos are explained on another dimension that can lose a beginner. You keep everything basic and simple. I feel your focus is the audience vice showing us how financially smart you are. Great job! True genius is taking the complex and making it simple. I’ve also learned that if you can’t explain something simple, you don’t understand it enough. Thank you for your videos. I am in the game. Got my HELOC approved!…and have another debt weapon off to the side. Working 2k cash flow.

  32. Wow – Denzel what a wonderful education, with your thorough explanations I come to realize that it makes sense. God Bless you my friend! Thank you and may you bless more people with this teaching.

  33. Thank you danzel, I like your shirt, but let's velocity bank your shirt… Eat, sleep,praise Jesus, and dance!! Love you.. peace be with you!!!

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