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What to check when you pick up your rental car.

What to check when you pick up your rental car.

You booked it, you’ve paid for it, you’ve
dreamt about it, and now, finally it’s here; you get to drive it! But before you
jump into your rental car here’s a few things you might want to check. When you
pick up the keys from the rental company staff they will also give you some
documents and one of these will be a damage report and this lists any damage
to the car whether that’s inside or outside and
that includes the wheels, as well. But have a good look around and if you
notice anything that they missed, just ask them to mark it on the report before
you leave. If you don’t, they might think that you’ve damaged the car when you
bring it back and you don’t want that! And then just take a few photos so
you’ve got a record of how it looked before you take off! Right, with that
taken care of, check the fuel tank is full and you’ll also need to know what
type of fuel it takes. Now this information can be found on the
dashboard, but if it isn’t there check the fuel cap or you can just tap here
for some more information. And then, give yourself a few minutes to get used to
the layout of the controls; change the mirrors, find the perfect seating
position, find reverse, change the temperature and tune the station into
your taste. Now if there is a built-in sat-nav, you need to change the language
and put in your destination, however if there isn’t one you can always use your
phone. Now you should be ready to get rolling but as you head off, don’t feel
like you need to rush just take your time, and remember what side of the road
you’re driving on. And when you leave, keep your eyes peeled for a petrol
station as you will need to fill the car up before you take it back. Have a great
drive! For a few hints and tips about what to
do when you return your car, tap here.

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