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What to bring when buying a car | Apple Autos

What to bring when buying a car | Apple Autos

Hi, It’s Alan from Apple Autos and we’re going talk about an exciting day. That’s the day you get your new car! we’ve put a list of things you need to bring with you So that the payment and delivery of your new car goes smoothly. Here’s where we start. You’re going to need some personal documents. in the state of Minnesota You need a valid drivers license. As well, as a current insurance card. So make sure to bring a drivers license for everyone who is going to be on the title. They have to have a valid license for that to occur. Also, banks are going to require you have an insurance policy on your car in you are going to take out a loan. With the insurance card, it does not have to be on your new car it can be on your current car. but, it must be valid. We are also going to want information from you when you make a payment. So, if you are making a down-payment on a car. We can take that in a cheque. this can be a personal cheque or a bank cheque. You can use cash – of course. and if you are going to use a credit card, most banks require you use no more than $500 for a down payment. They want to see that you have some of your own funds for the down payment. If you are paying cash for the car and want to use a credit card we take up to $3000 of the purchase price on a credit card. occasionally with some banks, there will be stipulations and your finance manager will let you these before you come into the store typicaly these will be things such as proof of income,or a w2 form and this is particularly true for people who are self employed. As a special note for those of you who have a General Motors credit card. Use of this card allows you to earn points that can be used as a down payment on your next vehicle. so, if you have acquired some points on your GM card. and you are buying a new GM car, make sure you bring your credit card with you So, we can get the account number and get you those points you can use towards your down payment. Now, lets take a look at the trade in vehicle. many of you will be trading in your own car to get a new car. So, we have a check list for you here. We want to get all the Key Fobs. and the owners manual make sure the spare tire and the jack is in the car, If you have a navigation system that has a DVD or a disk, include that. Sometimes, the DVD system uses a remote control, you will need that. if you have repair records, those are handy to have as well. Also, check in the garage. If you have a minivan and you have taken the third seat out put it back in the car, please. then, Lastly we are going to need document or two. we will need the title for your current vehicle for the trade in, and if you’ve paid that vehicle off if there is no financing on the vehicle there is a lean realse bring that card as well and that way we can do all the appropriate paperwork and take care of the lean or credit you for the balance of your trade-value. so, there you have it we have alist of everything you need to buy your next car you can download that list by clicking the button on this page. We are looking forward to seeing you and we are looking forward to you driving off the lot in a new car from Apple Autos.

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