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What is the Cheapest State to Buy a Car?

What is the Cheapest State to Buy a Car?

What is the cheapest state to buy a car? The price of the car depends on its condition
and age, not the state where you buy it. I heard that the price of a car can vary based
on where you live. The price of a car is affected by the sales
tax rate. Some places like Texas charge you sales tax on the car purchase in addition
to title and licensing fees. That hits 10% of the purchase price, doesn’t
it? But it is worth it to some people. For example,
a lot of Oklahomans buy cars in Texas and register them there because the sales tax
one time is cheaper than the thousand dollars a year to register the car in their state. In the case of sales tax, it might be cheaper
to shop in a county with a lower tax rate. And shop the outer edges of a metro area.
They’ll have lower real estate and overhead costs, so their cars cost less. A two hour drive isn’t worth it. It is if you can save a few thousand dollars
on a vehicle. *Where is it cheapest to buy a car in the
entire country? Miami tops that list, but you risk buying
a car that was flooded in one of the hurricanes. I heard that you can get a car really cheap
in Detroit. You can also buy a house for a thousand dollars.
In some cases, you can get a house cheaper than a running used car. I’ve read that Ohio has a lot of cheap used
cars. Ohio is deep in the heart of the rust belt.
Lots of unemployed people selling rarely driven cars to pay their rent. I heard that cars in New York are cheaper
than average. The cars are cheap, but the gas is a killer
and the parking space costs more than the car.

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