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What if all Cars were Electric? | #aumsum

What if all Cars were Electric? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if all Cars were Electric? Why only cars. Even I look electric. Oh AumSum. There would be a number of advantages. As electric cars are considered to be much
more environmentally friendly. Firstly, air pollution will greatly reduce. As it is estimated that road transportation
is responsible for. More than 50% of nitrogen oxides and carbon
monoxide emissions. Secondly, our respiratory tract would be a
much happier place. As road transportation is responsible for
more than 40% of particulate matter emissions. Thirdly, mortality rate will reduce. As WHO estimates that outdoor air pollution
is responsible. For more than 4.2 million deaths yearly. There would be some relatively minor disadvantages
though. Firstly, car ownership would get expensive. As electric cars are expensive as compared
to fossil fuel cars. Heavy reliance on rare earth elements. As well as lithium and cobalt for battery
production. Thus, we might face different kind of environmental

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100 thoughts on “What if all Cars were Electric? | #aumsum

  1. We might need to get some meteorites in order to get all the extra rare earth 🌍 minerals from the asteroid ☄️ belt but we can also use highly advanced technology to travel 🧭 to different other solar systems for more asteroid ☄️ rare earth 🌍 minerals

  2. After meat industry closed so where all the animal will go and no meat means a lots of animal and it's a great and huge disadvantage more animal means more grassland will consume

  3. Although it's environment friendly but after the expiry of lithium ion battery, disposing it would be a great challenge

  4. why do a lot of people is feeling uncomfortable with aumsum.

    1. Aumsum is making a video to inform us not to make us FULLY entertain us.

    2. Aumsum did all it's best to improve their channel but we keep disliking it by just it's changes.

    3. Yes we like classic aumsum but we keep abusing him for just his content.

  5. The solution Is we should charge the car by paddling at night for our exercise and only more than 50% people will use this electric car

  6. Why you chanel name in my mobile showing your old chanel name smart learning for all (my english is not so good)

  7. Aumusun has started repeating the topics In it's videos instead of posting 3 videos it can post a single video so that it can stop repeating it's topic

  8. You didn't mention disadvantage by increasing thermal and nuclear power plant for necessity and end up with same pollution problem.saw in a meme

  9. This video made me Blissful 😊😊😊feeling fresh and warmth in heart

    At least we all can see the positive and hogheaven lifestyle even though these only exist in dreams🙃

  10. Hey Aumsum,
    You are my most favorite YouTuber because,
    Firstly, you upload two to three videos a day.
    Secondly, you explain in a great way.
    Thirdly, your animations are so good.
    Lastly, you hear the voice of your subscribers that most YouTubers don't.

  11. But but but most of the domestic electricity are actually come from coal industry. Only 10 percent electricity are generated from renewable source of energy.

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