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What Car Do I Drive?! — AskJerryRig #3

What Car Do I Drive?! — AskJerryRig #3

So this is my third question and answer video.
The last one was about a year ago, so it’s high time for another one. I asked on Twitter
a couple days ago what questions you guys have for me, and today I’m going to answer
some of them here on camera. [Intro] The first one is from my buddy Super Saf,
and he says, “Do you even lift, Bro?” I actually do enjoy going to the gym. I go
pretty much every single day. Since I’m self-employed doing this whole YouTube thing, it’s kind
of like my only social interaction throughout the day, and so it’s kind of important. More
than lifting though, I like running. I’ve done two marathons, I’ve done quite a few
Spartan races, I think like 8 or 9, and then a ton of Ragnar races as well. It’s kind of
like a relay race where you have 12 people and you run for like, a day and a half straight.
But yeah, to answer your question, I think the gym and exercising is a very important
part of a well rounded life. And I try to have a well rounded life in as many areas
as possible. The next question is from Candice Navarro
and it says, “Is it true that Apple took the headphone jack off because they ran out
of screws over the years they’ve been screwing people?” I think you and I would get along
very well. Speaking of Apple philosophies, we have Deke
asking, “Will you ever start buying phones without a headphone jack? Is it really a must
have for you?” To answer that question I would say that everything I have in my life
is useful in one way or another. I pick the most useful things for me. One example would
be that I’ve carried a pocket knife with me every day for like the last 10 years, give
or take. It’s this pocket knife right here, and I choose that this one’s the most useful
for me because it has swappable razor blades. So when one gets dull I can just swap it out
really easily, pop it back in my knife and it’s good to go. And so for me personally,
this knife is the most useful. It’s cheap, efficient and effective. And in my daily driver,
like my vehicle, my truck, I have a tool box in the back that is constantly prepared with
a bunch of different tools that I could use in any kind of situation. Now a cellphone
is the exact same way. I want my cellphone to be equipped with all the tools that I might
need, even if I don’t actually need to use them that same day. Like I personally own a ton of wireless Bluetooth
headphones and I love them. Like running on a treadmill with a cable attached to your
ears is kind of dangerous. I’ve seen people whack that cable and their cellphone goes
flying across the room. I’ve even done that a couple times. So wireless headphones are
a must at the gym. But I have left my headphones at home a couple times and I’m not going to
buy a brand new $70-$100 pair of headphones at the gym. I would much rather buy a $10
corded pair of headphones that I can leave in my truck or leave in a car, leave in your
backpack, just to have whenever you might forget your expensive pair of headphones.
A headphone jack is also useful when you’re driving around in someone’s car and they have
an AUX cable that you can just plug into your phone to listen to music. Don’t have a headphone
jack – can’t plug your phone in. Or if you’re an entrepreneur and you need need one of those
Square readers to plug in to take credit cards with your phone – you need a headphone jack
for that. Or if you’re on a long flight, 10 or 15 hours, and your battery dies in your
wireless headphones, it’s nice to have a cable to plug into your phone and use. So for me
personally, right now, while there are still phones out there with a headphone jack installed,
like the LG V30 or the Samsung Galaxy Note, or the Galaxy S8, I’m going to pick one of
those phones because it’s useful more often than not. My daily driver is going to have
a headphone jack because I like useful things. Alright we have another question from Zach,
good name by the way, “If it wasn’t for YouTube, what would you be doing?” I would
say if it wasn’t for YouTube right now, I would probably still be fixing stuff and working
on things. When I first started my YouTube channel, I was actually working on jeeps.
Like my first 50 or so videos was me doing CV axle swaps. I did an engine swap in a Grande
Cherokee. Working on big tangible objects. I mean don’t get me wrong, cell phones are
great, but they’re really small and I would prefer to work on something bigger. So if
it wasn’t for YouTube, I would probably either be doing construction somewhere or being an
auto mechanic, but still focusing on the business aspect of it and not just being a technician.
I’d probably own my own little shop somewhere. And also, I probably wouldn’t be that big
into social media, and my phone would probably be 2 or 3 years old and broken several times
over. Not sure how to say this one…Kvaju says,
“Do you put dbrand skin on your phones or do they come preinstalled? Because they are
pretty hard to install.” So actually my job right before I started YouTube was working
as a cell phone sales rep for one of the major carriers here in the United States. And so
I’ve put on over thousands and thousands of screen protectors on customers phones. So
putting on a dbrand skin is actually pretty easy for me, and I’ve installed all the ones
you’ve seen on my channel myself. But it does take a little bit of practice and patience
to get it right. One trick if you’re installing a screen protector and you get like a little
piece of dust or something underneath, lift it up, I know a razor blade is probably not
the tool of choice for most everybody, but lift it up with something sharp like a toothpick
or a needle or something like that, and then you can stick a piece of clear Scotch tape
underneath and grab that dust speck, pull it out and let the screen protector fold back
down over the screen again. Little trick of the trade. Elliot Cardwell asks, “How frequently do
you change your daily driver? And what’s been your most used phone ever?” Switching my
daily driver…I hate switching my phone actually, even though I have a lot of phones available
to me (that have all been damaged slightly), I don’t switch my phone that often. I use
my tested Galaxy S7 Edge for about a full year before I switched to the Galaxy S8 Plus.
And that’s the phone that I’m using right now- the Galaxy S8 Plus. I do have the Note,
but I haven’t switched to that. I don’t feel like there’s that much of a benefit from me
switching from this phone, which is about the same size, all the way to the Note. I
would like that second camera, having that telephoto lens would be pretty cool. It’s
not worth the effort for me to switch over to that phone for just that one small increment
of improvement. So I’m going to stick with the Galaxy S8 for a while. If I wasn’t a YouTuber
though, like I mentioned before, I would probably keep my phone for 2 or 3 years before switching.
But to answer your question, I switch about once a year. So there were actually a couple of these questions.
DiamondGuy asks, “Do you have a car? If yes, what type is it?” Let me show you.
So I drive a 1998 Toyota Tacoma. This thing has 242,000 miles on it. It’s held together
with a little bit of duct tape. Over here on this light, I hit a fence a couple years
ago, and this light I’ve never been able to get back in the right spot, so I just have
some tape holding it in place. I scratched a little bit of the backside right there.
Added the light bar a couple years ago. So one of the bad things with Toyotas is that
they never die. This thing has 242,000 miles on it. I replaced the muffler actually a couple
days ago because it was wearing a hole through the center of my bed. So you can actually
see down into the ground below my truck. There’s that toolbox I was talking about. There’s
actually a hole right there in the bed as well. And this has working out really well
for me for a really long time. I’ll probably get a new one here in the future, probably
another Tacoma. I’ve had good luck with them in the past, but this one’s doing just fine. The next question is from Runstairs and he
says, “Why is your Tacoma so old and beat up? I’m sure your YouTube money could buy
you a new one.” I think she’s beautiful. “What was your favorite video on your channel
so far?” So I had to think about this one for a second. I have over 500 videos on my
channel and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, but if I had to pick my favorite
videos, they would be my drone history series. I only have 4 of them right now, but I would
choose them because one, I get to travel, two, I get to learn something which is kind
of like the whole point of life, and three, I get to show something from a a unique perspective
that hasn’t been seen before from an aerial shot of a drone. I’ve done Hitler’s anti-aircraft
tower in Germany. I’ve done an illegal Stairway to Heaven hike in Hawaii which is pretty intense
as well. Done another castle in Germany. And I’ve done the world’s largest waterfall in
Africa. I’ve done another one that doesn’t quite count. It’s an underwater drone that
did Cancun at the Underwater Museum. It’s a bunch of statues that are buried under water
to help facilitate the plant and animal life below the ocean. So it’s not quite like an
aerial drone review but it’s still pretty sweet. I’ll link all 5 of those videos down
in the video description of this video if you want to check those out. They’re my favorite. Allen Porter says, “What is the most common
rookie mistake people make when trying to fix a phone?” I would say…so I get a lot
of comments on my videos, a lot of people who have been successful with their repairs
and some who have not. And I would say the consistent factor in those people who haven’t
been successful with their repair is that they weren’t gentle enough, they used too
much force, or they put their screws back in the wrong hole. So go slow, and be gentle,
and make sure you put your screws back where you found them. Remember that these phones
are incredibly fragile and expensive. And if it’s your first time repairing a phone,
it’s a pretty difficult project. The good thing though is that once you’ve repaired
one phone, that same skill set applies to all the phones, and it gets easier as you
go along. Dennis says, “What’s the best tip you could
give for someone just starting out with YouTube videos (doing tech reviews or similar)?”
I would say the biggest tip I could give is to just get started. That seems to be the
biggest hurdle with everyone I’ve talked to and I’ve talked to hundreds of people. I think
most people are surprised at how much work it is after uploading one or two videos. But
the biggest thing is just people not starting. You don’t need to wait for the perfect moment,
that’ll never arrive. And you don’t need to wait till you have an expensive camera or
tools or setup. I think my first 100 or so videos were all shot with my cell phone. And
this was back 5 years ago when cell phones weren’t even shooting in 1080p. I think 720
was some of my first videos. That was the maximum resolution that phones could shoot
at. And cellphones nowadays are pretty incredible. So it’s important not to let your dreams just
be dreams and actually do something about them. I’ll so a new set tour here in a couple
weeks. I am in a new space, so my setup tour from 2016 is incredibly outdated. I’ll make
sure to have that up before the end of the year for sure. And the last question is, “Do you have a
website?” And yes I do actually. I have a website that talks about some of the conferences
that I’ve spoken at. It also has a little bit more about me. And, I also sell some of
these shirts “Moh is my Bro”. I can pretty much guarantee that no one who doesn’t watch
this channel is going to know what this shirt even means, so it’s kind of fun to wear it
around. I’ll have these shirts and everything else I’ve talked about in this video linked
in the video description, and I’ll be hanging around in the comments section for about an
hour after this video has been posted, so if you have any more questions, let me know
and I’ll answer them down there for ya. Once again, thank you so much for watching.
I could not do whit channel without you. I really do appreciate it every time you come
back and watch something else that I’ve made. Thanks a ton for watching and I’ll see you

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