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What are the benefits of leasing a car?

What are the benefits of leasing a car?

>>OLIVER: Hello, my name’s Oliver>>ALEX: And I’m Alex>>OLIVER: We’re from LeaseLoco [revving engine]>>OLIVER: Now today’s question we’re gonna
be talking about is what are the benefits of leasing? ALEX: A great question, and rightfully a question
that everyone wants to know the answer to. We got to tell you that at leasing’s pretty
worthwhile. I mean the most obvious reason, first of all, is you don’t have to worry about
your car decreasing significantly in value.>>OLIVER: That’s right.>>ALEX: No depreciation worries. Actually,
some of the cars which depreciate the most significantly actually have the best leasing
deals.>>OLIVER: That’s right. And we’re always
talking about, as a society and people going, ‘Oh, I’ve just bought a car. I’m worried how
much money I’m losing in it. When I sell it privately, am I gonna have all the tyre kickers
coming around wasting my time?’ You go back to a garage and they don’t give you a deal
that you know is fair. Leasing gets rid of all of that. And also, who doesn’t love a nice new car
smell?>>ALEX: It’s the best.>>OLIVER: I have such a strong scented smell,
so I love that. Now with leasing two year deals could be the same value as a three year
leasing deal, so you’re better off sometimes taking a two year deal if it suits you. And we need to get our heads around this because
we use mobile phones and we upgrade them yearly, two yearly. And we could do that with a leased
car so we can have all the latest tech, all the newest stuff now, at the end of two years,
building your reputation up looking cool and having a nice, funky motor to drive about
in.>>ALEX: It’s very important that.>>OLIVER: Of course, it is!>>ALEX: Keeping your rep up. And third point, I think it’s rightfully just
as important, is mileage. If you say we took out a two year lease, you might not go over
your mileage so you might not have to worry about having to service the car or paying
for any new tyres.>>OLIVER: That’s a great point. Very good.
Great point. And here at LeaseLoco. One thing we offer
for you guys on all deals taken through us, we’ll give you free road tax. You will not
have to pay road tax that will be included.>>ALEX: And another great thing with LeaseLoco
is that your monthly payments are fixed. There’s no hidden costs. We’re not gonna add any little
extras or frills into your monthly payments. And the great thing is you don’t own the car,
you just hand it in and get a nice shiny new one at the end.>>OLIVER: No stress, stress free and you
will be able to get a deal cheaper than a PCP. Here at leaseLoco, we have this cool
thing that I invented called the Loco Score.>>ALEX: I call it the Locometer.>>OLIVER: I spent a lot of months doing this
Alex, a lot of months. It’s the Loco Score…>ALEX: Locometer…>>OLIVER: The Loco Score is awesome because
it gives you a score from zero to one hundred, kind of like a revometer, it works.>>ALEX: Accelerometer.>>OLIVER: Exactly. Accelerometer? I don’t
think that’s a thing. Agree to disagree, I love it. So you got so basically, you come on to the
site and you can see with the Loco Score what is the hottest deal right now. So we’re basically
doing all the work for you, so you can just do all the hunting and get an awesome leasing
deal right here at LeaseLoco.>>ALEX: Happy hunting.

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