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WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 19

WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 19

For this week’s We Buy Cars Car Dash, we gave our unusual trio a somewhat acceptable virtual budget of R300,000. And, seeing as our cloning operation was a success we gave them the
usual five minutes to make their pick from our massive selection of thousands
of vehicles Today’s choice is this 2011 BMW 7-series.
This 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser. We chose two of these sporty Mercedes-Benz SLK 200’s.
This luxurious pamper wagon has all of the creature comforts and then
some more. While the others were playing around I decided to go with a little bit
more substance. It’s like our father always said: “I didn’t want two, but now I do!”
So come and visit any of our countrywide WeBuyCars warehouses and find your
next car today. What would you pick, when you’re #SpoiledForChoice? We Buy Cars
The Car Supermarket

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